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Amethyst horizon

by will88nh

Change comes unexpectedly to Will, in the form of a pizza delivery boy.

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Chapter 1: Derek and destiny Change comes unexpectedly to Will, in the form of a pizza delivery boy. (added: 1 Aug 2005)
Chapter 2: A New Beginning
Chapter 3: Slam & Jam
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Chapter 1: Derek and destiny

It was a nice day out; about 75 degrees, sunny and dry. Too nice a day to be working, but a least the work day was over and being late spring there would be a fair amount of day light left. I carried my things in from the car and put my lunch cooler on the kitchen table. “Maybe I could get out for awhile after dinner and go for a bike ride… I certainly could use the exercise”, I thought, as I ran my hands over my slightly sagging stomach. I sighed, remembering when I used to be more toned. Still, at 40, I wasn’t in too bad shape. “Sure would be nice to be young, buff and handsome”, I thought. Then shaking my head to clear my mind of fantasies I started to think about dinner.

Looking in the fridge, I realized I had forgotten to take the chicken breasts out of the freezer. I looked at the time and decided I would order a pizza, so that I would still have some time to go for a bike ride like I had been thinking about. I picked up the phone and dialed the numbers for my favorite pizza shop. I listened to the recorded list of specials, knowing what I wanted to order anyway. Finally, a real person answered and asked for my phone number. After confirming my address I gave my order “a medium ham, pineapple, green pepper & mushroom.”

“That will be $14.82 including tax. We will get that right out to you in about 20 minutes… we’re not too busy right now”, said the young-sounding male voice at the other end.

“Great!”, I replied.

I hung up the phone and went about rinsing out some of the containers from my lunch. Then I walked into the living room and turned on the TV. I put on the weather channel and figured I would watch some of my recorded programs after the pizza arrives. Feeling the call of nature, I decided I should hurry to the bathroom before the delivery person came. Walking up to the toilet, I unzipped the fly on my jeans and pulled out my 5.75” flaccid penis from my briefs and relaxed as the urine flowed in a stream into the bowl. Relieved, I stuffed my dick carefully back into my briefs and zipped up. I heard the doorbell ring while washing my hands and quickly dried off.

Rushing out to the kitchen, I could see a tall young man with one of those insulated pizza carriers through the window in my back door. I opened the door and I’m sure my jaw dropped noticeably. There stood one of the most gorgeous guys I had seen in a very long time. I’d say he was in his early 20’s, possibly 19. He must have stood about 6’1” or 6’2” and was quite built; his pizza shop T-shirt pulling tight across his chest, revealing well developed beautiful round pectorals and a hint of nipple. I couldn’t see any abdominal muscles through is the T-shirt, but his stomach was flat and appeared firm. His blue T-shirt was tucked into his khaki cargo pants that were secured with a navy blue military-style canvas belt and were snug enough around hips and ass to show off a delicious bubble butt, but loose and baggy enough in the leg to leave mystery about just how muscular his thighs and calves were (… As if I had any doubt.) His white and navy cross trainer-clad feet rested on my doormat with the bottom of his cargo pants kind of sagging over his shoes. His arms were muscular; his right bicep flexing to display a huge mound of muscle accented by a sexy tribal armband tattoo while he held up the pizza bag squinting a bit to look at the label on the box. His face was beautiful… square jaw with a small goatee patch adorning his chin, pouty lips framing sparkling white teeth, a masculine nose and a strong brow with shapely eyebrows, the right one sporting a sexy eyebrow hoop. His medium length spiky light brown hair with blondish highlights… which I couldn’t quite tell if natural or not… was topped off by a blue baseball cap that had the pizza shop’s logo on the front. He had 2 silver hoops on his left earlobe and a silver stud on his right, plus one of those silver cuffs wrapped around the upper cartilage of his right ear. In short, he was a jock/stud wet dream incarnate.

Then I noticed that he seemed to be grinning at me in an all-to-knowing way and I blushed a bit and thought that I probably should have retracted my jaw faster. And then he spoke…

His voice was heavenly; deep, but not overly so, it exuded confidence and a certain charm. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the accent… seemed to be an impossible combination of California and Brooklyn. I could have stood there and listened to him all day.

“245 Chestnut, 2nd floor?” he inquired, but continued before I spoke, “medium ham, pineapple, green pepper & mushroom?”

“Yeah, that’s correct,” I verified.

Suddenly I became aware of a distracting thump thump of bass and turned my head to see what was obviously his car. It was a lowered and uniquely painted late model Toyota Celica with added ground effects bodywork and low profile tires and snazzy alloy wheels. It was a nice car, if a bit garish, but I guess it suited a young guy like him. I winced at the loud obnoxious rap music emanating from the open windows though.

“Cool ride, huh?” he asked, obviously proud of his vehicle.

“Yeah,” I replied with mild interest, “it’s nice. What year Celica is that?”

“2004,” he answered.

“Standard 180 hp GT-S engine?” I asked, already fairly sure of the answer.

“Modified. Special head and manifold, low friction exhaust. Pumps out 225 hp,” he responded with a proud grin.

“Wow, not bad,” I remarked.

“Cost me some green, but it’s a fuckin’ sweet ride. Just picked it up last week.”

“Congrats,” I replied. Then turning my attention back to my supper, “ How much do I owe you?”

“Oh yeah… $14.82, including tax,” he responded.

OK,” I agreed as I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my wallet. I opened my wallet and thumbed through the bills… a ten and a one. Shit! I thought. I forgot to stop at the ATM.

“Um…,” I started, rather embarrassed I was short on cash, “I forgot to stop at the ATM and I don’t have enough cash… Is there any chance I could put it on a credit card?”

“Sure,” he said, “I… ah… just need to call my manager first.”

“Gee, I’m sorry. I just spaced it today,” I apologized.

“No problem, dude,” he reassured me, “they just gotta handle the credit card info in the shop. I’ll call ’em and explain. People do it all the time.” He chuckled. “Don’t sweat it, man.”

I directed him to my kitchen phone.

He dialed the number to the shop, then apparently keyed in a code to skip the recorded announcements, and spoke, “Hey, it’s Derek. I’m at 245 Chestnut. The dude needs to change his order to a charge… yup, unhuh.” Derek chuckled a bit and it appeared his manager was doing the same on the other end of the line. Apparently they were all too familiar with my little predicament. At least I learned this hunk’s name, I thought to myself. Derek then handed the phone to me. “My manager, Matt, will take your credit card info.”

I apologized to Matt, who also dismissed my apology as unnecessary and then gave him the info from my card. Matt then asked to speak to Derek again and I handed the phone to Derek.

Derek nodded while speaking to the manager. “You’re all set,” he said to me. Then he went on to have a short conversation with his manager that I never quite made out; all the while absentmindedly rubbing the little crystal-like bead that was in the hemp choker he wore around his neck.

It was interesting, now that I think of it… he wore one of those hemp chokers with a few beads in it… you know, the ones that look so sexy on young guys at the beach. But this one was different. Instead of the usual wooden or metal beads, there was one central bead which appeared to be made out of some kind of crystal, like amethyst, judging by the color. That was flanked by two slightly smaller beads which looked like onyx. I could almost swear that the crystal bead glowed dimly. It must have been the light reflecting off it.

Derek hung up the phone and turned to me. “So, you know cars?” he inquired, both trying to change the subject and seeming impressed by my earlier comments.

“Yeah. I know a fair amount,” I said. “I read a lot. Always been an interest of mine.”

“Cool,” he acknowledged.

The he reached in his pocket and retrieved his keys. I thought he was going to depart then, but he lifted his arm up a bit… showing off his sexy bicep again… Mmmmm… pushed a button on his key fob. The racket that was coming from his car outside ceased. I was glad to have relief from that drone, not too mention appease my neighbors.

We went on to talk about cars a bit. We talked about his Celica, my Subaru he noticed in the driveway, cars in general. I mentioned how I had always wanted an Acura Integra/RSX… he thought that was really cool… but didn’t think I would go back to the impracticality of a coupe.

I looked at my pizza and the kitchen clock and was hoping this jock would get the hint that it was time to leave. Not that I minded talking with him… or looking at him… but I WAS getting damn hungry.

“Hey,” Derek said to me, “my boss said it was a little slow at the shop so I could take off an hour or so off. I thought maybe I could hang with you.”

I didn’t know what to say. It certainly was nice having him around, but why would he want to hang around with guy like me? I was maybe twice his age, couldn’t imagine we had much in common… besides a general interest in cars anyway… but he sure was hot! Hell! I’d just assume eat him than the pizza. It was at this point that I felt the familiar tightening in my shorts and had to concentrate to keep my erection down.

I was hoping Derek didn’t notice, but he just flashed that impish grin and walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door. “Got any beer?” he asked.

“Um… no, don’t like the stuff, myself. Look… um… it’s been nice talking with you and all… but… well…”

While I was trying to make a coherent point that he should probably leave now; Derek turned around with two frosty green bottles of Heineken in one hand, his other hand on his choker and a big smile on his face. “I guess that’s one thing we can work on,” was his strange response.

My eyes wide with surprise, I was wondering where the hell he got those bottles. “where…,” I started to say.

He just handed me a beer and commented on what a warm day it was and how great a little refreshment would be with the pizza. I twisted off the top of the cold green bottle without much thought and brought the neck to my lips, taking a swig. It did feel good going down my throat, much better than I remember beer tasting. In fact, it was damn good! We then sat down at the table and ate pizza and drank our beers.


Chapter 2: A New Beginning

Stomach full and thirst quenched, I leaned back in my chair and smiled contentedly. Before I could start more small talk or decide what to do about Derek, he got up from the table, grabbed a couple more beers from the fridge and walked into the living room. I decided it was best that I probably followed him, so I got up from the table as well. I stopped just inside the living room doorway and watched him plop himself down on the sofa. Damned, if he didn’t look right at home… and quite sexy.

“Nice system,” he commented.

“Thanks,” I replied.

Derek then picked up the remote and started flipping channels. “Got any porn?” he asked, none too subtly.

“Um…. Look…,” I started.

“Dude… chill,” he said while touching his choker. “Have a seat. Relax.”

It was strange, but I did kind of feel relaxed and thought it would be cool to just sit down and put my feet up for a bit. Derek handed me another beer and got up to look through my video collection stored in my entertainment center. I sat down in the chair adjacent to the sofa and decided to simply enjoy Derek’s company, and at the moment, the spectacular view of his shapely ass and flexing biceps ass he bent over and fished through the DVD’s in the lower cabinet of my entertainment center. He appeared to have found what he wanted and straightened back up. In his hands he held a couple of my porn videos which he shuffled a bit, looking over the titles and pictures on the cases.

“So you like muscular dudes, huh?” he asked slyly.

“Ah… yeah. Um… who doesn’t?” was the only response I could manage.

“Well,” he said, shrugging and adjusting his choker, “I can see you like to stay in shape.” I followed his eyes and acknowledged the home gym which appeared and was just visible through the doorway of the other room. “Yeah, I like to stay in shape.” I looked down at my now very toned, but not especially muscular body. “But I’m not nearly as muscular as you.”

Derek popped the DVD in the player. “Oh, like what you see, huh?” he teased, deliberately posing and flexing.

I blushed. Damn! He was so fucking sexy!

“S’cool dude. I think you’re kind of cute too.” he said with a shit eating grin.

Then he sat back down on the sofa and turned his attention to the porn now playing on the TV and began to rub the increasing mound in the crotch of his pants. I looked at the hot guys going at it in the video, and back at Derek. I couldn’t help but start sporting wood of my own… a fact that Derek, much to my embarrassment didn’t seem to miss at all. Quickly I downed my third beer. Derek by now had undone his fly and pulled out his huge tool, which he was vigorously working on. Not only was his cock well above average size, but it was beautiful: perfectly shaped and proportioned, a true sight to behold on its own. Derek looked at me and smiled.

“Dude, how come you’re not strokin’ ?” he asked. “I see ya gettin’ all boned up over there.”

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

“S’cool, dude,” he encouraged. “Jus’ two dudes relaxin’ and watchin’ hot video action. Givin’ yer rod some much needed attention is what s’all about, man.” He winked and fumbled with the choker around his neck.

It was strange. I seemed to feel more relaxed. He was certainly right and I felt all the more horny and decided it was foolish to ignore my throbbing cock, so I unzipped my fly and pulled out my rock hard rod. It actually seemed bigger than I ever could remember it. I began to slowly stroke my boner.

Derek smiled. He actually seemed to be paying more attention to me now than the video. I just kept working on my dick, glancing at the video, looking back at Derek and watching him work his tool. He just smiled that incredibly sexy smile. Eventually Derek got up out of his seat and moved over toward me and then knelt down in front me. I expected to get all nervous and flustered, but I kept looking at his face and was totally focused on how handsome he was. He reached out and took my cock in his hand, sliding my hand aside.

“Let me help you with that, dude,” he offered, sporting a even bigger smile.

Then he leant forward and gave me a taste of his expertise by licking the head of my penis with his talented tongue. I tipped my head back slightly and moaned lightly in response. Before I could comment on how nice a job he was doing, his lips slid around my shaft and he began sucking my cock. This sent me into the stratosphere as I threw my head back onto the chair back and moaned loudly, while gripping the top of his baseball cap with my hands. Damn! His head-giving skills were even hotter then his looks, if that were possible. After a few minutes he came up for air… or more likely he stopped for a bit to tease and increase my anticipation, since I was convinced he could suck for hours… and smiled a crooked smile and winked.

“I take it ya liked that,” he teased.

“That was incredible!” I professed.

“That was only the beginning,” he insisted.

Regaining some composure, I asked, “This is very unexpected. I must be twice your age. Why me?”

Derek chuckled. “I could ask you the same question.”

“You?! You’re fucking gorgeous! Anyone would be ecstatic just to have your attention,” I replied in amazement.

The he smiled again. “I look this way because you wanted me to.”


“I borrowed this image from your head, your fantasies,” he continued to explain, “and then made it my own.”

I just stared at him in confusion.

“I remade myself. Just as I am going to remake you. Just as I have already started to remake you,” Derek explained.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, getting a bit weirded out and straighten back up in my chair.

“You have been drinking beer, right?… even though you hate it? And when did you get your home gym? Don’t you remember being not-so-toned?” he asked

God, it was so confusing. I knew I hated beer, never really drank the stuff. And yet I was drinking it tonight… and enjoying it; it felt quite natural. And I knew I had been feeling bad about being a bit out of shape and yet I sat there with a noticeably toned body that seemed completely familiar. I knew the home gym was mine, but I couldn’t exactly remember when I had bought it. I shook my head. “This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Dude, relax,” Derek said, while slowly pulling down my jeans and rubbing the inside of my thighs.

I instinctively slid down in the chair and spread my legs slightly.

“Don’t worry, man,” he continued, “ when this is all over you won’t remember the guy you used to be; so the confusion will be gone.” As he spoke, his hand slid up my thigh and he lightly stroked behind my balls.

“You are going to be my hot fuck-bud, dude. Be 20 like me, maybe 21, totally ripped… a fuckin’ total jock-stud… into all the same fuckin’ cool shit… and horny all the time, a total sex-freak,” he told me while beginning to finger my hole.

I moaned.

“You can even feel it happening as we speak. Your interests bending to younger, cooler stuff, your vocabulary altering, your sex drive increasing”

His finger was so fuckin’ hot in my throbbing hole. All kinds of things were floating through my head, but mostly I was lost in lust. I found myself matching the rhythm of his finger thrusts with my pelvis. I grunted with pleasure. He leaned in to kiss me and I eagerly kissed his lips, nibbled on his goatee patch and wrestled with his tongue. Fuck! I wanted his cock inside me now!

“Dude! Oh fuck, man! Fuck me! Please! I want it!” I begged.

“Sure thing, bud,” he said, standing up a bit and positioning his fuck tool against my eager man-hole.

Slowly he slid his cock inside me. It was so fuckin’ incredibly hot. He began to pump… in and out… harder and harder… My mind went into a total fog… I seemed to remember being college roommates, working out a lot, fucking all the time… he pounded my ass and I begged for more. I felt my body changing, gaining size and mass. I had so much more energy, more hunger for sex.

“Oh Fuck! Yeah, dude! Give it to me, man!” I screamed, totally lost in the experience. I now realized sex was the most important thing in the whole fuckin’ world.

I could feel Derek’s cock spasm in my ass as he screamed, “Dude! I’m fuckin’ cumming!” releasing his man-seed inside me.

That was all I needed to send me over the edge. “OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuccckkkkkk!” I howled as I shot copious amounts of my hot cream over his and my chests.

Derek collapsed onto my chest and we kissed and panted.

My new life was about to begin…


Chapter 3: Slam & Jam

Our heavy breathing slowed and Derek pulled out of my satisfied (for the moment) ass. I remembered all the fun we had in school and in college… the wild parties, drinking, lots of fuckin’ hot sex. I remember how we became workout buddies and always pushed each other to that last all-important rep. Derek was a hot looking guy: handsome and ripped. He was super cool and lots of fun. And he was an incredibly hot fuck… maybe that’s why I liked him so much.

“So what brings you by, dude?” I asked him, “… besides my hot ass, I mean.”

“It’s Friday fuckhead… upper body day,” he jested

“Oh yeah,” I replied, remembering our workout schedule

“And Josh says your Acura will be ready tomorrow, by the way,” he added.

“Sweet!” I responded, remembering my Integra I had brought in to have totally slammed. “Can’t fuckin’ wait to pick it up.”

“And dude, Josh mentioned he was lookin’ for help,” Derek continued. “You should go talk to him. You’d be fuckin’ great at installin’ sound systems and shit. Plus he says he wants someone who can learn the specialty painting, man. It’s a fuckin’ great opportunity. And Josh and his boys are cool… be fun place to work.”

“Yeah… I’ll give’m a holla. Sounds cool,” I said

“And you do, kinda… ya know… need a job, dude,” Derek added.

I remembered my job at the UPS shipping center… and getting fired. Hell, so what if I was fuckin’ in the backroom… It was MY fuckin’ break and it didn’t cut into my work, I thought. Fuck, If God (or at least that’s who I thought) chose to give me an over-active libido, I should fuckin’ take advantage of it! I rolled my eyes. “Yeah… I know.”

“S’ok dude. We all know you’re a horny fucker. It’s cool, man,” Derek consoled me. “One of the things I like best about ya,” he added, winking.

“Thanks man,” I said, punching Derek playfully in the arm. “Let me grab my bag and we can head to the gym.”

Just then the phone rang. “Yo!” I said, picking up the cordless and placing it to my ear.

I recognized Josh’s voice at the other end of the connection, “Will? That u man?”

“Yeah, dude… s’up?” I answered.

“Got good news for ya, dude; your ride is all set to go. We were able to finish early. You can pick it up anytime, man… ‘K?”

“Sweet!” I enthused.

Hitting the “end” button and replacing the phone in its cradle, I turned to Derek. “Dude! I’m totally psyched; my ride is ready! Mind if we skip the gym today?”

“Sure dude, no prob…” Derek agreed. “You need your wheels. The gym’ll be there tomorrow.”

“Cool!” I remarked appreciatively while Derek grabbed his keys.

About 20 minutes later we were pulling into the lot of Slam and Jam.

As Derek screeched into a parking spot, I was already starting to get out of the car. I was so fuckin’ psyched to be picking up my wheels! I half swaggered, half trotted into the shop. I was headed for the office when Josh saw me first.

“Yo Will!” called Josh.

“Hey… dude… how’s it goin’?” I turned to greet Josh.

“OK, man… I’m beat tho,” Josh answered.

“Busy day, huh?” I inquired.

“Fuckin’ crazy, man,” Josh answered, “But it’s calmed down. Been hard since Zack left, dude. I gotta hire someone and fuckin’ soon!”

“I hear ya, man” I said.

“So…” Josh said, changing his tone and the subject, “You wanna see your wheels or what?”

“Fuck yeah!” I enthused.

“Well, come on, dude.” Josh waved for me to follow him.

I followed Josh across the shop and out a door to the back lot. I couldn’t help but watch his hot ass move in his baggy carpenter jeans. He had his own unique and sexy swagger. Josh wasn’t quite as drop-dead gorgeous as Derek, but he was definitely a looker. He was tall… about 6’3”… and had muscular build… not quite linebacker… but you could definitely tell he worked hard on his body. He had naturally blond hair cut short in chunky staggered layers and it was always kind of messy and haphazard. I don’t think Josh ever spent much time with a comb, or even gel for that matter, but along with the constant 5 o’clock shadow he kept, it just added to his scruffy charm. He wore a bright teal muscle shirt, which fitted him nicely, showing off his wide and round muscular shoulders and well developed biceps. On the back was a screen printed design of 3 cool modified cars and lettering in 2 concentric arches spelling out “Josh Jackson’s Slam and Jam” in orange. I remembered “Josh” embroidered in orange thread on the front over one of his sexy pecs. It was kind of a uniform. All the guys here wore a similar muscle or T-shirt. Josh liked some semblance of professionalism, while keeping things casual. And fuck, he had a hot ass. Damn! The blood was already rushing to my groin.

I was woken out of my lustful stupor by Josh’s voice.

“So there’s your ride, dude. I think we did a great job. Take a look. Then hit me up. You know I’m all about satisfaction.”

I couldn’t help but think how hot and satisfying Josh could truly be. As fantasies of Josh made my cock twitch in my pants, I eyed the cute guy putting some final polishing touches on my ride. He was about 5’9”, maybe 150lbs, very lean, but decidedly toned. His shirt hung from the pocket of his super baggy jeans which themselves hung low on his hips exposing his blue and green plaid boxers. His tanned upper body was bared for all to see. Both his nipples were pierced, as was his navel; small hoops adorning the nips and a bar thru his navel. His left shoulder sported a tattoo of a marijuana leaf and the words “bite me”. A tribal band tattoo encircled his small but solid right bicep. And I noticed the sunburst tattoo on his upper back as he leaned over my car. His shoulder length Auburn hair hung over his eyes while he worked. As we approached he straightened up a little and brushed his hair back a bit and I noticed the hoop in his left eyebrow and the stud below his lower lip and there appeared to be multiple piercings in his ears, but they were hard to make out through the hair. I wasn’t sure if he was even out of high school yet and everything about him screamed skater punk, but he was cute and sexy in his own way and this did nothing to help the throbbing in my pants.

“I thought I told you, dude,” Josh said to the cutie, “you gotta wear your shirt.”

“Oh… sorry man,” the kid responded while taking his shirt out of his pocket.

“As much as we’d all like to see your hot pierced nips, Sean,” Josh jested while winking, “I got regulations to follow. You don’t’ want me to get written up do you?”

“No, dude,” Sean replied.

“Plus… we wanna try an’ look a little professional seeing as we have customers an’ all.”

“Sorry, man. I’ll keep it on, Josh. No problem.” Sean promised.

“Thanks bro,” Josh said, patting Sean on the back. “Now… this is Will. That’s his RSX u got there. Mind gettin’ the dude his key?”

“Sure thing Josh,” Sean agreed gladly. Then he turned to me, “Fuckin’ sweet ride, dude. I can’t fuckin’ wait to get me wheels like dis!”

I smiled at Sean. "Thanx." I said, then jested, "Hot workin' out here, huh?" Sean just rolled his beautiful blue eyes.

As Sean left to get my keys and Josh headed off to attend to his business I looked over my car. They did an awesome job, no doubt. Sparkling metallic paint faded seamlessly from a deep plum in the front to a bright royal blue in the rear where they had added a rad over-sized rear wing. The lowered suspension and ground effects gave it an awesome aggressive stance. I opened the door and climbed in. Aside from the Recaro seats upholstered to match the interior and the faceplate of the upgraded stereo, there wasn’t much that was obviously different inside the car. I couldn’t wait to take it out on the road.

Just then Sean had apparently returned with my keys and startled me slightly with a knock on the driver’s window. I opened the car door.

“Here’s your key, dude,” Sean said, holding his hand out.

“Thanks man,” I replied, taking the keys from Sean.

I inserted the key in the ignition lock and turned it. The dash and foot wells glowed with blue neon light. Revving the engine I was greeted by a throatier, more aggressive sounding growl.

“Sweet!” I exclaimed as the engine revs dropped back down. “So Sean… wanna go for a ride?”

An enthusiastic smile spread across Sean’s face, then faltered. “Um… I don’t know, man. I mean, I’d fuckin’ love to, but…”

“Don’t worry about Josh. We can tell’im you came with me to check out a rattle or some shit. It’s cool man. Come on.” I encouraged motioning with my head and winking.

“Shit,” Sean remarked, climbing into the car, “Let’s fuckin’ rock.”

With that I dropped the car in gear and stomped on the accelerator spinning the front tires. As I pulled out onto the road with a screech and shifted into 2nd, I turned up the tunes on the new stereo. The thump, thump of the sub-woofer was music to my ears. Finding some side roads on the edge of town I threw my more capable car into a power slide and pushed it to it’s new limits. A wide smile adorned my face.

“Dude! You can fuckin’ drive, man!” Sean exclaimed.

“I know my way around a steering wheel,” I laughed. “Thanks, dude.”

As we settled into a cruise on the boulevard and I realized I had no complaints with the job on my wheels; my thoughts turned to the cute punk beside me.

“So Sean… Josh was right, dude…” I started, but hesitated.

“Huh? ‘bout what, man?” Sean asked.

I pondered for a second. Should I continue? This punk was definitely hot.

“Yer pierced nips, bro,” I continued. “Fuckin’ sexy, man… if ya don’t mind me sayin’”

“Nah, man… s’cool… I mean…” Sean hesitated, “you’re fuckin’ hot yerself.”

Shit! The fuckin’ kid’s into me. Taking my eyes off the road for a sec I turned to look at Sean. “Thanks man.” Then, glancing down, I noticed Sean was pitching a major tent in his jeans. Fuck! This punk needs some attention from his “hot” big bro and right now! I swerved off the main drag and cut up and down a couple of side streets, eventually pulling into a little out-of-the-way parking garage. I found a space way in the back. It was fairly shadowed and private. Turning off the ignition, I turned to a confused Sean.

“What’s goin’ on?” asked Sean. “Why’d you come here, man?”

“Cuz dude…” I explained as I reached over and rubbed Sean’s boner thru his jeans, “this needs immediate attention.”

Sean moaned lightly. “Shit! Dude… oh fuck!… I…”

No more words were spoken as my tongue slipped into his eager mouth. Sean wriggled and humped as my hand worked it’s way into his jeans and our tongues wrestled in a frenzy. He moaned thru my kisses as my other hand pulled and twisted one of his nips hoops. He helped as I struggled to get my shirt over my head and soon had his face buried in my pit licking and sucking. I moaned in encouragement. Before long he was playing with my nips with one hand and stroking my throbbing tool thru my pants with his other. I moaned louder and found myself beginning to breath very heavily. Determined as he was, he soon had my 10 inches free and was working on it quite effectively. And then I felt his tongue and lips on my rock hard cock. Fuck! This dude knew what he was doing! While he sucked my meat I felt the vibrations of his own moans which only added to the incredible sensation. Soon I felt the inevitable retraction of my balls as my orgasm built. I howled in delight as I pumped copious amounts of my hot juice down this hot punk’s throat while wave after wave of delirious pleasure swept over me. AND… I might add… this hot little dude had no trouble swallowing every drop.

Sean looked back up at me with the foggy buzz of sexual satisfaction still in his beautiful blue eyes and licked his lips. “Dude… I fuckin’ wanted to taste your sweet cream since the moment I fuckin’ laid eyes on you. And man! You are even hotter than I ever imagined.”

“Thanx man,” I said, brushing the hair out of his eyes and leaning in to kiss him again.

Straightening up a bit I noticed a mass of creamy substance on the edge of my seat and all over the center console and hand brake. “Dude! You came!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah,” he said with a silly grin, “right when your were cuming in my mouth. That was fuckin’ hot!”

Wow! My hands were tangled in his hair on his head at the time and I distinctly remembered his hands on me. I was impressed.

“Well, dude, I’m glad we could get you off. Sure looked like you needed it,” I stated.

“Thanks, man. That rocked!” Sean replied.

“Now let’s get some paper towels and clean up your little… er… not so little mess. Don’t want Josh to see this.” I chuckled.

We headed out of the parking garage and stopped a gas station and used the wipes to clean up Sean’s healthy show of virility. As I hurried back to the shop Sean asked, “Dude… think we could like, do that again sometime?”

“Sure dude. You’re cute and fuckin’ hot. Maybe you can come by next week and we can have a few beers and hang.” I answered.

“Sweet!” Sean enthused.

And then we pulled up in front of the Slam and Jam.

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