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Alpha product series

by Chet Boner

19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice!

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Prologue 19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice! (added: 5 May 2017)
Part 1: Alpha Pills Delivered
Part 2: My Brother Cody
Part 3: The First Pill
Part 4: The Excitement Begins
Part 5: Doctor’s Office? Waking up in a doctor’s office leads to some intimate help from his brother toward a earth-shaking orgasm. But how real was it? (added: 19 May 2017)
Part 6: Feedback Sent, and Cody Wakes Up After waking up from my intense dream, I find Cody on top of me with his new basketball-sized balls. I get up to send my feedback to Alpha Team and Cody wakes up! (added: 2 Jun 2017)
Part 7: Letter from Alpha and a New Product Trent reads a message from Alpha Team, explaining the growth effects Alpha-T has with water... Wait, wasn't Cody taking a bath?! Better go check on him! Also, where's Dad? (added: 16 Jun 2017)
Part 8: Dad’s Big Release / Cody’s Problem Dad grows in a big way! Plus Cody now has another problem and must have help in order to fix it! The family is getting larger, and way more horny than their usual selves. (added: 30 Jun 2017)
Part 9: Product-P Arrives, and Trent needs help! The new product called “Alpha-P” arrives, met with a horny mailman. Trent gives the product a go but soon founds out he needs help after taking the product. Dad arrives just in time to help Trent, but what kind of help will he need? (added: 14 Jul 2017)
Part 10: Trent’s Dream Trent comes to his senses in the same clinic once again, with Dr. Brandon examining him. But this time there’s someone helping—Tucker, a student in the clinic. When he wakes up back home, Dad is reacting to having succumbed to temptation, while Cody downs a protein shake that isn’t what it seems. (added: 11 Aug 2017)
Part 11: Dad’s Changing, and Cody Too
Part 12: Cody’s New Cock Trent takes Cody to get help from their dad, but then becomes fixated on the growth of Cody’s cock and knows he has to feel it—and taste it. (added: 25 Aug 2017)
Part 13: Garden Hose Cody Trent, Cody, and their dad try to decide what to do now that things have changed for them—especially Cody. (added: 26 Jan 2018)
Part 14: Feedback Sent, But Cody Reads It Too Trent sends his feedback to the Alpha Team about how their products worked a little too well. But when you fall asleep at your computer, you should expect nosy brothers to read whatever you left open on your desktop. (added: 9 Feb 2018)
Part 15: New Morning/Heading to the Gym Trent, Cody, and their dad start a new day, which includes getting dressed to make a big impression at the gym. (added: 23 Feb 2018)
Part 16: Leaking at the Gym Trent, Cody and their Dad head to the gym for an early morning workout. But the changes the Alpha products have made to their bodies make even something as simple as a run on the treadmill a strange and erotic experience. (added: 30 Mar 2018)
Part 17: Explosion Experiment With the gym to themselves, Cody plans more fun for his brother and himself. (added: 13 Jul 2018)
Part 18: Gone Too Far / Seeking a Cure As his insatiable brother Cody instigates another round of mind-stunning growth with him in the shower, Trent appeals to his Dad to track down the cure for their out-of-control transformations. (added: 11 May 2019)
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My name is Trent, I’m 19 years old, and I work at the local gym known as “Big & Jacked.” I started full time there ever since graduation. But even in high school, I was working part time at the gym. Needless to say, I loved my job! I was the curious kind of kid in school to linger in the locker room and compare guys and take “quick glances” at their junk. Today I’m no different, to be honest.

Trent. Image by thenewtfartist
Trent. Image by thenewtfartist (Click to enlarge)
Cody. Image by thenewtfartist
Cody. Image by thenewtfartist (Click to enlarge)
One fateful night, I was just surfing on the interweb when my eyes fell on a sidebar ad that read Want to become Jacked?! Need to take your life and body to the next level and become a man? Start with our free Alpha trial product, no charge

My curiosity overrode my logic and common sense and I clicked the ad. Instantly I saw a webpage filled with hunks with defined muscles, sculpted chins, massive pecs, large biceps, gorgeous 6-pack abs, and as my eyes drifted lower I saw a huge bulge in the underwear they wore. I hovered my mouse over the image with a button that popped up asking “Would you like to see NSFW 18+ content?”; with my heart racing and my cock throbbing in my blue jeans, I clicked “YES!”

My eyes were eating the Man Candy before them! I was gazing on the sexiest men I’ve ever seen in my 19 years. I’ve seen my younger brother Cody before and he’s pretty ripped, but even he doesn’t hold a candle to these guys. Dad doesn’t compare with them either, and he works out at the gym often five times a week. Even my best buddy, Justin, who is ripped as fuck, doesn’t stand a chance to these hunks. Shoot, I don’t even compare with them and I work out every day since I started full time

As my blood was rushing, breathing elevated, and cock throbbing so hard, I clicked the “Order now / Get started!” button, entered my information along with a survey about my body type. It was kind of weird, but I didn’t care! They asked questions like What body type do I desire to have, what feature do I want most, things like that. They also made me read some terms and agree to them. I just scrolled past them and agreed. And just like that, it was done! Delivery estimate was tomorrow! It was for sure a hoax, but what was there to lose? It was free after all. Plus those photos of the hunky men made me want to at least give it a shot.

It wasn’t until later that evening while sitting on my bed that I didn’t know what to expect for the trial alpha product. They didn’t actually show any photos of the product, the bottle, or anything. For all I know they could be shots, steroids, or some weird junk. I was starting to worry and second think my decision. I was gonna find out tomorrow! Tomorrow my adventure begins


Part 1: Alpha Pills Delivered

Back at home after my evening shift, I saw the package sitting next to our front door. I hurried to pick it up and ran upstairs to my room. I didn’t hear anyone, but then again I wasn’t paying attention with me rushing to rip the box apart to try my new treasure.

Sitting the box on my bed, I cut it open to find a paper on top of a blue box with the bold black words “ALPHA-T PRODUCT”. I read the short letter which said:

“Greetings customer! Thank you for applying for our new experimental ALPHA products! We have sent you the Alpha-T selection supplement for your first two weeks. Our other products Alpha-P, Alpha-C, & Alpha-M are still in the works, along with other unnamed products still in the lab. We’re expecting you to use our Alpha-T product and send back feedback along your journey. You can visit the unique website link below and submit your thoughts, progress, & photos to your account profile. You may also request more of an Alpha product we send you, as long as you stay in our Alpha program and provide valuable feedback about our products to help improve them.For legal and medical reasons please read and agree to this disclaimer. If you have objections to it, please ship the product back without opening it by using the pre-paid label in the box.”

I glazed my eyes over the legal jargon below but didn’t pay too much attention to it. My attention was split already with excitement. I placed the paper to the side of the box and picked up the next blue box inside. Inside I found a page with photos of hunks like I’d seen on the website with what I believe were their “testimonies.” I sat this paper on my bed along with the prepaid shipping label mentioned before in the short letter.

I also found the Alpha product below where the paper was, or rather I found the products. There was a total of 4 bottles inside. All of the bottles read in large print “Alpha-T”. Turning the bottle to the back, I read the suggested use directions. “Take one pill once a day (24 hours). Do not exceed five pills within a week’s period. Do not take on an empty stomach, take preferably with a meal. Drink plenty of water while using the supplement. If in pain, call our service number before calling 911. Bottle contains 30 doses. 1 serving = 1 day = 1 pill.”

Sitting the other three bottles on my dresser behind me, I opened one of the bottles to see how large the pills were; because if these bad boys were the size of horse pills, I’ll be having a hard time taking them. Unscrewing the cap and pulling back the fresh seal, I see small tiny capsules inside. They are the size you expect for easy to swallow capsules. The contents of the capsule were a blue powered, with the scene of blue raspberry coming from them. I’ve never been enticed by a supplement, but these had my inner kid who always enjoyed the blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers candy screaming.

Grabbing one of the capsules and placing the bottle back with the others on the dresser, I head out the door towards the kitchen to eat my dinner.


Part 2: My Brother Cody

As I head down the stairs, I see my younger 17 year old brother, Cody, coming up with his headphones on listening to his tunes. He always did enjoy music and I’ve introduced him to a lot of genres that he liked. Like I mentioned before, he was a hot fella for only 17! He wasn’t just some nerd stuck in a book! Oh no, he was the nerd with a taste for working out at the gym like a gym rat. I guess you could say I am to blame for that. With my working at the “Big & Jacked” gym, I could give gym membership to my folks for free, along with energy drinks I’d make at the bar. Ever since he turned 14 and I trained with him, he stayed dedicated and even surpassed me within a couple of years.

He had his “Grad year student” shirt unbuttoned showing off his 6 pack abs and displaying a nice rack of pecs. He looked up at me with a smirk and bounced his pecs as his normal greeting usually is. He was wearing his usual tighter than average around the butt shorts. It really complimented him and put his bubble butt on display for onlookers. I gave a firm grab on the butt cheek as he walked by like I usually do as my greeting to him.

As time seemed to slow down as I walked down the stairs, I remembered how our greetings became our normal routine. Cody and I are close in age (him 17 soon to be 18, and me just turning 19, which makes me just a hair over 1 year older than him), we practically went through puberty at the same time. Don’t let his cuteness and him being more quiet than others fool you. He is one kinky guy

When we were younger, 15 for me and him 14, we started to get curious about our bodies and allowed each other to explore one another. It started us down a more closely bonded path between each other which would deepen as you’ll see later. But what really started it was us was comparing our muscles by flexing after our workouts together. I’d rub his biceps, he’d rub my pecs. Things would continue to progress with lust taking over our actions. Come to find out I was one who liked him rubbing my pecs and nipples, while he enjoyed me fingering, fisting, and eating him out from behind! That’s why he would do his famous pec bounce for me to watch, and I’d firmly grip his firm perfectly aligned bubble butt as our greeting to each other. He also enjoyed nipple play, nibbling on the neck, and hearing my moan for some reason. I do happen to have a deeper toned voice than him, so perhaps that was why.

You may be thinking that’s not really kinky, but that’s not the end of it! He enjoyed testing his anus to the limits even at a young age. He’d accept almost any dare I gave him to see if he could endure it, but every time I mentioned something larger he’d take it with a smile and end with a shattering orgasm sending torrents of cum flying. No doubt, he was a large cummer who could really shoot far! Whereas I was a more of a pourer after the first three shots. I also could cum a bunch after a day or two of not jerking off.

As we grew up and our bodies matured, we’d continue to experiment and fool around. He came to the conclusion he really enjoyed being a bottom and I enjoyed both top and bottom. There was this one time Dad walked in on us nude in front of each other with raging boners. We tried our best to explain what was happening, but he just smiled, waved and said “It’s all right boys, sorry for not knocking first.” Turned around and closed the door. Both Cody and I were shocked by his response.

My mind returned to back to me on the staircase walking past Cody. And as time resumed, I continued to walk down the stairs to the kitchen to take my first Alpha-T pill.


Part 3: The First Pill

Dad was cleaning up the table from the dinner he ordered. They had eaten pizza tonight.

“Hey, Trent! I saw you come in from work, but you ran up the stairs before I could call for you. We were just starting dinner when you pulled up.”

“Oh sorry Dad, I was needing to check on something before dinner. Pizza still hot?” I asked as I grab a water bottle and a plate.

“It should still be hot. We left you 5 slices.” Dad said as he turned around to finish the dishes. I grabbed a couple of slices to eat and placed them on the plate. I swallowed the capsule from my hand and washed it down with some bottle while Dad’s back was turned away from me. After which I ate my dinner, along with a couple more slices of pizza. Placed my plate near Dad and gave him a good pat on the back. Boy did he have a strong wide back from all his working out! And those shoulders were a sight to behold too! For only 42 years old, he sure knew how to stay in shape!

I finished my bottle of water and grab another on my way to the living room to play a game Justin gave me to try. He just couldn’t stop ranting on about how much fun it was, blah blah, you get the story. I may know how to enjoy a video game, but he just goes all out with games! He was a video game jock to put it simply.

I popped the disc in and start playing. After all the game’s cutscenes, I felt a tingle in my groin. It wasn’t something that you’d expect out of nowhere and it caught my attention, but with my in the middle of an intense battle with killer robots, my attention was quickly removed from the new changes happening in my crotch. The killing battle lasted 15 minutes, surprisingly enough! Took three retries to finally get through the whole scene. I put the controller on my lap and went to take a sip of my water. When I leaned over slightly the controller fell off my groin and onto the floor. I looked down and stared at my protruding bulge which looked like two apples were stuffed into it.


Part 4: The Excitement Begins

I couldn’t stop rubbing the outside of my expanded crotch through my pants! The feeling was bliss and pleasurable. I felt like the horniest guy which the largest set of balls in the world at the time. Sure I had nice sized balls before, actually, they were the largest in my grade back in school before graduating. Was known as Donkey Balls in the locker room, and as odd as a name that sounds it really did fit my body type.

I ran upstairs and to my room to jerk off the best load I’ve ever dreamed off. As I entered my bedroom I noticed Cody standing in front of my dresser which his hands in his shorts pockets. What could he possibly be doing in my bedroom? Especially with my current need to cumming! I walked closer to find the bottle I opened was now missing five more pills! I grabbed Cody by the shoulder and twisted him around to find the largest mound of crotch I’d ever seen on a human in person! He appeared he stuffed two soccer balls into his shorts!

His hands were rubbing his large balls from inside his pockets and his eyes were closed shut along with his mouth just moaning and groaning. He was clearly enjoying the new size of his testicles! Wait! That’s it! The “T” in “Alpha-T” stands for testicles! It was as if a lightbulb appeared as I now understood what the product was intended for. I could feel my crotch expanding as my own testicles started churning and making more cum. They were slowly expanding and stretching my red briefs. It felt like someone turned on a water faucet in my pants and were filling two water balloons up continually.

I stripped my pants and briefs off in front of my brother because it was quite obvious he was in another world at the moment of his own. I sat down on the bed and cupped my large baseball testicles in my hands to fondle them. I could feel them slowly expanding even in my hands! My dick was raging hard at this point. It looked puny compared to my large balls sadly, but that didn’t matter to me right now. I was enjoying the extreme rush of hormones and new size crotch to worry with that. It felt like I was in a constant feeling of orgasmic bliss as my balls continued to grow with more cum.

After about 10 minutes the growing stop, but the feeling of bliss did not. I ended up with softball sized testicles which would never fit in my current size underwear. Looks like I’d need to be borrowing Dad’s underwear for a while. I then looked over at Cody and his balls were so large they hung down to his kneecaps! He was also pooling precum on the floor below him. I got up to help him to the bed. I grabbed his hand and his eyes opened instantly and looked at me. Looking down at my new size he quickly cupped my own balls which made a jolt of pleasure shoot up to my head, which made me and himself wobble backwards down to the floor.

Cody and Trent by thenewtfartist
Cody and Trent by thenewtfartist. (Click to enlarge)
He fell on top of my body with our groins grinding each other. His testicles felt like heavy on top of mine, but feeling them against my own was making me churn and make more cum cream! It was happening again! I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as I enjoyed and focused on the churning within my crotch. I could feel the warmth of his body on top of mine. I could hear his breathing growing shorter between groins and moans. I assumed he was enjoying it too as I felt his own balls start to move around on top of mine. I leaned in a gave his neck a nibble because I knew that really got his cum engines working. He pushed his crotch harder against mine. It felt as though he just double the speed rate of growth in his balls.

As our testicles continued to fill up with cum cream, the orgasm continued to build and build within us, him more so than me since he took 5 pills. I could feel my balls growing but also the growing weight of my younger brothers testicles on top of my own. Then suddenly it happened! I could feel his balls jerk and his whole body begin the spasm and shake on me! He was humping at a rapid pace but yet not cumming. I could feel it happening to me too! I started to hump and shake as I orgasmed from the inside. It was as if my prostate was growing within me and orgasming over, and over, and over again! The feeling was indescribable!

Then it really happened! I felt his cream begin to shoot and flow all over my body. It felt like someone turned on a cum faucet and pointed it all on me. A lot shot all the way across the room landing on my bed sheets, standup mirror, and behind even my head. It was enough to push me over the edge and I began to cum all over me like I never had before! And the whole time he was also cumming! I couldn’t stop humping, moaning, grinding against my brothers groin, and just simply cumming! He leaned in to suck on my left nipple which had cum all over it and use his fingers play with the other. He seemed to enjoy the taste of my cum this time. Was it possible the single pill changed the taste of my cum to a more enjoyable flavor for Cody? He never seemed to like it before, at least not the degree he is enjoying it now.

After eight minutes of pure orgasming and cumming my testicles finally stopped pumping and the orgasm finally ended for my body. It felt like I just workout to failure for every muscle in my body. I couldn’t move and didn’t have the strength to even lift my hand. But that didn’t stop my brother! He was still cumming and moaning! His eyes were rolled in the back of his head and the intensity of his orgasm skyrocketed to the point he couldn’t hardly moan at all! He just panted with every spasm. After 10 additional minutes, my brother finally passed out on top of me which would end his orgasm and cumming session.

I told myself, “Remember to send feedback that you should never take more than five pills.” I’m pretty sure I’d never make it past eight minutes of orgasming considering every muscle in my body already was too sore to move, and that was with a single pill! I just stayed under Cody while he slept, and slowly I also fell into a slumber. While I was asleep I didn’t realize we left the door halfway open. Dad would walk in later to find us laying on top of each other with enlarged testicles, the room flooded with cum, and a bottle of pills he’d never seen before open on the dresser...


Part 5: Doctor’s Office?

As my sight faded to black with my eyes shutting, I was steadily falling into a deep slumber after my powerful orgasm and cumming with my brother Cody on top of me. My vision changed from a dark pitched black to the scene of a doctor’s office. I looked around the room to see it was actually a patient’s room. I thought to myself,This is odd. What am I doing here?

I try to clear my mind to remember why I was here in a doctor’s office. It felt as if a fog was messing up my focus and I couldn’t think straight at all. The harder I tried, the worst my focus and concentration become. Fear started to settle in as I struggled to pull my understand into control. My heart was beginning to race at a faster pace. As I keep trying, a man in a white lab coat walked into the room, along with my brother Cody and my Dad. Dad and Cody both walked up each to both of my sides and rested their large hands on my shoulders. I felt calmness replace the fear. My mind began to clear up and my heart returned to normal beating again.

I looked up to each of their faces and for some reason, I couldn’t see their face. Perhaps my sight was still foggy? But I knew the grip of the hand of my Dad’s hand, so there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this was my father beside me.

The man in the white lab coat walked to the cabinet and a handful of items then placed them on the table in front of me. He sat down a bottle of liquid medicine, a needle made for a horse, one medium and one large pump tube, another bottle of medicine but this time of pills, a large thermos of water, a large black silicon wand shaped like a finger with a silver a tip at the end, and a huge clear empty thick wall glass cylinder container. I found it very odd that all of that came out of a normal cabinet. Before I could recognize that fact the man introduced himself.

“Hello Trent, I am Doctor Brian,” He stated while gesturing his ID badge up towards my eyes. I looked closer to him and noticed that I could actually see his face, in very clear detail too. He had golden brown brushed back porch hair style, ocean blue eyes, a chiseled chin that could cut bread, a shadow of stubble around his chin, and a golden tan any city person would dream of having. His body type seemed to be similar to mine, average to muscle bulking. He had a nice protruding chest for his undershirt, broad shoulders, and nice arms for a doctor. He must have been going to the gym frequently and went to bulk up.

“It has come to the clinic’s attention from your family members that you need help with a major problem,” he continued. “Luckily for you, we just received a new experimental technique of handling this kind of issue from our lab. Your father and brother have already agreed to help in the ways needed to make you comfortable during the procedure. Let’s get started, shall we?”

Dad and Cody lower their hands to my arms and tighten their grip. They ease me backward towards the head of the table I was resting on. I tried to resist so I could sit up but they only push me harder back. I was no match for both of them working together against me.

“What problem do I have that I need help with Doctor?” I protested.

“What’s all that stuff on the table for? What are you going to do to m..” Cody placed a rag over my mouth and under my nose at the end of my sentence just as I was out of breath. I had to breathe in deeply to fill my lungs back up, but instead of fresh air, I inhaled whatever was in that rag.

After three deep, long whiffs of that rag, he pulled it away as my body went limp and relaxed. I felt the tension in my arms crawl up to my shoulders, then it pulls all the tension on my shoulders and arms down my chest and in my groin. The tension from my feet up to my thighs traveled up to my groin. For the first time, I look down to notice I have been nude in the room the entire time! How could I have not noticed that! I felt all this bundled up tension continue to crawl towards my crotch until finally, it all resided in the head of my dick. With it removed from everywhere else, I actually felt my body very relax but my mind was screaming with worry! I felt my helmet head shake, but then it began to ooze a substance. It wasn’t precum or even cum.. It appears to be.... Milk??

“WHAT IS HAPPENING??!” I screamed in my head but my mouth couldn’t utter a word no matter how hard I tried.

I continue to have a steady stream of a substance that appears to be milk flowing from the head of my dick. Then in the midst of my very odd ordeal, I feel a needle penetrate the skin of my scrotum. I try to yell but it doesn’t escape my lips. Only a faint low groin could I produce. But to be honest, it didn’t hurt long or hard. Whatever Cody gave me in the rag really removed the pain from my body. I was fascinated by this fact. I was just took an injection to the balls and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Wait…. injection!!? I look past my streaming, milk-soaked dick to see the doctor with that horse needle half empty of a green liquid. It appears to be the liquid medicine from the bottle on the table. Had I not noticed him filling it up? How could I have missed that?

He aims the needle at the base of my dick and injects the rest into the fat pad above it. I feel the stream of milk come to a halt and I realize all the tension has been removed from my crotch. Not a single feeling of tension in my whole body now exist. It was amazing to say the least. Wait no! I can’t be complimenting the drug I just forcefully inhaled! But I must admit I do feel better and at ease now. It almost felt like a high if I didn’t know better. The doctor walks to the door and signals Cody and Dad to follow him. They whisper too softly for me to understand what was being said. My eyes just drifted to the ceiling as I was now immobile and couldn’t as must lift my head too far.

My brother returned to my side, but Doctor Brian and Dad exit the room. I look over to see if I can see my brother. I see his head but still can’t see his face. This scares me until I feel a tremor occur from my crotch. It felt as if my legs were being pushed apart but a big watermelon. Then something falls unto my abs and eases up to my chest with the shape of a thick salami. I lean my head down to see my dick grew all the way up to my chest and my balls expanded so large my legs are spread out so far it was like I was a mother ready to give birth. My brother placed his hand on the large sack between my legs and rubbed it gently. It sent chills up my spine. He continued the move down the sack until he reached my thick, long cock! He rubbed all over it, up and down the base. My mouth fell open as drool began to pool from the pleasure filling and overloading my head

The moment he touched the mushroom of my dick, I simply groaned, but truly I had an instant intense orgasm fill my body. If I could control my body, I’d be shaking like those guys having a super-orgasm uncontrollably from the aneros toy! Then within a split second it was all gone. As in everything! My sight went black and I felt nothing nor heard anything.

Have I died? I thought to myself. Then I felt something wet on my face. It felt like a tongue.

I opened my eyes to see my brother back on top of me in the bedroom from before, and he was licking my left cheek. His eyes were still closed so I assume he was still asleep. Perhaps acting his dream? Wait…. Was all of that a dream just now? I remembered exactly what happened, unlike any other dreams I’d ever had. It was all vivid and clear. I remembered the feelings in my body. The fear and worry I had. And that body-shaking super orgasm at the end. Why did I have such a weird dream—and how do I go back?! Or would I ever return?


Part 6: Feedback Sent, and Cody Wakes Up

After waking up from my intense dream, I found Cody on top of me. He was quite heavier now with his new sized balls, so I had difficulty rolling him off of me so I could get up. Leaving him on his back to the side of me, I got up and made my way to the computer. I saw the letter I read with the Alpha T products on my bed. I grabbed it to find the website link I needed to visit to send in my feedback. And boy what kind of feedback I’d be sending!

At the computer, I typed in the web address and login. It prompted me with an agreement, and I clicked “Yes” without reading. Then the website took me to a simple mailbox page. My inbox read as empty. I looked to the side and saw a “Submit Feedback” blue button. I clicked it and began explaining the effects of growth and the odd dream I had. Writing all the details made me feel as if I was writing a sex novel. Needless to say, I had my dick already chubbing up. Diving into the details of the effects, I continued to fill out the form. Details such as what product I used, how many were used, how quickly till I saw the effects, those kinds of things. I clicked the Send button.

Another prompt window poped up asking, “Please submit your photos or video for feedback.” I was puzzled. They wanted to see the changes? I guess that’s how I was able to see all those guys when I signed up for the trial. It wouldn’t let me finish submitting the feedback form until I attached something.

I grabbed my phone and begin recording. “Hey Alpha team, um I suppose this is the video for my feedback. As I say in the details, the growth really happened! Here see? Also here is my brother who I mentioned that took the 5 capsules and here he is.” I panned the camera from my crotch over to my brother, who is displaying the largest set of balls known to man. They sat taller than his head, resting on the floor. I walked over to him with the phone and began touching his balls. He groaned as his balls jerked up from my touch. He began to dribble precum out of his dick, though he still remained asleep.

Then suddenly he yelled and groaned like a beast! I held the camera on my phone steady as it recorded him shooting many shots of cum blasting through the air!! He kepr shooting and shooting, not slowing down or running out for what felt like 10 minutes. I heard my phone beep and I clicked “stop” on the recording as I was near the end of memory allowed.

I threw my phone on the bed, got down and enjoy some of this cum cream my brother Cody was supplying! I tasted it and it was so sweet to me. Like liquid candy in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of it! I grabbed globs with my hands and just stuffed my face. I was so turned on and so horny I couldn’t control myself. After eating all I could eat, I looked down to see I gained a belly so round I appeared to be pregnant. I slapped my belly to hear it slosh around like a bowl full of jelly. I stood up with cum dripping down my face and picked up my phone. I transfered the video file to the computer and attached it to the form, then clicked “Send”. This time it sent and brought me back to the Inbox page. I left the page open on my desktop.

I went back to help my brother wake up and walk him into the shower/tub. But the task wasn’t so easy when you had to also give support to his massive scrotum with testicles the size of two basketballs. He was half awake and half asleep, never opening his eyes until we walked into the bathroom. I sat him on the side of the tub while I turned the water on. Meanwhile I threw some water on his head to help wake him up.

He opened his eyes, looking at me, and yelled “BRO! WHAT HAPPENED?! My head is so dizzy.” He wobbled a bit while holding his head with one hand.

“Bro, you need to take a tub bath,” I told him. “I don’t think you have enough strength to stand up for a shower. But you need to get cleaned up,” I added while helping to pick him up and lowering him slowly into the tub, which was filling with hot warm water. He held onto the sides with his hands to help lower himself into the water.

As he leaned back and his mind started to clear, I just rubbed soap on his upper chest as I spoke to him.

“Cody, you shouldn’t have taken so many capsules of that product,” I said. “It is an experimental drug and you could have gotten hurt! What was the last thing you remember before blacking out?”

“I.. It’s hard to say,” he answered blearily. “I remember seeing you on the stairs. Then I walked past your room and smelled blue raspberry candy somehow.. I think I went in and.. Oww!” He gripped his head and moaned in pain.

“Easy, easy. I understand now. You thought it was candy because of the smell?” I said. “I might need to tell the company the danger of the scent then.” I turned my head to the door on my knees beside him. I continued to rub soap up and down his body, then putting it under his arms and around his neck.

“What company?” he asked, lifting his head off the wall.

“The company who made that drug, Alpha. They sent me those bottles to try. Who knew they were going to grow your balls huh?” I chuckled, lowering my hand to his sack and rubbing soap on it. He grips the side of the tub and groans like a beast in heat. I felt his balls begin to churn around like they did before. I pulled my hand away but he snapped his hand around my wrist and lowered it back to his sack.

“It feels sooooooo good when you touch them!” he moaned. “They feel so sensitive, almost like someone is hitting my P-spot over continuously!”

I ponder on how this might be true. Did the Alpha T increase the sensitivity of his balls to feel so pleasurable that it’s like someone rubbing his prostate? I pulled my hand away and walk to the door. I could hear him whimper and I turned around to see him give me sad puppy eyes.

“I need to report this to the company quickly to see what they think is happening. Go ahead and finish your bath. And no fooling around Cody,” I warned him as I left the room. “You can’t manage another orgasm without blacking out!”

Leaving the door open, I walked to my room and sat down at my desktop. I saw a notification on the Inbox page I left open. It was a message from Alpha team!


Part 7: Letter from Alpha and a New Product

I opened the message while sitting in my chair with my oversized softball testicles resting between my thunder thighs. I gave them a nice scratch and brought my hand to his nose to smell my manly scent like every guy does. (Admit it!) I read the letter with interest.

“Dear Trent,

“Thank you for your valuable feedback and the video submission. You may notice we reply to client feedback promptly, as we have a team on standby for all of our clients. You can message us here with your feedback and get a prompt reply, typically within minutes to an hour in usual cases.

“We wanted to let you know that your brother used an excessive amount of the Alpha-T. This is the first case we’ve seen from that sort of usage. Please keep us updated on the effects so we can well document these proceedings.

“We should forewarn you, do not let you or any user of the product come in contact with water in the area that is affected. The Alpha-T product is a sub-product from a chemical similar to creatine. If you aren’t familiar to creatine, it absorbs and stores water. The Alpha-T product uses a similar chemical to achieve this effect. We didn’t put it on the bottle, as we discovered this after the lab released it to the shipping department. In future batches, we will have this warning.

“We aren’t for sure what will happen due to contact with water in the affected area, but the lab asks to stay away from water contact at least 4 hours with normal dosage size.

“Also, we are notifying you that we are shipping out the next experimental product called ‘Alpha-P’ and you’ll be receiving it shortly. Please be sure to send feedback once you’ve received it. We will be using your feedback to alter the product. As you agreed to in the terms, we will be using your submission for research and improvement to the product.

“Hope to hear from you soon.—Alpha Team”

“Whoa!” I thought to myself. “Another product? But I still have like a three or four months’ supply of the Alpha-T—well, I will if I can keep Cody out of it. Now they are sending Alpha-P? Wonder what that will change for me.” But my train of thought was broken when I heard a loud cry coming from the bathroom.

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to find Cody resting on top of his scrotum—which was now three times larger than when I left him. Wait! The letter said to keep away from water! What was it… Stay away from water for at least 4 hours for normal dosage uses? Oh no, Cody used five times the normal amount.. Looking down at the enlarged sack of my brother, I noticed all the water from the tub had been soaked up into his brother’s balls. All I heard from Cody was moaning with him sitting on top of this huge sack.

“What happened, Cody!?” I asked him in awe.

“I’m not sure, bro! I was just sitting here humming to myself, when not five minutes after you left I felt this sudden bolt surge through my balls and I was lifted up onto the top of my sack. It felt like I was cumming over and over again within my balls. It felt amazing. But as soon as it started, it stopped. I’d say it lasted 15 seconds? That’s when I yelled. And now I feel drained and can’t even get down.”

I watched as Cody tried to put his foot on the edge of the tub, but he was too high up to reach it.

How could I fix this? First I needed to examine the damage to Cody. I walked over from the door and used my hands to feel for where his testicles started and the sack skin ended. I dug my fingers in deep to feel the epidermis and the thick tube at the top of the testicle. Cody leaned up, crossed his eyes and moaned like a beast just the way he did before.

Oohhohohhooh” he groaned as I groped his balls. I felt a substance flow down my forearm. It got all the way to my bicep and by that point I could smell it. It was precum! Was he already precumming just from a few slight touches? But then I felt his balls move suddenly. After fifteen seconds they actually moved again against my hand, and all the while he had a constant river of precum flowing from his dick into the tub. I watched as my brother’s balls begin to shrink before my eyes. I could feel them compressing smaller and smaller with my hands.

Cody was just moaning and leaking precum for thirty minutes nonstop before I got tired and left him enjoying the slowest orgasm my brother had ever felt. Walking down the stairs with my dick flopping on top of my balls side to side against my thick thunder thighs, I headed to the kitchen for lunch. I remembered my encounter with my brother on the stairs with the memorable pec bounce, then seeing my dad in the kitchen, playing videos games, then the growth to my softball sized balls. Wait… Dad! I faintly remembered Dad walking in on us as we asleep on top of each other, but I hadn’t heard from him since then. I walked back up the stairs and towards Dad’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar so I pushed it open, calling “Dad? Are you in here?”

I continued inside to see his dad’s briefs on the bed, along with a shirt and jeans. I heard running water coming from the master bathroom to the left. “He must be taking a shower before heading to work.” I told myself, before walking back out of the bedroom, planning to head down to the kitchen again. I walked past the shared bathroom to hear my brother Cody still moaning loudly, probably still leaking and shrinking like I left him. It’s been, what, 35 minutes now, and he’s still going?

“Insane,” I mumbled.

I walked into the kitchen to grab some grub. I found the leftover pizza on the table in a box and heated some up in the microwave. I grabbed a large glass and filled it with ice while the pizza cooked. Filling my large glass with tap water, I wondered how great it felt to be Cody having the longest hands-free orgasm in his life. And to be so large you could rest on top of your sack like a massive beanbag chair.

Beep beep beep beep,” the microwave screamed, alerting me that the pizza was ready.

I sat the glass on the table and turned to get my pizza. I felt my newly protruding package bulging in front of my nude body against the countertop as I opened the microwave door. I grabbed the pizza with my hands and quickly felt it burning me! I slammed the door shut and turned around quickly, swinging my dick and balls around—which ended up slapping the large glass off the table, making fall on him and spilling the water all over his groin. He threw the burning pizza onto his plate.

Ouch ouch ouch hot hot hot!” I yelled as I ran to the sink to put my hands under cold water. I kept my hands under the water, soothing the burning in my fingers.

“Stupid microwave, never know when your food is too hot or still cold!” I said, annoyed.”And I still have to mop up that mess now. Dad is gonna kill me when he gets out of the shower and finds a disaster in his kitchen.”

After a minute or two under the water, I felt a strange tingle in his groin. Then I felt a sudden jolt like I was cumming within my balls! I could only yelp, it happened to me so fast. My balls increased in mass and weight to the size of small bowling balls within my sack. They hung down to my kneecaps just the way I found Cody in the room last night before their episode. I tilted my head back and groaned like Dad had sucker-punched him in the gut and I was out of breath. I fell to my knees, or rather my balls now, and moaned from the intense erotic pleasure. This must be what Cody felt when he…

Aahhhhhhhh,” I yelled as the feeling subsided fifteen seconds after it started, and now the feeling was gone. I reached down and felt my further enlarged (yet again) package. They felt amazing in his hands! My balls were churning around and sent signals that would send chills down any man’s back with pleasure. It took a lot of restraint on my part to not jerk off right there in the kitchen. But I knew I already had one mess to clean up before my dad…


I looked up towards the kitchen doorway that led to the staircase. It was Dad, standing in loose boxers instead of his usual briefs, with a protruding bulge just like I had…


Part 8: Dad’s Big Release / Cody’s Problem

Dad walked to beside me on the floor. He bent down and sits Indian style on the tile floor and blankly stared at me. I looked down at Dad’s crotch in his boxers, seeing the rather large bulge I’d never seen my Dad have before. It was entrancing for me to stare at. I could see the bulge growing and nudging forward before my own eyes. Could I just be seeing things? Was Dad’s package really getting larger, or was it just my hormones from the water incident playing with my mind?

Suddenly I had to heave to breathe, causing Dad to place his hand on my back and pound, believing his son was choking or having breathing issues.

“Son, are you alright? Speak to me!” he cried to me.

Dad looked down to see a pool of precum forming below the tip of my dick onto the tile floor. Upon seeing this, Dad’s own breathing got shallow and he too began to heave. This was a very unusual feeling for him, but soon Dad felt dopamine flowing to his head. Then he understood what I was feeling. But forget that! This pleasure rush was amazing! Soon Dad was lost in his own world of pleasure and had a blank stare on his face.

I was also lost in my own euphoria. Inside my mind, I was experiencing a vivid dream.

I was transported back into a clinic room, similar to the one from my dream in the bedroom with Cody. Dr. Brandon suddenly appeared before my feet, standing tall with a large cylinder tube. Quickly the doctor placed it over my dick and began increasing the suction on my thick rod. I watched as my dick was expanding with blood in the pump, growing speedily with length and girth. Within a matter of seconds, my dick filled the radius girth of the tube, which was exactly 8 inches based on the markings around the tube. I continued to watch my dick growing longer and longer until finally, it stopped about three-quarters of an inch from the very top. My circumcised dick helmet was so large, it was unbelievable to my own eyes. Then the suction continued on and on, pulling on my dick.

A vibration device was clamped onto each of the balls. They started vibrating at a low hum, then I watched as Dr. Brandon turned the dial in his hands, increasing the vibration higher and higher. Upon reaching the highest vibration setting on the devices clamped on my balls, I began to groan like a beast, just like my brother Cody did! I felt the cum churning so hard within my balls it began to hurt. Feeling them expand, stretching the skin more and more was causing discomfort which made me yell! Then very shortly I felt it—the intense, overwhelming power of dopamine flooded my senses! Oh, the pleasure! Now, with the feeling of buckets of cum churning in my balls, along with the suction of the pump, and the intense vibration on my balls, I felt on cloud 9.

Then I gasped.

“OHHOH OH OH OH OH,” I yelped over and over. I felt the cum pushing through my tubes and up to my prostate. I felt the pressure on my prostate quickly increase, until finally—“AHHH YAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAA” I screamed as I creamed my cum into the pump, which sucked all my cum into the container on the floor.

In the middle of my intense cumming, I was pulled back to reality. Back in the kitchen, sitting on the floor on my knees, still nude with my small bowling ball-sized testicles, drooling precum all over the tiles.

“That’s new,” I said out loud. Then I heard moaning to my right. My Dad was still next to me. “Dad! What’s going on?” I asked, but Dad just blankly stared in the direction of the sink cabinet door. I shifted my focus down to my Dad’s crotch to see a really huge puddle of precum flowing out of his boxers to the floor. It also had this funky manly scent to it.

I wasn’t sure how to help, or what to do. I got up and grabbed a wet washcloth. Bending back down on my knees, I reached to wipe all the precum off of my dad’s soaking boxers. When my hand touched them, I felt Dad’s massive balls. They were the size of bowling balls, too, and they were moving! Like.. churning! Just like I felt in the dream! Could it be?

“AHHHH!” Dad yelled and I watched as cum flew straight thru the fabric of the green boxers, and hit the sink cabinet door. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7….8…..9…. Nine long ropes of cum lands on the cabinet door! More dribbles to the floor into the large precum pool, mixing together.

Dad shook his head and held it on one side. “Oww, what just happened?” He focused his eyes on the cabinet, taking notice of the large amount of cum swilling around down the door. “Wait… What the—! It wasn’t a dream??!” he asked out loud.

“Dad, are you okay!?” I asked with concern. Still shaken up by everything that was happening—my brother’s growth, my own growth, these weird vivid dreams, my Dad showing up—now my Dad’s package was larger than normal, and he was acting weird too.

“I.. I had this vision of a doctor’s office. He was… doing things. And and… ” Dad stuttered through some details when they heard a cry from upstairs.

“OOH NO! NO NO NO NO! HELP!!” Cody yelled at the top of his lungs.

We both jumped up to our feet just to feel the very heavy weight of our balls weighing us down. It was actually painful to an extent to let them hang on their own. I gripped them in my hands and began to waddle towards the staircase. Dad followed in pursuit. Creaking the bathroom door, I wasn’t ready for what I was to see. But before I could catch sight of Cody, Dad ran up behind him and pushed me into the bathroom with him, causing me to stumble forward to the floor in front of the toilet, dropping my balls out of my hands and onto the cold tile.

“Are you okay Co… Cody?” Dad asked, startled at how large Cody was.

“Oww! What about me? You just made me drop my balls to the cold floor!” I exclaimed while trying to rub my sore left ball, which had taken most of the impact. Standing back up and holding my balls, I glanced back at Dad to see him staring with his head tilted to one side. Turning my head back to Cody, I could see why my father was in a trance. Cody as even larger than when I had left him! His testicles were overflowing the shower curtains! All the while, we could see his flow of precum has also increased three-fold.

“Help me, Trent! That water faucet! Turn it off quickly!” Cody yelled from above his sack. I quickly ran over and see the water was turned on. How did that happen? I shut off the flow of water and stepped closer to feel how large Cody’s balls were. His scrotum skin was being stretched to the limit! “We need to fix this fast,” I told myself.

“Cody! How in the world did the water get turned on?” I asked my brother.

“Well… I was shrinking down when you left me, then I was having this dream and you know how I sleep walk at night often times? I guess I turned the valve here, just like I did in my dream, and it turned the water on. But in the dream I started to cum over and over again and it shocked me back here and I heard the water running, but I was too far away to reach it! That’s when I was afraid and yelled for help!” Cody explained.

I wondered why all three of us had had a dream. In all three cases, I realized, it was after coming in contact with the water to the groin. Was there some connection? In any case, we needed to get Cody back to normal. Or rather, his new normal.

“Cody, everything will be fine!” I said soothingly. “I believe we need to work the water out of your system like before. That may fix your size. Let me help you release yourself, okay?” I wasn’t sure if I was right or not, but it was worth a try. I rubbed my hands in small circular motions across Cody’s balls. Cody moaned and I felt his balls begin to churn like before.

“Dad! Come help me quickly, please. Cody needs our help!” I called out. But my father was back in a blank-eyed trance.

“DAD!” I yelled this time, snapping Dad’s attention back down to me.

“Uh… yes, of course!” He waddled over and helped massage Cody’s balls. Following my motions, he made bigger circle motions on his son’s scrotum. Cody moaned more, panting loudly. He was seriously enjoying all this feeling of hands on his balls. Not only that, though, his balls were overloading his body with testosterone and dopamine. It was ecstasy for him! His precum began to pick up fast quickly and felt himself being lowered. About half way he felt his balls make a hard constriction, but it wasn’t painful, it actually made him gasp for breath. It felt like someone hit his P-spot with double intensity!

Cody reached between his own chiseled chest and the skin of his scrotum he was laying on and played with his nipples on his slabs of pecs. The moment he touched them with his two fingers, a bolt of pleasure took him over. He couldn’t pull his hands away! He moaned as the feeling consumed him. This also caused the flow of precum increase more. He was now eye-level with the shower curtain rod and continually being lowered, never feeling the pleasure decreasing like his size. All the while I and their father were working hard to massage Cody’s balls the best they could.

Cody couldn’t hold it in anymore. Feeling those hands giving him a massage on his hypersensitive balls, a constant flow of precum from his dick, overloaded with testosterone and dopamine, and now discovering his ultra sensitive nipples, he orgasmed like nothing he felt earlier today and started cumming unstoppably

Shooting wads of cum towards the water valve, his jizz flowing down to the drain as best it could. As Cody continued shooting, I counted the ropes flying and splatting on the wall, his eyes getting wider and wider as the mother of superhuman spurts mounted into double digits.

Before long, I had counted nineteen insane long ropes of cum hitting the wall of the tub, the copious spend flowing down to the drain. I almost turned the water to wash it down, but quickly pulled my hand away in fear of knowing what would happen again. Both Dad and I pulled our hands away as Cody’s balls shrank smaller and smaller while he shot his load. But the sight of Cody cumming so much was overwhelming me and Dad. We reached down and began to jerk ourselves off while watching Cody blow his massive load into the tub. Precum was flowing from our cocks, down our hands, and to the drying rug beneath their feet. It didn’t take long for us; with as much sexual energy they had stored up within our enlarged balls from the kitchen and helping Cody so far, we blasted our loads, sending it through the air and where it landed in the tub with Cody.

Cody’s balls, now back to their basketball size, were resting between his legs. Exhausted from the most intense orgasm ever in his life, Cody asked, “Can you guys take me to my bedroom? I can’t walk, even if I had the strength.” I and Dad laughed, Cody joining in with a chuckle. I grabbed under Cody’s balls and thighs, while Dad hefted under the arms, lifting Cody out of the tub. The two of us walked Cody awkwardly out of the bathroom and into the hall.

“Let’s take him to my bedroom, the master suite,” Dad said. “He’ll have a larger bed there for now until we fix him up.” We carried Cody down the hall to their Dad’s room and lowered Cody on the bed where he fell into a deep slumber from exhaustion. I patted Dad on the back. “Thanks Dad. I don’t know what we’d have done with him if you weren’t here.”

“Ha, well, that was pretty insane back there,” Dad said, heading back out of the room to let Cody sleep undisturbed, with me close behind him. “What’s going on, son?” I glanced at a partially open dresser drawer as something caught his eye. A symbol on some packaging.

“I don’t know Dad,” I said, following my father out of the room. “I’ll meet you in the living room to talk about it. I need to use the bathroom myself, mind if I use yours until we clean the other one?” I asked.

“Go ahead, son,” Dad said. He walked out, holding his balls in his hands, then walked carefully down the stairs. I quickly returned to the dresser and opened the drawer more to find what he thought he’d seen—a bottle of the Alpha-T pills. “That explains it!” I said.


Part 9: Product-P Arrives, and Trent needs help!

So I had now found that Dad snuck one of the Alpha-T bottles to his room and hid it in the drawer. Obviously, Dad already used it before taking the shower and absorbing the water into his balls causing the temporary growth and needing to cum to go back to normal before absorbing the water. I decided to leave the open bottle in the drawer with Dad. I could let him continue the normal routine, and track his growth for feedback. I’d need to explain to Dad what the product really was, and the dangers of taking too much of it like Cody did!

Later I went down to the living room to see Dad, but first I walked first into my own bedroom to put on some boxer-briefs, then back into the master bedroom to where Cody was.

I helped Cody stand up and gain his balance to walk. Cody bent his knees slightly to ease the tension with his heavy sack of balls swaying between his thighs. We walked down the hallway halfway to the top of the staircase with Cody’s balls slapping back and forth on his thighs, making a loud smacking noise. At this point, Cody just reached down and held his balls in his hands, or tried to hold them. They were too large to actually palm with his own hands, but he sure didn’t want to have his balance swaying back and forth while walking down the stairs. While Cody was having trouble with his balls, I was able to help hold him up to give him the strength to walk down the stairs.

We eased our way down the stairs and walked into the living room where we saw Dad knocked out asleep in his chair. Wobbling to the couch, we both sat down exhausted from the traveling down the stairs in that manner, as well as the body-shaking orgasm we had had. That must have been the reason Dad was knocked out too. Come to think of it, every time any of us orgasmed we fell asleep. Perhaps the capsules were so strong they caused the body to go dormant to replenish itself. All three of us fall asleep where we were and didn’t wake up until the following day.

As the sun rose, we were still sleeping in the living room, Dad in his chair and us on the couch. Dad was resting nude with his soft 5-inch dick laying over his thigh. Cody was on his back with his head in my groin. I was dozing upright on the couch with Cody in my lap. But my sleep was soon interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Mailman, need a signature for this package,” the voice from outside the door said.

“Coming!” I replied, getting off the couch and leaving Cody still asleep. I walked over and opened the door. I was standing there in bright blue boxer-briefs, which had a nice pouch in the front to display my enlarged testicles, no shirt on, and a nice wet precum stain at the tip of my dick in my underwear in front of the young mailman.

“Are you Trent?” the mailman asked. “I have this package here for you.”

I grabbed the package from the young mailman. The label on top read, “To Trent, from Alpha Team.” My eyes got large.

“Good morning!” the young man chirped, then scanned the package, handed the electronic device over to me to sign, then looked down at my protruding balls in my underwear. He couldn’t help but notice the wet precum stain at the tip of the outlined dick.

I finished signing and tried to hand the device back. The young man wasn’t noticing that I was done with my authentication and just continued to stare at my bulge. He’d never see someone with large globes the size of small bowling balls on a man before! I broke the moment with a “Here you go” while nudging the device against the mailman’s chest.

“Oh sorry! My apologies. It’s just …wow!” he said as he began to blush from being caught staring. He grabbed the device, turned around and walked back to his parked mail truck.

I reached down to my underwear and adjusted his package with one hand while holding the mail delivery in the other as I walked back to the living room. Both Cody and Dad were in a deep sleep. “They must still be recovering from yesterday,” I said, then walked into the kitchen to grab a knife and open the box. I saw the Alpha-P bottle, or rather all four of them, plus a letter from the Alpha Team, and lastly a little thank-you card.

“These guys are amazing, sending the product as fast as they did!” I pondered to myself. “I guess I’m special to them. Plus they give me extra bottles. I could share the product once I know exactly what it does I suppose.” I opened the bottle and popped one capsule into my mouth. “Mmmm, tastes like peanut butter,” I mused. I sniffed the bottle and it all had a strong peanut butter scent to it.

“First the Alpha-T product smells like raspberry candy, and now this smells and tastes like peanut butter?!” I laughed. “Need to tell the Alpha Team this later.” I screwed the lid back on the bottle and set it on the table.

After getting a drink of water, I felt a stirring in my boxer briefs. “Oh I feel like I drank a gallon of water!” I rushed to the bathroom with my package flopping back and forth on my thighs. Pulling my underwear down, I began to release myself, but I noticed something didn’t feel normal. I felt like there was urine flowing, but nothing was coming out.

“What the… What’s going on?!”

I wiggled my dick around trying to get a drop out, until suddenly there was a wave of pleasure—no, as a matter of fact, it was an orgasm!

“Ahh Ahh HA Oooooo!” I moaned and gasped, standing in front of the toilet with my head tilted back with my dick in the palm of my hand. I noticed my tool was slowly growing inside my palm and gaining weight to it as well. My dick was growing while I was orgasming! The realization made my orgasm intensify! It was insane! My eyes rolled in the back of my head while I enjoyed the orgasm and could only feel my dick growing, slowly but continually!

“AHHHH AHHH!! OH MY!! Oh oh oh!” I groaned out load. My legs were beginning to wobble and lose balance. Just as I was about to fall backward I felt two arms grab my from behind. It was Dad again! I was finally beyond the point of no return and I threw my groin forward and pointed my dick towards the toilet as I released his large load into the bowl. Eight long thick ropes of cum cream later, Dad flushed the bowl and helped Trent back downstairs. On the way down, Dad asked, “What was all that about, Trent?” taking a look over his son’s new size endowment of 6 inches soft whereas he himself was 4 inches soft. “I’ll explain later, need rest first,” I murmured, out of breath.

So Dad helped maneuver me to my bedroom to rest from his experience, with me too weak in the knees and unable to stand up on my own. We made it to the side of the bed. I was sitting on the side with my dick resting halfway down my thigh. Dad couldn’t help but stare at the massive, impressive meat his son had grown. It was truly eye candy and you couldn’t get enough of it, it would seem. But I began to wobble, even while sitting up, so Dad helped me lay down and I instantly fell into a deep slumber.

I found out later what happened next. After I fell asleep, Dad was battling with the temptation of feeling and touching the unbelievable sized penis his son had. Sure, working out at the Big & Jacked gym, you saw a lot of meat in the showers and locker room, but nothing ever caught his eye like this did. It felt like he was biting into the forbidden fruit with what Dad was about to do. He reached over and just cupped the tip of my penis in his hand. He rolled it around and felt the circumcised head. He hadn’t wanted to, but when their mother was giving birth to me and Cody, she had demanded that they held to her family tradition of circumcision. Dad was unlike us, though, and was uncut with a long foreskin over his cock’s head. He kind of wondered what it felt like to be without the foreskin, but the pleasure he always received from the sensitive extra skin never left him complaining.

Dad took another bite from the forbidden fruit and slowly grabbed the shaft, careful not to not me wake up, and slowly began to stroke it lightly. Feeling the thickness and length was impressive. He could feel the cock begin to pulse and grow within his palm. He was unsure if he was going too far, but… maybe the penis when erect was even more impressive? He continued to slowly stroke it in his big rough callused palms. Seven inches and still growing. 7½ inches and still growing. 8 inches and still growing! 8½ inches! The girth also was amazing, it felt like 6 inches thick because Dad himself was about 5-¾ inches thick and it was just a hair over his usual.

Dad continued to slowly stroke the swelling cock pulsing in his left hand, using his right hand to cup one of my balls. He couldn’t believe how large these nuts were. He gave the testicle a squeeze and felt it begin to churn. He couldn’t help it! Dad had bitten into the forbidden fruit too many times at this point! He leaned his head over and lowered it only an inch from the tip of the monster cock’s head. He saw the pulsing cut cock right in front of his lips. Right as he opened his mouth and takes the tip into his mouth, he felt the ball in his hand jump and pull closer to my groin.

Before Dad could pull away, I used my hands and held Dad’s head down to my huge cock as I began to pump cum out of my massive nuts. Dad tried to pull away, but he was weak in his willpower. There was something about my cock and testicles that were intoxicating and alluring. Could it be the pheromones in the air? He didn’t know and didn’t care! He swallowed the cum as I continued to pump, and pump, and pump more. Dad glanced up and noticed I wasn’t even awake! I was moaning and groaning, but my eyes were still closed and I was unaware what was happening. That is to say, I was dream-cumming, so to speak. Dad wondered what was his boy dreaming about that caused such a strong and intense orgasm?


Part 10: Trent’s Dream

I fluttered my eyes open to recognize that I was in the same clinic once again, strapped to the same chair. Just like clockwork, in came Doctor Brandon.

“Hiya Doc. Seems I’m back,” I chirped in a sarcastic voice. I was puzzled why this continued to happen over and over again.

“Hello, Trent. Seems you are back indeed.” Dr. Brandon walked on over and pulled out a new device from the drawer. “Let’s not waste time, as this need to be done quickly.”

“Wha… What needs to be done quickly?” I asked, feeling a bit nervous at the sight of this new device. It was a rather large cylinder with a panel of buttons. It also came with a metal bullet attached to a string at the bottom end.

The doctor walked over to me, placed the cylinder device over my crotch and pressed a button on the backside. It began to suck and vibrate on my groin. I looked down and noticed my hardening dick actually seemed bigger than it had been before. It was actually looking massive! Did the Alpha-P product actually work?

I started getting worked up and turned on by the sight of my grown dick. Just as my dick reached full hardness, a young man walked through the door. He was completely nude. He was also rather stunning and muscle-built—in fact he looked liked he’d been a gym rat since he was 13. I could only stare and drink in the eye candy before me as my hormones were racing and dopamine was flooding into my head.

“Trent, this is our newest student in the clinic,” the doctor explained. “His name is Tucker. He will help you complete this process quickly.” Dr. Brandon walked over to his chair and sat down to watch. Tucker wasted no time in getting down to business. He moved in close and grabbed the metal bullet on the string in his hand. Pulling the cylinder device off, he used my own precum to lubricate the bullet. Leaving the cylinder device off, he probed the bullet at my anus. He felt the tightness of my hole, but as he continued to apply pressure, the bullet penetrated and slipped inside.

“Ooooh wow. That’s cold. And large. I was not expecting that,” I babbled. “But it does feel nice. Just really big.” I was wiggling around at my hips. The bullet was no larger than USB flash drive, but to my virgin hole, it felt massive. Tucker presses a button on the cylinder device and I felt the bullet begin to steadily vibrate at a slow thrum.

“Woah! Oh yeah, that’s hitting the spot!” I moaned.

Tucker pressed another button and the vibration intensity level increased to a medium level. The leaking of my precum now turned into a slow flow out of my wide, mushroom-shaped head. Tucker placed the device down to the side, leaving the bullet vibrating at a medium level inside me, and wrapped both his hands around my large, thick, slippery cock. He began to stroke and jerk me off.

As his stroking continued, I panted heavily from the direct probing on my prostate the bullet was providing. I was extremely horny from the Alpha-P product, turned on Tucker’s crazy hot body, and being pleasured and served by Tucker with a handjob. Then things got even crazier! Tucker leaned forward and wrapped his lips around my tip with his eyes looking up right into mine.

“Ugh, you’re so freaking hot like that,” I remarked between huffs. What am I saying?! I thought to myself. It’s totally not like me to say that!

Tucker then went down further and swallowed half of my dick into his warm moist throat. I couldn’t take it anymore! I started yelling like a beast into the air. Dr. Brandon walked over and took the restraining straps off of me, then stepped back. I shoved my hands into Tucker’s hair and pushed him down all the way to where Tucker’s nose was against my body. And the moment he did that, I tilted my head back with his eyes shut and orgasmed hard, releasing my load deep into Tucker’s throat!

When I was done unloading himself, I pulled his head back and looked at Tucker’s cute face. Tucker wasn’t giving a blowjob anymore, he simply was staring into my eyes. We just looked at each other.

“God, I want to kiss you,” I said without thinking. Wait, what the…?

Instantly after saying that, I woke up to find myself in my own bed. I was nude with my dick pulsing and feeling great. But something stunned me. I saw my Dad’s head at eye level with my eyes. My heart was racing and my dick throbbing from my dream, and now I found my Dad occurred staring at me.

We both stared at each other for a minute.

“Welcome back, son!” Dad said with a smile.


Part 11: Dad’s Changing, and Cody Too

I couldn’t believe what just happened! I had the most intense dream ever, yet again, and then I’d awakened to find myself nude in bed, with a larger 6” soft dick than before, and Dad next to him on the bed. All these events were spinning in my head and I could hardly process all the emotions I was feeling.

“Dad, what happened? I blacked out again, didn’t I? Also, why am I nude in bed?” I asked, rubbing my eyes to be sure I was seeing things straight.

“I found you in the bathroom about to collapse,” Dad answered. “So I rushed in and caught you from behind, and then we walked you down the stairs and into here. I laid you down and you fell asleep.” He cocked his head and added, “You don’t recall anything that happened?”

“I-it’s fuzzy. My mind is clouded right now, it feels like,” I replied. “I remember getting the mail and feeling really weird. I had to pee. So I went up stairs and the rest is a big blur. I guess that’s when you found me and I blacked out.”

“Well, son, it’s time for breakfast, so let’s go back to the kitchen and get something to eat. We bodybuilders need our protein and carbs you know!” Dad remarked, seemingly trying to keep me from recalling anything more of what had transpired. He went to get up off the bed when a sudden jolt shot through his hip and down to his groin. He fell back on the bed and bent over the side grasping himself around the waist.

“Ugghh—” Dad groaned.

“Dad! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked while scooting close behind him. I reached my arms around Dad’s chest and pulled him back onto the bed to get a better look at him.

“Ahhh!” Dad yelled, making me jerk and drop him backward on the bed, falling on his back.

“What’s wrong, Dad! Did I hurt you? I don’t think I did,” I asked, but Dad just panting hard and breaking into a sweat on his brow. That’s when I looked lower and noticed Dad had a huge erection throbbing in full glory. “I’ll just, go. Seems you need to take care of yourself, Dad,” I said. I hopped off the bed and went to leave, and at the doorframe, I turned back around to see my Dad reach up to the head of his cock and just barely touch the tip of it before gasping and dropping his hand back to the bed.

I headed towards the kitchen when I felt my stomach rumble.

“God I’m hungry! I feel so empty,” I said aloud.

I walked into the kitchen to see Cody at the blender, still fully nude from laying on the couch, never bothering to put clothes on. And who could blame him!

“Think you can make some of that protein shake for me brother? I’m starving! I’ll cook us some eggs and bacon if you get the shake,” I asked. Cody nodded his head and grabbed the ingredients from the pantry, including the whey protein powder, creatine, and the BCAA supplement solvents. Cody deposited the collection on the kitchen table while I was at the fridge. Cody hadn’t noticed that he hadn’t grabbed the BCAA bottles we normally put in the shakes—he had the Alpha-P product instead. He doubled the recipe with the protein mix and everything else. He remembered we normally used six BCAA pills in a day for one person, so he doubled it to twelve since we would be splitting the shake. Pouring out twelve pills into his hand, he crushed them and let all the powder fall into the blender with the powders and a good amount of milk.

As he sets the bottle down, he noticed the side of the bottle read the following on it: “Recommended usage: Take one (1) capsule every 12 hours; Do not consume more than two (2) in 24 hours.”

Cody pressed the button and the blender began to blend the mix together. He walks away to put the whey and creatine away in the pantry. I walked over with the eggs and cracked one of them into the blender for good measure.

“This should make it have more protein! I wonder why I haven’t tried this before?” I said to myself, smirking at my genius idea. I saw the Alpha-P bottle and grabbed it to put away with the other bottles, fearing someone else may black out again.

I went back to the griddle and scrambled the eggs and poured them into a bowl, then set out the bacon on a plate. Cody walked back in, turned the blender off, and poured the shakes evenly into our regular shake bottles with the sphere wire whisk balls inside. We sat down and began to eat our eggs and bacon.

“Hey brother, yesterday was pretty freaky wasn’t it?” Cody remarked before stuffing his mouth with scrambled eggs then chasing it with a few swallows of the shake, leaving the bottle half empty.

“It was very interesting to say the least Cody. Did you sleep okay on the couch? I didn’t wake you up in the middle of the night with you on my lap did I?” I asked taking a quick sip of the shake. I smacked my lips a bit and puckered his face. “Yuck! That has an awful taste! Smells like peanut butter and tastes like eggs! I shouldn’t have added the eggs.”

I pushed the shake bottle towards Cody, since he seemed to like it the way it was. “Hey Cody, take this with you to the Big and Jacked Gym today. I’ll make another for me without the eggs this time.” Cody grabbed it and pours as much of it as would fit into his bottle, topping it off, then drank the rest of my bottle. He stood up and, posing like a basketball player, tossed the empty bottle in the kitchen sink with perfect accuracy. “Yes! Made it!”

I went on taking my time with the eggs and bacon off my plate while Cody wolfed down the rest of his breakfast, chasing it with the shake, then proceeded to eat the remaining scrambled eggs from the bowl.

“Dude, slow down!” I exclaimed, laughing. “We can always cook more. You’re gonna choke!” Cody finished his mouthful of eggs, chugged the last remaining amount of protein shake from his bottle, and slammed it on the table. “Ah! That was great! I love this new shake mix. You know how I love peanut butter bro. What’s the new flavor called?” Cody asked. Before I could say anything Cody jumped up out of his chair. “Hold that thought! I’ve seriously gotta take a leak!” And he rushed out of the room towards the bathroom upstairs.

I could hear Cody open the bathroom door and hit the toilet bowl with his stream. I had finished his eggs and bacon from my own plate and grabbed a glass of milk from the fridge when I heard, “Ahhhhhh! What’s happening! Broooo, help!”

I put my glass down on the table and ran up the stairs. As I got closer I started to hear, “Oh! Oh! Oh yeah! That feels sooooo good mmmmm!”

I looked into the bathroom to see Cody slouch against the wall in front of the toilet playing with his dick. But it looked larger now. More around 8” where as it was 7”, but it was still growing.

“Oh no. Cody, you didn’t eat any of those pills on the table did you?” I asked. Cody just lifted his head with the biggest grin on his face and stared at me with blank eyes, overcome with sensations. Then he dropped his head and fell over sideways. I watched as my brother’s penis began to expand and grow longer before my eyes.

I quickly lifted Cody off the floor into my strong arms and carried him to the same bedroom Dad was resting in. Maybe he will know what to do, Trent thought. I glanced down and watched as my little brother’s dick was still expanding faster than ever and not stopping! It was quickly approaching my chin with Cody in my arms. Growing near 10 inches erect and not stopping.

I told myself, “We’ve gotta hurry!”


Part 12: Cody’s New Cock

I ran Cody to the bedroom where I left Dad. Not waiting to even knock, I turned the knob and opened the door to see Dad laying on his back with his soft dick resting over his thigh, and a large cumload covering his 6-pack abs.

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Dad had a load aching to be released and just needed some privacy,” I thought to myself. I walked over and laid Cody down on the bed beside Dad, then nudged Dad to wake up. Dad leaned forward, raising his arm behind his head to scratch his hair, showing off his hard bicep and hairy underarm pit.

“What? What happened?” He had his head hanging down and looked down at his shirtless self, seeing the rather large load of cum on his abs. He dipped his finger in it to see if it was real, then brought it up to his mouth. He took one quick taste of it. “That’s mine alright. But what happened?” He then looked up and saw me staring right at him, wide eyes and mouth open. Dad seemed scared of what to say to his son.

I shook my head and said, “Dad! Look at Cody! He needs help!” I pointed to my brother, passed out beside Dad. His cock was still erect and growing with what seemed like every pulse! He was already passing fourteen inches long! Though still the same in girth, around 5 inches across. And all the while, Cody was fast asleep, the way I’d been a while ago before breakfast. Dad looked over and saw Cody fast asleep, and the big cock growing with every pulse. It was almost hypnotic. He raised his hand and reached out to touch it, but I slapped it away and possessively wrapped my own hand around the cock instead.

I could feel the cock growing in my hand, lengthening and slipping up through my grip. I slowly began to stroke up and down the shaft, in a steady rhythm. I felt like was in a trance. This was a once in a lifetime thing, to see before your very eyes and close up a dick growing in length to such an incredible size! Cody was now nearing sixteen inches! I lowered my head and licked the head of Cody’s dick. Tasting some of the precum oozing from the head, I lapped it up with my tongue. I felt a shudder run down my spine and a burst of euphoria spread through me, and I grinned wide at the pleasure.

I dove down and started sucking the cock with vigor and passion. Using one hand at the base to jerk and twist around the shaft, and using my mouth to bob up and down, I started sucking up all the precum to ooze out of Cody’s cock. And boy was it pouring out! As I swallowed every drop, I felt another burst of euphoria shoot through me, making me want more.

It wasn’t long before I felt a steady stream of precum surge from Cody. I was feeling incredible! I didn’t understand why this was all happening—all I knew was that I couldn’t get enough of this high of sexual bliss! Then I felt the stream stop, Cody’s growth topping out at the same time at eighteen inches. I sucked even harder. And I got my reward. Cody’s balls drew up towards his groin and he moaned as he shot his first load of cum shot straight into the back of my throat.

Dad suddenly spoke up. “Get off son! You don’t want to swallow that!” he warned, pulling on my shoulders. But I resisted. I had to see this through. I threw his my back, pushing Dad’s hands off me, and went back to sucking and jerking. I swallowed the second shot, then the third, then the fourth. I tried to swallow more but couldn’t without getting some air. I pulled off Cody’s cock to swallow and then to breathe, but as I did that Cody shot cum onto his own chest, landing one gout of jizz on his right nipple, then the rest pouring onto his rock hard abs.

I lunged forward and licked all the cum off my brother’s chest, abs, and the right nipple, which I also sucked on a little just for fun. To my shock, I could have sworn I tasted something creamy come out of Cody’s nipple. I used my fingers to pinch it, but nothing happened. I wrote it off in my mind as nothing to worry about.

I sat there just looking at Cody, the erect cock now deflating to a new nine inches soft. My mind began to clear up as the euphoria seeped away. I scratched the back of my head, then looked over at Dad.

“Dad, why did you try to stop me just now?” I asked, a little worried that I didn’t know why I had completely ignored Dad’s warnings. I looked down to finally notice I had grown from the little bit of the shake I’d drunk and now was sporting a 9 and a half inch dick. That was a full an inch in growth

“I’m afraid you’ll soon find out, Trent. I’m not proud of what I did, but I did the same to you when you fell asleep. But what happened after you came into my mouth I don’t know. It happened so quickly, it left me passed out. That’s when I woke up and saw this… cum all over me. I’m worried you may go through the same thing,” Dad replied as he reached out to lay his hand on my shoulder. Instantly a bolt of bliss that shuddered through my entire body had me paralyzed from Dad’s touch. It sent tremors all up and down my body, making me shake and groan. It wasn’t pain, but rather intense pleasure everywhere, all at once! Dad jerked his hand back and realized what he just did to his son, and looked at me with concern.

“Oh no, here we go,” he said.


Part 13: Garden Hose Cody

I began to shake and moan from the pleasure coursing through my muscles. It was pure bliss all over my body! Nothing could ever compare to the feeling. Dad could only sit there and watch as I gasped between moans, knowing his boy was having a super orgasm erupting through his body over and over again. Cody fluttered his eyes and leaned forward.

Rubbing his eyes to clear his vision he says, “What’s happening? What happened?”

He looked down to see his dick had become a garden hose size of eleven inches soft resting on top of his basketball-sized balls. He glanced up and saw me with my head tilted back, eyes shut, breathing with my mouth hanging open, and my dick standing rock hard with precum beginning to drip from the slit. Cody got up closer to me and reached out with his hand towards my dick.

“Careful Cody, you may overwhelm him by touching him!” Dad warned. Cody hadn’t even noticed Dad until he’d said something. It was just so entrancing seeing his bigger brother in a state of euphoria like this. Did I look like this when I blacked out? he wondered. Regardless, he wrapped his hand around my shaft, causing me to take a big deep breath, then moan at the top of my lungs!

“AGGHGHH OOOOHHHHH YEAAAAASSS. MMPHHFFF!” It could be heard from the front door, if the mailman had been standing near it. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Cody starting pumping the shaft up and down in a piston manner. It wasn’t long before he sent me over the edge. I started convulsing and shooting my cum load all over Cody’s face and down his hand. After emptying myself, I slumped over onto my brother’s chest and fell into a restful daze, but only for a few moments. Recovering, I shook my head and leaned back up.

“That was intense,” I said with a smirk.

“I told ya, son!” Dad said chuckling. “It’s crazy and changed my mind about how orgasming can be so strong and intense!” All three of us laughed, but then we looked at each other. Then we looked at each other’s bodies. We all knew this had to get under control or else we wouldn’t return to a normal life with jobs, school, or friends.

“I suggest we store the Alpha stuff in the bedroom with me,” Cody suggested. “We could put it like in a lockbox and we’ll all keep a key!”

“That’s a really bad idea to leave it with you bro,” I said. “Look at your condition already!” I pointed at my brother’s garden hose dick, picking it up to draw attention back to it.

I suggest we store it with the other medicine we have, but on the upper shelf above the rest,” Dad suggested. “The cabinet door can even be locked if we need to go that far in the future” Cody and I looked at each other, then at Dad and nodded with agreement.

We grabbed all the bottles received with the Alpha-T then the Alpha-P in the brown box and placed them all on the second shelf of the medicine cupboard in the kitchen, above the supplements area on the counter-top.

“That should keep them out of the way,” Dad said. “No one should take any more of that stuff until we find a way to reverse all the effect. We may need to go to the hospital to get blood work done and seek professional advice on this. I don’t want you guys to get in trouble because of your size. Plus what about when you start a family? You’ll have trouble having kids!” I could tell Dad was really in the ‘worried dad mode’ and had to bring him back to the now.

“Hang on Dad,” I said. “I think the company who sent these to me could help us out. I’ll email them or contact them somehow and see what their advice is before we start getting the medical team all worried about this. Plus,” I added, trying to think it through, “how would doctors know how to treat something as bizarre as a way-oversized dick? All they would suggest is surgery… and none of us want to go through that!”

“I think you’re right, son,” Dad said. “We’ll give that company who sent these a chance to help first. But if they can’t solve it, we must find some kind of solution. I’m fine with the size I am. Sure my testicles are the size of grapefruit, but it just fits in with my boulder pecs and thick thighs. However, Cody is really abnormal with a penis that long. There’s not a way for him to be seen in public like that!”

I saw that Dad was really getting overworked with this stress. But I couldn’t just reveal who sent all these bottles. I would have to explain how I found them and why I signed up, thus getting all of us into all this trouble. I glanced out the window and saw that it was actually night time now. It seemed with that nap and everything that had been happening, time actually flew by really fast.

“Dad, we should just rest on this,” I said, trying to reassure him. “There’s no point in getting worked all in a knot about it. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. It’s Sunday, so we have all day to figure stiff out. No work, no school. Just working out at the gym then relaxing. Let’s go to bed and sleep on it. Okay, Dad?” I said with a hand on Dad’s big shoulder.

“Yeah, good point. I am drained,” Dad admitted. “Goodnight boys.” Dad hugged me and Cody and headed to bed.

“Dude, I’m really freaking out about my new dick!” Cody said in my ear soon as Dad had walked away. I could tell he was both excited about its size and nervous about things like going out in public, and maybe even being able to be with someone else. I felt responsible, especially with what I knew and they didn’t about why all this had happened.

“It is probably the longest of all humanity, Cody,” I said. “Don’t get too happy with it, though, we will be needing to fix that somehow.” I patted Cody on the shoulder as he walked past and headed for his own bed.


Part 14: Feedback Sent, But Cody Reads It Too

I left Cody in the kitchen to head towards my own bedroom to turn in for the night. What a Saturday it had been for the family. So much excitement! Cody stuck around in the kitchen to make a snack before bed. He always enjoyed spicy things even when he was younger. He pulled together a nice double-layered sandwich that would require him to press down on just to take one bite with. Now all Cody needed was some hot red pepper from the cabinet…

Meanwhile, I walked into my bedroom and sat down at my computer desk. I really needed to send my notes in before going to sleep since tomorrow we were heading to the gym.

“You know, I should keep copies of my feedback for myself in case this turns legal or if I forget anything I find,” I mused. “Best type in a Word document and just paste it to the Alpha team.”

I opened up Word and began to type.

Hey Alpha team! I, or I should say WE, discovered some new findings with both Alpha-P and Alpha-T products. I say WE because my father, my brother, and myself have now taken both products. Well, actually I think my Dad only used Alpha-T so far since only his testicles have been affected. But I think both my brother and myself have used both bottles already. But I don’t understand why we grew like we did. Seems that my brother had a huge wave of growth in his dick, and I had some minor changes shortly afterward. It was odd because I don’t recall my brother ever getting close to one of the Alpha-P bottles. Perhaps he took one without my knowing?

Anyways, it happened. And what happened next shocked all of us! Or rather it shocked me and my father since my brother was taking a nap after the growth happened. Seems that keeps happening around here. I also keep having this dream when I fall asleep… Sorry! Was getting off track. What we found out is that after my brother’s dick grew and I, well, swallowed his load… My body became very sensitive! Not like painful sensitive to the touch, but it was a pleasurable sensitive. Kinda like how you can play with your nipples and they get hard and you start feeling great? Like that, but near 10x stronger and affects any touch to your body! It was overwhelming and caused me to be super horny until I blew my load! My mind was racing and I wanted to just have sex as quickly and possible just to get my rocks off! Thankfully I was able to release my load without issues. Seems though that drinking someone’s cum after that person has eaten an Alpha-P pill makes that individual super sensitive to touch until they also cum. Like how I drank my brother’s cum, after he had taken the Alpha-P somehow, caused me to be very sensitive.

“I don’t think I’ll include the details about Dad swallowing my load,” I told myself. “Probably not a good idea.” Skipping that part, I continued typing.

The second thing we discovered was similar to the previous finding. If someone eats the cum of someone who takes Alpha-T, it causes that individual to precum without end! Causing them to make a huge mess, be super horny and turned on until they cum. After they cum, the effects disappear. It seems that both products have an effect on the person’s cum abilities to other users who consume it. I wonder if taking more of the product increases the effects of the cum as well? I’m sure you guys will test all this out and fix it.

Speaking of fixing things, we need a cure for all this! We don’t like the idea of having baseball sized balls in our jeans, and a footlong dick in our compression underwear! We have lives to live and this certainly will cause a scene and alarm with the public. My brother won’t really be able to go to school without being picked on with his current size! And I can’t be seen at work in my normal clothes! We need you to send something to reduce the size of our dicks and balls! Please keep me updated as this has a huge effect on us already!

“Saved to my desktop!” I muttered. “Now to paste it and send it to Alpha Team.” I pasted the letter in the feedback form with heavy eyelids closing on me every few moments. I read over my post but I kept blinking slowly while I read. Finally, I hit the submit button and lay my head down on the desk, falling asleep.

I found out later what happened next. Cody finished his sandwich and chugged down his drink with a smirk. Laying his dishes away, he walked upstairs and past my opened door. Peering in, Cody saw me at my desk asleep and my computer screen still on. He wobbled over with his nine-inch soft dick swinging along with his basketball-sized balls slapping his lower thighs.

He saw a document opened on the side of the screen. Leaning over the top of the desk chair to rest his balls on his brother’s back, he began to read the document I had previously typed with all the details. He also saw a new reply from the Alpha team in my inbox. He finished reading my document, then clicked the email and read the reply from the Alpha team.

“This is interesting,” Cody said as a side smirk grew on his face and his dick begin to rise from a soft nine inches, to twelve inches, then to sixteen inches, and finally to his full eighteen inches. What was Cody turned on about? I wouldn’t find that out until it was too late.


Part 15: New Morning/Heading to the Gym

I woke up at my desk to the sound of Dad calling up from the kitchen for breakfast. “Come on down, Trent! We leave in 15 minutes!” I leaned back in my chair at the computer desk and spread my legs. Looking down I could not believe how in just a few days I had gone from an average-guy dick to a porn-star 9½” dick, with small bowling-ball-sized balls to match. I reached under my balls to try and cup them in my palm but failed to completely do it.

“Trent! Are you coming or not?” Dad yelled from downstairs with more force in his voice. I got up and didn’t even bother sliding boxers on, since I might as well be comfortable nude around my family. It seemed like they were going to have to adapt to it in time anyway.

Walking down the stairs with my dick flopping back and forth, slapping my thighs with every step, I smelled the delicious breakfast Dad had prepared for us. The scent of crisp microwaved bacon, scrambled eggs in a pan, coffee perking in the pot, and griddled sausage on the griddle was welcoming. I was getting hungry just from the smell. Walking around the doorway corner, I saw Dad already washing dishes from their breakfast. Cody was making the protein shakes in the blender for all three of us, two already being completed and sitting on the counter in their protein shake bottles.

“Ah, good morning sleepy head,” Dad greeted me, turning his head to glance over his shoulder continuing to wash the dishes. “Go ahead and eat, we’ve already finished up. We don’t want to be late to the gym now. I’ll make a cup of coffee after finishing the dishes and we’ll be leaving.” Dad was wearing the v-neck solid black gym shirt he usually wore when he went to the gym, along with his black slim gym pants.

I couldn’t help but appreciate his Dad’s glutes form in those sexy slim pants. “Man, if I had a bubble butt like that…” I thought to myself as I made a full plate for breakfast and begin eating. Cody finished the last protein shake bottle and turned around to set it on the table in front of me. I spit out milk back into my cup when I looked over at Cody and saw the massive cock between his legs. My brother was nude too! Sure, I was nude, but seeing my little brother nude, I just wasn’t used to it that quickly. It wasn’t only the huge cock that caught my attention, but the basketball-sized balls behind it were just breathtaking! Even though I just saw it last night, I still couldn’t imagine my little brother with such a huge piece of meat for a dick! It made me feel very intimidated.

“Easy bro. Don’t choke on your milk,” Cody chuckled, patting me on the back. “I’ll make you some coffee before Dad gets his cup. Sugar and milk, right?” Cody offered as he walked over to the cabinet to grab the sugar container.

“That’s right,” I replied with a mouth full of scrambled eggs. I was trying to hurry up and eat my breakfast so they wouldn’t be late. By the time I finished everything on my plate, Cody had set a small mug of coffee in front of me. Had Cody already gotten the milk without me noticing? I thought. I quickly chugged down coffee and gave a big “Ahhh” confirming it tasted good. I took my mug and plate to the sink and was about to run upstairs, but first I turned around and walked back to Dad.

“Thanks, Dad for breakfast. It was great.” I gave him a peck on the cheek then slapped his butt cheek and ran away. Running up the stairs I kept asking, “What was that about? Why did I do that?!” My heart was racing as I tripped over clothes in my room and landed face flat on his bed. Getting up, I looked around for some boxers and gym pants. I found some, slid them on, and ran to the dresser to put on my company v-neck t-shirt. It was only when I ran past his stand-up mirror I noticed the impressive bulge in my gym pants. “This should turn some heads,” I said cheekily, giving the mirror a smirk. I grabbed my groin and started pushing it out more to attempt making it more noticeable. Continuing to toy with my new package, I didn’t hear Cody climb up the stairs and peer around the door to see me fondling myself through my gym pants. Cody giggled then went to his room to get dressed very quickly.

I continued to play with my groin until I finally had it looking as if I stuffed two socks and a tennis ball into his pants. Finally satisfied, I rans out my bedroom door and bumps into Cody head-on—knocking Cody down to the floor. …… ”Oof! Sorry bro!” I apologized, rubbing the front of my head as I stood over him. I looked down at Cody and saw my brother’s attire. Her was dressed in a twinkish style, with a sleeveless grey t-shirt that was cut up just below his defined pecs, revealing his amazing lean six-pack abs! He was also wearing tight blue spandex boxer briefs with black accents, which hardly could hide such a huge dick at a whopping nine inches soft resting on top of those massive basketball-sized balls! …… ”Bro? You sure that’s the best thing to wear to the gym?” I asked. “You really showing off that huge package you’re packing.”

Cody reaches up to grab my hand and regain his feet. …… ”Yeah, but nothing’s gonna change it. Might as well look sexy as a porn star and own this look, know what I mean?” Cody confidently remarked and slapped my own package, making it sway back and forth.

“Easy there!” I said, flinching a little with my package feeling more sensitive to touch for some reason. “But you’re right. All the guys down at the gym are gonna be jealous, huh?” I continued as we both helped each other down the stairs.

We saw Dad standing at side door at the bottom of the staircase, holding the three protein shakes, one in each hand and one under his arm. Dad only raised an eyebrow at how his boys were dressed, then opened the door, escorting us out to the car. Dad got into the driver’s seat, with me taking shotgun and Cody in the back so his massive package had more room to rest on the seats. As we were on their way, Cody caught both Dad and me eyeing him lustfully in the rear-view mirror. Cody was definitely filled with excitement for what was to come.


Part 16: Leaking at the Gym

As Dad pulled into the parking spot, Cody handed me and Dad our respective protein shakes with their initial letter on the side, keeping his own. We always chugged it down before starting because it contained caffeine and other pre-workout mix in it to help boost efficiency. After chugging it all down for the three of us, we went inside with our shakers. I had to unlock the gym since we were the first ones there and I had the opening shift this morning.

As always, we went to fill the bottles with water to drink after our sets to stay hydrated. Dad and Cody went on to work on their jog first in their routine to help get the heart rate up and blood flowing. I had to turn on all the systems and juice bar machines for customers. I kept having to adjust my package to a more comfortable position, and it was starting to get me chubbed up. Trying to avoid getting aroused, I went to join the others and start my own early morning workout.

Cody and Dad were still working on the treadmills and I joined the one on Cody’s right and started a three-mile run. Speeding up the pace, I felt the heavy weight of my enlarged package starting to put more stress on the jog. I wasn’t used to running with this new weight on the front of my body, and had to learn how to balance the weight. Looking over at Dad and Cody, it seemed they were struggling too—more so Cody than Dad. Cody was almost having to hold his package in his hands if he was running too fast. He would run for a short distance, then slow the pace down to a walk jog.

“I don’t understand how you manage to balance all that weight bro,” I commented. It wasn’t helping that seeing my brother’s package flopping everywhere in his underwear was turning me on and making my dick to swell in my own underwear.

“It is hard. Well, I mean, I’m not hard, but you know what I mean,” Cody said and winked at me. This made my stomach churn and I felt like butterflies were crawling within me. Was Cody trying to arouse me? It was working if so! I was now semi-hard and quickly getting a full raging boner! And I was about to run a half mile at 11 mph. “Oh boy!” I thought to himself. Cody was just walking beside him staring the whole time with a smirk on his face. I started at 6 mph, then it auto increased to 8 mph, then 10 mph. I was really doing great at balancing my weight, but my balls were slapping so hard against my thighs that it was making a popping sound every time it flopped. Finally at 11 mph I started to feel the pain stinging of the popping with my balls. But at a quarter-mile remaining, it started to feel good. In fact, it was turning me on! I felt a rush of pleasure surging through my body, but it also felt like I had to pee. I didn’t want to stop my run now! Not when I was learning how to balance the weight at last! I kept going and ignored the feeling, but after only a minute of trying to hold it in that I couldn’t do it any more. I released the hold I had within himself and let it go, but it didn’t feel like urine leaving me. It felt better, almost as if I was cumming!

I was running with my eyes closed this whole time trying to focus on his balance, but Cody was trying to get my attention. “Whoa! Bro you should stop!” he exclaimed. I ignored him after glancing down and seeing only two-tenths of a mile remaining on the display.

“Bro… You need to stop!” Cody tried again. But his warning was wasted. I wanted so bad to finish my run and not stop the pleasure I was feeling. But it was going to end no matter what, because right after Cody warned again, I slipped and fell face down on the treadmill and back to the floor behind my with a loud thud!

Ouch! What happened! Dang it!” I yelled, rubbing his head. I looked at the treadmill and saw a slippery substance on it. It wasn’t just on the tread itself, it was everywhere—even the handle bars and display. I looked down at my underwear and saw my underwear was completely drenched in precum! And it was still pouring more to the floor. Reaching down to my underwear and getting a handful, I brought it up to my face to taste it. It was precum! All the while I felt like I was cumming! I tried to get up off the floor, but the strength in my legs from running was gone.

“Cody, help me! I… erk. can’t get up,” I groaned as I felt more precum oozing from my swollen dick. I was so turned on right now and horny, it was almost as if I was on a super high of arousal. Cody finished his run and jumped off the treadmill. He reached down to cup some of my precum and tried tasting it too.

“Mmm, tastes sweet with some bitterness at the same time. Is that—is that coffee I taste? I like it.” Cody got down on the floor with his own massive package laying on the gym’s durable industrial carpet and started to lick the precum from my soaked underwear.

“Stop, Cody!” was what I wanted to say, but the words wouldn’t escape my mouth as I watched my little brother lick and eat his ever flowing precum. The sight was too much for me and I felt a tingle inside me… and I knew what was about to happen! Cody also saw the obvious swell in balls as they started to move up in the underwear, and quickly pulled out my swollen dick and stuck it in his mouth just in time to feel a big spurt of cum hit all the way up the back of his throat.

“AAH! YES! EAT IT ALL BRO!” I yelled, forgetting his was in fact in the middle of the gym I worked at. After I stopped cumming, my precum issue was over. My arousal also was beginning to leave me.

“Thanks bro,” I grtoaned. “I needed that. I don’t know what happened to me there. Guess the feeling of a bigger package was too much for me!” Ilaughed it off, but Cody just smirked, licking the remaining precum from my underwear. It only took me a few moments to realize I had to quickly cleanup this mess before customers came in! Running at fast as I could with my wobbling legs, I got the mop and towels to clean it all up. Cody just sat there on the floor and licked his lips.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Dad said from behind us. We turned to see our Dad with a huge boner in his gym pants. He finished his four-mile run and jumped off to help clean up the remains from the treadmill and floor. “Let’s move on to something with less running, shall we?” Dad remarked and all three of us laughed.

After we finished cleaning, we all took our bottles and drank half of their water.

Cody and Trent by Barabits
Cody and Trent by Barabits. (Click to enlarge)
“Let’s move to benching guys,” Cody suggested, walking towards the bench presses. He set up the weights to Dad’s weight first, and then got behind the press to spot his Dad. Dad got on the bench with his boner still raging hard in his gym pants and proceed to start benching. “I don’t think I’ll need a spot for this set, son,” he said as he saw how large his son’s bulge was close to his face. Lifting it off the rails, he lowered them then pushed the weights high in the air. Repeating for eight reps, he started to feel fatigue. He failed to push the last rep up with it coming down to his chest unable to lift it. “Help!” Dad cried. Cody got down, pressing his massive bulge directly on his Dad’s face, squatted to get a good grip on the bar (further smashing his balls and dick into his father’s face), and lifted it up. Dad could smell the odor of his son still remaining on his face as he said on the bench relaxing his pecs.

“Thanks Cody. But maybe Trent should spot me. You nearly suffocated me under your package!” he chuckled, feeling even more aroused from having been teabagged by his own son. After resting a bit, I switched out with Cody for spotting, and Cody just stood by Dad’s thigh watching him start the next set. Dad lowered the weight bar down and benched again. Cody saw his Dad was really turned on from him teabagging him and was even leaking some through his gym pants. He simply leaned over while he Dad was busy and put his cloth-covered dick in his warm mouth and began to suck on it. Dad dropped the weights down on his chest but stopped it before it crushed him. The feeling was overwhelming for him since he was so horny already. I saw Cody pleasuring Dad and was being turned on again! But I leaned down to help Dad lift the bar back up, slightly teabagging him mysdelf with his swelling bulge as well.

“Cody, you can’t do that while I’m benching! I nearly killed my… oooo… mmm,” Dad murmured before feeling a growing orgasm within himself. Just as Dad was approaching his and began to feel like he was about to cum, Cody let go and backed away. Dad whimpered. Cody felt like he had such amazing power over his Dad and his brother. It was really turning him on being in charge over their cumming and arousal. Just then, a customer walked in and Dad couldn’t finish himself off, but instead tucked his boner under his waistband and pulled his shirt lower to try and hide it better.

“Your turn, Trent,” Cody said with an evil grin on his face. I didn’t know what was different about my brother since yesterday, but I noticed a change in his attitude. “Maybe he’s just trying to adjust to all these changes like us,” I thought. I then walked around and got on the bench to start my set.

“Cody, you spot him,” Dad said while blushing red on his face. “I’m needing to calm down for now.”

“Sure thing!” Cody responded, almost like this was the result he wanted. Cody position himself right above my head, and I could only gaze on the massive bulge above his head. I’d never seen the underside of Cody’s package before. It was really turning me on and I instantly got hard just looking at it this close.

I pushed the bar up, and slowly lowered it to my chest. I used the fact I was really aroused to push the bar harder and more reps. After five reps, I felt something moving within his abdomen but continued to push harder. Then I felt it again, but it was moving further towards my groin. Then I knew what was about to happen. I pushed the bar up again, and felt it move more. Nine reps done and when I pushed up this time I felt a huge glob of precum ooze out of my cock and into my already soaking underwear. But I was too much on a roll and feeling a rush of energy to stop now! I pushed another rep, and as I did he felt another large glob precum ooze out this time slightly larger in volume. I finished thirteen reps but kept going! I looked up and saw Cody smiling so wide and staring down the bench towards his soaking crotch. I got to the fifteenth rep and failed to push it up, and it fell to my chest. Cody bent down, smashing his massive manhood into my face. But instead of picking the bar back up to help me, Cody just wiggled his stuff all around on my face. I was holding my breath but couldn’t any longer and took a big breath in through my nose and smelled the man-scent of my brother’s crotch. I could smell the sweat and precum from within the underwear, and it was enough for me to push him over the edge! I held his tongue and cream cummed my underwear with another load, which was just as intense as the first cumming earlier!

Some of the cum shot through my underwear and shorts all the way up to my nice rack of pecs, while the rest just dribbled to my groin. Cody finally pushed down more to get a grip on the bar and help lift it up to the rack. He looked down at me with the biggest smile. “God he’s cute when he’s naughty,” I thought. “Look at that smug smile, I bet he knew this was gonna happen too.” I got up and stood next to Dad. “Think we have a problem with him? He is really trying to pleasure us,” I asked as Cody walked off to get the water bottles.

“I’m not sure, but I wonder what that brain of his is thinking right now,” Dad replied.

Once Cody handed them their water bottles, we turned them up and drank the rest of it. “Ready for your set, Cody?” I asked.

“Actually I think I’ll work on chin ups today instead,” Cody replied. “You guys can go ahead and shower… Looks like you two need to clean up before the others notice,” he added with a smirk and nodded his head sideways to the two guys on the treadmills in the corner.

“Right. Join us once you’re done. Don’t bother those guys either,” Dad replied.

“Also make sure they don’t need help with anything. Come get me if they do,” I added. Then they both walked into the locker room leaving Cody to finish up.

Cody turned to the juice bar, made a protein shake, broke and dropped the contents of two capsules in each shake, then walked up to the guys on the treadmills. The guys pulled out their earbuds with workout music, and gazed at the young boy’s large package, which had a big wet stain of precum now at the tip of his cock.

“Here you guys go. It’s on the house!” Cody gestured to the two shake bottles.

They guys grabbed them. “Uh, thanks!” They both looked at each other, and Cody turned away with a grin on his face, walking towards the chin up bar. Raising his hand in the air he replied, “You can thank me later,” and started his chin ups.


Part 17: Explosion Experiment

“Thanks for being a valued member!” Cody exclaimed. He was trailing behind the last two members to leave (the ones he’d drugged), following them to the main entrance. Once they were gone he turned the lock on the front door of the gym, flipped the “We’re Open!” sign around to show the gym was closed for the day, and pulled the shades down over the door and open windows to remove any possible intrusion from the outside.

“Now, time for the fun part to begin,” Cody said with a cheeky smile. He reached down into his pocket and pulled out another capsule, threw it in his mouth, and tilted his head back to swallow it. Grabbing a water bottle, he washed it down all the way. It was one of the Alpha-T capsules. Before he could head into the showers where Dad and I were, he needed to wipe up the mess he’d made on the gym equipment when he was helping out Trent. It wasn’t that he felt bad about doing it—he just knew Trent would be uptight and worried about it, and that would ruin the fun he had prepared and planned for later.

Wiping down the bench with a large towel, Cody was letting the towel soak up all the leftover cum. However, the remaining handful of cum he was staring at made him curious. He bent over to smell the small white puddle and began to lick it. At first, it tasted salty, but the more he lapped up, the sweeter and more thrilling it was to swallow. Before he knew it, he drank about a cup’s worth of his brother’s cum off the gym bench. He wiped his mouth, licked his fingers, then sprayed the bench again to finish the job.

Grabbing four more capsules, two gripped in each of his palms, Cody then headed towards the showers when he heard groans. He couldn’t help but have the largest grin on his face, like a boy receiving free candy from the candy store. He turned the corner to see me on top of our father, who had the largest scrotum nearing the size of two beach balls, humping him with his extremely fat cock—which was expanding as the water fell on the two men. Both men had their eyes shut and enjoyed the elastic, blissful high they were feeling. Dad was on a super horny high from his balls swelling, expanding, pumping more testosterone, and creating more sperm than ever before at an ever-growing rate. And there I was, with my ever growing large, thick, sensitive cock increasing in size even beyond a two-liter Coke bottle. I must’ve made quite a sight. With every hump I did between Dad’s cheeks, I felt a tremor of pleasure bliss course through my veins. We were both in a feedback loop, unable to escape the clutches of pleasure we were experiencing.

Cody stripped and walked up to me while my eyes were still closed, and shoved the two capsules he had in his hand (which were Alpha-P capsules) right into my mouth and then shoved the other two capsules in his other hand (which were Alpha-T) in his own mouth. He watched as I simply swallowed mine, not taking time to think twice about what was taking place. Cody then pushed me backward off Dad, sending me landing flat on my back. Getting on all fours over me, Cody positioned himself to take just the head of my pulsing cock. And with plenty of water and lube of precum, I pushed the head right inside Cody’s anus. However, it wouldn’t penetrate him any further as I had become way too thick.

I leaned up rubbing his head, trying to think clearly about what happened. I looked up to see my cock inside my brother! I was alarmed and try to pull out of Cody, but the cockhead was locked in and was already expanding inside. I tried to get loose but it was no use. “Trent, you have to cum and quickly!” Cody exclaimed, now feeling the thickness of my cock swelling at a faster rate within his anus.

Then I felt it. A sudden pulse shot from my stomach down to my balls. It was almost like someone sucker-punched me square in his family jewels. Then the pain was gone, and quickly replaced with a river rush of pleasure and euphoria! I reared his head back and yelled as I orgasmed which such great intensity my eyes rolled back and my body was pulsating with every tremor. Then I shot the largest load and the intensity grew even more!

Cody could feel the warm flow of cum rushing inside him, filling him from the lower abdomen and continuing to fill up to his belly button. He placed his hands on his belly as it expanded forward from the massive amount of cum I was spraying inside him. As I continued to cum, Dad couldn’t help but join in and explode his load from the sight! He had been feeling the super horny high for over 20 minutes at this point and was time to blow the lid. Blasting load after load against the wall in front of him, he filled the tile floor as it oozed down the wall. Dad quickly reached up after finishing his orgasm to turn off the shower water.

After I finished cumming inside Cody, my super thick cock shrank in size without water coming in contact with me under the effect the capsules, and the reduction was just enough for Cody to pull off and “unplug” his butt. I sighed with relief after enduring a long, powerful orgasm. I looked up to see him staring with a look of concern.

“What’s wrong?” I asked almost out of breath. Cody stared down at my crotch, then down at his own.

“Brace yourselves!! The fun is about the begin!!” Cody exclaimed.


Part 18: Gone Too Far / Seeking a Cure

Dad turned his back from the wall under the showerhead to see me and Cody gazing in awe at our expanding crotches. He looked down our massive packages and how they continued to grow and expand as the water from the shower poured on our heads and ran down our bodies, glistening over of our impressive muscles. However, he looked down at his own groin and saw that it was decreasing in size after he’d cum. He also took notice that he was out from under the shower head, away from the pour of the stream of water…

“Wait, it’s the water!” he said. He was making the connection from the bathroom incident with Cody back at home, to what just happened with himself and me there in the gym showers. It was the water causing us to expand! And then after orgasming and cumming, our packages shrank down, though with a considerable amount of gains remaining.

But that only happened due to consuming the Alpha products. He couldn’t recall taking one this morning or seeing me grab one during breakfast. “So how?” Dad asked himself. He took a hold of his newly grown balls—now basketball-sized whereas before they were near the size of bowling balls—and walked over to the sinks away from his two horny boys, but still within sight of them.

“There has to be a way to fix all this,” Dad murmured. “How could all this spin so far out of control? What’s causing these effects, and who do we even tell?” His instincts of concern and worry seemed to settle in his mind, and he lost track of his surroundings. If he had been paying closer attention, he would have witnessed Cody grabbing a glob of cum from both Dad’s and my previous cumloads there in the showers, and eating it from his hands, not stopping at one handful but downing four whole handfuls!

This blend contained the cum from someone who ate Alpha-P (me) and Alpha-T (Dad). As he swallowed them and rubbed his chest, he could feel a warmth and a buzz begin to settle in. He felt his chest and nipples begin to become super sensitive, while at the same time his own growing, erect, nineteen-inch cock began pouring an endless stream of precum onto his brother’s thigh, and then down the floor drain. However great it felt, he knew more was in store for the two of us since he’d consumed another two Alpha-T capsules at the same time he’d forced me to consume two Alpha-P capsules. He looked down past his already massive cock pouring the endless stream of precum and saw his watermelon-sized balls (which used to be basketball sized) were still expanding! They were getting larger and larger!

I yelled out while I still had a moment of awareness left in my mind. “Dad!” I broke Dad’s trance and caught his attention. “Go home and check my emails on my desktop! Maybe they sent me the cure to this mess! This whole…” I paused. “big, large, sticky… sexy… arousing…” My eyes began to close as I felt the tingling in my penis grow in magnitudes!

Dad told me later what happened next. He knew things were about to get really messy, and he wouldn’t be able to find a cure if he got caught in the middle of it all and grew too large himself. Quickly grabbing his package with both hands, he ran out of the gym showers, leaving his growing horny boys behind to find a cure—or someone with a cure. Dad went to the maintenance closet, grabbed the “out of order” chain sign, and hung it on the opening to the showers just in case. He then grabbed my gym door keys off the main counter and got in the car to drive home.

On the way, within four minutes of the house, his phone rang. It was from Cody!

“Hello?” Dad answered.

No one answered, only moans and groans along with the sound of squishing globs of cum on two bodies echoed through the phone. This was causing Dad’s cock to stir to life, turning him on as he was nearing home. He couldn’t hang up, or rather his curiosity and hormones wouldn’t allow him to. His balls are churning and he feels so full. Leaking down into the car floorboard, he is on the breaking point of cumming, until finally, he heard something.

Oh yes! I feel it again! I’m growing big bro! Eat my cock and cum!” Cody yelled through the phone. The thought of Cody getting bigger, plus the image of me sucking his ‘little brother’ was too much for Dad. His cock started convulsing as he put the car in park in the driveway! He shot 12 large, thick ropes of cum in the floorboard. Leaving him panting and half empty in his balls. But he could already feel them filling back up again! He had to hurry! Then he noticed something… His phone call had ended.


Author Notes

I want to hear YOUR feedback about this story below in the comments section :) I will read every comment! Let’s get engaged with interaction guys! Join the conversation below on not just this story, BUT EVERY STORY! Best regards, Chet.

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