All-feet teacher

by Gio Multipod

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My teacher in Math class, Mr. Lee, is somewhat weird, but I like him anyway–fresh from college, only 20 years old, and provocatively handsome.

Our school doesn't have a dress code, so the people around (even the faculty) can wear whatever they like. Because of this my teacher likes to wear loose shirts, denim shorts, and, sandals. I loved that last thing because those sandals expose his more provocatively handsome feet.

One day, after a week-long period of absence due to an illness, I approached my Math teacher in his office. Obviously I missed a lot of lectures (on derivatives of trigonometric functions) and I need to catch up if I'm gonna be running for honors.

"Good morning, Mr. Lee," I greeted him, his handsome oriental features dominating the aura surrounding.

"Oh, Mr. Mendez, it's been a while," he greeted back.

"Can I set a tutorial appointment for the lessons I've missed?" I asked. But I was staring at his handsome feet exposed by his sandals.

"Sure! No problem. We could start tonight at my place." But I think he noticed the way I stared at his feet. He smiled a bit, then asked, "Is something wrong?"

"No, sir," I replied. "Something on the floor just caught my attention."

"Okay, then. Around 8!"

Evening came. I came by to his place, a very spacious apartment a few blocs away from our house.

I knocked on the door. A little while Mr. Lee opened the door for me with only his shorts on. His masculine body made me excited.

Hours passed by and the session was finished. But then he asked, "Were you staring at my feet this morning at my office?"

I was astounded by his question. I was rendered speechless.

"Come on, there's nothing to be ashamed of," he continued. "It's very much okay with me if you like my feet."

I was a bit relieved. "Yes sir, I do like your feet."

He stood up. "Wait there!"

He went to his fridge, opened it, and took out a bottle. He drank all its contents.

"Aah! Tastes good," he said, then took off his shirt.

Suddenly there were four bulges developing in his thighs, two in his underarms, and two in his shoulders. His hands suddenly detached themselves from his wrists. And then poof! I just saw him with six legs, all carrying his very handsome feet. There were four of his arms, but dangling from his four wrists were four more of his handsome feet. And popping up from his shoulders were two legs with his feet inverted and toes wiggling. I was very much aroused.

"I transform this way to prepare for my evening class," he explained. "Would you like to sit in?"

It was just in the other room. There were only around twenty students, but, obviously with foot fetishes. Students were paired off, sucking each other's feet.

"This is my evening class in Math. Since they are all foot fetishists, I decided that this form of mine will inspire them to learn."

He started his class. He was using his shoulder feet to write on the board, his four wrist feet and ankle feet were multitasking to meet any teacher's needs.

I was very much in awe during that night. In short, it was the best night of my life.


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