Ahead of his behind

by nvb2

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Tyler walked out of the GNC carrying the four bags of supplements and powders that would last his partner and him for the next month. He was distracted by the thoughts and doubts that had been plaguing him over the past few days, leaving him to ask the question, did Scott still love him?

They had met in college living together, not as roommates, but as two people devoted to the gym and shaping their bodies. Both of them, when not fueling themselves in the cafeteria, finding some sleep in their rooms, or attending classes, could be found in the gym lifting weights and pushing their bodies to get as big as possible. During their junior year they did become roommates and pushed each other to do one more rep or gain one more pound.

Scott had always been larger then Tyler while Tyler was a couple of inches taller. At six-feet and five inches, Tyler looked up to very few people. Scott did look up to Tyler, but he outweighed Tyler by about thirty pounds. At 310 pounds, Scott was much like a brick wall. Both of them were super-defined showing every rock hard abdominal, meaty pectoral, bulging bicep, and monstrous quadriceps while somehow maintaining a trim waist. Before the end of their senior year each of them had fallen for the other. Whereas Tyler still had a boyish cute face, blue eyes framed by blond hair, Scott was more rugged with a strong chin, green eyes and short dark brown hair. Both of them were well endowed at over seven inches and quite thick.

Neither one had really ever wanted to compete. They each knew they were big and that was more than enough for them. They weren’t strangers to odd jobs, but lately Scott had gotten into some weird hours and wouldn’t talk about where he’d been. Scott would tell Tyler that there was nothing to be worried about, but the lack of sex wasn’t very reassuring.

They had just moved to this new town a few weeks ago and it was Tyler’s first time at the mall. As he came to the exit he noticed a small well in the middle of the corridor with a sign that said, “Wishing Well” in gold letters and had a rainbow over the top. He looked inside and could see the various coins that littered the bottom of the well. Setting down his bags for the moment, he reached into his pocket to get some change. He selected a penny, flipped it into the well and thought, ‘I wish Scott and I would grow closer together.’ Sighing as he laughed at himself, he collected his bags and left for his car.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Scott woke as he heard the car door close outside. ‘Tyler must be home,’ he thought to himself as he sat up. “Man, I’m horny,” he said aloud and thought back over the past couple of weeks from his last job as a private dancer. He hadn’t made love to Tyler trying to save all of his stamina. The tips seemed to confirm that it had been worth it and he was finally done for a while. Getting out of the bed he went into the den and noticed a blue bottle sitting on the coffee table. Hearing Tyler unloading groceries in the kitchen he picked up the bottle and saw that it was some kind of lubricant. He opened the lid and caught the pleasant scent of vanilla. ‘Tyler must be trying to spice things up,’ he thought to himself. Taking the bottle into the hallway, he set it down on the table next to Tyler’s keys and continued into the bathroom to take a piss.

Tyler, having finished putting away the groceries began to head to the bedroom. While passing through the hall, he saw the bottle of vanilla-scented lube and smiled. ‘Finally,’ he thought, ‘Scott’s ready to fuck again.’ He picked up the bottle and ran into the bedroom. He threw off his clothes and began rubbing the contents of the new bottle all over his ass and hole, fingering himself to begin opening up for Scott.

“You don’t waste any time, do you, honey?” Scott was greeted by Tyler’s perfect bubble butt when he got back into the bedroom as Tyler was bent over the bed. Also not wanting to waste any time, Scott threw his boxers across the room and fully intending to plow Tyler’s ass, paused as he smelled the vanilla. “That smells so good I think I’ll have a taste.” Tyler flexed his glutes in response just before Scott bent down and began rimming Tyler with his tongue.

“You’re going to tease me now, Scott? I’ve been waiting so long to feel you in me again.” A shiver ran up his spine from the rim-job he was receiving. “On second thought, tease all you want. That feels so good.” He could feel Scott’s tongue moving deeper and deeper inside him.

The further Scott delved, the more he wanted. Without pausing, he picked up the bottle where it lay on the bed and began pouring more all around Tyler’s hole, using his tongue to spread it around. He stopped for a moment, poured some all over his fist, and began opening Tyler with it. Tyler’s anus seemed more open than ever before. He poured more and more of the sweet liquid trying to get it further and further inside of Tyler, who at this point was howling in pleasure saying, “Don’t stop. Deeper, harder.”

Scott was as hard as ever and looking down wondered if the lubricant was playing tricks on him as he seemed now to be about nine inches long with balls to match. He began tonguing Tyler for several more minutes staying rock hard and checked again and definitely could see that he was even larger than just before. Grinning to himself, he poured more of the lubricant into Tyler’s bubble butt and rammed his face into Tyler’s hole, which unexpectedly opened up engulfing his entire head. Though he would normally be concerned, he was so intoxicated by the euphoria of the vanilla oil and his dick, which had now swelled up to twenty inches in length that he didn’t care. His head became fuzzy and he couldn’t really think very straight so he didn’t notice at all when he became a part of Tyler.

For Tyler, the experience was totally different. He could feel Scott rubbing the vanilla lubricant all over his ass. Felt his dick swelling the deeper Scott got, whether his tongue, fingers, or fist. Although he was totally enthralled by the feelings he watched as his dick got thicker and longer moving past the eight and nine inch marks to be ten and eleven inches. The next nine inches came very fast as Scott removed his fist and poured the warm oil onto Tyler’s open ass. If Scott’s forearm had been wide, his head was even wider and Tyler’s ass opened to take it all. Of course, Tyler didn’t know that it was his partner’s head, only that it was the best feeling he had ever experienced. His dick swelled to twenty inches and without warning exploded in the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. He covered the opposite wall in his white spunk and shot for what seemed like two minutes.

Tyler still felt hard, but he could clearly see his new penis soft and draped over his melon sized sack. He couldn’t figure out why he still felt as though he had a boner until a few seconds later when his stomach was blasted by another two minute orgasm and his sexual tension eased. Thoroughly confused, he turned around and saw Scott’s body still hunched over toward him. Smiling at Scott’s matching twenty inch dick he began to back up off of the bed as so it seemed did Scott. It was then that he realized the second orgasm he had felt had come from Scott and that somehow he had experienced it as well. Scott seemed stuck inside him. ‘How did his head get in my ass anyway,’ he wondered. He began to pull on the side of Scott’s massive pectorals and then gasped as he realized he was pulling on himself, that those were his second set of pecs, abs, calves, quads and most interestingly second penis and testicles.

‘I guess you should be more careful what you wish for, Tyler,’ sounded a voice inside of his head. Tyler would have been alarmed if he didn’t feel the warm presence of his lover there with him. ‘I hope you’re not…mad? You can’t tell me this isn’t the best you’ve ever felt before…I’ve ever felt before…we’ve ever felt before.’ Wondering what a mirror would reveal they were amazed that looking back at them was neither Tyler nor Scott, but the best combination of features between the two. Blue-green eyes under sandy-blonde hair with a strong chin, rugged, yet still a youthful boyish charm.

His new second set of arms had begun caressing his original abdominals and soon was stroking his new front twenty-inch erection. The first erection was soon followed by the second, and as his new arms moved to encourage his second penis his first arms moved to keep the first penis happy. A few minutes later both penises erupted to give the new Scyler the most intense orgasms of their new life.

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