by Hatman

“… I gotta have more! I need more! Give… me… MORE!” pleads our young scientist.

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An addiction is a serious thing. No matter what you are addicted to, it can and will fuck with your life. Sometimes literally. This is the tale of such an addicted young boy, a biological and chemical genius many would call him. We would rather call him a nasty pervert, especially considering his age. At 16 years old, he had entered university and was researching the human body, it's limitations and how to improve upon it. Did he do this to help humanity? Possibly, but it was not his main goal. No, it was far more selfish than that, it was far more dangerous. It crossed the line from silly, strange research straight into mad science.

He was addicted to big cocks, and was working on an actual penis enlargement supplement. Where his genius comes into play is that he succeeded.

“Look, this is just too much. Nobody needs a cock this big.” His guinea pig was another boy a year older. The young genius had picked him not because of his looks, though with another glance, he was perfect for him. A fair, boyish face, ever smiling that was on top of a ripped, almost bulging body. Naturally, for someone who was addicted to gigantic phalli, the test subject had a monster in his shorts. A monster wasn't enough to describe it—after all, orcs are monsters, and while they are typically bigger than humans, it wasn't enough to qualify this penis.

“Hush and let me take your measurements, Zack.” The young scientist had a lab coat and little else on, considering the nature of his activity. He was hung as well, though clearly not to the level of his partner's man-meat.

“Hm… 12 inches long, with around 10 inches circumference. Nice, but we can do much, much better… and that's why I picked you. After testing on mice, I found that the mice with the biggest penises produced the biggest results, which lead me to think that when used on humans, it would be the same. You've got the biggest cock of anyone I know, and I already know your measurements while hard, so I don't need to take them.”

“Stop this. This is nonsense. I told you, nobody needs a cock that big.”

The boy in the labcoat immediately got to his knees and started pleading, a look of desperation in his eyes.

“Zack… I need it. You may not realize that ever since I discovered sex, I've been craving bigger and bigger things up my ass. I need a cock this big inside me. I've tried fucking myself with everything… and nothing can satisfy. I tried to find out who had the biggest cock on campus and had it all inside me all of two times because I wanted bigger. I ordered dildos online that would make any size queen cringe and cry out in pain. I was able to take them easily.”

“Just have one custom made!” Zack's anger was visible—his cock was already hard to hide whenever he had gym, bouncing around in tight shorts, sometimes hard because the uniforms had difficulty hiding the other boys' bodies.

“They don't make customs like this. The biggest one I have is custom made and I already took it all in without any problems.”

Zack was almost scared of the question he was about to ask. He had a feeling he wouldn't like the answer.

“…how big was it?”

Immediately, without even considering the implications, he answered.

“It was the Goliath… almost 15 inches long, and the thickest was 5 inches… that's not girth. That's just the diameter.”

Zack was scared. He wasn't even that big… and could take all that without breaking a sweat!? What kind of cock would be dangling between his legs, dangling being the right word here, once the treatment was over!

“Zack… come on, it's my ultimate fantasy… and it'll only be temporary… I just want something truly titanic in my ass… I'm begging you, please!”

“All right, all right! I'll do it! Sheesh!” He sighed, resigned to his fate.

“Yay! Now, just swallow one of these pills. Since this is temporary, they should act immediately, so I suggest taking your clothes off and waiting until the effect is over before we start… I'm already hard just thinking about it…”

Zack did as instructed, and indeed, the medecine acted immediately. When hard, his cock was something like 14 inches long, with 12 inches in circumference. It wasn't magical, nor anything cartoonish. The penis simply acted as though it hadn't finished hardening. When it reached Zack's mouth, they waited to see if it'd continue growing more, but after a while, it stayed there, at attention, waiting for a sluttish scientisy boy ass to take care of it.

“Wow… now that's the biggest cock I've ever touched. Lemme measure it… OH YES! You now have officially a two foot long cock that's even thicker than the Goliath! You're 2 inches thicker!”

Zack wondered why his partner was so excited. He didn't have a cock that was standing at attention reaching his mouth, and Zack was quite the cocksucker sometimes. He couldn't resist giving it a lick before the scientist blew a gasket. He tossed aside the lab coat, placing himself on all fours, beckoning Zack to take him right then and there.

“Don't do that! This is all mine… ALL MINE! Take the dildo out of my ass and pound into me… Oh god I need it rough… give it to me hard!”

What could Zack do with a two foot dick and such an invitation if not accept it. Zack placed his fist inside the already stretched out behind—inside was the so-lauded Goliath… as though it was nothing, just standing there.

“What are you made of, putty!? How'd that get so far inside you without you breaking in two!?”

“Don't ask, just fuck me!”

“No lube!? Are you crazy!?”

“If you really want to, there's a gallon on the desk, but hurry… I want your cock BAD!”

Zack figured his friend was so far gone that he could press against the orifice and it would still go in. He had difficulty believing that this was serious, but as soon as the head of his phallus made it in, he stopped thinking it was a dream. This felt too real for it to be so.

“Don't be a pussy, Zack. I said fuck me! Rip me in half!”

If there was one thing you did not call Zack, it was that word. He was no euphemism, and he would show the young boy exactly why. Placing his hands on his friend's soon-to-be overstuffed rump, he used all his power to pull him on his cock. The young scientist boy immediately cried out for Zack. This was what he wanted, this was the kind of stretch he always craved… Zack didn't care for his friend's safety, he pulled him onto the throbbing giant cock only to push him away, only stopping his push and pull mechanism so he could hold his partner down and pound him into the ground.

All the while, the scientist boy was in heaven. He had never gotten fucked his way. Even when he had someone take the massive dildo laying at their feet pushing it inside with reckless abandon. No, this was nothing like that time… It was all sorts of better. Wilder, more savage… just a raw rut between his dream dick and his incredible behind that could take anything anyone could dish out.

Had he found the thrill he was looking for? Such a person would never find a cock to satisfy them… even a two foot monster wasn't enough. Nothing could ever satisfy.

“T-take the other pill! Quickly!”

“You're insane! I'm already fucking you as hard as I can!”

“I don't care! I gotta have more! I need more! Give… me… MORE!”

Zack hilted the cock, and he could see his friend's stomach bulge out from the sheer size of his prick. Still, he, too, started to wonder just how far his friend's body could take such punishment. So far, he didn't even seem inconvenienced by it… Screw it, he'd do it. He immediately took the other pill and swallowed. Less effect this time, but his cock was still bigger than what was supposed to be possible. He saw half of what was buried inside the scientist appear outside. He flipped him around, in order to face him.

“Oh god, I can feel you growing inside me… I-I've never felt anything like this before! Y-you're almost 10 inches wide now! M-my ass is going crazy! I-I need all of it! FUCK ME ZACK!”

Zack didn't need to be told twice. He lifted the teenager, and rammed him against the wall, shoving his immense arousal to the hilt, seeing the stomach bulge out like that, and his friend having so much fun, only inspired him to try and split him in half, using only his impossibly large manhood to do so. As each thrust deformed his body, the scientist boy found himself enjoying the stretch, the act, the amount of man meat inside him… everything was divine. He realized he'd always look for bigger, but this was a nice size to start with… He came without even touching himself, his semen arcing to hit his face and stomach, but nothing more. All that just by having a titanic cock inside him. Zack started shivering, and while his partner had already orgasmed, he had yet to do so. His partner braced himself, for he knew what was coming.

With a loud grunt, Zack let go of the dam holding his cum back, for what felt like hours, he emptied bucket after bucket inside his friend. He could see his friend's stomach bloat, with the excess semen pooling on the floor. Each shot fired had the scientist boy yelp cutely, the pressure hitting very far back, unleashing pleasures he never knew existed.

Zack panted, as all he could do now was let his cock deflate inside his partner, who looked like he had gained a hundred pounds only in his belly, which was perhaps close to the truth. One look and he could not help breathing heavily, almost in love with the abuse his body took.

“Y-yeah… I forgot to tell you… I snuck in fertility drugs in the formula… they quadrupled your semen output… and then you took the second pill… sixteen times what you're normally producing… and I took it all… so… good. I've never had anything like this before…”

“No, you didn't…”

He pointed down. The room's floor was a puddle of spooge.

“C-can we try again? I'll get it all this time…”

The scientist boy was unconscious, his pleasure nerves having been in overdrive ever since Zack put it in. He laid him on a table, watching over him.

“He's unconscious and he wanted to try again? Sheesh… he's got problems.”

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