Adam’s milk

by Adam Zander

Adam’s dreams of growing massive pec-tits like the wrestlers he admires come true—in spades.

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Part 1 Adam’s dreams of growing massive pec-tits like the wrestlers he admires come true—in spades. (added: 1 May 2015)
Part 2
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Part 1

The year is 2070, and Adam is a teenage skateboarding ace, but he has a secret ambition. Athletically fit from constant boarding, he enjoys the thrill of the moment when you are suspended in air, the whole world seeming to belong to you. But he secretly admires the new boys of the College wrestling team, who have enormous pec-boobs. Although they had been banned for a spell, and had to find a new league of their own, they competed regularly. They had a secret to their giant pec-tits, and Adam wanted to be big enough to go on that team.

Trying to pose down at the beach, Adam could never compete with the beach bums and muscle men that hung out there. Adam thought that he was not ugly, but the girls (and boys) seemed to be drawn to all the other posers. Walking along, Adam noticed on a low wall a necklace sitting there. He had always thought that the beach boys got the girls with their necklaces of sharks teeth and such, and had considered getting one himself. Now here was one sitting right in front of him. It had a bright green pebble set in the middle, and looked like silver or something. He should not really take it, but strangely no one else around seemed to have noticed it. Adam put it on, and walking among the beach boys he posed and rippled his sixpack, but no one seemed to notice him. Disappointed, Adam went to the local gym for a session. As he was an impoverished teenager, Adam had a deal with the gym where he did odd jobs, and got free gym sessions in return. Thinking about the pec-tit wrestlers hehad seen earlier, Adam concentrated on chest exercise, 3 sets of 15 reps and so on. He also wished he was better looking, like the ‘cute’ kids the girls (and boys) always talked about.

Adam returned to his small cupboard of a flat, and got ready for bed. He kept the necklace on ‘for good luck’, more in desperation than hope that it would help him get the girls (and boys). Adam did not sleep well, his whole body was in pain, and he cursed himself for doing gym exercises he was not used to. It was much later than normal when Adam woke, and he felt fatigued after his lack of sleep. He stumbled across to the toilet area (Adam’s place was so small that everything was in the one room) and looked in the mirror. At first he could not focus, then he could not see much. He found he had to bend down to see himself. A stranger, more ‘cute’ face looked back at him. Adam jumped back and hit his head on the ceiling. ‘What?’ he thought. Adam bent down and looked in the mirror again—even his hair looked good. As he stepped back to get a better view, he saw he had pecs like a 40DDD porn queen. ‘WOW’ he thought, am I dreaming? As he squeezed one of the giant boobs to see if they were real, a jet of white milky like liquid shot out. ‘Wow,’ he thought.

Adam realised that he was almost 7 foot tall now, and he had to get to college. He was running late, and soon found he had no clothes to fit him. It would just have to be his trunks. As he jogged to the college his new pec-boobs bounced up and down in front of him, sometimes obscuring his view, but he liked the feeling he got, and his whole body trembled with pleasure as his nipples rose and hardened, and more of the white liquid started to spray from them. He ignored the stares he got from passersby as he ran, and soon he was at college. As he walked to class he heard a voice shout ‘Hey you, kid’. He turned and saw one of the Coaches of the big pec-boob wrestling team. ‘Have you ever thought about wrestling? The Coach asked.’ ‘Have I!’ thought Adam, better play it cool tho’ he thought. ‘Well, maybe, I have seen the guys sometimes, I may be interested’ hesaid, trying to remain cool, but streams of the white juice started to express themselves from his erect rock hard nipples. ‘See me at the gym in an hour’ said the Coach, his eyes fixed on Adam’s tight nipples and the juices running out of them.

Adam entered the gym, and found it full of young guys, all of different build and heights, but all with one thing in common, they all had giant pec-boobs. Adam had thought when he had seen them out training before that they had the biggest pecs he had ever seen, but as he looked around he began to realise he had the biggest tits of anyone there. All the wrestlers stopped what they were doing when he walked across the room, and he was sure some of them started to pleasure themselves. They all came right up to him, and followed him all the way as he walked over to Coach. ‘Glad you could make it’ said Coach, as he started to massage Adam’s huge boob mass. ‘Let’s get some muscle in here, there are various machines we will start you on’. Adam was put into machines that sucked and pulled on his boobs, fondled them, and massage them so hard they swelled before his eyes. The last machine was strapped over each boob and began to work them up and down, giving Adam pleasurehe had never known before, but his boob muscle grew so quickly that it smashed the machine, throwing parts all over the gym. Adam now had the biggest muscle filled pec-boobs ever seen in the world. Coach came across and began to massage his boob mass again, and Adam’s muscle-juice began to flow freely from his steel like nipples. Soon Coach, and the whole wrestling team, was drinking on it.

Although Adam did not concentrate much on his other muscles, they seemed to grow sympathetically with his pec-boobs. Glutes like striated boulders, overdeveloped to counterbalance his gigantic muscle boobs, and a manhood like 3 beachballs trapped in his oversize posing trunks. Adam was pleased with all this development, and he was as ‘cute’ looking as he had ever wanted to be. The girls, and boys, followed him around everywhere.

Winning was easy for Adam, all he had to do was fall forward on to his opponents and trap them under his colossal boobs. The contest would be over in less than a second, Adam always being the victor. ‘Too easy’ thought young Adam. Soon he would run out of opponents and have to leave the team, but Adam was happy as long as he had his giant juice filled muscled up pec-tits and his ‘cute’ looks.

Adam returned to his favourite gym where he worked out every day, and was worshiped as a God by all who trained there.

One day there was a commotion in the street outside, an Army tank on test had broken down, and was on fire. Luckily the crew had escaped. Adam walked towards the tank, flexing his mighty biceps and pecdancing his huge boobs. His nipples swelled as tons of muscle-juice were created, and veins writhed all over his boobs like snakes under the skin. As Adam went into a chest pose his nipples burst like fire hoses from his muscled tits, and gallons of his muscle-juice sprayed all over the burning tank, covering it completely, smothering the fire and putting it out. However Adam’s muscle-juice is the densest material known to man, and the weight of it squashed the 50 ton tank into a flat-pack.

Ignoring the stares of onlookers, Adam returned to the gym, by which time his amazing pec-tits had already made 10 gallons of muscle-juice each. He would have to start working out again to get rid of it all, but there was no shortage of volunteers to lap it all up, and suck on his mighty boobs. The gym had installed a car wash for Adam, so he could get his giant boobs and nipples cleaned, and also inside his deep cleavage, as he could not reach there. However if he used the showers there was no lack of volunteers to help wipe and polish his huge muscle filled tits, and suck on his muscle-juice as it was encouraged to flow with all this fondling. Gym staff were on hand with mops and buckets as a back up, if the drains blocked then the whole gym could be flooded. But mostly the Staff were on their hands and knees lapping up all this muscle-juice.

Adam had come to an arrangement with the gym where they collected as much of his muscle juice as they wanted, and he got free use of all their facilities. They froze it and sold under the name of ‘Adam’s Muscle Milk’ or just ‘Adam’s Milk’. Adam thought their advertising slogan was lame, but as an 18-year-old what did he know. A Popeye like cartoon character drank from a bucket of muscle-juice and said ‘I am what I am cos I drinks my AM’. A skinny 17 year old had stolen 2 buckets of Adam’s muscle-juice and drunk them, and within a few days he had grown 3 feet taller, had 90 inch pecs, and 50 inch biceps, so the story went, so there was no shortage of buyers for the muscle juice.

Returning to his home, Adam had had to have a whole wall replaced with a garage like door, so he could get into his flat. At first he could sleep on his back, on the floor, his nipples almost touching the ceiling, or face down, his giant boobs making an excellent mattress, the back of his head just touching the ceiling. But as he grew bigger all over he had to slide in the flat sideways, so he had to decide which side he would sleep on tonight before he entered. If he turned during the night his massive muscle filled boobs would surely burst thru the ceiling into the apartment above, but Adam did not mind. Tomorrow he would start the routine all over again, go to the gym at 7 a.m., workout on all the equipment, eat all their food, shower, jog home at night, and go to bed, and so on and on.

Adam was happy with his routine, as long as he got bigger and bigger muscle filled tits, happy with the pleasure they brought him with their muscle-juice, and happy that everyone sucked on them and fondled them to get at his juice. He thought he might pleasure himself by playing with his giant manhood muscle, and wondered how big and extreme it could become. It had started to eject muscle juice as well when he played with it, but at the moment he kept it all for himself.

Adam was more beautiful and cute than he could ever want, he had the biggest muscle filled pec-tits ever known in history, each the size of a Volkswagen, and Adam slept the sleep of the innocent, knowing that things could only get better and better and better for him.


Part 2

As Adam constantly worked on his bulging manhood and pleasured himself with it, it quickly developed muscles of its own, instead of being the flaccid member it should be, only becoming erect as blood was pumped in. The more Adam pleasured himself, the more muscles his dick grew along its length, and Adam found, without much effort, he was able to flex them as easily as he could his biceps. The more sections of muscle that grew in his dick, the further it extended. Adam found that with good muscle control he could enlarge it easily to 5 feet long, then another 5 feet, then another and so on at will, extending it like a hydraulic muscle engorged ladder until it was easily 20 feet long, and it was still growing muscles along its length. It was easily 3 feet in diameter, and as hard as rock in the sections that Adam pumped up.

Adam found that as his balls produced more and more of his muscle-juice, he could clench the far end of his dick until the pressure build up was immense. Then he would let go his grip, and a tsunami wave of muscle-juice burst forth. It would sweep away vehicles and people if any were in the way, but Adam was careful to this only on demand. The flow would then subside to a more normal river-like one, and his pulsating balls could easily keep this going for an hour or so.

The gym organised regular displays of Adam’s powers, sometimes more than one a day, and Adam became the world’s greatest tourist attraction. The street would be cordoned off, and Adam would sit in the middle, supported by his huge boulder like glutes, and begin his show. On demand he would start to erect and extend his dick, slowly engorging it and growing its length one ‘section’ at a time. This was just the start of the show, onlookers would be warned to stay clear as he unleashed his torrent of muscle-juice from his dick’s huge bell like end, but some insisted in jumping in the way to get the ‘full’ experience. As his juice flow reduced to its normal river like state, the public were allowed in. Adam enjoyed the intense sexual pleasure he got as they hugged his giant dick, walked along it, even jumped on it, and caressed its end and sucked on his muscle juice. The gym arranged events, and trailbikes would run along its length, a spectacle for the onlookers, and increasing many fold the sexual pleasure Adam got from people touching his huge throbbing member.

Adam would then further pump up his rippling muscled manhood until his erection was over his head. With a last effort from his over stretched balls, he shot a mushroom cloud of his muscle juice high into the sky. It rained down over the city, and people swam in it like flies in treacle. There were many claims, and bogus claims, for compensation but with the profits the gym made from Adam they were able to quickly buy up the entire city. Adam would then let his throbbing muscled erection go limp, and return it to street level. With his incredible muscle control Adam was able to pull the entire length of his manhood inside his groin, leaving only his over developed testicles hanging loose like beach balls.

Then Adam retired to the new washbed the gym had constructed for him. The special lances and hoses enabled the Staff to powerwash every part of his body. The gym also sold tickets for this, and there was a constant flow of fans wanting to scrub and dry every part of Adam’s amazing oversized bulging muscle-rippling body. Adam loved the sexual stimulation all this hands-on attention gave him, and sometimes the show would continue for many hours after it was supposed to finish.

Any clothes Adam got were quickly destroyed by his bulging body and oversized muscles bursting out of them, and as the city was always sunny, he went naked everywhere, being pointed out as an aspirational goal for everyone.

2 parts 2,600 words Added May 2015 53k views (#107) 3.4 stars (18 votes)

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