Aaron’s adventures

by phallicphan

When you possess two huge dicks, how can you avoid using them? Told through a number of mostly standalone tales.

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Morning When you possess two huge dicks, how can you avoid using them? Told through a number of mostly standalone tales. (added: 5 Jan 2018)
Fast Food
Suit Fitting
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Aaron Reed blinked sleepily a few times before fully opening his eyes then immediately squinted against the bright morning light. Even though he had gone to be fairly early the previous evening, he was not yet ready to be awake. He flailed around for a moment trying to locate his phone to check the time before he found it then gave a soft grunt upon seeing how early it was. As an eighteen year-old high school senior, he was happy it was Saturday and he had nothing pressing to do that day. After a big yawn, he pulled the sheets over his head and tried to go back to sleep.

On the other side of his closed door, he could hear his parents and younger sister, Andrea, moving through the house talking and making preparations to leave. Andrea was a freshman at the local university and had a study group that morning. He couldn’t remember exactly the reason, but he knew his parents would be out for most of the day volunteering, working in the office, leaping tall buildings with a single bound or doing whatever crap it was they did whenever he wasn’t around.

“Come in,” Aaron said with sleepy frustration in response to a knock. He uncovered his head then made sure the sheet was arranged over himself for modesty just as the door opened.

“Sorry to bother you,” his mother said as she peeked around the door before she entered. “I just wanted you to know we’re about to leave. Are you sure you don’t want to go with your father and uncle to the game? They’ve got some extra tickets.”

Aaron considered it for a moment. It would be nice to go see their local team play but the comfort of his bed was too great. “Thanks, but no. I’m going to hang out here and just have a quiet day.”

“Okay, dear.” She leaned down and gave him a kiss on the forehead. As she made her way back to the door, she said, “Just don’t stay in bed all day. There’s bacon and pancakes in the microwave for you. I’m shopping with Sarah and unless she drags me to dinner—which she most likely will—I probably won’t be home until late. Andrea said she’d call and let you know when she’s on her way home and ask if you want her to bring you anything to eat.”

“Thanks. I’ll get up soon.”

After his mother closed the door, he let out a silent scream of frustration and beat his fists and feet against the mattress knowing he was wide awake now. There had been a chance that he’d fall back asleep before she had entered but now it was gone. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world but it was irritating.

As he laid staring up at the ceiling, he became aware of the stiffness in his groin. Some of it was brought on by his full bladder, but there was also a pressure in his balls that had been building for a few days. He slid a hand into his boxers and scratched his forest of untrimmed copper hair while he listened to the rest of his family move around. Once he heard doors open and close then cars start he slid to lean up against the headboard and began to massage the root of his cocks after tossing off the sheet.

Rendering the boxers he wore to bed useless, his pair of cocks were already slightly swollen and stretched out from the bottom of the hem to reach nearly to his knees. He grabbed one in each hand and slowly stroked them, feeling them eagerly respond to the stimulation. With rapt attention, he watched as the ends continued to extend away from him. Soon, the blunt tips of his cock heads began to appear as they pushed out of their ample, puckered foreskins. With his cocks each nearing their full ten inch circumference, he pushed them against each other then pressed his fingertips together simulating a large fist and continued to stroke them.

While his parents and most of his doctors considered his “condition” a birth defect—especially since they were different sizes—he loved his dicks. Born with the double phalluses, his parents had left them both attached as doctors couldn’t find a reason beyond cosmetic to remove one. They assumed as he grew and developed one would prove to be less functional than the other at which point they could then choose to have it removed. Instead, when his testicles dropped, they found he had a total of four in the single scrotum. As he further developed during puberty, the two penises grew significantly and both proved to be fully functional much to everyone’s surprise. Tests—primarily masturbating each one into a cup—showed that each penis was connected separately to a pair of the slightly larger than average testicles while also being connected to his bladder. With the extra hormones coursing through him, his body began to grow steadily and his current height of six feet seven inches was six inches taller than the next tallest member of his family and he was still growing.

While large dicks ran through his mother’s side of the family, it had initially been embarrassing for him to possess two. However, it didn’t take him long to learn how lucky he was. Though most in the school and their neighborhood knew about his dicks, he loved to see the look on people’s faces the first time they noticed or saw them. And unknown to his parents, he loved showing them off and getting people to service them.

While he knew he should probably enjoy his nineteen-inch piece more, it was the shorter, but otherwise identical, sixteen-inch cock that was his favorite. Aaron often wondered why he preferred the smaller one. Maybe it was because it seemed more normal than the larger one which he had termed the horny one. His horny cock was always the first to stir when he was aroused and it didn’t take much for that to happen. Even before it was completely hard, it was ready to go. Even now, as it still worked toward full mast, precum had already begun to seep steadily from the wide piss slit falling in a thick, silver thread to the bed between his legs.

Releasing his horny cock, he focused his attention on the smaller cock. He often chuckled to himself at the fact that a cock that was sixteen inches long could be termed small. It was the one he enjoyed the most. It took a bit for it to get going which meant he could take his time stroking it, getting it sucked or straight up fucking with it. He often dropped a load with his horny cock then used the jizz to lube and enjoy the other to satisfaction.

His fist moved slowly but purposefully along the shaft with its barely perceptible upward curve. As it neared the tip, the loose foreskin flowed over the ridge of his glans to cover the bottom quarter of the long bullet that was his cock head. Though it was prominent, the ridge wasn’t overly tall making the crown only slightly wider than the shaft below it. On the top side near the center there was a slight depression that made it flare slightly more at that point. Each time his foreskin reached that point, it caught for a moment and folded over on itself before surging over the raised edge.

It took some time, but he eventually felt the slow trickle of precum begin to travel up the piss tube. When the first drop of it escaped the tight slit, he wiped a finger over it and put it to his mouth. After cleaning it of the bitter but slightly sweet substance, he returned the wet finger to the tip and rubbed it between the lobes of the cock head and along its frenulum. As he fingered the raised, thin piece of flesh connecting his foreskin to his crown, his cock jerked in response and he waited until it calmed before returning to stroke it. As he continued to work his cock, he occasionally tasted his precum and wet his finger to repeat the process.

Deep into his process of masturbating, Aaron’s phone chimed indicating he had a text message. He ignored the alert and continued to work his cock while he closed his eyes and began to shuffle through his mental catalogue of masturbatory fantasy files. Landing on the memory of one of his most recent threesomes, he felt his dicks twitch with expectant excitement. He was the only guy on earth that could simultaneously fuck two asses and the thought stoked his arousal. Settling in to work himself in earnest, he heard another alert from his phone. Ignoring the second tone, he continued to stroke himself feeling the warmth of arousal increase along with the firmness of his cocks.

A third chime came from his phone.

Then a fourth.

And a fifth.

“What the fuck?” Aaron growled in frustration as he released his cocks and laid his head back against the headboard as he listened to his phone continue to chime every few seconds. Today was obviously going to be one of those days where everything he wanted to do was going to be interrupted.

As he reached out to pick up the phone he cursed his best friend, Ray, before he even looked at the screen and saw the messages. Ray was the only one who could be so annoying via text. Before responding, he scrolled back passed the gibberish to the original message which was simply an inquiry as to what his plans were for the day.

-Dude! CHILL! >:O

-Whatcha doin

-I WAS enjoying some me time!

-Oh sorry… we can talk later

-Too late now what’s up

-I have to take my sis and her friends to the park want to come?

-Sure. Give me 30 to shower

-Need longer? We can wait

-Nah moments gone

Aaron put down the phone, climbed out of bed then grabbed a fresh pair of boxer briefs and headed to the shower. As he stood under the water watching his now soft twin cocks empty his bladder, he knew he probably should try to empty his balls as well but he didn’t feel like working his cocks anymore. He could feel the pressure in them but even if he did take care of them, it wouldn’t be satisfying. Because of that, he took his time cleaning his cocks once the twin yellow flows ceased. He deliberately peeled back the foreskin covering each head to reveal the soft bullets underneath and washed them clean of the trapped precum from his interrupted jerk session. After pulling the foreskin back tight along each shaft, he washed that as well. To not wash his cocks thoroughly of the substance would result in it fermenting against warm flesh and the musky scent becoming noticeable to the people around him. While he didn’t mind it and sometimes intentionally let it happen, hanging out with Ray and his sister was not an appropriate time for it to occur.

After quickly washing the rest of his body, he turned off the water and climbed out to dry himself. As he brushed his teeth, he looked himself over in the mirror and liked what he saw. His body was tight with well-defined muscles under his pale, lightly freckled skin. The moderate workouts he had been doing had helped enhance his already lean form and he considered yet again increasing their intensity in order to bulk up some more.

Helped by the workouts, his face was quickly losing his baby fat and revealing the square features beneath though his jaw was generally covered by a day or two of copper colored beard growth. His emerald eyes were bright and the one feature that most people seemed to comment on, that is before they saw what was in his pants. Of all his features, the two he didn’t like were the projecting Roman nose he inherited from his father and the largish ears he got from his mother. Admittedly, neither looked bad or out of place on his oversized body, but they all were more prominent than he wanted them to be.

He ran his free hand through his copper mane that now reached just passed his shoulders. Originally an attempt to tame the look of his ears, he had continued to let it grow liking the way the thick, wavy red locks looked, though he admitted there was something to be said for the ease of getting ready when it had been nothing but a short layer of fuzz on his head. His chest, arms and legs were lightly dusted with more red and thick tufts of similarly colored hair peeked out from under his arms. The only other significant hair on his body was the thin trail that led from just above his navel down to the untrimmed bush at the base of his cocks.

With slightly more than an inch between them, his penises hung limply next to each other with pubic hair filling some of the space in between. Somewhat stretched from the warmth of the shower, the left one reached nearly three-quarters of the way to his knee while the one on the right stopped just beyond the halfway point. He smiled to himself thinking about the fact that even completely unaroused, his soft dicks were each larger than most men’s lone erection. While no one could explain why he possessed them, he was thankful for them and the fact that his parents hadn’t tried to “fix” him.

While he finished rinsing his mouth, Aaron absently used his left hand to pull at his left cock, unable to resist the siren’s song. Once finished at the sink, he took a few steps back and used both hands to run across his body, enjoying the feel of his tight, rippled muscles. Releasing it from his grip, in the mirror he watched his left cock continue to lengthen and swell. As it stretched passed his knee, he felt his right cock begin to stir. He closed his eyes in concentration for a moment and focused on keeping it soft as his left cock continued to fill. Once it was under control, he reopened his eyes just in time to see the foreskin on his left cock slowly peel back to reveal the tip of the crown. He wasn’t surprised to see it and the unfurled skin that had encased it already shine with precum. As more of his thick bullet was uncovered, his cock began to swing upward. With a jerky motion that matched his heartbeat, the end of his cock gradually moved to point out from his body less than halfway to horizontal held down by its weight. He placed one fist near the base then wrapped the other around the shaft just below the head. With slow but lengthy strokes he moved his hand from his crown to the midpoint of his shaft and back. Occasionally he paused to run a finger along the sensitive bottom side of his crown and through the stream of precum that flowed from the piss slit. Each time he stimulated between the wide lobes surrounding the opening his cock jerked with pleasure.

As his hand moved mostly on autopilot, Aaron looked over his dick. The blunt tip was red and swollen with arousal. Already shiny from the smeared precum, he knew the thin skin of the big bullet would have shone on its own from its taut state. The dimpled ridge of the glans did little to impede the motion of his hand across the surface. Only his foreskin registered the protrusion as it flowed up the shaft over the base of his crown and back. Along the shaft, depending on where he looked, there were one or two thick, raised veins running the length just off to the left of center. Like earthworms they rose, fell and meandered at random, irregular intervals and from them branched off other blood vessels that were only visible as purple and red wandering lines beneath the surface of the otherwise smooth skin.

Needing very little stimulation, he soon felt a pair of his balls tighten. After raising his cock almost vertical, he stepped forward and put the end of it over the bowl of the sink. A few strokes later his cock stiffened and the crown swelled with finality. His shaft pulsed two or three times, visibly rippling along its length, as he felt the heat of cum slowly make the journey along his piss tube. With a barely audible spurting sound, a viscous stream of pearly white left his hole and fell wetly into the sink.

He released the hold on his cock and let it rest on the edge of the sink then began to use the hair dryer on his wet mane. While he dried his hair, his cock continued to push out cum. Like a thick stream of piss, it flowed steadily into the bowl. Though he felt some relief from the act, there was little satisfaction, being more akin to emptying his bladder than orgasmic. Throughout the day, he could feel cum building in those balls and would drain them in a toilet as unconsciously as he pissed. Even with his earlier masturbatory session interrupted, his other cock didn’t feel the same need for release though he knew he would feel more pleasure from it.

By the time his hair was dried, his cock had mostly finished seeping cum. He took another moment to pull his hair back into a low, messy bun before milking his shaft as dry as possible and putting on his boxer briefs. Not even attempting to corral it, he let the still mostly hard appendage hang out of the bottom of the shorts pressed against his leg as he returned to his room.

After dressing in a baggy pair of low riding denim shorts and white tank top, he put on socks and a pair of black skate shoes then grabbed his board and left to meet Ray at the park. On his way he could feel his cock intermittently dripping the dregs of his load as it slowly softened. Unconcerned about the sticky fluid running onto his leg, he let it dry on his skin and in the fabric of his shorts. By the time he met his friend, there was a thin skin of dried cum covering most of the inside of his leg that neither of them acknowledged.



“Go to hell. There is no way flying a bird through the game is better than having a horse or being a wolf.”

Aaron took his usual seat in the cafeteria. “I’m not saying the bird is better. I just think it’s a unique device that helps tie the story together.”

“I don’t give a shit about the story. It just sucks that there’s so much dead time when you’re flying.” Ray rolled his eyes. “Looks like you’re about to have some company.”

Aaron followed Ray’s gaze and saw Matt walking toward them. While he could have been traveling to any other table, Aaron knew the determined look on his face was only for him. Reflexively, his left cock twitched and began to swell. While he was thankful he had worn the khaki shorts that day, it was also a curse because he didn’t think they’d make it to the restroom before he was exposed. And while the teachers and administration all knew of and understood his unique physiology, they didn’t give him a pass when it came to exposure.

“Hey, Reed,” Matt said as he sat at the table next to Aaron. “It’s been a while.”

“A whole three days,” Ray muttered.

Ignoring Ray, Aaron asked Matt, “Have a good weekend?”

“It was okay. But why don’t we go somewhere to talk? Alone.”

“Why pretend?” Ray asked. “You mean you want to get him alone so you can suck his dick. Dicks.”

Matt glared at Ray. “Jealous?”

“Not in the least.”


Matt was five feet nine inches tall with a tanned, tight, lean body built for running around a soccer field and enhanced with time in the gym. His dark hair was cut in a flat top, perfectly framing his rectangular face. Even at eighteen, a decent coating of the same color hair already covered his body earning him the nickname “Gorilla” in spite of his relatively small size. He had bright, brown-hazel eyes that Ray had found attractive upon first meeting him, and hated himself for because he still did. However, it was Matt’s muscular thighs and high-riding ass that drew everyone else’s attention. Ironically, he was an unwavering top that forbade anyone from sticking more than a finger inside.

Anyone except Aaron.

It was no secret that Matt had bent over for Aaron a few times though it was more common to find them in a restroom or empty classroom with Matt on his knees servicing one or both of Aaron’s cocks.

Ray had thought being near Aaron would get Matt to notice him, however it soon became obvious that Matt wasn’t even really interested in Aaron, he just wanted the taller boy’s dicks. And Aaron had repeatedly obliged.

“Trust me,” Ray said with barely contained disdain. “I am not jealous of anyone that whores around sucking dicks the way you do. No offense,” he said to Aaron.

“None taken.” Aaron turned his head and smiled at Matt who was stroking the rapidly lengthening piece of flesh along his left thigh. “Whatcha doin’?”

Matt smiled back. “Just considering lunch. Shall we go?”

“Too late for that,” Aaron said as the head of his cock pushed out of the leg of his shorts.

Matt moved his hand to squeeze and stroke the increasingly exposed bit of flesh. “Well what do we do know?”

“Only one thing you can do,” Aaron said as he cut his eyes toward the floor between his spread legs.

Ray looked incredulous. “Seriously?”

Both Aaron and Matt looked around the lunchroom. Seeing that the usual staff that kept an eye on things were occupied, Matt slid to his knees and moved under the table while Aaron turned to Ray and shrugged. “Why not? No one will see.”

“No one except everyone around us watching.”

As he felt Matt begin to lick and suck on his tip, Aaron glanced around and saw other students watching them. Most had looks of surprise and disbelief but gave him smiles and thumbs-up at the activity taking place. A few others studiously tried to ignore what was happening with blushes rising on their faces. There were even a few who were so engrossed in their own activities that, though they were at the table right next to him, they didn’t even notice that Matt was sucking his dick. He slouched down into his seat and said, “Whatever.”

“You’re crazy,” Ray said though he made no move to leave and ended his protest by focusing on his lunch.

Aaron tried to keep his face neutral as Matt found a rhythm on him. The soccer player was sucking on the end of his dick while his hand rubbed and massaged the length of shaft that extended out of his shorts and beyond his knee. It was an action that was less about providing him satisfaction and more about keeping up with the stream of precum that was now flowing from his tip. It was enough, however, to give him the little stimulation his larger cock needed. He sighed as he felt his balls tighten. “Here it comes.”

Knowing the drill, Matt pulled off and held Aaron’s cock so that the torrent of cum that began to fall from him landed on the floor and not on the taller boy’s legs or feet. It splattered on the ground and formed a large, gelatinous puddle. Only when the flow subsided did Matt extend his tongue to get a taste. Unlike drinking the slightly sweet precum, he never liked eating Aaron’s cum but always felt compelled to do it. The flavor was highly alkaline and bitter with a hint of muskiness. It was thick and stuck to everything it touched, coating his mouth in a film that he knew would take a while to get rid of. The white fluid pushed out of Aaron’s cum tube like runny sour cream that had thicker, more gelatinous lumps hidden within. After sucking some of it down, he said, “For having such beautiful cocks, your cum is pretty nasty.”

“Doesn’t stop you from eating it,” Ray grumbled. He smiled insincerely when Aaron gave him a light smack on the shoulder.

“Well, why don’t you try the other one,” Aaron suggested. He removed his hand from his right knee where he had been both rubbing the flesh of his second cock and using the hand to cover it whenever someone walked by. “Maybe it’ll taste better.”

Matt gave him a look that clearly said “Yeah, right” without having to open his mouth. Yet he did open his mouth to take in the second smaller dick while avoiding the growing puddle in front of him.

Aaron let out a soft moan as Matt began to suck on the end of his dick. While the angle of attack and limited available motion made it less than optimal, just the warm wetness alone was enough to satisfy him. It had been a few days since he had gotten off with anything other than his hand and Aaron resisted the urge to grab the soccer player’s hair and thrust into his willing mouth. Instead, he kept his hands above the table, occasionally flexing them open and closed as he both fought and reveled in the sensation washing over him.

“Mr. Reed? Are you okay?”

Aaron was startled and sat up slightly hearing the voice of his history teacher, Mr. Blake. Of all the teachers in the school, Mr. Blake was his favorite and the two had a decent relationship. He turned his head and saw the older man looking at him with a concerned but wary eye. When he responded, his voice was tighter than he wanted or expected it to be. “I’m fine.”

Mr. Blake took a seat at the table across from Aaron. “Are you sure? You look a little flushed and unfocused.”

“Yeah,” Aaron tried to sound dismissive and knew he failed. “I was just, uh, thinking about what I’m going to do after graduation.”

“I thought we talked about that,” Mr. Blake said kindly. “There’s nothing wrong with not going to college. You’re a bright kid and I think you’d do well with higher education, but if that’s not your thing, that’s fine.”

“I keep telling him he should maybe take a class or two at the community college just to see,” Ray said with a smirk. He knew Aaron was hoping to get the conversation over with as soon as possible but didn’t want to do anything to help.

Aaron glared at Ray. He wanted to kick him under the table but his right leg, the one closest to Ray, was occupied with supporting Matt who was continuing to service his erection. He’d had some close calls before but none that had come remotely close to being anything like this. Under the table Matt didn’t seem to care about the new pair of legs at the table as he continued to lick and stroke his hardness. His dick began to flex and buck involuntarily as the intensity of the situation hit him: He was sitting in the school’s cafeteria with one of his dicks dribbling out the end of a load while the other one was getting sucked under the table he was sharing with his best friend and a teacher. At worst it was a recipe for expulsion or at the least not being able to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony. Either resulted in an outcome that his parents would not be happy about and would probably result in him being kicked out of the house.

Beneath the table Matt continued to work Aaron’s dick, very aware of the teacher’s legs that threatened to kick him at any moment. He knew the prudent thing would be to hold off and wait until Mr. Blake left but he found it rather hot to be sucking Aaron’s dick under the man’s nose. It was obvious Aaron felt the same because his dick repeatedly twitched and pushed out fresh precum. Matt didn’t mind the flavor of the clear fluid, there was a sweetness to it that balanced the bitterness. Getting his fill of the sticky-slick substance, he moved his tongue over the surface of the large head feeling the spongy surface give very little. He took his time cleaning behind the flared ridge, tasting the last of the dried urine and funky cock flavor melt into his mouth. After passing his tongue over some of the shaft hoping he wouldn’t be discovered, he took the large head back into his mouth. Though it was the same dimensions as Aaron’s other cock head, Matt always felt this one was somehow less manageable. He knew it was an illusion as his mouth was just as full, but it always seemed like he had to struggle more with it. The ridge never quite entered his mouth fully and it always felt like his jaw had to stretch wider to accommodate the width. Maybe it was a function of fatigue after working the longer dick, but it never stopped him from doing his best.

As best he could, Aaron tried to keep up with the conversation but most of his side was limited to one word statements or grunts. He couldn’t run the risk of his voice giving Matt away and as it was, the soccer player’s mouth was already getting him dangerously close to the edge. Periodically, the soft sound of wet suction or a slurp carried up to him. Thankfully neither Ray nor Mr. Blake seemed to notice in the loud lunchroom which only made his cock harder.

“I’m gonna come,” Aaron said suddenly. He let out a deep groan as his second set of balls contracted then added belatedly with a pained, panting tone, “Over…tonight…so we can talk…about this…more. Ray.”

Even without Aaron’s warning, Matt knew what was about to happen. Aaron’s cock stiffened and swelled threateningly and Matt barely had enough time to remove the engorged head from his mouth before he saw the wave travel along Aaron’s length. With his head near the piss slit, he actually heard the wet, spurting sound as the first jet of cum pushed the narrow opening wider. It shot passed him and landed on the seat of the chair across from Aaron. Even after the leading edge impacted the plastic, it continued to issue from Aaron’s tip. Matt saw another wave travel up Aaron’s length and just before it reached his crown, the initial stream stopped and the bloated head visibly recoiled before another volley began.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Aaron?” Mr. Blake asked with worry.

Even though he tried to keep it regular, Aaron’s breathing had deepened and was coming faster as his cock continued to pump out his ball juice. He knew his jaw, as well as his entire body, had tightened as he tried to restrain any further sounds but he couldn’t risk relaxing any in order to appear normal. Beneath the table, Matt continued to rub his cock enhancing the pleasure coursing through him. Across the table he saw the chair shift slightly. While he was aware his dick was pointed in that direction, he wanted to believe that it was Matt’s unseen movements that had accidentally shifted the chair and not his powerful shots of cum.

Ray smirked and attempted to come to his friend’s rescue. “He’s been feeling a little under the weather. His family’s been passing around a stomach thing and it’s probably his turn. I’ll make sure he gets to the bathroom in time.”

“Oh.” Mr. Blake grimaced and stood. He looked at his hands trying to remember if he had touched Aaron. Coming to a decision, he pulled a small container of hand sanitizer from his pocket and rubbed some of the substance over his hands. Before he turned and walked away, he said, “I hope you feel better.”

“Thanks,” Aaron said between his clenched teeth. Once the teacher was gone, he let out a deep but quiet moan and turned blissed out eyes to Ray. “Fuck you. Asshole.”

Ray laughed. “Dude, I’m so fucking impressed right now. You handled that like a boss.”

“I hate you so much.”

With Aaron’s dick no long shooting out cum at high velocity, Matt put his mouth against the end and sucked the dregs into his mouth. While it was still as unpleasant as ever, he had to admit to himself that he loved Aaron’s cum. Admittedly, it felt better warming his body through his ass, but because of the way it coated his mouth, the flavor would linger in his mouth long enough for him to dump a load in his own boyfriend after school while still tasting Aaron on his tongue. Glancing over, he saw that the larger cock had stopped dripping. It was still suggestively peeking out of the leg of Aaron’s shorts but it was well on its back to its hiding spot.

“Thanks. I needed that,” Aaron said when Matt finally crawled out from under the table and took the seat Mr. Blake had vacated. He ran both of his hands along his right cock a few times to milk out the remnants of his load then let his cock droop out of his shorts lazily as it softened.

Matt snorted with disbelief. “I think you always need it. There’s a fucking mess down there.”

Aaron knew the truth of the statement. The musky, chlorinated smell of his discharge wafted up to him and seemed to be getting stronger by the minute. Other than getting a mop to take care of the mess, there was nothing he could do about it.

Ray looked under the table. “Woah. What are you going to do?”

“Nothing I can do,” Aaron responded.

“You can’t just leave that shit there. It’s nasty.”

Aaron shrugged dismissively. “Oh well.”

Ray glared at Matt. “You’re so into his cocks, why don’t you get down there and lick that stuff up?”

Matt gave a cold smile. “Why don’t you just admit you’d rather do it yourself? I saw you hold your bone.”

Ray blushed but said, “Had nothing to do with wanting to go down on my best friend. It was just fucking hot knowing he was getting sucked off with Mr. Blake right there. I would’ve thrown wood if you were sitting there getting sucked off instead.”

“Admitting you want to see my O-face?”

“Hell, no,” Ray lied.

“You should,” Aaron suggested as he stood. “It’s pretty hot.”

Matt stood as well and said, “If you’d just admit it, I’d let you take a ride.” He punctuated his statement by grabbing the hard length of flesh that was clearly tenting his shorts.

Standing next to Aaron, Ray pursed his lips seeing Matt’s erection. He wanted it but refused to go crawling to the soccer player for a pity fuck. “Thanks. But I’ll pass.”

“One day.” Matt winked at him before turning away.

Aaron gave him a smack on the back of the head. “Why do you do that? You know you want it.”

“Yeah.” Ray sighed as they began to leave the cafeteria. “But he wants you. I’m not going to play back up.”

“I respect that. But sometimes all you need is a good fuck to change your mind. And Matt’s a fucking awesome lay.”

“You just say that because you’re the only one he gives his ass to.”

“What the fuck?! It’s like an elephant nutted over here!”

While everyone in the large room turned toward the exclamation and saw a guy tilting a chair to let clumps of watery jizz fall to the floor, Aaron intently did not as he and Ray hurried out of the door.

“One day you’re going to get caught,” Ray said with amazement as he shook his head.

“Four years in this school and they haven’t been able to prove anything yet.” Aaron smirked. “Besides, Mr. Blake was right there. He would be a witness to the fact that I didn’t do anything.”


Fast Food

Aaron entered the fast food restaurant aware of the number of eyes that turned his way. At a height of six feet nine inches and weighing two hundred pounds of solid muscle, the nineteen year-old mostly blended in with the rest of the mixed aged patrons. After taking in his pumped body that was fresh from a workout, most people went about their business. He wasn’t so large that he looked like a bodybuilder, but was ripped and large enough that it was obvious he did more than tone and keep in shape. Along with his height it was just enough to momentarily draw people’s eyes in awe. And in the tight, sweat soaked white tank top and red basketball shorts he wore he was well aware of the eyes that lingered appreciatively.

As he waited at the counter to place his order, he freed his hair from the loose, messy bun it was in. He ran his fingers through the wavy, copper hair that flowed over his shoulders and nearly reached to his nipples. Some of the locks around his face were damp from his workout and were matted against his skin. They framed his long, angular face that contained green eyes, a thin moustache and shadow of hair along his jaw line. He was normally shaved clean but had recently decided to attempt growing a beard again.

Moving to retrieve his food, he smiled to himself overhearing the number of women, and some men, who quietly talked to their companions about him. Though Aaron liked the attention there were times that he preferred anonymity.

With his tray in hand, he took a seat in one of the remote corners of the dining room. From his position, a number of other diners could see him but he was out of the view of most of the staff. Only those who randomly came out to clean tables would be able to see him. He took his time to relax and eat his meal, watching people come and go.

As always happened after his workouts, he felt the stirring in his crotch. Letting nature take its course, he didn’t try to restrain the growing he felt between his legs. Soon, he felt cool air along his left leg as his cock pushed out of the end of his shorts. He looked down at it as it continued to slowly swell and lengthen. Like a feedback loop, it jerked a few times as he was aroused by the sight of his knob stretching out beyond his bent knee. His bullet shaped crown steadily pushed out of his foreskin as it neared full mast. At slightly more than nineteen inches long, it was unquestionably massive and the few thick, raised veins that ran along the length just off center made it appear even larger. From the base where it extended from his untrimmed forest of red hair, it had an almost imperceptible shallow upward curve. Even though it was fully hard, because of the substantial weight it rested on the edge of the seat where he sat. Though there had yet to be any stimulation, he had to shift his left foot to the side because his cock was already leaking a steady stream of precum onto his toes where they rested in his flip flops. While he did enjoy the feel of the slick fluid sliding between them, it was annoying when his toes began to stick together as it dried.

Against his right leg, his sixteen-inch cock pulsed and throbbed as if it were vying for attention. Its tip stopped just passed his bent knee and with each of the jerking movements it rubbed against his leg. The contact was pleasantly stimulating against the taut skin of his crown.

While he continued to eat, anyone who glanced in his direction might have thought he was looking at the food on his tray while he ate. Instead he was looking down at his twin cocks twitching next to his knees. Because of his body and people’s focus on that or fear of antagonizing him, there was little chance of anyone noticing what was happening under the table.

Aware of the people around him, Aaron hiked up the right leg of his shorts and wrapped a hand around the upper portion of his smaller cock and began to slowly stroke it. This was what he liked best: masturbating with people around him. He had often gotten hard in various places and worked out a load or two without being caught despite his massive endowments. While he continued his meal, he leisurely worked his cock, savoring the sensations coursing along its length. As people moved around him, going to and from their tables, they were oblivious to his action.

He had been at it for a few minutes, just getting to the point where an intermittent stream of watery, slick precum seeped from the tip of his favorite cock when he was spotted. A couple that looked slightly older—no more than twenty-five—had taken a table near him. The guy faced him while the girl had her back to him. From where they were seated across the aisle and one away, the guy had a perfect view of Aaron’s crotch. Aaron saw the double take on the guy’s face when he realized what was happening under Aaron’s table.

Though he stopped his stroking, Aaron didn’t hide the cock in his hand and couldn’t cover the horny one whose tip extended beyond his legs and was leaking steadily onto the floor. He watched and waited as the guy began to eat. After a few tense moments, the guy looked back over at his exposed cocks then up to meet Aaron’s eyes. After a quickly mouthed “Wow,” the stranger gave an upward nod of his head as he reached down and adjusted himself before returning his attention to his girlfriend.

Encouraged that he now had an audience, Aaron resumed working his cock. He slowly thumbed the leaking fluid over his cock head before lifting it to his mouth to taste. Across the way, he saw the other guy shake his head slightly as he sucked the salty substance from his thumb. Aaron resumed slowly moving his hand along his length. While he stroked himself, he saw the guy return his hand to his crotch and lift the leg of his soccer shorts to expose the erection that was tenting them. For the number of times he had done this, it still made his dicks twitch when another guy exposed himself in return upon spotting him. It was even rarer for it to happen while the guy was with someone else. It was even better when a good-looking guy with a nice cock did it and this guy fit the bill. Aaron gave the guy a smile of his own and nodded appreciatively.

Aaron began to work his cock in earnest. Even without any direct stimulation, his larger, horny cock was soon ready to blow its load. Stroking in public always made it a hair trigger and with someone watching it was doubly so. Though the guy wasn’t actively playing with himself, he kept his cock out and occasionally rubbed or squeezed it while continuing to surreptitiously watch Aaron. No longer pretending to eat, Aaron stroked his cock quickly while still keeping an eye out for other diners and staff.

Feeling the inevitable approach, Aaron released the cock he was stroking and grabbed the base of his horny cock. He pointed it, hopefully, to a clear spot above the floor between his legs just as he felt the tightening in his crotch. A wave of pleasure coursed through him just as his larger cock swelled and he felt the initial stream of cum travel the length of his tube. The thick fluid forced open his piss slit then flowed down to the base of his crown before falling to the floor. After an initial splat, the wet sound of it continued as his cock steadily pissed cum. He switched hands, holding that cock steady with his left while it continued to release its load, and returned to stroking his other cock with his right.

Looking up, he saw the guy trying not to stare at him with a shocked look on his face and Aaron smiled to himself. Like many, the guy had probably thought he was carrying around dildos as a prank. Seeing the cock push out cum understandably shocked him and he probably was coming to terms with the sight of a guy with two huge dicks.

After a few more strokes, he felt the pleasurable rush as his second set of balls tightened followed quickly by a wave moving along the length of his cock. With a soft sigh, he began to shoot. Unlike the larger cock, there was some force behind this ejaculation. His cock pulsed with each recoil, shooting cum across the space beneath the table. After a few shots, the force subsided. While most of it hit the floor, he felt some of the warm, gelatinous substance strike his lower right leg and sandal-clad foot. He looked over and saw the guy trying to hide a look of surprise. Aaron knew it was a sight seeing the copious amounts of cum leaving both of his cocks. Beneath his audience’s table he saw the guy’s cock jerking involuntarily from his own arousal.

While he caught his breath, Aaron finished his meal then gathered his trash. Before standing he checked under the table to see how far his cocks had softened. The one on the right had disappeared back into his shorts and was weighing down the fabric where it extended beyond the seat. The tip of the larger one on the left was still visible with intermittent drops of cum falling from the end. He ran a tight fist from the base to the end twice in order to milk the remnants of his load out onto the floor. He absently thought, not for the first time, that even the dregs he had just pushed out was more than most men shot in their entirety.

When he finally stood, he glanced down and saw more than a few marbled white streaks trapped in the hair of each leg and some shimmering puddles on the tops of his feet and between his toes. On the floor beneath the table was an even larger mess that would most likely go unnoticed until someone sat there and smelled it. There were even a few streaks of quivering cum on the bench across from where he had sat. He could feel cool air on the tip of his left cock and hoped that it wasn’t sticking out of the leg hole too far but did nothing to adjust his shorts lower.

Not bothering to clean himself, he left the table. As he passed the couple, he gave a quick wink and nod to the guy. Barely out of earshot, he heard the girl comment that it looked like there was semen on his leg and foot, which the guy quickly dismissed.

Trying to not make more of a spectacle of himself than necessary, Aaron made his way out of the restaurant as quickly as possible. He was very aware of the slowly shrinking but prominent ridges in his shorts and the sticky wetness that was still seeping out of his cocks onto his legs as the remnants of his loads were pushed out by the shrinking flesh. He made the short walk to his car while smiling from being happily satisfied in the light of the sunny day.


Suit Fitting

Bill cursed under his breath when the guy walked into the tuxedo rental store. As the only tailor available, Bill would have to be the one to assist him. Even though he knew nothing about the guy beyond his current appearance, he’d had enough encounters with that type that he was already dreading the encounter.

The guy was massive, well over six feet and a half feet tall if not a full seven. He walked with an over confident swagger that was out of place on someone who was twenty years old at the most. On his lean but muscular torso he wore a white, ribbed tank top that was more acceptable as an undergarment than as outerwear. Grudgingly Bill admitted to himself that he had a body that could pull it off as he saw the swell and definition of fit muscles on the man’s arms, the shallow but solid plates that were his pecs, and at least six prominent ripples where his abs were. Around his legs—and Bill intentionally thought legs because that’s where they were—was a pair of basketball shorts whose waistband rested just below the junction of his legs near the bottom of what he would later learn was a high-riding, bubble butt, with the hem falling to just above his thick calves. Covering what otherwise would have been his exposed crotch and ass was a pair of fashionable boxers. The undergarment flowed heavily over the waistband of his shorts as if they contained something substantial and Bill rolled his eyes at the ridiculous display. At the base of his head, his copper hair was pulled into a large messy bun. He had a long, square face with a day or two worth of red growth that from the sharp outline Bill gathered was intentionally done. As Bill approached, the guy’s green eyes fixed him with an appraising stare that Bill met unflinchingly.

“Hi. How can I help you?” Though Bill spoke the words, his tone conveyed his desire to do as little as possible and to get it over with as quickly as possible.

“Hello. I need to get fitted for a tux for my sister’s wedding,” the guy said with surprising friendliness.

Bill gathered some information from him, learning his name was Aaron in the process, in order to pull up the account. As they talked, Aaron was polite and respectful, completely the opposite of what Bill expected from him. It was a bit off-putting and made Bill suspect something was up. While he was sure Aaron was excited for his brother, Bill knew there was no way he really could be so polite.

From the moment he entered the store, Aaron could tell Bill did not want to assist him. Like many other people, the thirty-something guy had apparently already expected him to be rude and completely without manners. Bill grudgingly warmed up to him but Aaron still felt some lingering attitude from the older man.

After finding the information he needed, Bill took Aaron to the back wall where his alcove was located to begin measuring. Second in the row of five, it was open to the store and resembled a shallow but wide coat closet without a door. The three sides had full length mirrors on them so he and the person being fitted could see the final results.

As Bill went through taking measurements, Aaron engaged him in some small talk. Without giving anything away, he began to get a perverse pleasure at what he knew Bill would soon discover. Though it hadn’t been his plan when he walked in—in fact he had intended to ask for privacy due to his condition—he was determined to let the man embarrass himself by not revealing his special needs.

Despite himself, Bill found his guard relaxing and he began to enjoy Aaron’s company as he worked. In a short amount of time, Bill learned Aaron was smarter than he thought the young man to be and began to feel bad for having misjudged him.

“Pull up your shorts, please, so I can measure your inseam,” Bill said as he knelt in front of Aaron.

After Aaron adjusted his shorts, Bill extended the measuring tape from the floor up along Aaron’s leg. As his hand passed Aaron’s left knee, he felt a long mass. Going back to his initial thoughts when Aaron first walked in, Bill set his jaw in irritation. In addition to what was surely a ridiculous amount of padding in his underwear, the pressure of his tape on the fabric of the shorts revealed a not so narrow tube extending down the leg that stopped a few inches up from his knee.

With a sigh of frustration, Bill sat back on his haunches. It wasn’t the first time that a guy had walked in padding his crotch or using a dildo to try to embarrass one of them. Admittedly, whatever Aaron was using was more realistic that the stiff plastic and rubber he was used to, it was still annoying. In addition to what Aaron had done, Bill also was angry with himself for letting his guard down and falling for Aaron’s crap.

“Take it out.” Bill’s tone was bored and unimpressed.

“What?” Aaron looked down at him in confusion. He knew what Bill was referring to but wasn’t going to give up that easily.

“Aaron…” Bill took a deep, calming breath. “Don’t waste my time and yours. Whatever’s in your shorts, take it out. I need to get an accurate measurement.”

“Why do you need to measure my dicks to fit the tux?”

Wanting to be done with this, the fact that Aaron had said dicks passed right by Bill. “I don’t need to measure your penis, I need to measure your leg and seat accurately and whatever you have stuffed in there is just going to throw things off.”

Aaron pursed his lips as he pretended to finally understand what Bill was saying. He lowered his voice as he said, “I know it’s hard to believe, but that really is all me.”

“Bullshit,” is what Bill wanted to say. He wanted to call Aaron out and embarrass him, but what actually came out of his mouth was, “Prove it. If that’s you, show me.”

A fake look of shock crossed Aaron’s face for a moment. Bill was taking the bait much easier than he had anticipated and he fought to suppress a grin. He could see the smug look on Bill’s face and couldn’t wait to see it fall.

Aaron then glanced around and saw that though there were people near them and roaming through the store with an unobstructed view of them, no one was paying attention to them. He knew, however, that it would change shortly. He gave a shrug then pulled down his basketball shorts and let them pool around his ankles.

Bill’s eyes went wide then narrowed suspiciously. Hanging out of the left leg hole of Aaron’s boxers was what looked like about six inches of soft, uncircumcised dick. Of that length, about an inch of it was loose foreskin hanging off the end covering the hidden crown whose bullet shape was outlined in high relief beneath the thin skin. What made him roll his eyes was the inch or so of foreskin also hanging out of the boxers next to the right leg. He could see a network of thin red and blue blood vessels running just below the skin that was a few shades paler than the rest of Aaron’s tanned skin. They both looked real and in another time and place Bill might have praised their lifelike appearance. And if there had only been one, he might have let it pass, but two dicks was just overkill. Aaron had definitely outdone the other pranksters that had tried this.

“Good job with those but they’ve got to go,” Bill said drily refusing to crack.

Aaron smirked. “You still don’t believe it?”

Bill gave him a blank, unamused look in response.

“Fine,” Aaron muttered as he lowered his boxers. “Let’s see if you believe this.”

While Bill knew he should have stopped Aaron and kicked him out of the store, he was still focused on embarrassing Aaron as much as he could. That thought was short-lived as he saw the dicks shift and twitch in a way that had nothing to do with the motion of Aaron’s hands massaging the hanging flesh. They began to swell and lengthen causing the excess foreskin to slowly shorten. As the tips of the cock heads began to push out of the puckered coverings, Bill’s mouth dropped open in shock with the realization that they were indeed real dicks.

“Thanks,” Aaron said as he lifted the end of the left one and directed it into Bill’s mouth. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Bill blinked repeatedly in shock as his mouth was filled with one of the young man’s dicks. For the first time in his thirty-two year old life, there was a dick in his mouth. Not only that, but at some point Aaron had directed his hands to stroke the hardening shaft while the young man stroked his other slightly smaller dick that was also hardening next to his head. With everything going on, Bill couldn’t decide which was more unbelievable: the size of the dick in his mouth, the fact that he even had a dick in his mouth, or the fact that the owner of said dick was stroking a second one in front of his face.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” Aaron said with a soft, horny tone as he stroked his smaller, sixteen-inch cock. Though they were different lengths, at full mast they were identical down to their slightly upward curve. The weight of each one prevented them from rising under their own power at more than a superficial angle. When he began to move his hips, gently fucking his cock into Bill’s mouth, he soon found out that the man could not handle much more than the bullet-shaped tip of his nineteen-inch cock and didn’t try to force more in.

Bill felt a steady flow of sticky-slick precum seep from the long piss slit onto his tongue. Even though it was mostly bitter, there was just enough sweetness to it to make it palatable. Part of him began to wonder why he had never done this before while the rest of him tried to reason that he shouldn’t be doing it at all. His eyes moved to the mirrors surrounding him and he groaned with a bit of embarrassment. A small crowd was staring at them obviously in shock. He could see their eyes move between focusing on Aaron’s cocks and what he was doing with the one in his mouth. He knew he needed to stop but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Aaron stood enjoying his pleasure without shame. He was used to having an audience and it helped stoke his arousal. Feeling the cock Bill was sucking get perilously close to the end, he released the cock in his hands and grasped Bills head. “Almost there, big guy. Hope you like cum ‘cause you’re about to get a double dose of it.”

Having heard Aaron’s words, Bill attempted to pull off the young man’s cock but he was held in place by the hands on his head. He heard Aaron’s breathing become deeper and speed up and really began to worry. It had not occurred to him when he first began mouthing the cock head that he would soon have to deal with a mouthful of cum.

A grunt was the only warning Bill received before he felt the crown swell further in his mouth and a rush of fluid filled it. Even though he had been warned, he had not known what to expect and choked as his body tried to deal with the substance. He could feel it flowing thickly out of the sides of his mouth and down his chin. Even as the flow began to subside, he felt the cock jerk in his mouth signaling a redoubling of the flow.

“Fuck, yeah,” Aaron groaned as he enjoyed the feelings washing through him and the sight of the man on his knees unsuccessfully dealing with his load.

Bill gave up trying to cope with Aaron’s load and remained still as cum continuously flowed from the huge cock into his mouth before flowing out around the hose that had delivered it. Part of him thought he should try to swallow it but he knew it would be as futile as Aaron trying to fuck his mouth. He felt defeated and couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Instead of shooing the thug out of the store, he was being used and humiliated in front of his coworkers and customers. When he felt the intensity of Aaron’s flow subside, he let out a wet sigh of relief.

“Almost done,” Aaron said as he began to fist his neglected cock. With the one in Bill’s mouth dribbling out the dregs of his load, he stroked his second dick to a separate orgasm.

Bill’s eyes went wide as he watched a thick stream of pearlescent off-white leave Aaron’s second piss slit that was aimed at his chest. Even if his shirt weren’t soaked with the cum that had fallen out of his mouth, this first shot would have accomplished the task. Because of Aaron’s moving fists, the second shot that hit landed on his face. With the sting of semen in his eyes, Bill could only sit in humiliation listening to the surprisingly audible wet sound of cum leaving the second dick while Aaron covered him in jizz.

With the dick Bill had been sucking soft and hanging between his legs again as it shrank, Aaron took his time and milked the remains of his load out of the other into the man’s empty mouth that was still hanging open probably from shock. Nearly everyone in the store had stopped to watch what had just happened and he could see more than a few guys tenting their pants with their own arousal. With his second cock softening, he released it then took a moment to stretch his arms above his head as if standing in the middle of a store after releasing enough cum to fill a kiddie pool out of two massive dicks was a normal thing. Admittedly, for him it was.

Aaron gave a heavy sigh knowing his sister and parents were going to be upset by the fact that they’d probably have to change rental shops then bent down to pull up his shorts. As he straightened, he paused to say to Bill, “You’re lucky I didn’t try to fuck your ass. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before being such a dick to your customers. If you’re gonna act like one, you better be able to back it up.”

Even after he heard Aaron leave, Bill continued to kneel in place wondering how he was going to explain to his wife why he no longer had a job.

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