A warm feeling inside

by Nightingale

Adrian meets his new roommate, and right from the start he gets a warm feeling inside.

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Going into college, Adrian was a knockout with the ladies. At 6’3 and 180 pounds of tight lean muscles, with shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes, they swooned over him in every class. Not to mention the obvious bulge from his generously endowed cock that sent them into fits of giggles. It was too bad for them that Adrian couldn’t care less what they thought of him. While he enjoyed the attention, he was certain that he preferred a big meaty piece of hot masculine ass than anything a woman could give him.

And so that’s why he couldn’t believe his luck when he first met his new roommate. It was his first time out of his family home and he was nervous about living with another guy. But as soon as his roommate walked in, he couldn’t stop staring. After a few seconds, he realized he was being rude and decided to introduce himself.

“H-hi se—, I mean, I’m Adrian,” he held out his trembling hand for the roommate to shake, blushing that he almost let his subconscious mind call him sexy before he even said two words to the guy.

Lucky for him, the guy smiled and laughed, and my goodness what a smile! Those beautiful white teeth contrasted against his deeply tanned skin and seemed to make his face ten times more attractive, not to mention that beautiful silky baritone laugh seemed to make his heart melt.

The roommate took Adrian’s hand and gave him another sample of that voice. “Nice to meet you Adrian, I’m Kyle.” As they broke off the handshake, he swept his black bangs to the side, revealing deep hazel eyes. Adrian hadn’t noticed it before, but he was in the unfamiliar position of looking up into Kyle’s eyes.

He had to be about 6’7, and the firm handshake confirmed that beneath those clothes lay a powerful build that must come from years of heavy lifting in the gym. That was confirmed when Kyle took off his sweatshirt, revealing thick arms and pecs, showcased in a tight-fitting shirt, that looked like they belonged to an aspiring junior bodybuilder. However, the real pièce de résistance came when Kyle started bringing boxes in. The first time he bent down to set down a box, Adrian’s eyes bugged out of his head as he saw an ass that seemed disproportionately large, seeming to fight a battle to be freed from the sweatpants that were encasing them, showing every detail of the round, basketball sized ass cheeks.

Adrian quickly turned on his side on his bed, hiding his growing cock from his roommate. While he was 5 inches soft with a nice heft to it, he was still a grower, and the last thing he needed was for his roommate to see his cock head pop up through his waistband. He felt bad not offering to help with the boxes, but he didn’t think he would be much help in this state. However, by the way Kyle smiled at him as he passed by his bed, he had a feeling the secret was already out.

As soon as he moved the last of the boxes in, Kyle sat on his own bed, smiled over at Adrian, and asked softly, “So, you’re gay right?”

Adrian was quite frankly startled by the bluntness of the question. He supposed it really was hard to hide his horse cock when he got aroused. “Um…yeah. Are you?” He kicked himself internally for the lame reply, but after all he was talking to possibly the most sexy guy he’d ever seen.

“Yeah, man, so you wouldn’t mind if I got a little more comfortable? I’m sure you noticed that these pants are a bit tight, but public decency and all that…” Without waiting for an answer Adrian got up and pulled his sweatpants down off his ass, revealing two bulging globes squeezed into a jock strap, pulling it tight to reveal a cock a little below average, but still a respectable size.

Adrian couldn’t help himself. Before he could do anything about it, his cock swelled up, popping out of his waistband yet again, growing so thick that it popped the button off his jeans. He sat stunned on the bed, his footlong, 6-inch-around cock curved up to hit the bottom of his chest. Kyle seemed to be stunned too, but slowly moved closer to where Adrian sat. He slowly started to feel along its length, but Adrian had always been the dominant one in the relationships.

Animal instincts kicking in, Adrian jumped out of the bed, practically ripping his shirt as he tore it off, he stripped off his pants and underwear, revealing his tight muscular form in all its glory. Kyle caught on and instead of trying to fumble around taking off his shirt, he tore his shirt into two pieces with his powerful muscles, following suit with his jockstrap.

Adrian pushed Kyle down onto the bed, taking advantage of the weakness the massive man seemed to be showing as he was stunned by the monster cock. Adrian started rubbing the tip of his cock against Kyle’s ass, feeling a strange warmth he wasn’t quite used to as soon as he entered the huge jock’s ass, as he pushed himself deeper, using his own pre as lube, he felt that warmth spreading throughout his body, deep into his muscles. He was shocked when his entire hung cock disappeared into the huge ass, but he felt such warmth and power that he spurred into action.

He thrust, and noticed an odd feeling. He swore he could feel his muscles pushing against his skin. He thrust again, the feeling increasing. However, after another thrust, the feeling became less of a strange one and just like a nice warm bath. He wasn’t focused on the fact that the bed creaked a little more with every thrust, or that every grunt he let out was a little deeper than the last. He did, however, spend most of his attention noticing that his cock seemed to continue to plunge deeper into Kyle’s ass, which seemed to be swelling around his massive cock.

This continued, the raw animal sex until Adrian noticed something unusual. His pecs were starting to enter his field of vision a lot more than before. They had stuck out a few inches from his chest, so he guessed it was just because of heavy breathing. He didn’t linger too long on the thought. He had both hands on Kyle’s ass, feeling the soft flesh squeezing constantly between his fingers, no matter how many times he readjusted his position. Kyle came onto the sheets after a couple more minutes of this, but Adrian wasn’t nearly done. He pounded rougher and rougher, Kyle seeming to be lifted up by the cock inside him. After a solid 20 minutes, Adrian finally came, more violently than he ever had before. He felt rope after rope of cum shoot into Kyle, in such quantities that his swollen muscle gut started to touch the bed, and even lift him up. It seemed Adrian had a huge amount of cum to deliver, and Kyle wasn’t running out of room to hold it.

Eventually Adrian pulled out when he finished after what must have been five minutes, looking satisfied at Kyle, who had a giant yoga ball sized gut shaped around his huge muscles.

The first thing Adrian noticed about his own body was that his foot-long cock didn’t seem to be shrinking down. In fact, it felt like it was already soft, and was in fact drooping downward. He got up, and was surprised to find that the room was a lot shorter than he remembered, but he probably just didn’t notice the low ceilings before. After all, Kyle seemed to be fine in this room and he was four inches taller than Adrian. He worked his way across the room, kicking so many things he could swear his feet had grown, but he must just be a little clumsy after such an intense orgasm. He quickly realized his error in thinking, however, when he tried to get through the door to the bathroom. As he approached it, it was very clear that he was going to have to duck significantly. He did so, but found himself blocked from passage by his broad shoulders. Thinking this strange, he managed to sidle into the bathroom sideways and get to the toilet in time. He finished, and moved to the sink. He washed his hands, and then splashed some water into his face. His eyes went wide for a second, and then he smirked at the giant figure in the mirror.

He loved being so big it even caught him off guard. After all, he had started lifting heavy in high school as soon as he had access to the gym. And his growth spurt in his sophomore year that sprung him up to a towering 8 feet tall only helped him to feel more imposing. He flexed his biceps, watching the massive basketball of muscle rise up to show its double head. He ducked through the door back to the main area of the dorm, doing his usual sideways shuffle to squeeze his double wide shoulders through. He had to watch his step, there were still boxes to be unpacked, and with feet fit for size 18 shoes, he had to kick things to the side at times to make room to step. That was the price of being a mass monster, but he had to admit, he didn’t really see it as a problem. At least he had gotten one of the dorms with higher ceilings.

He smiled at the resting form of Kyle on the bed. He was surprised with the little guy—usually his massive loads ended up shooting out of the other guy’s mouth. It wasn’t often that someone could take the whole load. That ass the size of two beach balls though was irresistible. Adrian sat down on the bed, feeling the familiar creak of pain that furniture gave when he sat, and gently kneaded the massive mounds of flesh that was his roommate. He picked up the sleeping figure, laying the ass in his lap, his thick quads making a nice big platform for the ass to rest, and laid Kyle’s head against his thick pecs that stuck out several inches as if they were pillows above the 10 pack of brick-like abs attached to his middle. He could already feel his massive cock expanding from its 15 inches soft all the way up to his chin. He could, and he had in the past, sucked himself when he was horny, but with an ass like his roommate’s to play with, well, he could only hope that Kyle was up for round two when he woke up.

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