A donkey dick at the senior rehab

by Flynn

It’s all right there in the title.

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In 1968 I got out of the army and was accepted to a college in western Massachusetts. Although the G.I.bill paid for most of my expenses, I still needed a part time job to augment my government payments. I got a job at a senior citizen rehab center. My job consisted of feeding, bathing and helping the patients get around as well as doing basic janitorial work.

I worked in the men’s section and I saw many of the men naked. There were a lot of low hanging balls but most of the mens’ dicks were average to slightly larger or smaller than average. A month or so after I started working at the center, a frail old man was admitted. He was being rehabbed after having a stroke. I overheard a couple of nurses laughing about the man’s cock. I tried to hear what they were saying without being too obvious but I didn’t catch enough of the conversation. A couple of days later I found out what they were talking about.

Harry was the old man’s name and when it came time to bathe Harry, I had to help him off with his bathrobe, then his pajama top. My partner held Harry in the standing position as I pulled his pajama bottoms down. What I saw took my breath away. Harry had the biggest flaccid cock I had ever seen. I was in the army so I saw miles of cock but Harry’s cock was special. I’ll talk about his dimensions later. Well endowed didn’t do this man justice. His long thick shaft ended with a foreskin that spread out to cover a huge knob then ended in a funnel shape. His shaft had one thick blue vein running down the full length of his enormous shaft with smaller veins branching off. His balls were low hanging and of average size but looked small compared to his donkey dick. Even though Harry was frail, his monstrous man meat still looked very powerful. I noticed a smile on his face when I exposed his cock. Harry was well aware of the impact on everyone when they saw this Anaconda.

After we got him into the tub, I started bathing him. My heart was pounding as I got closer to his cock. I didn’t want to appear to eager to get there. Finally I got to his dick. I pulled the foreskin back to expose a huge knob with a piss hole that looked big enough to stick my little finger in. I spent as much time as I could “washing” the shaft. I thought I felt a little movement in his dick. Could he be getting aroused? We finished bathing him, dressed him and put him back in his bed. I noticed that as we lifted him into his bed, he grabbed his massive tool through his pajamas and lifted it.

This was something he did all of the time.

a few days later, I was walking by his bed and he said, “Hey kid, I need to take a piss. Will you help me?” I said, “Sure.” I helped him into the wheelchair as he grabbed his junk. I wheeled him into the bathroom and over to a toilet. Harry said,”I need to take a piss, not a shit.” I wheeled him over to a urinal. I helped him up and he fumbled for his cock but he was unsteady. I said,”Harry are you sure you don’t want to sit?” He said, “I’m a man. I stand when I piss.” He grabbed onto me with both arms and said,”Pull my cock out and hold it for me.” I knew at that moment that Harry knew that I was turned on by his massive meat. I pulled his cock out and held it. I was completely hard. I was waiting for him to start pissing when he said, “Pull the foreskin back, do you want me to piss on myself?” I’m cut so I had no idea. I pulled the foreskin back and he let it go. I could feel the piss coming along the shaft and out of that enormous piss hole. “He could put out a fire with that volume”,I thought. He farted a couple of times as he pushed the piss out. Then I could feel his cock muscle flex a few times as he drained the last of the piss out of that long shaft. I helped him back to bed then I went back into the bathroom and jacked off.

Later that day as I was walking through the ward, Harry called me over again. “Hey kid, I know that you love my big cock. How would you like to play with it and see what happens.” He had a wicked smile. I said, “I’d love to play with it, suck it and do all sorts of good things to it but how are we going to manage that here?”

“I got a plan”, he said. “At night the nurse gives everyone a pill. It knocks you out. These guys on either side of me will be out cold. I’ll take my pil but I won’t swallow it.” I said, “After nine o’clock this place is dead, so I could come then.” Harry said, “Great!”

We settled on a night and I left. I was more excited then a kid waiting for Christmas.

The night finally came. I brought with me several things: Lotion, a towel, a cock ring and a measuring tape. I had to get his dimensions. At 9:15 I walked over to his bed. “Harry are you awake,” I whispered. He said, “Of course I’ve been waiting all day for this!” I asked,”Can I measure your dick?”

He laughed, “Go ahead you wouldn’t be the first to ask that.” I pulled his pajama bottoms down below his knees. There was that enormous cock just laying there across and over the side of his left leg. I took the head and straightened it out so it rested between his closed legs. I took the tape measure and started at the pubic bone and measured along the length to the tip of the glans. His cock measured an incredible 8-3/4” long FLACCID! I measured the girth at mid shaft. It was a little over 6” around. His cock head measure 2-1/2” across at the widest part and 2-3/4” long. I wondered how you could get enough blood in this Anaconda to get hard. I found out.

I pulled his foreskin back and started to rub the lotion around the enormous head. Then I slowly started to massage the shaft. I worked on his cock for about ten minutes but it wasn’t responding. I asked, “Harry are you feeling anything?” He said, “At my age and with this big dick of mine, it’s going to take a little doing.” I said, “Have you ever tried a cock ring?” He asked, “You have a cock ring with you?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Put it on man!” It was a leather cock ring with three snaps for small medium and large girth cocks. I carefully put it under his balls and around his dick at the base. I had a hard time snapping it in the first snap. I asked,”Is it too tight, Harry?” He said, “The tighter the better!”.

I began massaging his incredible tool again. Without asking I stuck his cock head in my mouth. It barely fit. I started running my tongue all around it. Harry said, “Put some lotion on my shaft just behind the head and massage in a circle with your finger. That usually gets me started.” I did as I was told.

After about a minute, I could feel his massive cock start to stir. Harry said, “Ok I’m beginning to feel something. Now that I’ve been jump started you can do what you want,” he laughed. I started stroking his shaft and it began to get longer and longer. The veins were starting to bulge. His dick started slivering down his leg like a snake moving through grass. I couldn’t believe the size that it was getting. His cock head got wider and his piss hole got big enough to stick my tongue in. “I have to measure you again.”

“Alright but make it snappy, I don’t want to loose it!” He was now 12-1/4” long and his massive head was 3-1/4” across. I continued to massage the shaft and cock head. I noticed that even though he was clearly aroused, his cock was still soft. I asked, “Harry do you get hard?” He said, “Not anymore but I did once. I was 13-1/2” long in my prime and I could get hard enough to fuck but when you have a dick this big, it’s difficult to find someone willing to take it!” I stuck his knob in my mouth and sucked on it while I worked the shaft with both hands. All of a sudden I could feel his cock starting to spasm weakly several times and his body started to tremble. I could feel a few drops of cum ooze out of that massive piss hole. I cleaned him up, pulled his pajamas back up. I wondered if your orgasms are more intense the bigger your dick is.

Harry asked, “Are you going to do this again in a few days?”

I said, “You better believe it!”

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