A day in the life of a pregnant gay couple

by JKL

 A glimpse into the pleasurable life of a couple of extraordinary men who’ve impregnated each other with their seed.

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I wake up to feel my husband’s swollen belly and boner rub against my back. I’m tempted to wake him up with a belly rub and blowjob, but seeing the dark circles under his eyes makes me think otherwise. His little one must have kept him up last night with its kicking.

Instead, I get out of bed, stretch whichever limbs I can, and I approach the full-length mirror next to my dresser. I’ve never been a narcissist, but ever since I had my husband’s seed grow inside me, the ‘pregnancy glow’ has been treating me well. I feel my hormonally-engorged cock begin to stiffen as I touch myself.

I rub the stubble adorning my cheeks and chin which I trace with my fingers, softer and silkier than my usual five o’clock shadow like down feathers. I flex my watermelon biceps, larger than my previous swimmer’s build. I cup and grope my milk-swollen pecs, each as big as a fluffy pillow and topped with perky nipples tenting my silk pyjama shirt by at least half an inch. A wet spot appears over each juicy nub as I tweak them. I squeeze my extra-large buns of an ass, firm yet fat with succulent flesh. Finally, I unbutton my shirt up to my pecs and my boner jumps to full mast as the silk parts like stage curtains to reveal my big, hairy, pregnant ball-belly.

I pull down my silky pyjama bottoms to free my monster cock and melon balls, all swollen and engorged from hormones for two people in one body. Pre-cum starts dripping from the fat pinkish head of my cannon-sized dick as I arch my back while I finger my shallow navel and caress my globular gut, making it look bigger and rounder than it normally is. I moan as my future child stirs awake inside of me, little bulges rising and falling on my belly as it squirms about, and I’m nearly about to cum when a third warm hand begins to stroke my cock while a fourth unbuttons the rest of my top, and I turn to give my hubby a long, steamy tongue-battling kiss as he embraces me the best he can considering his equally massive belly.

We spend nearly an hour in front of the mirror, rubbing and grinding against each other while making out and getting all musky and sticky as our constant erections gush seed and precum until it runs down our under-bellies and legs. My husband not-so-reluctantly draws us a bath in our large jacuzzi tub, and we continue groping and kissing until our stomachs and soon-to-be children inform us, they need food now.

By the time we waddle downstairs, our twin assistants/accoucheurs Timmy and Jimmy are finishing up preparing enough breakfast to feed twice the number of people in our household, and they greet us with identical smiles to our faces and kisses and rubs to our bellies. They’ve been extremely helpful since we hired them a couple of months ago when we got too big to do the more strenuous household chores, and their ‘assistance’ in keeping our hormone levels and sex life constantly high show just why they were so highly recommended by their agency and the previous couples whom they helped bring their children into the world.

After we finish eating, my husband and I help Timmy and Jimmy by doing the easier chores like folding laundry atop our guts like folding tables. Next, Timmy and Jimmy coach us for a prenatal yoga session and a walk around the garden to maintain healthy physical activity and blood circulation. After lunch, they treat us with a full body rub, massage and Kama-Sutra which involves them caressing our bellies (stimulating foetal activity), milking our pec-boobs with a breastmilk pump (prevents the body from stunting milk production) and massaging our genitals and ends with them sucking and riding our dicks like a couple of swollen Tilt-A-Whirls (pure sexual pleasure for both parties) before preparing an equally large dinner and leaving for the night.

After dinner, my husband leads me back to our bedroom, tugging on my leaking boner like a leash. We end up lying sideways in a 69 position on the bed, sucking each other’s dicks as our hands explore every inch of our full squirming bellies. I slip my licked fingers into my hubby’s perfect pink asshole between his juicy glutes, earning a loud moan as he licks my belly button before I gently screw him doggy-style on the bed, my cock sliding in and out while his belly and pecs bounce with the motion and vice versa. Our guts swell up even bigger as we ejaculate nearly a gallon of seed into each other and plugging each other up with strap-on dildoes the twins gave us as a prenatal gift. Slowly yet sensually we drift off to sleep, my hands caressing my gut as I both anticipate and mourn the day we give birth.

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