2019 Year-End Round-Up

2019 Year-End Round-Up

The year 2019 is at an end. Let us rejoice. It’s incumbent on every website and video channel to do end-of-year rundowns, of course, and we here at Alternative Gay Erotica R Us will not disappoint. I’ll admit I was immensely curious, even more than last year, to see what stories would end up on the 2019 most-viewed and highest-rated lists. Below, I’ve assembled two Top 50 lists of stories on the site in 2019 ranked by popularity and by votes.

It’s been a fun year in BRKland. I continue to be proud of the writing I’ve done, and the site has attracted several talented new contributors willing to share their deliciously prurient imaginings alongside the veteran writers who’ve graced our site for years. The site continues to grow steadily. In August 2019 the total story page views per month passed 400,000 for the first time, and again in December—twice where we were at the beginning of 2018. That’s counting views on the story pages only, with a limit of one view per page per session per IP address. Total words added to the site in 2019: 1.7 million (15% of them mine), up from 1.3 million in 2018. The site now hosts 4,431 chapters across 1,441 stories. (More site statistics can be seen here.) Also in September I passed a personal milestone: with some amazement I calculated that I had just passed 1.5 million words writing as BRK since 1997.

For this year’s lists I’ve used the same methodology as before. The outcome on both lists is a great mix of different kinds of stories, reflecting a diversity of tastes, tones, genres, and interests. I’m also pleased that both lists boast several authors new to the site alongside the steady contributors with more familiar handles. There are even a few authors on the lists who’d shared stories with us before and returned this year after a long gap. As I said last year, though Metabods remains, from my point of view, first and foremost an outlet for my own writing, it will always mean a great deal to me to be able to provide a safe place for stories about men who exceed the confines of mundane reality.

With the most popular list, I wanted to show which stories were popular with lots of readers, so while I ranked the stories by page view count per story in 2019 I also factored in the diversity of IP addresses to a small extent so that high page views come from primarily from the same happy visitors gave some ground to stories that pleased a lot of people. This should result in a list that more directly shows actual popularity with site visitors as a whole this year. IP addresses that were banned for abuse of the star rating system were excluded.

Most Popular Stories, 2019

  1. All good things by Anon Amon (41,825 views)
  2. Spice by Mad Dog and Mr. X (34,321 views)
  3. Justin (the bigger the better) by Giant Worshipper (28,920 views)
  4. Jason's big problem by Joven (25,933 views)
  5. Above average by Ziel (22,441 views)
  6. Skin tight by Dream Big (22,181 views)
  7. Growth school by Writ Bro (18,055 views)
  8. Max's wish by Bulge101 (17,015 views)
  9. Empire by LenZelig (17,628 views)
  10. Coach Barker by Argenti (16,724 views)
  11. Bull's strength by muscl4life (15,513 views)
  12. Hard body by Also Known As (15,818 views)
  13. My roommate by LenZelig (15,081 views)
  14. His brother drains his manhood by Ballmeat (12,341 views)
  15. Basically a god by CurlyJin (13,176 views)
  16. grUV by quickquezzed (12,197 views)
  17. Mind and body by BRK (14,573 views)
  18. Chuck, the size thief by spacevlad (15,494 views)
  19. Cow-boy by JKL (11,583 views)
  20. A fucking god by Jerkoffcentral (11,466 views)
  21. Sometimes drugs offer more than a high by Tereshky (12,262 views)
  22. Bear's den by Pfefferooney (12,337 views)
  23. Karma pills by Musiker (10,623 views)
  24. Touch by BRK (12,332 views)
  25. Dr. Engorgio by TheSizeKing (11,284 views)
  26. The brothers by FanTCMan (12,736 views)
  27. Alpha product series by Chet Boner (11,805 views)
  28. Medicine show by Fafhrd (15,435 views)
  29. The need to obey by Musiker (11,034 views)
  30. The new guy by Also Known As (11,516 views)
  31. Adam's first growth spurt by MDS (8,355 views)
  32. Alpha by CharitysSongbird (9,656 views)
  33. Public relations by Maximilian (11,052 views)
  34. A.I. by Corwin (9,773 views)
  35. Coming of age by Also Known As (9,616 views)
  36. The boy who cried big by Kalos Kiryu (8,496 views)
  37. Buying new underwear by James Morris (7,551 views)
  38. Big changes by Ziel (10,267 views)
  39. The beefening by Benjamin Skipper (9,259 views)
  40. The lucky accident by Alakazam1988 (8,869 views)
  41. Dylan & Josh by Alakazam1988 (10,655 views)
  42. Kenji by Dream Big (9,537 views)
  43. Second puberty by JayPat (11,038 views)
  44. Sam and Bolt by Alakazam1988 (11,095 views)
  45. His cock gets huge by Jack Hardwood (9,818 views)
  46. Loading... by Ziel (9,605 views)
  47. Little bro by Ziel (8,254 views)
  48. I want what I want by NCGazza (8,710 views)
  49. Puberty is a bitch by Lover Boy 2 (9,065 views)
  50. Mutant by Marquis de Rent (8,369 views)

As I noted last year, my own showing on this list is partly the ironic result of my being the site’s most prolific contributor. Most authors write a small number of stories and keep adding chapters to them, piling their view counts onto a limited number of story titles. This year I wrote 62 chapters across 31 stories, 19 of them new. (Last year it was 56 chapters over 37 stories, 10 new, so I’ve written more, but slacked in my general resolution to continue old stories rather than starting new ones—though to be fair I did a pile of vignettes in June, and I had a few new commissions this year. My wordcount this year was 254,893, down 13k from 2018 but consistent with what I’ve been writing from 2017 on; the previous four years I was closer to 100k a year, and less before that.)

So my views are a lot more spread out than those of the other authors on the site. (If you’re wondering, my stories get about 11-12% of the site views every year.) I am happy to see “Touch” on the list—it’s one of my favorites out of my recent efforts, and I’ll definitely be returning to it very soon.

For the highest-rated list, I combined the average star ranking for votes cast in 2019 in a weighted formula with the number of votes, to reward the stories that have attracted a large number of positive votes. Again, banned IP addresses were excluded, as were stories with 5 or fewer votes in 2019.

In the list below, the stars reflect only 2019 votes.

Highest-Rated Stories, 2019

  1. Empire by LenZelig
  2. Touch by BRK
  3. Skin tight by Dream Big
  4. My roommate by LenZelig
  5. Bali encounter by LenZelig
  6. grUV by quickquezzed
  7. Toy story by LenZelig
  8. Public relations by Maximilian
  9. Dr. Engorgio by TheSizeKing
  10. Dylan & Josh by Alakazam1988
  11. Mirror, mirror on the wall by Double-U
  12. Coach Barker by Argenti
  13. Loading... by Ziel
  14. Hey, buddy by Dream Big
  15. All good things by Anon Amon
  16. Crisis in Carraido by BRK
  17. The new guy by Also Known As
  18. Caleb finally grows up by Joven
  19. The need to obey by Musiker
  20. Anomalous Materials Research Facility 3‑DL by Mad Dog
  21. Kenji by Dream Big
  22. You and I: The greatest fuck in the world by Also Known As
  23. The jock bully by JayPat
  24. One hot summer by BRK
  25. Pool party by BRK
  26. The tournament by AG Silver
  27. Unintended hypnotist by Superlax
  28. The brothers by FanTCMan
  29. Max's wish by Bulge101
  30. The perils of fair trade by Dream Big
  31. Threefer by BRK
  32. Andy finds Cockr gives and takes away by Clearlyhere
  33. The boy who cried big by Kalos Kiryu
  34. Magic eye by RdyRoger
  35. Hollyville by Tereshky
  36. A.I. by Corwin
  37. Irresistible by Jefftaur
  38. The fan by Also Known As
  39. Lucas gets everything he wanted, and more by Joven
  40. I want what I want by NCGazza
  41. Spice by Mad Dog and Mr. X
  42. My horny friend Logan by oldcondom24
  43. The hulk pill by JayPat
  44. Centurion of light by Ravine Mountain
  45. Coming of age by Also Known As
  46. A tune up by Dream Big
  47. Read carefully by Aphon
  48. Finding Owen by BRK
  49. Hothorne Academy by Also Known As
  50. Alex and the giant by JB

Explore the lists, browse the site, search for what you like by tag and keyword, and don’t forget to upvote and comment on your favorite stories—it really does help the authors.

I hope for, and wish you all, a safe and happy 2020. The next update will be on 11 January. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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