Site Update 11 January 2020

Site Update: 11 January 2020

This week I had a lot of fun writing five new chapters for the commissioned story “One Hot Summer”. That turned out to be rather more than the commission, as you might have guessed, but I had to get to a certain… climactic moment in the story, and I was really enjoying hanging out with these guys. So, yeah, ten thousand words this week about hot guys making pizza, eating special baked goods, and slowly getting bigger. Hope you like. If not, there’s all kinds of stuff in the update below, new and continuing, for you to select from, so have at it.

Speaking of which, Richard Jasper, also known in the community as Arpeejay and one of the “name” authors in strength and muscle erotica, sent me a note about posting his existing stories here, which I’m delighted to do. The first two are shared below, and we should be seeing a steady stream in coming weeks. Incidentally, you don’t have to write something special just for the site to post here, so if you’ve got stories that have been shared elsewhere but you think will fit here, by all means let me know.

Next update is 25 January. Check out the 2019 Year-End Round-Up if you missed it last week, and be sure to tip your servers—I mean, be sure to upvote and comment on stories you like, cuz authors needs to knows what works. And whatever you do, do not downvote just because you don’t like the genre—that’s not what we are here. Read the tags, that’s what they’re there for, and if it’s not up your street go ahead and find something great that is. In the meantime, hope you’re having a good new year so far and that an excellent 2020 lies ahead. Thanks for stopping by and visiting a while. Enjoy the site!

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