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Shirtbusters by TFWizard Jared, Lance, and Lance’s father Ben discover a way to bust out of their shirts, and they can’t get enough of it. 2 parts Added Oct 2005 47k views 4.1 stars (15 votes) 6,769 words •Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Age Difference•Incest•Father/Son

Growing Gabriel by TFWizard Gabriel saves his roommate Jake in a car accident but gets injured severely himself. As Jake is grieving and wishes his friend to recover, an angel appears to grant him power to help his buddy. 2 parts Added May 2005 19k views 3.9 stars (8 votes) 3,527 words •Muscle Growth•Getting Taller•Size Increase

Bound to Ben by TFWizard David and Ben are friends and cousins, but while David is athletic and likes working out, Ben hasn’t had the drive to keep himself fit. That changes when David gets put in charge of Ben’s body. Added May 2005 15k views 3.3 stars (7 votes) 1,503 words •Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength

The flame on twelve wheels by TFWizard Two friends find life is more fun with three legs, especially on skates. 7 parts Added Mar 2005 7,227 views 11k words •Multileg•Multilimb•Three Legs •NS

Charlie’s changes by TFWizard 3 parts Added Apr 2005 9,867 views 2.7 stars (3 votes) 3,363 words •Multilimb

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