Supporting the Site

Thank you so much for visiting and being a part of Metabods. This is a nonprofit site that I run entirely on my own, and I've always vowed that access to its content will forever be free to all. I've made a few attempts at adding unobtrusive advertising with the site over the years, but I've never been comfortable with the result, and the actual resulting revenue was between minuscule and zero.

That means I'm dependent on the kindness of strangers (and of good friends!) via donations, Patreon patronage, and (possibly at some point in the future) commissioned works. See below for more.

You can also help the site out by submitting your own stories! Just head over to the feedback and submissions page for more information.

Be a Site Donor

Hosting and bandwidth can get expensive. And the 2016 site migration ended up incurring some unexpected costs. Anything you donate here goes toward maintaining and improving the site and, if possible, the equipment I use to produce it, and earns my undying gratitude.

Huge thanks and love to the friends of the site who've contributed via the PayPal Tip Jar. Thanks so much for helping defray the costs of this labor of love.

  • 2016 donors: Matthew P.  –  Darrell V.  –  Arya I.  –  David L.
  • 2015 donors: Keith M.  –  Nathan B.  –  Matthew P.  –  Ned L.  –  John A.  –  Austin B.  –  Damien B.  –  Mark T.  –  David L.
  • 2014 donors: Simon W.  –  Daniel G.  –  Matthew P.  –  Mark T.  –  Timothy G.  –  John A.
  • 2013 donors: Kerry S.  –  Nathan B.  –  David L.  –  James C.  –  Frank D.  –  Keith M.

Thank you so much to all of the above—your help has made it so much easier to keep the site going strong, and I'm so grateful.

Brian Ramirez Kyle is on Patreon

BRK has a live Patreon! If you're interested in becoming a patron, check out BRK's Patreon page to find out how my Patreon supporters get not only gratitude but a closer relationship with my content. You can also get in touch with me to ask me more about it. You can pledge as little as a single dollar—any level of patronage is both a help and an encouragement, and as with any Patreon there are different kinds of patron bonuses for different levels.

Follow the link below to find out more, or to see what's involved in becoming a Patreon patron!

Click here to check out BRK's Patreon Page

Commissioned Work

Some of you have asked about writing custom-commissioned work. After the reno is done on the site, I'll be able to think about setting up commissions, and the information will be here. In the meantime, another possibility is the "ask a question, get a written scene" bonus that comes with many of the support levels on Patreon. Click on the link above to find out more.