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Creatures or aliens that facilitate transformation in humans, in return for the pleasure or benefits they derive from the change.

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    • Alien implants (revised) by WordShop(2 parts)CGrow Hair Cock MGrow Musc Symb  Three twenty-year-old military brats have a close encounter that leaves behind unexpected surprises for them all. How do three young guys deal with something that they cannot even begin to explain or understand? Not to mention the very strange dreams…  Added Nov 2017  •  3.1K words
    • Cursed compression top by Rurik(3 parts)Suit MGrow Symb Tf  A cursed compression top will transform its wearer beyond his wildest dreams.  Added May 2020  •  Updated Jun 2020  •  3.1K words
    • Speedo transformation by bruce  CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Symb Tf  That castmate in your high school play with the hot cock, great body, and perfect ass has a secret: special Speedos. And he’s very willing to share.  Added Feb 2009  •  2.1K words