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Stories that feature guys with wings, usually otherwise completely human (i.e., angel-type guys).

Kinds of “Wings” stories include:

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    Stories found: 7.

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    Complete story list for Wings:

    • Freshman dreams by BRK(4 parts)Fly Cock XAbs XArm XHead XLimb MGrow Musc Rep Grow Wings  Even when he’s home sick, Stefan’s ability to dream up new transformations on his schoolmates is a big pain. Make that, especially when he’s home sick.  Added Mar 2009  •  3.1K words (14)
    • Hollyville by Tereshky(9 parts)CGrow Horror Balls Cock Cum XAbs XArm XLimb XPec MGrow Musc Rep Grow Stack Tent Tf Wings  The sleepy town of Hollyville, Alabama finds that strange things are happening to some of its people. It’s one man’s job to find out, but is he prepared for the mystery, suspense, and life-altering changes to come? Are you?  Added Nov 2019  •  Updated Feb 2020  •  44.0K words (16)
    • Morning body by BRK(2 parts)Fly Rep Wings  An intense capacity for imagination makes real the things others only dream of.  Added Nov 2003  •  8.2K words (7)
    • Stupid cupid by baboonfan(8 parts)Fant MGrow Musc Grow Vamp Were Wings  A flat tire causes Jerry to miss a job interview. Fortunately Eros, the love god, is hiring, as he eventually discovers when he knocks on a strange door for help.  Added Sep 2009  •  12.6K words (3)