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Mental Changes

Changes to personality and the like.

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Complete story list for Mental Changes:

  • Dog and Pony Show: FAQ by Musiker  Fur Bi Dom Cock 2Anim Mental Musc MGrow Slave 2Gay Tf Series  A hugely muscled human/dog hybrid gets to answer some FAQs about his awesome life in the adults-only Land of Eros Zoo, including daily activities, his sex life with his big, horsey lover, and just how lovingly their Master takes care of them.  Added Apr 2019  •  7.1K words (2)
  • Navy experiment by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Dig Cock Mental XAbs XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow PSD 3Legs  The new protocol of vaccinations on the U.S.S. Tulsa developed by Dr. Tosk had very deliberate side-effect: your body is affected by whoever you lust for. Tosk plans for the sailors to start lusting after his impressive form—but who does Tosk lust for?  Added Mar 2010  •  5.8K words (12)
  • No shirt, no service by Cris Kane  Dumb Mental Musc MGrow Tf  The uptight clerk at a beachside art gallery is given a makeover to better suit his surroundings.  Added Jun 2019  •  3.9K words (3)
  • One hot summer by BRK(4 parts)Weed CGrow Grad Cock Mental Musc MGrow Nonc  Brandon and Eddie enjoy working for their pot-loving boss, Mike, at the pizza place near campus and are bummed they can’t stick around for the summer, too. Mike offers them a possible solution, though he doesn’t let them in on all his plans for the coming summer.  Added Jun 2019  •  9.8K words (9)
  • Overshadowed by Cris Kane  Bro Mental 2Gay Tf  Jealous of his jock older brother, gay misfit Lance gets a magical chance to change things.  Added Apr 2019  •  2.7K words (7)
  • Resolution by Cris Kane  Mental Musc MGrow New Years 2Gay  Two old friends are slogging through another New Year’s Eve until one of them makes a choice that breaks them out of their rut.  Added Mar 2019  •  8.0K words (3)
  • Touch by BRK(5 parts)Bro Cock Mental Musc  Kevin goes to college where his gift for making guys he likes willing to casually touch him seems to intensify just as he’s moving in with his hunky older brother.  Added Mar 2019  •  Updated Aug 2019  •  31.2K words (26)