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Stories that feature guys that have more than one head, often because their heads or upper bodies have been duplicated. See also Merging, which involves two (or more) different guys becoming conjoined together.

Kinds of “Multihead” stories include:

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    Stories found: 38.

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    Complete story list for Multihead:

    • Anomalous Materials Research Facility 3‑DL by Mad Dog and Gurak(4 parts)Fur Cent CGrow Cock HyCock XCock XHead XLimb Orcs Grow Tf  Working with exotic materials on a distant research space station is all in a day’s work for Carter, a theoretical physicist and the sole mundane human in a crew of sexy (and sex-loving) creatures straight out of a very dirty fantasy novel. But when you work with stuff that scoffs at the laws of physics, normality can’t remain unbent forever.  Added Sep 2019  •  Updated Dec 2019  •  21.2K words (12)
    • An app for that by BRK  CGrow Cock XArm XCock XHead XLimb Musc Rep  That funny new phone app makes it look like you have two of whatever the camera is pointed at, but there's more to the algorithm than trick photography.  Added Nov 2011  •  2.2K words (10)
    • Insta-hotties by BRK  Cock XHead Musc  An admirer gives webcam muscle hunk Tim a magical sponsoring gift of more of what his fans love most about him—which turns out to be his gorgeous face.  Added Jul 2014  •  2.2K words (13)
    • Joined by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Cock Merg XCock XHead MGrow Musc Nonc Rep Grow  Dylan wakes up kissing an incredibly beautiful man he’s never met before, and finds that he’s more connected to this man than any lover he’s ever had.  Added Sep 2017  •  Updated Feb 2018  •  16.7K words (12)
    • META jocks by BRK and Jockmorphr(4 parts)CGrow Cock XAbs XCock XHead XLimb MGrow Musc NipC Rep Grow  Two members of a select fraternity full of superhot, multilimbed guys semi-obliviously compare notes on how their powerful cum promotes changes in their bodies—and, it turns out, each other’s.  Added Aug 2009  •  7.3K words (12)
    • Metaboi by BRK(8 parts)PermaBoner Swap Taller Cock Merg XAbs XArm XCock XHead XLimb XPec XTongue MGrow PSD Rep Stack Tksg Series  There’s a special clothing store that caters especially to the meta boi. If you’re their kind of customer you already know it—or you’ll soon find out.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  31.3K words (15)
    • The meteor shower by AGammer(2 parts)Bro CGrow Cock XCock XHead  When the meteor shower hits his farm, it has an unexpected effect on the teenaged, and very horny, William: a gift of changing himself and, as it turns out, his equally horny brother.  Added Jan 2013  •  2.7K words (5)