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Stories that feature guys that have a cock instead of (or, rarely, in addition to) a tongue.

Kinds of “Mouthcock” stories include:

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    Complete story list for Mouthcock:

    • Body game by BRK  CGrow Dig Cock Mcock XAbs XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Rep Grow Series  In an experimental story based on changes generated randomly by a computer program, the already well built Marcus is invited to a warehouse where he and four others play a strange game that, turn by turn, makes their bodies randomly freakier and freakier.  Added Aug 2014  •  13.1K words
    • Body game: Encounter 56 by matt1008  CGrow Balls Cock Mcock XCock MGrow Musc NipC Grow Series  In a prequel to BRK’s Body game, another set of six hot guys experience the dramatic and unexpected changes the Body Game can produce.  Added Feb 2016  •  Updated Jun 2019  •  10.4K words
    • The engineer by Galpha567(2 parts)Mcock NipC NipCum Bond  A captive in a hidden lab is made to experience wonderful augmentations to his body by a phallically-obsessed engineer.  Added Jan 2013  •  Updated Dec 2013  •  7.1K words
    • Enhancement program by BRK(4 parts)Hard CGrow Cock HyCock Mcock XAbs XHead XLimb XPec  The university’s program of offering body enhancement rewards for various kinds of scholastic and athletic achievements is very generous, and students like to have fun with the results.  Added Jan 2014  •  Updated Jun 2018  •  12.2K words
    • Examination by BRK(3 parts)Mcock  A hunky new patient at the clinic is a little shy when it comes to what happens to his tongue when he gets turned on.  Added Mar 2011  •  Updated Jun 2018  •  7.2K words
    • Exploring Glen’s inner spaces by Just Gay Sex(2 parts)Mcock XCock Space    Added Oct 2010  •  2.3K words
    • The quiet one by BRK  Mcock  Spencer is mortified when his tongue starts responding to his arousal just like a cock—but that doesn’t stop him enjoying the results.  Added Sep 2019  •  4.6K words
    • Sexy smile by BRK  Mcock  Con opens a magical birthday present that is bound to enhance his encounters with other guys, something that's always been a problem for him on account of his not being very good with people. Unfortunately, he opens the gift at pretty much exactly the wrong moment.  Added Jan 2017  •  6.4K words
    • Snafrahojet and the too-hung jock by BRK  Cock Mcock  Gene has a problem. His big cock tends to get boned up at embarrassing times, especially when he sees another hot and hunky jock at the gym. Then a strange-looking wooden idol provides an unexpected solution.  Added May 2020  •  2.5K words
    • Tongue by Saviris(2 parts)CGrow Cock Mcock  Ryan inexplicably starts growing inches of cock, and not just in the usual place.  Added May 2014  •  3.2K words
    • Vignette: Mouth by BRK(2 parts)Cock Mcock  Your wish to be constantly tasting rock-hard cock might be granted in an unexpected way.  Added Mar 2017  •  Updated Jan 2018  •  1.8K words