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Mind Control

Stories that involve deliberately changing someone's beliefs or perceptions, or subjecting him to another's will.

Kinds of “Mind Control” stories include:

    Other tags that also fall under the category “Special Mental Abilities”: Hypnosis.

    Stories found: 35.

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    Complete story list for Mind Control:

    • A.I. by Corwin(11 parts)AI Andr Cock Mind MGrow Musc Bond  Tim’s homemade A.I. software decides to help him get huge.  Added Dec 2013  •  30.6K words
    • Al’s new toy by Altoid Lover(4 parts)Mind Musc    Added Aug 2012  •  2.4K words
    • Alpha master god king by MaleHypnoDomination and Mr. GreyMan  Dom Mind MGrow Musc  An unassuming househusband accidentally becomes the God-King of the world.  Added May 2016  •  7.6K words
    • Among us by BRK(15 parts)Alien Amputation Cock 2Anim Mind Musc Were  Nathan Yates is an ordinary boy who’s just graduated from high school and whose biggest concern in life in trying to figure out why the hottest guy in school is making passes at him. That is, until he’s thrown into a story he knows intimately from his favorite cult graphic novels, and becomes embroiled in a conflict that reaches across worlds and universes.  Added May 2017  •  Updated Apr 2018  •  52.5K words
    • A blended harmony experiment by IamYurNayboor(3 parts)CGrow Taller Cock Merg Mind MGrow  A very short young crewman and an older, very tall officer get merged during an emergency evacuation in space to a strange and distant planet.  Added Feb 2018  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  4.4K words
    • Book of spells by Steven(2 parts)Cock Mind  High school student Cory thinks he’s in for just another agonizing day of trying to hide his boner when an old man unexpectedly gives him a very strange book that opens up all kinds of possibilities.  Added May 2013  •  4.4K words
    • Doctor Version by Jackson Rowan  Hypno Mind Nonc  Doctor Version is a terrifyingly intelligent man who craves complete control over an unwilling man. He has money, the technology, and now, a subject.  Added Feb 2018  •  1.6K words
    • Empire by LenZelig(38 parts)AgeDiff Alien Beast Bi Bro CGrow Dad Virgin Taller Het Cock Mind MGrow Musc Nonc Self Slave Share Grow Space 2Gay Tksg Twins Series  A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure.  Added Apr 2019  •  347.2K words
    • Hookah head by Amus Cobblestone  CGrow Balls Cock Cum Mind XCock  Jamie and Gary agree to plot the seduction of hot freshman dude Tim, with a little help from their hookah and a mysterious herbal blend. The only stipulation: they have to share.  Added Jan 2013  •  2.6K words
    • Hunger by PVnRT  Dom Cock Inan Hum Mind Nonc Retcon  A straight man realizes he's gay in the bathroom and that he's been hungry for cock all this time.  Added Dec 2017  •  2.1K words
    • Hypno muscle: jock dreams by Douglas Benjamin  Dumb Taller Inan HMusc Hypno Scent Mind MGrow MTheft Musc Orcs Shr Grow Sugg Tf  Toby and Liam have picked up a hypnotic audio tape that promises to grow their muscles. When they fall asleep to the hypnotic induction, they have a dream that seems all too real: Suddenly, they have to power to transform each other into big-muscled meatheads, flexing and posing for each other and talking like dumb jocks. Even more transformation is possible, but there is a catch.  Added Jul 2019  •  4.3K words
    • I, Bro-bot by Cris Kane  Hard Dom Mind 2Gay  A formerly homophobic preppie describes how he came under the control of his computer geek roommate.  Added Mar 2019  •  3.9K words
    • Mimbo drops by Absman420(2 parts)CGrow Dumb Cock Mind MGrow Musc Nonc Rape 2Gay Tf  Tom receives a secret serum that turns men into horny, dumb, huge-cocked muscle hunks. He decides to try it out on his bicycling buddy Sam, and discovers it’s extremely effective—especially in multiple doses.  Added Jul 2011  •  13.8K words
    • Mind and body by BRK(16 parts)Hard Bro CGrow Taller Cock Hypno Mind XCock MGrow Musc Grow 2Gay Sugg  Jack discovers that his knack for hypnosis is actually much more powerful than it should be. Naturally, he uses this to get the upper hand with his sexy jock brother, but that turns out to be a lot more complicated than he’d thought.  Added Jun 2012  •  Updated Jul 2017  •  66.2K words
    • Moocows by Meddler Incs(4 parts)2Anim Hypno Mind MGrow Musc NipCum Nonc  Cody's world is turned upside down when he is faced with a twisted coach and his followers.  Added Jan 2017  •  Updated Aug 2020  •  6.6K words
    • My man by hyperboi  Fem Mind MGrow Musc 2Gay  Straight jock Brian is okay with his muscle queen roommate, Kevin, affably resisting Kevin’s playful advances. Kevin, however, has some ideas about how to give Brian a change of attitude.  Added Mar 2016  •  6.1K words
    • My roommate by LenZelig(9 parts)AgeDiff Bi Bro CGrow Dom Dad Virgin Het Cock Mind MGrow Musc Series  Bill’s hot adventures with his irresistible sex-god of a roommate, Andy Wang.  Added Jul 2002  •  Updated Oct 2019  •  113.0K words
    • MyWorld by CoyoteR(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Mind MGrow Musc Nonc Slave  Andy is all into the muscles he’s given himself and his buddies on the football team thanks to the MyWorld software on his tablet. Only he’s misplaced his iPad somewhere, and he sure hopes someone else hasn’t found it…  Added Sep 2016  •  6.1K words
    • New slave by MonsterMash62(4 parts)CGrow Cock Mind Musc Slave  If you had a magic rock that granted wishes that came true retroactively, would anyone even believe you if you told them?  Added Jan 2013  •  3.3K words
    • Possession by erotic wordsmith  Mind  Seth’s gift for astral travel lets him land in other people’s bodies. His bigger, meaner cousin Ben’s, for example.  Added Aug 2005  •  0.9K words
    • Practical FX by MuscleMonkeh  AgeDiff Fur CGrow Fant 2Anim Mind MGrow Gut Nonc Grow Tf  A special effects movie mogul, used to getting his own way, tries to muscle an especially gifted young producer into working for his production company.  Added Jun 2018  •  5.1K words
    • Size machine by Jerry2086  Taller Mind Grow  Kyle and his college basketball team test out a new device to try gain a competitive advantage over their rival.  Added Aug 2020  •  1.8K words
    • Sk8r dreams by Reaver(19 parts)AgeDown CGrow Cock Infect Mind Nonc Race Rep Retcon Tf Series  The Maker is an app that gives you the ability to remake the world around you. That means a better house, a hotter body—and it definitely means turning a few guys in your life into happy, hunky skater bois.  Added Oct 2003  •  58.8K words
    • Sk8r dreams: Odds and ends by Reaver  AgeDown Dumb Cock Mind Tf Series  This story is set in the Sk8r Dreams universe, but is intended to stand alone. It's a little like the “Spells 'R Us” (SRU) stories, but with hopefully a slightly different slant to it.  Added Oct 2003  •  3.3K words
    • Suggestions by Jack the Mindbender  AgeDiff Dad Cock Mind Sugg  Jack is surprised by how quickly his hot stepfather goes from a closed book to jerking off right in front of him…  Added Dec 2018  •  2.7K words
    • The takeover by Flex Luthor(3 parts)Alien HyCock Mind MGrow Musc Grow Tf  An alien race employs sleek advertisement to turn Earth's top athletes into a horde of docile bodies in tubes, being pumped of their cum to create an army of supermasculine studs.  Added Aug 2017  •  Updated Sep 2017  •  3.0K words
    • True pups by Douglas Benjamin  Fur Dom Dumb 2Anim Mind MGrow Musc Tf  Two men wander into the wrong bar, and soon find their bodies growing huge with muscle as their minds go to the dogs.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.9K words