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Stories that feature guys whose bodies merge together, so that they share a body (become conjoined). See also Multihead, which may involve this or a guy having more than one of his own head.

Kinds of “Merging” stories include:

    Other tags that also fall under the category “Partner-Related Changes”: Absorption, Body Swap, Hyper Pheromones, Infectious, Shared Body.

    Stories found: 28.

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    Complete story list for Merging:

    • A day at the park by frooooooo  Merg XHead Nonc  Chris and Phil are wandering the park eager to join a couple cute guys together, when they see the perfect candidates.  Added Nov 2014  •  1.8K words
    • The double room by Tyler Wilson(3 parts)Cock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLimb XTorso Twins  Tyler is confused to find two roommates listed for his double room at the university, but quickly finds that this new arrangement will work very well.  Added Jul 2017  •  Updated Feb 2019  •  7.9K words
    • Doubling up by BRK(3 parts)Hard Merg XAbs XArm XCock XHead XLimb XPec XTorso Stack Twins  All the dorm rooms in Bryce’s building are being combined with another, and everyone’s doubling up. What isn’t immediately apparent is that it isn’t the rooms that are being merged—it’s the roommates.  Added Jun 2013  •  Updated May 2015  •  7.0K words
    • The Halloween costume by frooooooo  Bro Hallow Merg    Added Oct 2012  •  2.2K words
    • Hard to hide by BRK(7 parts)CGrow Taller Grad Cock HyCock Merg MGrow Musc Share Shr Grow  Jooyong is working his uncle’s demolition site when he encounters a man in need of protection, but it’s more complicated than your average plea for help. For one thing, the man who needs help is not an ordinary man. And the kind of help he needs is something Jooyong isn’t even a little prepared for.  Added Jun 2017  •  Updated Jul 2019  •  20.2K words
    • HUSH by The Gecko Rose(4 parts)CGrow Det Goo HyCock HyTongue Merg XBalls Self Str Tf  A young man, an Acolyte of cHurch of Universal Scientific Hedonism (HUSH), finally becomes a full Brother, and learns all the secrets of the Brotherhood. Including all their special transforming abilities...  Added Dec 2018  •  9.8K words
    • Joined by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Cock Merg XCock XHead XTorso MGrow Musc Nonc Rep Grow  Dylan wakes up kissing an incredibly beautiful man he’s never met before, and finds that he’s more connected to this man than any lover he’s ever had.  Added Sep 2017  •  Updated Feb 2018  •  16.7K words
    • The perfect body by Cockatrice  BACock Merg 2Gay  Nathan’s vision of having the perfect body involves being part of another person’s body.  Added Jan 2020  •  4.0K words
    • Randy and Roberto by BRK  Dig Merg XCock XLimb Rep  Randy and Roberto are both eager to get into the one remaining slot in Prof. Warren's History of Transformation class. Fortunately, there's a way to get both of them into that sole remaining chair.  Added Sep 2010  •  1.1K words
    • The reform party by NBCK99(2 parts)CGrow Det Cock BACock HyCock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb MGrow Musc Rep Shr Grow  Will attends a gathering that turns out to be devoted to some radical transformations, where the invitees have sexual desires that can’t be fulfilled in the real world and long for their roleplay fantasies to be made real in ways even they don’t expect.  Added Sep 2016  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  8.6K words
    • Seeing stars by OneLuckyGuy89(2 parts)CGrow 2Straight Hair Taller Balls Cock HyCock Infect Merg MGrow Gut Nonc Grow Super Twins  12 young, muscular and beautiful men have begun protecting Starlight City. Adam Berry has been having weird dreams lately and has a feeling that his life is about to change.  Added Mar 2020  •  Updated May 2020  •  8.5K words
    • Sharing cocks by CockTFBoi(3 parts)CGrow CShr Cockless Det Merg  Cameron, Dakota, and Zack head out for a sex-filled weekend at a remote cabin. Once there, things take a bit of a turn for the weird as the trio experience some unexpected transformations.  Added Aug 2020  •  Updated Sep 2020  •  9.2K words
    • A Surgeon General’s warning by Portowulf  BACock Merg Nonc  Dr. Ethan Carter has become a bit of an underground celebrity in the medical field as the only doctor to successfully un-fuse patients who’d used a new drug on the market meant for cocking.  Added May 2020  •  1.7K words