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Stories that involve the body being increased in bulk. Includes big bellies as well as other kinds of body expansion.

Kinds of “Inflation” stories include:

    Other tags that also fall under the category “Other Physical Changes”: Age Progression, Age Regression, Belly Growth, Body Suit, Breast Expansion, Detachable, Foot Growth, Gender Swap, Getting Fatter, Getting Hairy, Gradual Change, Hairless, Human to Animal, Human to Body Part, Human to Inanimate, Male Pregnancy, Race Transformation, Stretchy, Transformation.

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    Complete story list for Inflation:

    • Focus: A football story by kg21(2 parts)CGrow Dom Infl Gut Musc  The team’s star quarterback is about to find out Coach’s big secret for keeping the team focused on football.  Added Aug 2020  •  10.8K words
    • It’s a piece of cake! (revised) by Woynich(3 parts)Belly Fluids Cockless Taller Immob Infl Grow  James Miller finds a magic cookbook and bakes up a harem of anthropomorphic cakes that have different powers when he eats pieces of them. There’s a crumb cake with “EAT ME” written into his chest with currants, a blueberry shortcake, a stack of pancakes, and sure to be many other varieties soon.  Added Aug 2020  •  9.5K words
    • An unexpected inflation by UberPump(23 parts)Bi Bro CGrow Balls Cock Cum Infl 2Gay  A college athlete named Keith and his friends discover what it feels like to enlarge their cock and balls with the mysterious device Keith ordered off the dark web. When things go awry, however, their packages get huge. Keith and his friends go on a massive journey of cock growth, bloated balls, and near exploding junk as they inflate their man parts to their absolute limit.  Added Apr 2020  •  Updated Sep 2020  •  51.4K words
    • Web cam abuse by Tereshky  Belly CGrow Taller Cock Infl MusBr MGrow Musc NipCum PSD Grow  Two enterprising college jocks think they can pay their way through school by showing off their ripped bods as part of a web cam business. When a company comes along offering them a ton of money for an hour’s work, they learn that when an opportunity sounds too good to be true, you should always read the fine print. Stretch Studios isn’t kidding when they say they’re not responsible for any “alterations” to their employees.  Added Sep 2020  •  4.3K words