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Extra digits

Stories that feature guys that have more than the usual complement of fingers and/or toes.

Kinds of “Extra digits” stories include:

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    Stories found: 31.

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    Complete story list for Extra digits:

    • Against protocol by BRK  CGrow Dig Cock Cum XArm XLimb MGrow  The mods they give to MetaMorph’s in-house scientists to beta-test are supposed to wear off after two weeks, but Jackson’s mods are inexplicably persistent… and they’re starting to pile up.  Added Nov 2019  •  2.4K words
    • The fake boyfriend by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Dig Taller Grad Cock HyTongue MGrow Musc PSD Grow  Zeke must travel back to his hometown, Woody Hole, in a last-ditch effort to prove he’s gay and end the eternal matchmaking with his high-school girlfriend, Stacy. A fake boyfriend is the only way—but Zeke’s closest relationship is with a customized character from an open-sandbox simulation game, a cocky personal trainer named Troy.  Added Aug 2020  •  13.7K words
    • Games by BRK(2 parts)CGrow Dig Cock XCock XLimb Grow  Dave totally forgot that when he got his new powers, and started granting all his buds three wishes, he let me keep the third one secret. And that secret wish just happens to be the ability to fuck around with Dave’s wishes. There was so much fun to be had with that particular capability.  Added Sep 2003  •  3.4K words
    • Navy experiment by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Dig Cock Mental XAbs XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc PSD 3Legs  The new protocol of vaccinations on the U.S.S. Tulsa developed by Dr. Tosk had very deliberate side-effect: your body is affected by whoever you lust for. Tosk plans for the sailors to start lusting after his impressive form—but who does Tosk lust for?  Added Mar 2010  •  5.8K words
    • Randy and Roberto by BRK  Dig Merg XCock XLimb Rep  Randy and Roberto are both eager to get into the one remaining slot in Prof. Warren's History of Transformation class. Fortunately, there's a way to get both of them into that sole remaining chair.  Added Sep 2010  •  1.1K words
    • Read aloud by BRK  CGrow Dig Taller Balls Cock XAbs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb XPec MGrow Musc Stack 3Legs  Timothy decides to use his favorite website’s new read aloud feature so he can concentrate on his jerkoff session and really get into the story. Instead, the story gets into him.  Added May 2020  •  3.1K words
    • Robby’s new legs by Josh Dugan(9 parts)Det Dig Llegs XLimb Rep WFoot  All for love, this crazy young kid bi-locates and grows more of everything, but it gets out of control.  Added Jan 2006  •  Updated Aug 2020  •  7.6K words
    • Too many by BRK  Dig XTongue Rep  Zack can avoid generating a new, super-sexy clone as long as he doesn’t fall asleep in daylight. Unfortunately, that’s not always as easy as it sounds.  Added Jul 2010  •  1.7K words
    • Tuesday by BRK(6 parts)Swap Dig XAbs XArm XCock XLimb XPec Rep Str Twins  My best bud Kev and I have a secret. Okay, it’s a really badly kept secret—I grow extras. But when Kev starts to change too, we soon find out there are lots of secrets at my school.  Added May 2003  •  Updated Jan 2012  •  10.1K words
    • Twinning by BRK(3 parts)Hard Dig Virgin XCock Rep Series  Barry is excited to meet Will’s twin brother. Then he realizes that they can’t just be twins.  Added Oct 2002  •  10.4K words
    • Twinning: The college years by BRK(7 parts)Hard CGrow Dig Taller Cock HyCock XAbs XCock XTongue MGrow Musc Rep Self Grow StPat Series  At college, Will attracts the attention of a sexy, Irish hockey player who pushes all Will’s buttons—but now that he’s in this new world Will isn’t sure he can share all of himself with his slowly growing admirer.  Added Mar 2017  •  Updated Feb 2019  •  31.2K words
    • Two friends stretching their body parts by Three-Legged Dude(2 parts)Det Dig XLimb Str    Added Aug 2003  •  1.5K words