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Becoming a Cock

Stories in which a person becomes a cock, either separately or connected to someone else.

Kinds of “Becoming a Cock” stories include:

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    Complete story list for Becoming a Cock:

    • The cock by BRK(2 parts)BACock Cock  Waking up after sex with Steve is a little disorienting. He’s lying on top of his lover from the night before—because he’s now Steve’s cock.  Added Oct 1997  •  3.3K words (4)
    • The cock boys by CockTFBoi(19 parts)BACock XCock Nonc 2Gay Tf  A gift of wish-power to a horny teen leads to some hot guys at school being turned into cock-creatures.  Added Mar 2014  •  14.2K words (8)
    • Confined to cock by Squidy  BACock Cock  College bully Jason fatefully calls Nick a "dickhead", but they’re both unaware that Nick’s ability-gifted buddy Johnny has Nick’s back and can visit some appropriate retribution on Jason.  Added Sep 2016  •  2.4K words (8)
    • Giant by Joey  BACock Balls Cock  A giant what? Need you ask?  Added Oct 2005  •  3.6K words (7)
    • The perfect body by Cockatrice  BACock Merg 2Gay  Nathan’s vision of having the perfect body involves being part of another person’s body.  Added Jan 2020  •  4.0K words (3)
    • The reform party by NBCK99(2 parts)BACock CGrow Det Cock HyCock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb MGrow Musc Rep Shr Grow  Will attends a gathering that turns out to be devoted to some radical transformations, where the invitees have sexual desires that can’t be fulfilled in the real world and long for their roleplay fantasies to be made real in ways even they don’t expect.  Added Sep 2016  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  8.6K words (9)
    • Special deposit by Moi Auci  BACock CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Tf  A college kid turns to sperm donation to raise some quick cash, but an odd turn of events leads to a transformational experience at the sperm donation lab and no desire to return to college.  Added Apr 2019  •  2.0K words (6)
    • Training Tony by BRK(2 parts)BACock CGrow Cock HyCock XCock Musc 2Gay  A magnetically sexy young Italian man is about to enter a new life as a firefighter, except he and his devoted friends are sidetracked by the disappearance of his friend Frankie.  Added May 2014  •  8.6K words (21)