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Changes that affect reality retroactively, not just in the moment, so that a change becomes the way someone had always been. Might create actual change, or just memories that line up with the change. Often means that people changed are not aware of the change—but not necessarily, and sometimes the changed individual is aware of two sets of memories or personal histories.

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    Complete story list for Retcon:

    • Above average by Ziel(28 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Cum HMusc MGrow Musc Retcon  Alan starts out as just your average college boy. Then a strange, magical artifact comes into his life, and he starts becoming bigger… almost remembering the ways things were, when his muscles and cock weren’t, with each orgasm, more and more above average. As the effects spread, Alan knows he must understand what’s happing to him and his friends—and also that he must be the biggest, most muscular, most hypercocked stud of all.  Added Apr 2013  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  130.4K words
    • The apartment by BRK  CGrow Taller Cock Mental MGrow Retcon  Sometimes what you need in a new apartment has more to do with what’s missing in your life.  Added Apr 2020  •  3.4K words
    • An app for that by BRK  CGrow Cock XArm XCock XHead XLimb Musc Rep Retcon  That funny new phone app makes it look like you have two of whatever the camera is pointed at, but there's more to the algorithm than trick photography.  Added Nov 2011  •  2.2K words
    • Brent and Jax by BRK(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock XCock Retcon Sugg  Jax comes back from vacation extremely jazzed about something that happened to him, leading to a very strange conversation with his buddy Brent about how all the guys on campus seem to be changing lately.  Added Mar 2013  •  Updated Apr 2018  •  8.2K words
    • Changes in Bigby Heights by NBCK99(3 parts)Hard Btaur CGrow 4Legs Cock Infect XArm XCock XLimb Retcon  Alex Stevens has always been shy, being the only boytaur in Bigby Heights, but Jesse helps bring him out of his shell. But after their first encounter, reality seems to shift.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Sep 2010  •  5.2K words
    • Changing Nick by BRK(16 parts)Hard Cock Merg XAbs XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb XPec MGrow Musc Nonc Rep Retcon Grow Stack 2Gay 3Legs  Nick’s computer starts offering him choices between one kind of transformation and another. He soon learns he’s been drawn into a strange conspiracy, even as the changes start to spread to friends, strangers, and secret allies.  Added May 2013  •  Updated Apr 2020  •  59.1K words
    • Coffee date by BRK  CGrow Dig 4Legs Cock XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb XPec XTorso Rep Retcon Stack 3Legs  Jeremy gets dragged to a blind date at a coffeehouse that seems to have an inexplicable effect on Jeremy’s body.  Added Aug 2020  •  2.0K words
    • Collarbone cock by BRK  Hard CGrow Cock HyCock Musc Retcon SocMed  Nick’s new Picthread page is nothing but pictures of guys whose cocks reach up to their collarbones. Funny thing is, they’re not morphs at all, despite what Nick’s roommate thinks. Or, rather, used to think.  Added Apr 2013  •  2.2K words
    • The CVN link by BRK(2 parts)CGrow Taller Cock XAbs MGrow Musc Retcon Grow  Mike is applying for a new job. Everything’s going great, his potential new boss is a dreamboat, he’s perfect for the position. There’s just one hitch: they need his CVNs. His confusion turns to shock when he finds out from a friend just what the “N” stands for…  Added Jun 2020  •  9.8K words
    • The dudes by BRK(7 parts)Hard CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Retcon Self Grow Sugg  The guys at school are really susceptible to suggestion—so much so that if you tell them something’s true, it turns out that it actually is true.  Added Mar 2010  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  15.9K words
    • Hunger by PVnRT  Dom Cock Inan Hum Mind Nonc Retcon  A straight man realizes he's gay in the bathroom and that he's been hungry for cock all this time.  Added Dec 2017  •  2.1K words
    • Oh man by BRK(5 parts)CGrow Cock XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Rep Retcon Self  A simple website called your-body-like-that dot com lets you imagine how you’d look with a whole new body. Only it doesn’t stop at imagination.  Added Jul 2010  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  13.3K words
    • Quinquetra by BRK(2 parts)CGrow Taller Grad Cock MGrow Retcon Supn  Exploring his workaholic husband’s ancestral house on his own, Wes encounters a strange symbol and a dreamlike man who seems closely connected to it.  Added Oct 2020  •  10.8K words
    • Sk8r dreams by Reaver(19 parts)AgeDown CGrow Cock Infect Mind Nonc Race Rep Retcon Tf Series  The Maker is an app that gives you the ability to remake the world around you. That means a better house, a hotter body—and it definitely means turning a few guys in your life into happy, hunky skater bois.  Added Oct 2003  •  58.8K words
    • Suggestion box by BRK  CGrow Cock HyCock Retcon Self Sugg  Ray’s job is to go through the suggestion box at his landmark menswear store. What he’s not expecting is that one of the cards has a suggestion for him.  Added May 2020  •  2.7K words