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Stories in which rape occurs, either to or by the protagonist.

Kinds of “Rape” stories include:

    Other tags that also fall under the category “Force/Nonconsensual”: Destruction/Violence, Dom/Sub, Humiliation, Nonconsensual, Restraints, Sex-Slave, Vore.

    Stories found: 5.

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    Complete story list for Rape:

    • Mimbo drops by Absman420(2 parts)CGrow Dumb Cock Mind MGrow Musc Nonc Rape 2Gay Tf  Tom receives a secret serum that turns men into horny, dumb, huge-cocked muscle hunks. He decides to try it out on his bicycling buddy Sam, and discovers it’s extremely effective—especially in multiple doses.  Added Jul 2011  •  13.8K words
    • Muscl Hansl by Jerkoffcentral(2 parts)Cock MGrow Musc Rape Slave  Hans, wandering in the wrong forest, encounters a herd of mindless muscle slaves, and soon the god that made them that way—and he’s determined to make an example of Hans.  Added Jun 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  9.5K words
    • Tank the bouncer by spacevlad(18 parts)Viol Fat Giant Scent MGrow Gut Musc Nonc PSD Rape Grow 2Gay  Bar owner Matt can only afford one bouncer for his bar, so he hires the biggest one he can find: Tank, an ex-college football player who is eager to grow even bigger. Matt has a way to make that happen, but after the first unexpectedly effective injection, the newly huge and strong Tank starts turning the tables on his boss.  Added Jun 2016  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  35.0K words