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Age Regression

Stories where a character’s transformation includes becoming younger.

Kinds of “Age Regression” stories include:

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    Complete story list for Age Regression:

    • Be careful what you wish for by Tereshky(6 parts)AgeDown CGrow Balls Cock Immob MGrow Musc Nonc 2Gay  “I can give you anything you wish for. Just don’t blame me if you weren’t specific enough.” A mystical man shows up to people in despair to offer the desires of their hearts, but he has a tendency to give them more than they wanted. So if a man in a gray suit comes up to you offering to give you anything you want, be careful what you wish for.  Added Feb 2020  •  Updated Aug 2020  •  25.4K words
    • Male scent by Frank Easky(2 parts)AgeDown Bro CGrow Hair Taller Giant Balls Cock HyCock Cum HMusc Pher Infect Scent MGrow Musc Grow Twins  Apprentice magician Sean's potion exceeds his expectations, causing his personal musk to spread muscle growth to those who smell it.  Added Jul 2002  •  13.6K words
    • Manzeum by Richard Jasper(9 parts)AgeDown CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  Roger Funderburk is really pretty damned hunky for a man in his late 50s. But he’s also dealing with the health issues that tend to crop up in late middle age. Then his endocrinologist puts him on a new medication for his type 2 diabetes, one with some unusual side-effects. Or, in Roger’s case, spectacular ones!  Added Jun 2020  •  8.6K words
    • The masters class by Corwin  AgeDown Cock MGrow Musc  Even if they’re still hale and strong, senior bodybuilders are bound to think wistfully of what their bodies were like back in the day. And, if they’re really lucky, they might get the chance to feel the potency of muscular youth all over again.  Added Oct 2018  •  4.0K words
    • Sk8r dreams by Reaver(19 parts)AgeDown CGrow Cock Infect Mind Nonc Race Rep Retcon Tf Series  The Maker is an app that gives you the ability to remake the world around you. That means a better house, a hotter body—and it definitely means turning a few guys in your life into happy, hunky skater bois.  Added Oct 2003  •  58.8K words
    • Sk8r dreams: Odds and ends by Reaver  AgeDown Dumb Cock Mind Tf Series  This story is set in the Sk8r Dreams universe, but is intended to stand alone. It's a little like the “Spells 'R Us” (SRU) stories, but with hopefully a slightly different slant to it.  Added Oct 2003  •  3.3K words
    • 21-year-old scotch by Cris Kane(9 parts)AgeDown Cock Musc Time  On his 50th birthday, a closeted man enters a gay bar and is given a drink with an unexpected side effect.  Added Aug 2019  •  Updated Sep 2019  •  46.0K words