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Involves male characters who are transformed so that they demonstrate fem attributes, often exaggeratedly, possibly including stereotypical elements like a lisp; this might conjure words like “sissy” (which may or may not be acceptable to the characters involved). In transformation stories may often be the result of a mental change visited on a character in retribution for homophobic tendencies.

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    • Let’s make a bet by Seth Peterson(3 parts)Belly Fem Dom Taller Grad MusBr MGrow Gut Musc PSD  My boyfriend has always had some exceptional monster pecs! And over the years, they just got bigger and bigger… and so did he! My man cannot stop growing, and I love every inch of his expanding, heaving frame! Come check out the perfect swelling journey that is my big alpha boyfriend!  Added May 2019  •  10.4K words
    • My man by hyperboi  Fem Mind MGrow Musc 2Gay  Straight jock Brian is okay with his muscle queen roommate, Kevin, affably resisting Kevin’s playful advances. Kevin, however, has some ideas about how to give Brian a change of attitude.  Added Mar 2016  •  6.1K words