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Race Transformation

Stories where one of the characters changes race.

Kinds of “Race Transformation” stories include:

    Other tags that also fall under the category “Other Physical Changes”: Age Progression, Age Regression, Becoming Inanimate, Belly Growth, Body Suit, Breast Expansion, Detachable, Foot Growth, Gender Swap, Getting Hairy, Gradual Change, Human to Animal, Inflation, Male Pregancy, Stretchy, Transformation.

    Stories found: 12.

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    Complete story list for Race Transformation:

    • Are you sure by Dream Big(5 parts)Bi CGrow Taller Het Balls Cock Cum MGrow Musc Race Self Grow  Suddenly awash with money, Bill takes the plunge and follows the stories of secretly augmented men and women to a remote lab where they promise to fix everything he doesn’t like about his body.  Added Nov 2019  •  6.2K words (4)
    • Figurines by RdyRoger(4 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Race  A pair of bracelets let the wearer gain the proportions and attributes of any figurine you pick up. Once you understand that, you start to realize there are some very well-built figurines out there...  Added Feb 2009  •  9.3K words (16)
    • The gene gene by RdyRoger(6 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Race Grow  When other guys’ spunk transforms you into a totally different, much hotter guy, you learn there are lots of possibilities for fun—if you’re careful.  Added Oct 2011  •  32.1K words (24)
    • Kenji by Dream Big(6 parts)CGrow Taller Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Musc Nano Race Self Grow  The new stock guy at work, Kenji, is Sam’s pure fantasy—cute, tall, muscled, cheeky, and packing—and Kenji seems just as appreciative. There’s a secret about how Kenji got that way, though, which Sam accidentally discovers the hard way.  Added Feb 2019  •  Updated Mar 2019  •  19.0K words (10)