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Transitioning from female to male.

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    Other tags that also fall under the category “Gender Transformation”: Cockless, Hermaphrodite, MTF, She-Male, Transgender.

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    • Group interview by Maxx Wood  Fur CGrow FTM Cock HyCock Tg  The hottest “gay chatting” app in town is hosting a group interview, and Jordan is completely terrified out of his mind. But it turns out that the group interview is a lot more fun than he had anticipated…  Added Mar 2018  •  2.9K words (1)
    • Man in heat by Maxx Wood  Fur FTM Cock HyCock HyTongue Tg  Richard, the boss stallion in an office, is working peacefully when he smells someone who is in heat. He views it as an annoyance—but, when he meets the new hire, he discovers that there was nothing to worry about.  Added Feb 2018  •  4.0K words (4)