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Body Suit

When you put on a suit that gives you a whole new kind of body (usually involving muscle growth). Like getting a big new muscle bod, but there's a zip up the back.

Kinds of “Body Suit” stories include:

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    Complete story list for Body Suit:

    • Massive by Alex Rif(2 parts)Suit Dad Hallow Older Grow Super  James finds the superhero costume his stepson had ordered from a strange website for Halloween, and decides to try it on.  Added Feb 2016  •  2.8K words (8)
    • Spare by Double-U  Suit Musc MGrow  Dan, a muscular football jock, attempts to recruit his friend, Tom, for a football tournament after his team ends up short a man. When Tom declines, pleading a lack of skill and stamina, Dan offers Tom something that he ultimately can’t refuse.  Added Sep 2017  •  4.5K words (12)