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Complete story list for Corwin:

  • A.I. by Corwin(11 parts)AI Andr Cock Mind MGrow Musc Bond  Tim’s homemade A.I. software decides to help him get huge.  Added Dec 2013  •  30.6K words
  • Becoming a muscle god by Corwin  CGrow Dom Giant Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Mike discovers what it's like to become a muscle god, and how awesome it is to turn the tables on the coach who’d thought he’d get to dominate the newly-grown Muscle Mike.  Added Apr 2018  •  3.1K words
  • The cyclist by Corwin(11 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  That jogger Scott started noticing on his bike runs has been getting hotter and more muscled. After getting to know each another on the trail Mark decides to share his secret.  Added Dec 2013  •  29.8K words
  • The masters class by Corwin  AgeDown Cock MGrow Musc  Even if they’re still hale and strong, senior bodybuilders are bound to think wistfully of what their bodies were like back in the day. And, if they’re really lucky, they might get the chance to feel the potency of muscular youth all over again.  Added Oct 2018  •  4.0K words
  • Mirror mirror by Corwin(2 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  8.5K words
  • No limits by Corwin(7 parts)CGrow Cock HMusc Strong MGrow MTheft Musc  There’s a secret serum that makes you super-muscled and super-strong, but what you do with that—that’s all you.  Added Mar 2020  •  21.4K words
  • Tank by Corwin(8 parts)Bi Cock MGrow Musc  A star alpha male has to take back his gym from a bully, except the only way is to grow himself bigger than the already monstrous interloper.  Added May 2014  •  26.8K words
  • The trade by Corwin  CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  Having a massive cock only goes so far when you want to be as muscled as the guys you’re hot for. Sometimes, though, there’s a guy out there with the opposite problem, and a bit of magic designed to make both men happy.  Added Jun 2018  •  3.6K words