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  • Dylan & Josh by Alakazam1988(16 parts)Xmas Grad Balls Cock HyCock  Tired of settling or doing without, Josh is determined to find a boyfriend with a more than ample package. Dylan meets his requirements… and then some.  Added Apr 2019  •  Updated Jul 2019  •  18.4K words (18)
  • Ever growing by Alakazam1988  CGrow Het Balls Cock HyCock  An account of what it’s really like to have a dick that keeps growing and growing and growing, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always more than you expect.  Added Sep 2016  •  4.8K words (11)
  • Growing relationship by Alakazam1988(4 parts)CGrow Grad Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  Shortly after finding the love of his life, Connor has these strange shivers now and then. First, he tries to deny everything, but the truth can’t hide for long. Connor’s cock grows with each shiver. Year after year after year.  Added Nov 2018  •  10.9K words (12)
  • No reason by Alakazam1988  Xmas Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Gut NipC Grow  At the gym, Pascal notices that not only is are his pecs getting huge, but his nips are showing under his hoodie more than they should.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.7K words (7)
  • Red pills (revised) by Alakazam1988(10 parts)CGrow Cock  A struggling college student and part-time stripper is introduced to Red Pills, which are supposed to be the one dick-growth pills that actually work. He's skeptical—at first. (Chapters 1-7 revised as of summer 2019.)  Added Jan 2017  •  Updated Jul 2019  •  27.9K words (7)
  • Trade by Alakazam1988(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock  Discovering the ability to trade a part of your body for part of another naturally leads to experimentation with inches of cock, and with just how far you can transform someone who really wants it.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.1K words (13)