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Common tags: Transformation, Human to Cock, Human to Inanimate, Nonconsensual. 

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  • Bottoms up by Cockatrice  2BodyPart Tf  He never thought of himself as a butt guy, but when he heard about this new rejuvenation procedure, well, he got to know the new him.  Added Aug 2020  •  5.9K words
  • The cock shelter by Cockatrice  Det BACock  Not everyone gets to live happily ever after, even dicked men. But where do they go if their owners do not want them anymore? Answer: The Cock Shelter.  Added Apr 2020  •  5.3K words
  • Crotchhead town by Cockatrice  Crotchhead Tf  When the only affordable roomshare he can find is in Crotchhead Town, Chris finds he’s more intrigued than he expected.  Added Mar 2020  •  4.3K words
  • Custom toy by Cockatrice  Xmas Det  Sven got a very special present for his boyfriend: part of himself.  Added Dec 2019  •  1.7K words
  • The gambit by Cockatrice  Inan  When buying under the counter from a warlock, one should be careful not to end up there oneself.  Added May 2020  •  1.8K words
  • Good Johnson by Cockatrice(2 parts)Cock2Man Det  They say dicks often have a mind of their own, but Colton's dick takes this to a new level.  Added Feb 2020  •  Updated Jun 2020  •  14.9K words
  • Illusions by Cockatrice  Det Twins  Jacob is a huge fan of the famous magician Wondrous Will. One day he is invited backstage and is let in on the show’s biggest secret.  Added Dec 2019  •  3.7K words
  • The perfect body by Cockatrice  BACock Merg 2Gay  Nathan’s vision of having the perfect body involves being part of another person’s body.  Added Jan 2020  •  4.0K words
  • Still bros, right? by Cockatrice  Inan Nonc Tf  Andy’s roommate wakes up to quite a surprise when he finds himself changed one day. Andy meanwhile wastes no time trying out his dick’s new best friend.  Added Sep 2020  •  1.6K words
  • This is Sean by Cockatrice  BACock Tf  Michael is nervous because he is bringing his boyfriend Sean to his parents’ place for the first time. Even more, Sean is a werecock and does not understand why that has to be kept a secret from Michael’s parents...  Added Mar 2020  •  5.5K words