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Richard Jasper

Series: The Adventures of Rex, The Change.  Common tags: Muscles, Muscle Growth, Huge Cock, Cock Growth, Getting Taller, Gradual Change, Straight to Gay, Age Difference, Hyper Strength, Getting Hairy. 

Stories found: 48.

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Complete story list for Richard Jasper:

  • About that boy by Richard Jasper  Cock Musc  Coach Harper gets an earful from Mrs. Johnson about her son Billy's really big classmate, Roger Fernbeck.  Added Jan 2020  •  Updated Feb 2020  •  0.7K words
  • The adventures of Rex by Richard Jasper(6 parts)CGrow Demons Fant Cock MGrow Musc Ogres Race Grow Tf Series  MLB Player Rex Chastain is dragooned into the service of a wizard but a magical transformation goes somewhat awry.  Added Feb 2020  •  3.9K words
  • Aftermath by Richard Jasper  MGrow Musc  Recently widowed, Roger decides to join the gym and get big.  Added Jan 2020  •  Updated Feb 2020  •  3.9K words
  • Airport muscle by Richard Jasper(5 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Shift Tf  When you have a really long layover, having a sleeping cube comes in handy!  Added Jan 2020  •  Updated Feb 2020  •  5.9K words
  • Aisle 13 by Richard Jasper(7 parts)MGrow Musc  A random encounter at the grocery store prompts big Jake to recruit a passel of wannabe muscleboys.  Added Jan 2020  •  Updated Feb 2020  •  8.3K words
  • Alaska by Richard Jasper  Cock Musc  Hunky he-man Bernard runs across sun-worshiping Chad au naturel while exploring the wilds of southeast Alaska.  Added Feb 2020  •  1.6K words
  • The Change by Richard Jasper(4 parts)CGrow Taller Cock MGrow Musc Grow Series  A skinny researcher’s muscle growth experiments on himself make for impressive changes. Then he tries them out on his friend, who’s already muscular.  Added Feb 2009  •  Updated Apr 2020  •  6.4K words
  • The Change continues by Richard Jasper(6 parts)CGrow Taller Cock Infect MGrow Nonc Grow Series  The Change is unstoppable, spreading rapidly through the gay male population, while those who first experienced it revel in their increasingly wild transformation.  Added Apr 2020  •  6.4K words
  • Come to me by Richard Jasper(10 parts)Grad MGrow  Eric is a hot, young skimpy stud—what nowadays we'd call a twunk. Then he starts hearing a voice in his head. Eat big, lift big, get big! He follows the voice's advice—with results more spectacular than he could have imagined!  Added Apr 2020  •  12.3K words
  • Daddy muscle by Richard Jasper  AgeDiff MGrow Musc  When Roger’s daughter is born, he decides it’s time to grow some serious muscle. He succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. It’s the Circle of Life!  Added Apr 2020  •  7.4K words
  • Do you? by Richard Jasper  CGrow Hair MGrow Musc  Tim undergoes a muscle growth experiment and the results are spectacular! A friend lets him know just how much it's appreciated.  Added Apr 2020  •  0.5K words
  • Dude! I thought I was straight! by Richard Jasper  Cock HMusc Strong MGrow Musc  Trent Bozeman, a senior, is king of his high school, hoping his next score will be Miss Titmuss, the drop-dead gorgeous Latin 1 teacher. Then he walks in!  Added Apr 2020  •  3.0K words
  • A fine bromance by Richard Jasper(3 parts)CGrow Hair Cock MGrow Musc 2Gay  Once Roger finds a young straight boy lifting buddy, the growth (muscles and cock) really takes off—for both of them!  Added Jan 2020  •  6.6K words
  • First time(s) by Richard Jasper(6 parts)Cock MGrow Musc  Our perennial protagonist, Roger, records seven different versions of his first-time same sex encounter. The usual steamy muscle growth fantasies ensue.  Added May 2020  •  8.1K words
  • Freshman year by Richard Jasper  CGrow Cock Strong MGrow Musc  Roger and his three suite-mates are freshmen at Russell College. At Roger’s prompting, Bobby, the high school wrestler jock of the foursome, teaches his buddies how to lift. They start growing—phenomenally—in more ways than one!  Added May 2020  •  4.8K words
  • Fuck buddies get big by Richard Jasper(4 parts)CGrow Cock Strong MGrow Musc  Newly retired Roger and his new friend Jim find that their passion in the bedroom is having prodigious results in the gym!  Added May 2020  •  7.2K words
  • Graham by Richard Jasper  Cock Musc  The author’s imagined encounter with a hunky online friend.  Added May 2020  •  0.5K words
  • Grow for me by Richard Jasper  AgeDiff MGrow Musc  In this shorty (1000 words), the middle-aged musclebear protagonist takes in a lanky 18-year-old who’s been kicked out of house and home by his homophobic asshole dad. The musclebear’s only request? GROW! And boy does he!  Added May 2020  •  1.1K words
  • Grower by Richard Jasper  MGrow Musc    Added Aug 2002  •  1.6K words
  • Growth by association by Richard Jasper(8 parts)CGrow Taller Cock MGrow Musc 2Gay Supn  When Roger Clark—improbably huge, impossibly built—shows up at Fitness World wanting to hire half a dozen personal trainers (all male) for 12 weeks, the guys don’t know what to think. But they all say YES when he quotes a price that’s about 10 times their going rate! Growth, growth, and more growth ensues, in the muscle department and down below. Plus these totally straight jocks wind up being not so straight after all!  Added May 2020  •  10.4K words
  • Gym fantasy by Richard Jasper(5 parts)MGrow Musc  A few chance encounters at the gym build a connection between a pair of hot, growing guys.  Added Feb 2009  •  3.5K words
  • Jack and the muscle goddess by Richard Jasper(5 parts)2Straight Het MGrow Musc  When the CIA’s biggest, builtest, hungest operative gay male operative is seduced by the dominatrix dictator of North Korea, kinky things (and gigantic growth) occur.  Added May 2020  •  4.5K words
  • Jallen by Richard Jasper(10 parts)AgeDiff Taller Cock MGrow Musc  Orphaned from birth, Jallen’s amazing growth has continually confounded and upset the long procession of foster parents he has endured. Until he meets Officer Brian Molloy of the Houston P.D.  Added May 2020  •  15.4K words
  • Jessie’s girls by Richard Jasper(6 parts)Grad MGrow Musc  Three young men—Jessie, Henry, and Frank—have known each other since they were five years old, when their respective families each wound up moving to Magnolia Terrace at roughly the same time. Jessie was the jock, Henry was the brainiac, Frank the artsy one. This is the story of how they grew up together (and boy howdy did they grow!).  Added May 2020  •  6.1K words
  • Jonathan’s journey by Richard Jasper(13 parts)CGrow Taller Grad Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Join Jonathan and his best friend Todd on their four-year journey from geeky 14-year-olds to veritable mountains of mind-blowing muscle!  Added May 2020  •  13.3K words
  • Kept boy by Richard Jasper(5 parts)AgeDiff Grad Cock MGrow Musc  Philanthropist Jason is wealthy, handsome, and built like a brick outhouse. Eddy is a handsome lad newly arrived from East Buddha. They meet at the Y and the rest is muscle growth history!  Added May 2020  •  6.2K words
  • Li’l Dude by Richard Jasper(10 parts)CGrow Taller Grad Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Robert is a geeky college freshman, totally smitten with his “senior buddy,” a big, built, blond, hunky California surfer dude named Chris, who dubs him “Li’l Dude.” Ridiculous muscle growth ensues (as usual!).  Added May 2020  •  10.5K words
  • Little for big by Richard Jasper(4 parts)MGrow Musc  Do big muscle guys like Brian get into little guys? When the little guy has a giant cock like Rogerís, the answer is hell yeah they do!  Added Jun 2020  •  4.9K words
  • The lovers by Richard Jasper  Musc  A very short, one-scene story where muscle and love come together.  Added Jun 2020  •  0.3K words
  • Made for each other by Richard Jasper(9 parts)Xmas CGrow Hallow Cock MGrow Musc 2Gay Tksg  Blake and Chad, two recent college graduates, meet at Muscles in Motion, the only gym in their small town in the Catskills. Thrown together as workout partners by the sex-on-a-stick straight boy personal trainer who doesn’t have any interest in clients beyond their bust size, Blake and Chad soon they really are Made for Each Other!  Added Jun 2020  •  11.4K words
  • Manzeum by Richard Jasper(9 parts)AgeDown CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  Roger Funderburk is really pretty damned hunky for a man in his late 50s. But he’s also dealing with the health issues that tend to crop up in late middle age. Then his endocrinologist puts him on a new medication for his type 2 diabetes, one with some unusual side-effects. Or, in Roger’s case, spectacular ones!  Added Jun 2020  •  8.6K words
  • Me and Mr. K by Richard Jasper  AgeDiff MGrow Musc  Roger Jolson, the world’s strongest teen, is excited about meeting Ben Kazakian, the World’s Strongest Man, a friend of Roger’s hunky coach, Stan Telatopolous. Their meeting does not go as any of them expected.  Added Jun 2020  •  3.3K words
  • The merger by Richard Jasper  CGrow Cock Merg MGrow Musc  When wannabe musclebear Rik Farnsworth and sexy twink Ryan Steinmetz finally get together, something surprising ensues!  Added Jun 2020  •  2.5K words
  • Mister by Richard Jasper  AgeDiff Dom Cock Musc  Musclegod Frank doesn’t know quite what to think of the hunky Latin kid who seems to trip over his own feet whenever Frank shows up. For his part, Eduardo is trying not to cream his pants whenever he looks in Frank’s direction. Eventually, they figure it out!  Added Jun 2020  •  1.9K words
  • Muscle blind by Richard Jasper  Grad Cock MGrow Musc 2Gay  Brandon, Ryan, Bobby, and Roger are college freshmen, sharing a suite. Roger is growing like a rocket but Bobby doesn’t seem to notice, so Brandon and Ryan devise an experiment to open Bobby’s eyes.  Added Jun 2020  •  2.4K words
  • My brother’s boyfriend by Richard Jasper(5 parts)Bro Taller Balls HMusc Pher Strong MGrow Musc Grow 2Gay  Hunky, straight Marine Kyle is gobsmacked to find out that his bigger, hotter baby brother has an even bigger, hotter boyfriend!  Added Feb 2020  •  8.8K words