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Series: Body Game, Four Jocks, Power of Suggestion.  Common tags: Huge Cock, Muscle Growth, Multilimb, Multiarm, Multicock, Hyper Cock, Plausible Size Difference, Replication, Detachable. 

Stories found: 21.

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Complete story list for NBCK99:

  • Alpha House by NBCK99(3 parts)CGrow Cock Pher MGrow Musc  A collection of young guys take part in a reality series where the action includes everyone spinning a wheel and getting random body changes.  Added Mar 2015  •  Updated May 2015  •  11.9K words
  • Body game: Encounter 1000 by NBCK99  CGrow Det Giant Cock HyCock Cum XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc PSD Series  For the milestone thousandth encounter, six body game alumni bring their already-transformed bodies to the circle, and discover what the game’s like the second time around.  Added Oct 2018  •  4.6K words
  • The bonding by NBCK99  CGrow Taller Cock MGrow Musc Grow Sugg  Roy is reluctant to meet up with Cody, the hottie he’d met online—even more so because they’re meeting up at a dance club, and Roy didn’t do clubs. But Cody manages to get Roy to see things his way, though not without some surprises for Cody, too.  Added Apr 2016  •  7.1K words
  • Bound together by NBCK99  XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Grow  When you have the ability to "push" people to be bigger and hotter, and not a lot of self-control, a really cute repairman can be a challenge—especially if things don’t go quite the way they’re supposed to.  Added Jan 2016  •  4.8K words
  • Changes in Bigby Heights by NBCK99(3 parts)Hard Btaur CGrow 4Legs Cock Infect XArm XCock XLimb Retcon  Alex Stevens has always been shy, being the only boytaur in Bigby Heights, but Jesse helps bring him out of his shell. But after their first encounter, reality seems to shift.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Sep 2010  •  5.2K words
  • The changing by NBCK99(2 parts)Cock XLimb MGrow Musc  After an encounter with an ancient book of Irish poetry that sure seems a lot like a spell grimoire, three friends discover they’ve set something in motion that will change everything—for themselves and, before long, for everyone else as well.  Added Jun 2016  •  5.3K words
  • Charlie by NBCK99  CGrow Cock HyCock 2Gay  Like everyone else in the dorm, Jude has gotten used to Charlie, the guy down the hall, and the way Charlie’s cock grows in his sleep—not to mention the effect it has on the everyone around him. But when he wakes up to find that Charlie’s cock has gotten not only out of hand but out of room, Jude confronts Charlie, with unexpected results.  Added Nov 2014  •  3.9K words
  • Coffee coffee by NBCK99(2 parts)Hard CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Grow 2Gay  The employees at the campus’s hottest coffee shop seem to be getting sexier… and so are the customers.  Added Dec 2010  •  5.3K words
  • Don’t delete this email by NBCK99  Cock XAbs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb MGrow  Just keep reading, and keep and open mind. Relax your mind, relax your body. Your body is far more malleable than you realize.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.5K words
  • Double trouble by NBCK99  Twins  Caleb is really into how hot identical twins are. His roommate decides to help him out a little.  Added May 2015  •  4.1K words
  • Enchanted growth by NBCK99(5 parts)CGrow Fant Balls HyCock MGrow Musc Grow  When Andrelle’s questing companions succeed in finding a magical dagger, he discovers just why the artifact is so desirable.  Added Apr 2015  •  Updated Oct 2015  •  18.3K words
  • A handful of Lukes by NBCK99  Rep  It was pretty clear his new roommate Luke was hiding something, but coming home to find Luke embracing ... another Luke? ... was not what he expected.  Added Jun 2016  •  3.1K words
  • Real daydreams by NBCK99  CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  The power of imagination works its magic on a beautiful jogger.  Added Jul 2015  •  3.4K words
  • The reform party by NBCK99(2 parts)CGrow Det Cock BACock HyCock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb MGrow Musc Rep Shr Grow  Will attends a gathering that turns out to be devoted to some radical transformations, where the invitees have sexual desires that can’t be fulfilled in the real world and long for their roleplay fantasies to be made real in ways even they don’t expect.  Added Sep 2016  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  8.6K words
  • Shift by NBCK99(5 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock XArm MGrow Musc PSD  At first there were only a few of those abnormally tall, wildly muscular, huge-cocked, boner-inducing half-naked guys, encountered here and there on a train, in a mall, a demigod amidst the chaff. That was at first.  Added Jul 2014  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  13.6K words
  • Take me, change me by NBCK99  CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  When John Truman finally gets intimate with Scott, his hot teammate, John’s body suddenly changes into Scott’s deepest fantasy.  Added May 2016  •  4.0K words
  • Tales of a growing teen by NBCK99(2 parts)Taller Cock Musc PSD Grow  Teen giant Drew outlines the perks and struggles of being larger than life in his blog.  Added Dec 2015  •  4.0K words