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May 2017
  • Among us by BRK(6 parts)Alien Cock 2Anim Mind Musc Were  Nathan Yates is an ordinary boy who’s just graduated from high school and whose biggest concern in life in trying to figure out why the hottest guy in school is making passes at him. That is, until he’s thrown into a story he knows intimately from his favorite cult graphic novels, and becomes embroiled in a conflict that reaches across worlds and universes.  Added May 2017  •  19.7K words(6)
  • Means of escape by BRK  Alien Musc Str  Even for a randy space marine, life as a sex slave is not your first choice. But it looks like a distinct possibility after days of incarceration on the wrong planet. So when an offer of help arrives, it’s not something you ignore—even if the offer is telepathic and the help involves certain side-effects.  Added May 2017  •  4.0K words(4)
  • Alpha product series by Chet Boner(6 parts)Bro Cum Dad Balls Musc NipCum  19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice!  Added May 2017  •  4.5K words(10)
  • Bet you can’t have just one by Ziel  Giant Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Vincent was given pretty clear instructions with the new growth supplement his pal invented: “Only take one pill.”  Added May 2017  •  5.6K words(4)
  • Huge loads by Ziel  Cum Balls Cock HyCock  It seems like dirty clothes aren’t the only huge loads at this laundromat.  Added May 2017  •  5.3K words(2)
  • Laundry day by Aphon(5 parts)Hair Balls Cock Musc Grow  A scientist on the verge of a cock growth breakthrough is a little careless and his formula ends up on the jockstrap of a hunky personal trainer, what could go wrong?  Added May 2017  •  4.1K words(6)
  • Porn can be healthy by Egi(2 parts)Cum Cock HyCock  Zack is a healthy, horny young man who, like any other boy, likes to look at porn. Always one for novelty, Zack comes across the perfect website for him and his needs!  Added May 2017  •  8.7K words(12)
  • Satyr in the city by Muscle Bear Daddy(2 parts)Fur Cock Musc Nonc Grow Tf  A rough, unasked-for encounter into the woods leads to induction into a new life as a satyr.  Added May 2017  •  2.7K words(4)
  • What he wants by Centaur Writer  Cent Cum Cock Musc Tf  Steve has a dead end job and boring life. Then, a trip to an estate sale makes it possible for all his dreams to come true, even ones he didn't know he had.  Added May 2017  •  2.8K words(3)
  • The yard by Now Voyager  Fur 2Anim Nonc Tf  When Simon returns to the local leather bar to retrieve his wallet, he gets more than he bargained for.  Added May 2017  •  4.7K words(3)
April 2017
  • The guy with the dick by BRK  HyCock XCock Musc  One morning at the park, Daniel encounters an unbelievably hot guy with a very impressive dick.  Added Apr 2017  •  3.3K words(7)
  • Keith DeMarco is huge! by BRK(2 parts)Cock XAbs XArm XCock XLimb XPec Stack Tall  Top music critic Zach Savoy is finally handed a chance to interview pop superstar Keith DeMarco after a year of secrecy and seclusion. When he penetrates the singer’s inner sanctum, though, he’s not prepared for what he finds.  Added Apr 2017  •  7.6K words(4)
  • Camp Multilimb by Josh Dugan  Btaur Cent 4Legs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb 6Legs WFoot  Camp is very entertaining.  Added Apr 2017  •  1.6K words(2)
  • Little bro by Ziel  Bro Giant Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Hunky big bro Liam has always teased his puny kid brother Connell. But after his accident, Connell got some experimental treatments that are guaranteed to change who calls who the “little bro” from now on.  Added Apr 2017  •  5.4K words(4)
  • The reunion by Aphon(2 parts)Hair Balls Cock HyCock Musc Nonc Grow  Sam meets up with his high school crush who ends up having more in plan for him than he thought... how big is too big?  Added Apr 2017  •  3.3K words(5)
  • Vitality Health Foods by Josef Howard  Cock HyCock Musc Self Grow  The quaint health food shop sells supplements that are remarkably effective—if used as directed.  Added Apr 2017  •  6.4K words(4)
March 2017
  • Twinning: The college years by BRK(2 parts)Dig Cock HyCock Rep Grow StPat Tall Series  At college, Will attracts the attention of a sexy, Irish hockey player who pushes all Will’s buttons—but now that he’s in this new world Will isn’t sure he can share all of himself with his slowly growing admirer.  Added Mar 2017  •  8.9K words(8)
  • Vignette: Mouth by BRK  Cock Mcock  Your wish to be constantly tasting rock-hard cock might be granted in an unexpected way.  Added Mar 2017  •  0.6K words(7)
  • Among the jocks by Peterbilt(2 parts)Cock Musc  A group of young athletes enjoy each other’s beautiful, muscular bodies.  Added Mar 2017  •  2.9K words(4)
  • Camping out by Walt Tucker  Giant  A giant is attracted to sexy camper Jamie enough to grab him from his tent and bring him home for sex—and also to meet his other human pet, Brandon.  Added Mar 2017  •  2.1K words(4)
  • Drunk on the groove by STrRedWolf  Fur HyCock XBalls XArm Series  A local DJ and neighbor of Red's overdoes it at the Dragon's Horde... and the next day, he's feeling rather green... and rather hung.  Added Mar 2017  •  1.5K words(6)
  • The first time by Golddream  Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Dave needs a place to stay, and fortunately, his gym bud Thomas is there to help. But in the week that follows, Dave is introduced to a whole new world of sensations.  Added Mar 2017  •  1.3K words(12)
  • In the sack by Neltharion5  Cock Musc  Brian finds a magical backpack that uses magazines as fuel to transform him. Soon, he realizes that his enhancements are sexually contagious, making his sex partners hotter. What else will he discover about the magic sack?  Added Mar 2017  •  3.5K words(8)
  • MissinGRO by Ziel  Cock XBalls XArm XCock XLimb PSD Grow  Javier discovers to his delight that encountering the infamous Pokémon glitch Missingno can have unanticipated real-world effects.  Added Mar 2017  •  5.5K words(9)
  • Pageants are gay! by Neltharion5  Cock Musc  The USA Mister Pageant is far more than just a beauty show. Friends Darren and Scott are too oblivious to acknowledge that their state pageant titles may have made them the hottest men in their state. Will the national title do the same?  Added Mar 2017  •  2.8K words(3)
  • Unbound Beast Inc. by an0n12  Cock Musc  Jeff is working out late at night and encounters Ian who has substantially grown since he last saw him; Ian decides to be cocky and show off/seduce Jeff not taking into account the how effective the drug he's taking would be when he cums. Will it be too much for Ian or will he let his arrogance and lust get the better of him?  Added Mar 2017  •  4.0K words(14)
February 2017
  • The commute by BRK  Musc Grow Tall  David's twenty-fifth birthday was supposed to be the start of new life, with a promotion and a live-in boyfriend. When all that suddenly goes up in smoke, all he can do is distract himself on the train into the city with imaginings of the lithe, well-muscled body of the fellow commuter sitting across from him.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.3K words(9)
  • Professor Magnus’s independent study by BRK  Btaur 4Legs Cock XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Musc NipC Rep Tall Series  Jake, a self-taught student of transformation magic, is invited to come and meet with Professor Magnus—but the hypnotically sexy boytaur prof is just as intrigued by Jake.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.0K words(8)
  • All good things by Anon Amon(45 parts)Bro Cum CumInf Balls Cock HyCock Musc NipCum Twins  After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated May 2017  •  47.1K words(34)
  • The cake by Orion  Hair Balls HyCock Musc PSD Grow Tall  Matt is an average college student, frustrated with his below average body. But that is unexpectedly about to change, thanks to a little bit of magic.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.8K words(6)
  • Choranaptyxic by Marquis de Rent  Cock Musc PSD Grow  A young man uses a dating app to have some fun. Everything goes well until his date inexplicably starts to grow...  Added Feb 2017  •  2.8K words(5)
  • Domination by dunnyboy  Dom Hair Cock Musc Grow Tg  Jay's already growing submission to Chris escalates dramatically as Chris reveals he's been taking injections that will turn him into the ultimate muscle fantasy. But Chris won't be the only one affected.  Added Feb 2017  •  17.1K words(13)
  • Four for the game by Clearlyhere  Swap Bro Cock Musc Grow  Four jocks play a body changing game.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.0K words(10)
  • Ivan tries wristfeet by Josh Dugan  XLimb Rep WFoot Series  As if Ivan doesn’t have enough beautiful feet already.  Added Feb 2017  •  0.9K words(6)
  • Ivan’s barefoot centaur calendar by Josh Dugan(3 parts)Cent XCock XLimb Rep WFoot Series  Four-legged Ivan agrees to be a calendar pin-up boy.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  2.2K words(8)
  • My high school god by Peterbilt(2 parts)Musc  Real life story about the author and another student when we were in high school.  Added Feb 2017  •  10.8K words(7)
  • My son home on leave by Peterbilt(2 parts)Dad Cock Musc  A story of sex between a man and his adult Marine son when he is home on leave.  Added Feb 2017  •  18.2K words(5)
  • School for studs by Josef Howard(8 parts)Cum Musc  Eldon agrees to hand himself over the so-called School for Studs for three years, knowing that the sex they’ll arrange for him with the sexy well-to-do will be worth the commitment. What he doesn’t expect is the expect the other Studs will have on him.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  17.3K words(14)
  • Second service by Marquis de Rent  Cock Musc Nonc Grow  A man out for his Friday night carousing runs into his ex. He expects some casual sex but gets more than he thought.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.0K words(9)
  • The surfer by LenZelig  Bro Cock Musc Twins Series  Rick's surfing vacation in Hawaii turns into a muscle-and-cock fantasy once he meets the beautiful Kolani twins, Paul and Andy.  Added Feb 2017  •  11.3K words(10)
  • There’s something about Billy by Ziel  Cock HyCock XCock  Billy seems like perfectly normal, good-looking guy from the waist up. But there’s something going on inside Billy’s weird, super-baggy pants, and Duke and Kevin were determined to find out what it was.  Added Feb 2017  •  5.4K words(12)
  • This town’s not big enough by Ziel  Cum Giant Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Steven is back in his hometown—a small, rural community—after spending a semester at college. Now that he’s had a taste of the big city, his old home just doesn't feel big enough for him. Little does he know how true that sentiment will become.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.2K words(8)
  • Trade by Alakazam1988(2 parts)Cock HyCock  Discovering the ability to trade a part of your body for part of another naturally leads to experimentation with inches of cock, and with just how far you can transform someone who really wants it.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.1K words(12)
  • Workout buds by Wicked  Musc  Alex finds a new workout buddy that really helps with his workout results.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.1K words(8)
January 2017
  • Sexy smile by BRK  Mcock  Con opens a magical birthday present that is bound to enhance his encounters with other guys, something that's always been a problem for him on account of his not being very good with people. Unfortunately, he opens the gift at pretty much exactly the wrong moment.  Added Jan 2017  •  6.4K words(7)
  • Brandon’s bro by FanTCMan(4 parts)Bro Cock Musc  Brandon initiates his brother onto a secret society of guys who are being made more and more muscular, hung, and sexy.  Added Jan 2017  •  8.7K words(19)
  • The gymnast by Peterbilt(2 parts)Musc  Real life story in which the author meets up with a hot young gymnast in a gay bath house.  Added Jan 2017  •  6.2K words(5)
  • Moocows by Meddler Incs(2 parts)2Anim Mind Musc NipCum Nonc  Cody's world is turned upside down when he is faced with a twisted coach and his followers.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.0K words(21)
  • Moon of masculinity by WhiteShadow  Hair Balls Cock Musc Grow  The moon... always shining down from above during the darkest of nights. Some say it has powers of its own, while others claim that it is just a catalyst of some other natural order. I wonder what Anthony would say.  Added Jan 2017  •  2.5K words(10)
  • More than advertised by LookinToGrow  Musc  Two men meet at the gym one day, and both hope to become even bigger and stronger then they once were.  Added Jan 2017  •  1.5K words(3)
  • No reason by Alakazam1988  Xmas Cock Musc MusBr NipC Grow  At the gym, Pascal notices that not only is are his pecs getting huge, but his nips are showing under his hoodie more than they should.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.7K words(8)
  • Red pills by Alakazam1988(7 parts)Cock  Struggling college student and part-time stripper Connor is introduced to Red Pills, which are supposed to be the one dick-growth pills that actually work. He's skeptical—at first.  Added Jan 2017  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  18.2K words(9)
  • Santa’s big surprise by Silverfox Dad(3 parts)Xmas Musc Grow  Jeremy has not only been obsessed with Santa, he's seen him and knows he's real. So when a friend at the gym gives him a muscle-growth supplement meant to give him confidence enough to talk to his beautiful bodybuilder crush Marco, Jeremy decides instead to give Santa a gift of his own.  Added Jan 2017  •  7.6K words(7)
  • The threads of time by Josh Dugan  Cent Llegs XLimb  On a gay centaur cruise, Josh discovers a race of hextaurs, and learns their amazing secrets.  Added Jan 2017  •  2.8K words(5)
  • True pups by Douglas Benjamin  Fur Dom Dumb 2Anim Mind Musc Tf  Two men wander into the wrong bar, and soon find their bodies growing huge with muscle as their minds go to the dogs.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.9K words(4)
  • Two jocks lovin’ by Peterbilt(2 parts)Musc  Super jock goes to another jock’s house, to his room, for sex.  Added Jan 2017  •  5.3K words(5)
  • Yoga mates by Seth Peterson  Musc Tf  A new yoga club gives a shy, unsure college boy a lot more than he signed up for.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.0K words(2)
December 2016
  • Secret Santa by BRK(3 parts)Bro Xmas Cock XAbs XArm XLeg XLimb Musc Rep 3Legs Series  Joe’s crew at his new firehouse are destined to become very important to him, but the extent to which he’s more and more heart-thuddingly attracted to his handsome, well-muscled workmates worries him more than a little.  Added Dec 2016  •  15.2K words(11)
  • Arthur, the young titan by TonnyGiant(6 parts)Dom Giant Musc Grow Viol  This is the story of how I met Arthur, and how he became a giant, and how he dominated everything and everyone ... and how he won my heart in respect and worship. And today I can say, we love each other.  Added Dec 2016  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  12.2K words(35)
  • Christmas wish by Riu  Bro Xmas Cock HyCock Sugg  Two grown-up brothers follow their childhood tradition of waiting up for Santa. Only this time, after a few shots of special whiskey, a different kind of Christmas wish is granted.  Added Dec 2016  •  3.9K words(12)
  • Handsome young Saint Boytaurus by Josh Dugan  Btaur Xmas XLimb  A carol to the patron saint of multiple limbs, sung to the tune of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”.  Added Dec 2016  •  0.1K words(1)
  • Have yourself a megalithic Christmas by Ziel  Bro Xmas Giant Cock HyCock Grow Series  A sort of sequel/follow up/spin off to Miracle on 69th Street. This time the story focuses on Calvin, a down on his luck dude who has long suffered under his overbearing and outright mean-spirited older brother, but all that’s about to change. It’s Calvin’s turn to be the “big” brother in every sense of the word.  Added Dec 2016  •  8.1K words(8)
  • It’s all a bit ‘haze’y by Ziel  Balls Cock HyCock Musc Grow  When Markus gets accepted into the frat of his dreams, he was expecting one hell of a hazing. The truth is something much bigger.  Added Dec 2016  •  4.6K words(15)
  • Ivan plays hoompa by Josh Dugan  4Legs Llegs XCock XLeg XLimb Series Series  Four-legged Ivan, goofing around on his phone, discovers the leg-multiplying possibilities of playing “hoompa”.  Added Dec 2016  •  0.8K words(10)
  • Ivan’s stocking stuffers by Josh Dugan(2 parts)Xmas XCock XLeg XLimb Rep Series Series  Ivan's Christmas stockings contain something you don't usually find under the tree.  Added Dec 2016  •  Updated Jan 2017  •  1.5K words(7)
  • Saligia by Tor Sovik  Fant Cock Musc Grow  Saligia has been waiting for eons, and only myths and stories remain in what literature is remaining today. Darius unwittingly wanders into Saligia’s cave, unleashing the terror that broke the world, and twisted man to depravity.  Added Dec 2016  •  0.9K words(13)
  • Sam’s life: Freshman year by Konnor Huse  Cock  Sam’s freshman year is about to start, and after too long feeling smaller than everyone, things have begun to change.  Added Dec 2016  •  2.2K words(15)
November 2016
  • Cadence by BRK(3 parts)Cock Musc Grow  Lucius, an ex-ancient Roman whose peculiar curse involves the beauty of the men around him, suddenly finds that everything he thought he knew about his uncontrollable abilities has changed when he's discovered by a trooper one night sleeping in his car on a lonely stretch of Midwestern highway.  Added Nov 2016  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  12.2K words(9)
  • Adam’s first growth spurt by MDS  Bro Giant Cock Musc Grow  Adam comes home from a day of being bullied at school to find he definitely won't have to worry about anything like that after today.  Added Nov 2016  •  2.4K words(7)
  • Ivan’s four feet by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLeg XLimb Rep WFoot Series  Josh's imaginings about Ivan's four feet take on a life of their own, leading to dreams of multiple Ivans enjoying their four-leggedness together with him.  Added Nov 2016  •  1.0K words(6)
  • That’s a really huge cock, bro by Luke B.  Cock HyCock Musc  Just a down and dirty story about one jock stud finding out his muscle-bound jock buddy is hung like a mule—and growing.  Added Nov 2016  •  3.7K words(13)
  • They’re really sensitive now by spacevlad(2 parts)Giant Musc PSD Grow  Burly musclebear daddy Josh gets his nipples pierced, which makes them extra sensitive...and leads to some BIG unexpected benefits!  Added Nov 2016  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  5.7K words(4)
October 2016
  • Toil and trouble by BRK(2 parts)XArm XLimb Rep  After a series of threatening texts, P.I. Jordan Coffey wakes up different—and not alone.  Added Oct 2016  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  11.4K words(22)
  • Hard body by Also Known As(7 parts)Cock Musc Grow  Uncannily attractive and hunky teenager John is sent to the latest in a string of health professionals over his unusual condition: he’s always horny, and it affects his body in a very unusual and highly provocative manner.  Added Oct 2016  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  34.6K words(66)
  • It’s not gonna stop now by Riu  Fur Giant Cock HyCock Grow  An size-hungry anthro squirrel takes some growth pills and gets much, much more growth than he bargained for.  Added Oct 2016  •  3.5K words(8)
  • Ivan has four legs by Josh Dugan  LegWh 4Legs XLeg XLimb Rep 6Legs Series  It turns out that the old epistemological mnemonic is right: Ivan really does have four legs.  Added Oct 2016  •  0.8K words(6)
  • A little thing by Riu  Giant Cock Grow Viol  Football star Alex heads for campus, but a normal day turns wild and awesome as he starts growing huger and huger right there on the street.  Added Oct 2016  •  2.1K words(14)
  • Mutant by Marquis de Rent  Giant Cock HyCock Musc Grow Super  Tom discovers that he is a mutant with the power to grow men that have sex with him. College jock Chris decides to take advantage of it.  Added Oct 2016  •  4.2K words(17)
September 2016
  • Bedmate by BRK(2 parts)XArm XCock XLimb Musc Tall  Ardo passes out in a hospital but wakes up in a strange bed in a comfortable, if empty, room. And there’s a odd figure of a man looming in the doorway, waiting for him to wake up.  Added Sep 2016  •  6.1K words(13)
  • Custom tailoring by BRK(2 parts)Musc Grow  Danny takes on a modeling gig that involves a little custom tailoring, and not just of the clothes he’ll be wearing for the shoot.  Added Sep 2016  •  6.7K words(10)
  • All or nothing by Double-U  Musc Grow  Take a step into Allan Rader’s thoughts and explore a strange new casino that hasn’t opened up to the public yet. Will Allan get some BIG returns?  Added Sep 2016  •  2.2K words(13)
  • Confined to cock by Squidy  BACock Cock  College bully Jason fatefully calls Nick a "dickhead", but they’re both unaware that Nick’s ability-gifted buddy Johnny has Nick’s back and can visit some appropriate retribution on Jason.  Added Sep 2016  •  2.4K words(7)
  • The curse of the pink thong by WIP Topping  CShr Hair Mind Musc Tf Series  Max makes homophobic comments in the locker room and gets cursed. Will he learn to embrace the havoc that the curse wreaks on his body?  Added Sep 2016  •  6.8K words(7)
  • Enhanced muscle and futuristic porn by Marquis de Rent(5 parts)Cock HyCock Musc PSD Grow Tf  In a futuristic space convoy, a young doctor builds his career on groundbreaking male enhancements.  Added Sep 2016  •  25.3K words(26)
  • Ever growing by Alakazam1988  Het Balls Cock HyCock  An account of what it’s really like to have a dick that keeps growing and growing and growing, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always more than you expect.  Added Sep 2016  •  4.8K words(10)
  • The flame of the rose by WIP Topping  CShr Tf Series  Brody makes transphobic comments about the new quarterback and is cursed to become a little more...flamboyant.  Added Sep 2016  •  10.6K words(8)
  • MyWorld by CoyoteR(2 parts)Cock HyCock Mind Musc Nonc  Andy is all into the muscles he’s given himself and his buddies on the football team thanks to the MyWorld software on his tablet. Only he’s misplaced his iPad somewhere, and he sure hopes someone else hasn’t found it…  Added Sep 2016  •  6.1K words(18)
  • The reform party by NBCK99(2 parts)BACock Det Cock HyCock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb Musc Rep Shr Grow  Will attends a gathering that turns out to be devoted to some radical transformations, where the invitees have sexual desires that can’t be fulfilled in the real world and long for their roleplay fantasies to be made real in ways even they don’t expect.  Added Sep 2016  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  8.6K words(11)
  • Sam and Bolt by Alakazam1988(11 parts)Cum CumInf Dad Hair Balls Cock HyCock NipC NipCum Self Grow Tall  Sam’s father, Bolt, shares with his size-hungry son the secrets of becoming truly huge.  Added Sep 2016  •  Updated Dec 2016  •  48.2K words(54)
  • Vodka and cereal by Seth Peterson  Musc Grow  A night of hard drinking and the lovely inhibitions it quashes leads me into yet another transformational adventure! Like bizarre yet exotic bodies? Cereal being eaten of out unexpected body parts? Coconut vodka? Read what happens when things go a little off the rails.  Added Sep 2016  •  2.7K words(8)
  • What do you do with four feet? by Josh Dugan  XLimb  In another vignette, you find yourself on a beach having been transformed into a four-legged man.  Added Sep 2016  •  0.6K words(11)
  • Your evening with Monroe by Monroe L  Fur Balls Cock  In this second-person narrative, Monroe, an anthro collared lizard, approaches you for a night of passion.  Added Sep 2016  •  3.9K words(8)
August 2016
  • Anything to grow by Big Bull Trainer  Dumb Musc Grow Tf  There are some with an unquenchable desire to not only grow, but to grow to unnaturally large proportions, and will go to any lengths to do it. This is a story of just such a person.  Added Aug 2016  •  7.6K words(10)
  • The Black Knights by Meddler Incs(4 parts)Musc Symb  Once you join the infamous college team known as the Black Knights, there are only three things that matter: lifting, fucking, and football.  Added Aug 2016  •  Updated May 2017  •  6.2K words(17)
  • Digital Dan by Bear Northman  Balls HyCock Musc  Mick tries a virtual encounter with an ideal man, and finds it’s a lot more real than he expects.  Added Aug 2016  •  2.5K words(20)
  • Ever upward by Jonathan Banner  Grow  Though already a giant amongst men, a growth-obsessed hulk acts on his insatiable desire to grow even bigger.  Added Aug 2016  •  2.5K words(13)
  • Plus one by Double-U  Musc Grow StPat Tf  I thought getting a new suite mate would be nothing but bad news. But that was before I learned he was a hot, muscular stud.  Added Aug 2016  •  6.7K words(23)
  • The power of bondage by Writerbro(5 parts)Dom Cock Hum Musc MusBr  A curious sub encounters a strict BDSM master who sees a lot of potential in the young man’s currently ordinary appearance.  Added Aug 2016  •  Updated Jan 2017  •  9.4K words(22)
  • The power of suggestion: The coffee shop by NBCK99  Cock HyCock Mcock XCock XLimb Grow Sugg Tall Series  Having the power of suggestion leads you into a lot of temptation, but nothing compared to meeting Clay in line at the coffee shop.  Added Aug 2016  •  3.1K words(14)
  • Revamped by Double-U  Hair Cock Musc Grow  Two new friends, an athlete and a nerd, find themselves testing out a mysterious piece of technology that has the ability to upgrade bodies into masculine perfection.  Added Aug 2016  •  5.1K words(20)
  • Stretch to drink by STrRedWolf  Fur HyCock XCock XHead XLimb Series  Doug’s rubber company is foundering, but a night at the Dragon’s Horde not only gives him a new, extra-long body, but a few new ideas as well.  Added Aug 2016  •  1.9K words(7)
  • Wish list by Neltharion5  Dom Fant Cock Musc Supn  Two men rub a lamp at the same time and have to wish for each other, and, completely unaware of what they’re doing, go a little overboard.  Added Aug 2016  •  4.0K words(14)
  • You and I: The beginning by Also Known As  Cock Musc Grow Sugg Series  In the beginning, there was growth, and muscle, and … well, there was a little trial and error along the way.  Added Aug 2016  •  9.3K words(13)
July 2016
  • Back from vacation by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLeg XLimb 6Legs Series  One of the original multilimb authors, Josh Dugan, stops by with a simple vignette of a man who came back from the Amazon with a new understanding of how tribal bonding can manifest physically through a few extra feet.  Added Jul 2016  •  0.3K words(5)
  • Basically a god by CurlyJin(7 parts)Cum Giant Het Balls HyCock Grow Super Tall  What do you do when the kid you bullied in high school becomes a god?  Added Jul 2016  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  25.7K words(29)
  • The bear’s cub by CurlyJin(3 parts)Cock HyCock Musc PSD Grow Tall  A giant man calling himself Bear takes in a young man just entering a nearby college.  Added Jul 2016  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  11.4K words(12)
  • Getting your goat on by Meddler Incs  Absorb Fur Musc  That costume feels really good when you put it on, and the orgasms are mind-blowing. It might be a little ... possessed, though?  Added Jul 2016  •  2.5K words(8)
  • The magic jockstrap by Ziel  Cock  Something short and simple this time around: A guy tries on a special jockstrap with interesting results.  Added Jul 2016  •  1.4K words(14)
  • Midmorning augmentation by Double-U  Swap Musc  John is surrounded by muscular college jocks, which he finds distracting. Then, not long after downloading a game app he isn’t familiar with, he wakes up to discover he’s a muscular jock himself.  Added Jul 2016  •  5.1K words(10)
  • Something huge by Ziel  Grow  Growing up short can be tough, and that goes double when you live in a world with literal giants.  Added Jul 2016  •  2.2K words(8)
  • You and I: The hotel room by Also Known As(2 parts)Cock Musc Grow Sugg Series  In this tale of dual perspectives, when you seek out a man with godlike powers and a yearning to transform others (having already made himself the strongest and most beautiful man alive), you should expect your own agenda to be quickly forgotten. The only question is: will you become your fantasies—or his?  Added Jul 2016  •  10.8K words(15)
  • You and I: The restaurant by Also Known As(2 parts)Cock Musc Rep Grow Sugg Series  Another dual perspective between a man with godlike powers and a man who seeks him out, this time leading to audacious transformations right in the middle of a busy restaurant.  Added Jul 2016  •  9.8K words(4)
June 2016
  • Ten ways to get big and strong by BRK(4 parts)Bro Cock Musc Grow  Cam and his band-geek buddies have a good laugh at a silly new poster in the gym listing ten ways to get big and strong, but when they sneak in after school and start writing in their own suggestions, things start to get a little weird.  Added Jun 2016  •  Updated Sep 2016  •  13.1K words(24)
  • Ben gets huge by spacevlad(8 parts)Giant Musc PSD Grow  Matt, a kicker on a college football team, befriends Ben, a burly, bearish, muscular offensive lineman with a desire to get bigger. Matt is … able to help him with that.  Added Jun 2016  •  17.3K words(22)
  • The best instructions are those that are clearly stated by Ziel  Cock HyCock  Marty talks his super smart friend into whipping him up a special potion that will help with his little problem.  Added Jun 2016  •  5.0K words(11)
  • The changing by NBCK99(2 parts)Cock XLimb Musc  After an encounter with an ancient book of Irish poetry that sure seems a lot like a spell grimoire, three friends discover they’ve set something in motion that will change everything—for themselves and, before long, for everyone else as well.  Added Jun 2016  •  5.3K words(9)
  • A handful of Lukes by NBCK99  Rep  It was pretty clear his new roommate Luke was hiding something, but coming home to find Luke embracing ... another Luke? ... was not what he expected.  Added Jun 2016  •  3.1K words(10)
  • Juiced 2: EKT boogaloo by Ziel(3 parts)CShr Musc Series  In this Juiced spin-off, the muscle growth/cock shrinking fun spreads to a local frat house. The dudes of the EKT frat house end up adding Juice to their daily routine, and as you can imagine everyone is stoked to see how big their muscles are getting, but will they still be so thrilled when they realize the cost that their growth caries?  Added Jun 2016  •  6.0K words(3)
  • Muscle milk by Seth Peterson  Hair Musc MusBr Grow  Travis is a bit skeptical about a new muscle supplement he buys ... but the results quickly make him change his mind.  Added Jun 2016  •  2.0K words(18)
  • Naked by Also Known As(10 parts)Cock Musc PSD Grow  Dave’s new dorm roommate, Lance, is naked. Always, constantly, deliciously naked. He’s also, huge, hung, and constantly horny. But what really changes everything is the unexpected effect that Dave has on Lance—and what Lance does to Dave.  Added Jun 2016  •  38.9K words(28)
  • Roommate problems by Queen23  Cock  Taylor, who’s pretty proud of his own cock, gets more than he bargained for when he finally gets his hunky roommate naked and alone.  Added Jun 2016  •  4.0K words(22)
  • The smell of lust by Seth Peterson  Fur Hair Cock Nonc Grow Tf  I did a thing!! Okay, I accidentally bathed myself in extremely potent, gay-causing, transformative pheromone juice. But it’s all good, right??  Added Jun 2016  •  11.1K words(13)
  • Tank the bouncer by spacevlad(18 parts)Giant Musc Nonc PSD Grow Viol  Bar owner Matt can only afford one bouncer for his bar, so he hires the biggest one he can find: Tank, an ex-college football player who is eager to grow even bigger. Matt has a way to make that happen, but after the first unexpectedly effective injection, the newly huge and strong Tank starts turning the tables on his boss.  Added Jun 2016  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  35.0K words(23)
  • Transformetics by Dasilva  Cock Musc Self Shr Grow  When a hunky vendor from a well-known beauty product scam comes to his local flea market, Cody can’t help but buy into it. But what if this scam isn’t really a scam?  Added Jun 2016  •  2.3K words(18)
May 2016
  • Body game: Encounter 813 by BRK(3 parts)Cock PSD Grow Str Series  Reggie isn’t sure why the team-building get-together for the web design firm he’s working for is being held at an abandoned mall; he just knows he can’t get his sexy boss out of his mind.  Added May 2016  •  Updated Jul 2016  •  13.1K words(15)
  • Alpha master god king by MaleHypnoDomination and Mr. GreyMan  Dom Mind Musc  An unassuming househusband accidentally becomes the God-King of the world.  Added May 2016  •  7.6K words(30)
  • The game of champions by Seth Peterson  Fur Cock Musc Nonc Grow  A mysterious card game seizes the interest and the bodies of four very eager, very naughty college boys. Watch the fun unravel!  Added May 2016  •  3.5K words(18)
  • Go fuck yourself by Atokamematoke  Det  An unnamed man makes use of his strange abilities to penetrate himself, while observing the whole act at the same time.  Added May 2016  •  1.0K words(6)
  • Juiced by Ziel  CShr Musc Nonc Series  Kent’s roommate gets him to try out a hot new supplement. The muscles quickly stack on, but they come with a price.  Added May 2016  •  4.2K words(7)
  • The origin of Jesiah by Jesiah(2 parts)Cum Cock Shr Grow  The Universe decides to indulge the naive, youthful sexual fantasies of a mid-30s computer engineer with a very ordinary physique, and in so doing, throw a large boner in the otherwise generally harmonious workings of reality.  Added May 2016  •  Updated Jul 2016  •  3.3K words(14)
  • The system by muscl4life  Dom Musc  It turns out it’s all about the chakras.  Added May 2016  •  8.4K words(9)
  • Take me, change me by NBCK99  Cock Musc  When John Truman finally gets intimate with Scott, his hot teammate, John’s body suddenly changes into Scott’s deepest fantasy.  Added May 2016  •  4.0K words(14)
April 2016
  • Crisis in Carraido by BRK(4 parts)Det Cock XLimb Rep  When a strange institution comes to town in a remote valley community in the Rockies, the locals are put off by the newcomers’ aloofness. But when things go wrong in the strangers’ compound, rancher Kevin and his sheriff’s deputy best buddy Pauly find out just how weird things are up there.  Added Apr 2016  •  Updated Dec 2016  •  11.2K words(11)
  • The bonding by NBCK99  Cock Musc Grow Sugg Tall  Roy is reluctant to meet up with Cody, the hottie he’d met online—even more so because they’re meeting up at a dance club, and Roy didn’t do clubs. But Cody manages to get Roy to see things his way, though not without some surprises for Cody, too.  Added Apr 2016  •  6.8K words(10)
March 2016
  • Cumming of age by Bobby  Cock  Bobby’s startlingly huge cock had left him inexperienced with sex even at 18, until a side job painting a neighbor’s house led to an unexpected breakthrough.  Added Mar 2016  •  4.2K words(10)
  • Full potential by muscl4life and Redkage(2 parts)Musc Grow  Coach Tanner hears about a young man named Corey who can lift more than is humanly possible. Fascinated, he tracks Corey down—only to discover he’s the last person he would have guessed.  Added Mar 2016  •  11.0K words(12)
  • Medicine show continues by Longbow9(7 parts)Het Cock HyCock Series  The Homer’s Odyssey of breast and cock expansion stories is continued by the story’s original creator, complete with even more breast and cock expansion.  Added Mar 2016  •  7.6K words(4)
  • ‘Mini’ge a trois by Ziel(9 parts)Shr  Rhys and his two buddies decide to experiment with a shrinking potion. It’s a long way down, but it’s sure to be one helluva ride.  Added Mar 2016  •  Updated Dec 2016  •  31.0K words(22)
  • My man by hyperboi  Mind Musc  Straight jock Brian is okay with his muscle queen roommate, Kevin, affably resisting Kevin’s playful advances. Kevin, however, has some ideas about how to give Brian a change of attitude.  Added Mar 2016  •  6.1K words(6)
  • The new simulation game by hyperboi(5 parts)Bro Cock HyCock Musc  On a weekend home from college, while he’s waiting for his brother to come home (and avoiding his hateful dad and sneering stepmom), muscle nerd Simon screws around with a new sim game he’d lucked into beta-testing—a game that turns out to be a lot more realistic than he’d expected.  Added Mar 2016  •  10.5K words(6)
  • OmniGro by Whatinsomnia and Ziel(3 parts)Cock HyCock Musc NipCum Grow  Dissatisfied with the speed at which the current OTC dick growing serum works, Eli, a brilliant scientist in his own right, sets out to make his own super-powered serum. Eli wastes no time in breaking in the new concoction on himself and his boyfriend. The results speak for themselves and their new product revolutionizes the world as they know it.  Added Mar 2016  •  45.1K words(11)
  • Reece’s morph by Seth Peterson(2 parts)Absorb Musc Grow  The power of absorption is a nightmare for Reece...until it produces some very big results.  Added Mar 2016  •  5.7K words(3)
  • Spring break by LenZelig(7 parts)Het Cock Musc  A posse of college jocks decides to spend spring break hiking in the mountains, where they encounter some young men with a lot of size and muscle—and a few secrets they’re glad to share with their new friends.  Added Mar 2016  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  91.8K words(7)
  • Tim and his body by Atokamematoke  Det Self  An gym accident victim gives an interview on how he copes with a body he can no longer control.  Added Mar 2016  •  0.8K words(5)
February 2016
  • Body game: Encounter 56 by matt1008  Balls Cock Mcock XCock Musc NipC Grow Series  In a prequel to BRK’s Body game, another set of six hot guys experience the dramatic and unexpected changes the Body Game can produce.  Added Feb 2016  •  10.4K words(18)
  • Macrocosm by TylerGermany(2 parts)Musc PSD  The new guy in class is eight feet tall, and that’s just the start of what draws Luke to him.  Added Feb 2016  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  9.4K words(14)
  • Massage by the man of my dreams by Musclefan559  Musc  I just moved to a new town. I was tired, sore, and horny. Imagine my luck when I found the man of my dreams online offering massages!  Added Feb 2016  •  5.5K words(1)
  • Massive by Alex Rif(2 parts)Dad Hallow Grow Super  James finds the superhero costume his stepson had ordered from a strange website for Halloween, and decides to try it on.  Added Feb 2016  •  2.8K words(4)
  • The perfect man by Seth Peterson  Fur Musc Grow  Finding out what your friend thinks is hot can lead to some amazing and unexpected results.  Added Feb 2016  •  1.9K words(5)
  • Unsealing the power by BigBunny  Cock Musc Grow  A hard gainer releases the power inside him and becomes the big man he was always meant to be.  Added Feb 2016  •  3.2K words(5)
January 2016
  • New neighbors by BRK  Dad Cock XCock  Jimmy is starting to enjoy his first summer with his newly acquired wishpower when a very sexy couple moves in next door. The only trouble is, Jimmy doesn’t immediately recognize the true nature of their relationship, and by the time he does, it’s already too late.  Added Jan 2016  •  3.3K words(8)
  • The trouble with Jason by BRK  XArm XLimb XPec Musc  Joey is feeling a little overstimulated by all the competing transformations his hot friend and coworker, Jason, is being given by their bosses—especially since Jason himself not only is completely clueless that he’s being changed at all, but seems to flirt without knowing it, too.  Added Jan 2016  •  4.5K words(8)
  • Alex in Wonderland by Anarchy A(3 parts)Cum HyCock Musc Shr Grow  Alex follows mysterious man into a forest, and quickly finds himself in a strange new world, deep below the ground.  Added Jan 2016  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  6.2K words(36)
  • Bound together by NBCK99  XArm XCock XLimb Musc Grow  When you have the ability to "push" people to be bigger and hotter, and not a lot of self-control, a really cute repairman can be a challenge—especially if things don’t go quite the way they’re supposed to.  Added Jan 2016  •  4.7K words(35)
  • Breaking big by Ziel  HyCock  Tim had the bright idea to craft a special serum that would boost the size of his painfully average dick in order to show off and hopefully woo one or both of his crushes, and it worked! Oh boy, did it work, but things take a turn for the extreme when Tim’s growth reaches extremes he’d never dreamed of, and then there’s the issue of Tim’s two crushes...  Added Jan 2016  •  7.1K words(15)
  • Magic markers by TylerGermany(2 parts)Musc Grow Vore  A trip to an adventure park turns out more exciting than expected with the help of a prize that’s imbued with some very interesting magic.  Added Jan 2016  •  Updated Feb 2016  •  4.7K words(8)
  • A miracle on 69th Street by Ziel  Xmas Cock HyCock Series  Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year for Nick, but a midnight visitor changes that. Santa Claus might not be coming this year, but Nick and his new friend sure are.  Added Jan 2016  •  8.2K words(11)
  • Visiting home by Wicked(2 parts)Dad Cock Musc Grow  Asher spent his entire first semester working out and gaining some serious muscle, but when he returns home for winter break, he doesn’t realize that he’ll be the one amazed by how much someone can change.  Added Jan 2016  •  Updated May 2016  •  6.8K words(15)
  • Wheel of fortune by Seth Peterson  Cock HyCock Musc Grow  One wheel. Limitless possibilities. Infinite sex.  Added Jan 2016  •  8.3K words(3)
December 2015
  • The beast with a billion boners by Ziel  Rep Shr Tent  Occult book store employees Lee and Gavin discover a comic book called "Beast with a Billion Boners." They figure they’ve both seen enough hentai to know where this is going. They were wrong. Some tentacle fun, raunchy gay smut, and even some shrinking and macro/micro sizeplay ensue.  Added Dec 2015  •  9.0K words(8)
  • Brotherly love by Seth Peterson  Bro Cock Merg Musc Grow  Two brothers get the best weekend they can imagine through the use of some very special, very wonderful powers. Rest assured, the results are BIG.  Added Dec 2015  •  7.1K words(19)
  • Cutting through by Peeda(4 parts)Swap Det XLimb Self Tf  The story of a boy, a knife and a fantasy.  Added Dec 2015  •  Updated May 2016  •  5.8K words(26)
  • The people you find on the internet by Miguel Burgos(3 parts)Cum Dig XCock PSD Tall  Enrique tried dating on the internet and started to encounter some really, really different people.  Added Dec 2015  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  4.5K words(12)
  • Tales of a growing teen by NBCK99(2 parts)Cock Musc PSD Grow Tall  Teen giant Drew outlines the perks and struggles of being larger than life in his blog.  Added Dec 2015  •  4.0K words(13)
October 2015
  • The island by BRK  Cock  Banished to the remotest island in his family’s vast possessions for loving cock a little too much, Elliot is glum about his lonely exile—until he meets the caretaker.  Added Oct 2015  •  3.4K words(5)
  • Josh’s genie by Anarchy A(4 parts)Cock Musc Grow  Bullied teen swimmer Josh uses the unexpected acquisition of a genie to try improving things at school, one daily wish at a time.  Added Oct 2015  •  Updated Jan 2016  •  8.1K words(19)
  • Kyle’s third leg by Unknown(5 parts)XCock XLimb  Kyle finds an abandoned container of goo that turns his "third leg" a lot more literal.  Added Oct 2015  •  3.8K words(4)
  • Peen genie by Ziel  HyCock Musc Grow  Scrawny little theater nerd finds a real, live genie of the lamp! When it comes to wishing go big or go home.  Added Oct 2015  •  6.6K words(7)
September 2015
  • Amazing Alex by Brad Mercury  4Legs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Str  Alex has been experimenting with making additions and transformations to his body, and now he’s ready to give Chris a private magic show.  Added Sep 2015  •  2.0K words(7)
  • The construction worker by Peterbilt  Dad Cock Musc  A troubled young hardhat named Jordan is helped through a series of self-discoveries by Joe, a father-figure who comes to mean more and more to Jordan.  Added Sep 2015  •  22.2K words(6)
  • Rapeenzel by Ziel  Cvore HyCock  Ziel got to thinking about old fairy tales and thought, “You know what these stories need? More gay sex and macro-dongs!” So he threw in a touch of cutesy fluff and some soft CV elements. Lots of sappy romance and monstrous dongs ensued.  Added Sep 2015  •  6.6K words(13)
  • Secret origins of the BUFF models by Absman420  Cock Musc  A too-alluring enhanced model from a secretive agency spills the beans to a reporter, though being literally irresistible means the interview won’t last long.  Added Sep 2015  •  10.4K words(5)
  • Sharing is caring by Ziel  CShr HyCock  Oliver and Jaimie end up in an unexpected size swapping cock growth/shrinkage adventure, with all the cute, sweet romance and super massive hyper dongs you expect from Ziel.  Added Sep 2015  •  6.4K words(12)
  • Stage fright by peace-man(5 parts)Cock  Tom is a hot gay actor who decides to try some temporary dick growth pills he’d gotten online. Of course they don’t work—that is, until the moment they suddenly activate at exactly the wrong moment.  Added Sep 2015  •  5.1K words(5)
August 2015
  • Wordplay by BRK  Cock XAbs XArm XCock XLimb Musc Twins  Pavel makes a case for his fellow boarding school students that there are a lot of body-related expressions in English, though his classmates aren’t aware of exactly how Pavel is proving his point.  Added Aug 2015  •  6.9K words(3)
  • The four jocks: College buddies by NBCK99  Bro Cock XCock XLimb Musc Series  NBCK99 tries his hand at a "Four Jocks" story, involving four insanely hot jocks growing and changing each other as they feed each others’ attraction and arousal.  Added Aug 2015  •  4.9K words(10)
  • Recover and repair by jaysize14  Andr Cock  Sex in the future is subject to technological advances, but bugs and upgrades will never go away.  Added Aug 2015  •  1.6K words(1)
July 2015
  • The secret of the ooze by BRK  Cock  Jerry brings home a strange plant that produces, as it turns out, a truly remarkable lube. Using it he also attracts the interest of his sexy, well hung roommate.  Added Jul 2015  •  2.7K words(1)
  • Adventures of a selfsucker by willy8(15 parts)Het Cock Self  Silas loves going down on his own big cock, and while the intense experience of autofellatio doesn’t help him with his girlfriend it does bring him closer to his handsome roommate Ben.  Added Jul 2015  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  40.6K words(13)
  • The boost by Cris Kane(2 parts)Musc  The mysterious boost in a health club’s smoothies causes fast and dramatic changes.  Added Jul 2015  •  12.3K words(2)
  • Changr pill party by matt1008(6 parts)Cock HyCock Infl Musc Shr Grow  Campus alpha-male Nick plans an unusual party for his buddies, having got hold of a round of Changr pills that produce temporary, unknown, and not always desirable transformations.  Added Jul 2015  •  10.7K words(25)
  • The magician by TheGeckoRose(3 parts)HyCock XCock Str  Rich doesn’t believe in magic, until a little-known Vegas stage magician with some remarkable purple paste shows him and his two eager friends (not to mention an audience of very interested guys) exactly what magic can make possible.  Added Jul 2015  •  4.1K words(9)
  • The massive growth of Dwight by JP71(3 parts)Musc Grow  Puny Dwight is the perfect candidate for Doc’s new growth drug trials, but when the treatment works and then some Dwight discovers he needs to keep growing.  Added Jul 2015  •  12.8K words(4)
  • Real daydreams by NBCK99  Cock Musc  The power of imagination works its magic on a beautiful jogger.  Added Jul 2015  •  3.4K words(8)
  • Wishing well by Ziel  Grow  Unhappy with his small, slim body, Ken tosses a coin in a wishing well and wishes he were bigger. He ends up becoming bigger, all right—much, much, much bigger.  Added Jul 2015  •  2.9K words(4)
June 2015
  • At the cafeteria by BRK(3 parts)Cock XCock Musc Sugg  Jordan meets up with his friends at the cafeteria very late one night before midterms. They end up making a game of passing around Ethan’s ancient-recipe birthday liqueur and telling strange rumors about each other, with some unintended consequences.  Added Jun 2015  •  8.4K words(38)
  • Boytaurs from Outer Space! by BRK(6 parts)Alien Btaur 4Legs Cock XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Musc Twins  Sev, the commander of a Taurian survey mission, judges Earth suitable for cultivating an aggressive alien grain, but the danger to Earth’s ecosystem drives the idealistic Elek to rebel and flee with some valuable equipment. When a conflicted Kiyy chases him, they both encounter the strange inhabitants and discover that humans and Taurians find each other mutually captivating.  Added Jun 2015  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  12.7K words(18)
  • Don’t delete this email by NBCK99  XAbs XCock XLimb  Just keep reading, and keep and open mind. Relax your mind, relax your body. Your body is far more malleable than you realize.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.5K words(13)
  • Growing closer by Chance Micheals  Bro Cock Musc  Spying on Luke, the object of his lust, young Gareth discovers that Luke is even more special than he thought—and then Luke’s brother shows up.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.0K words(31)
  • Growth experiment by Anarchy A  Cum Cock Musc  Scrawny Edward awakens to find himself the subject of an experiment designed to help him grow a little bigger, except the procedure proves far more effective than anyone could have anticipated.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.8K words(25)
  • Harley muscle by Jax Sobieski  Musc  The author remembers a brief encounter with a startlingly huge, hog-riding bodybuilder.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.1K words(5)
  • The lawyer by Nick Gallo(2 parts)Cock Musc  Joe is eager to start work at a new firm. There’s just one odd thing about the place: almost everyone else seems a lot bigger than him.  Added Jun 2015  •  3.0K words(6)
  • My little guy by Ziel  Shr Grow  "A big, bara beefcake gets reduced down to something cute and cuddly, and a slim and slender twinky dude becomes to towering giant. Throw in some ridiculously sappy romance, and I call that a good story."  Added Jun 2015  •  5.1K words(7)
  • An officer’s odyssey by Alexander Wolf  Cock Musc  Late in his patrol, Alex responds to a call about an abandoned truck near some treacherous caverns—only to find a very large being named Hephaestion looking for a way out of the prison to which he was consigned by the Fates.  Added Jun 2015  •  3.5K words(17)
  • Public relations by Maximilian(11 parts)Cock HyCock Musc Shr Grow  When Jamie gets an out-of-the-blue invitation to meet up with a friend he’d fallen out of touch with, he doesn’t realize Adam has an ulterior motive—or that it involves an unwilling introduction to growth and magic.  Added Jun 2015  •  Updated Sep 2016  •  64.1K words(10)
  • Ruler of the universe by John Cahill  Hair Giant Cock Musc Grow  Jeff, a perfectly ordinary teenager with a perfectly ordinary body, starts growing right in the middle of a perfectly ordinary schoolday. At first he’s embarrassed, but the more out of control the growth becomes, the less he cares.  Added Jun 2015  •  5.1K words(8)
  • Third eye growth by think.big(3 parts)Cock Musc  Daniel has some fun using his paranormal gift to remotely "push" an underendowed bodybuilder into a form they both find much more exciting.  Added Jun 2015  •  Updated Oct 2015  •  4.2K words(6)
  • Tyrone’s giant by Joseph Pramas  Cock  Tyrone, a big black man who’s packing and then some, loves to freak guys out when they see how big his dick is—and then he starts growing it.  Added Jun 2015  •  2.2K words(2)
May 2015
  • Adam’s milk by Adam Zander(2 parts)HyCock MusBr NipCum Grow  Adam’s dreams of growing massive pec-tits like the wrestlers he admires come true—in spades.  Added May 2015  •  2.6K words(23)
  • A blessing or a curse by richard handy  HyCock MusBr Grow  For the crime of desecration, forgotten Egyptian gods decide to punish Andy... though in a way he might also enjoy.  Added May 2015  •  1.8K words(21)
  • Double trouble by NBCK99  Twins  Caleb is really into how hot identical twins are. His roommate decides to help him out a little.  Added May 2015  •  4.1K words(24)
  • Ladder of the heavens by Ziel  Cock HyCock Musc Shr  "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*"  Added May 2015  •  10.7K words(2)
  • Lake Wanahakalugi by Ziel  Merm Tent  "This month’s theme was mer-dudes. Although I kinda decided to take it a step further and have one mer-dude TF and one octo-guy TF. I ended up focusing mostly on the octo-guy, but tentacles are so much fun. Plenty of macro/micro gay fluff ensues."  Added May 2015  •  8.0K words(2)
  • Necklace brothers by Levitate  Bro Musc Shr Grow Twins  A pair of undersized twins use a magical necklace to grow themselves—not realizing that the growth came with a price.  Added May 2015  •  1.4K words(7)
  • The new associate by Tym Greene(2 parts)Fur Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Zhu is looking forward to his first day a new architectural firm, sure the way he grows—and makes other people grow just from being around him—will make things very interesting.  Added May 2015  •  7.6K words(7)
April 2015
  • The application by SuperWaffle(8 parts)Fur Musc Grow  A powerful story in which an anthro fox named Bradley learns that a body-morphing app is a wondrous, life-changing thing for himself and for new friends as well—if it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, that is.  Added Apr 2015  •  42.3K words(17)
  • Enchanted growth by NBCK99(5 parts)Fant Balls HyCock Musc Grow  When Andrelle’s questing companions succeed in finding a magical dagger, he discovers just why the artifact is so desirable.  Added Apr 2015  •  Updated Oct 2015  •  18.3K words(30)
March 2015
  • Flashmob by BRK(3 parts)Musc Rep  Jacob receives a strange camera that has an unexpected effect when he takes a picture of his hunky roommate, Keith, with whom he’s become increasingly smitten.  Added Mar 2015  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  11.1K words(34)
  • Alpha House by NBCK99(3 parts)Cock Musc  A collection of young guys take part in a reality series where the action includes everyone spinning a wheel and getting random body changes.  Added Mar 2015  •  Updated May 2015  •  11.9K words(73)
  • Genetic giants by Tex Justin  Tall  His first time at the school gym Tex encounters Tobi, who’s cute and sweet and just happens to be a couple feet taller than him.  Added Mar 2015  •  3.3K words(18)
  • Skeeter’s cleaners by Ziel  Cum HyCock Grow  Journalism majors and best buds, Trey and Davis decide to do an expose on the new cum cleaning business. Little did they know they’d be making the news themselves.  Added Mar 2015  •  9.8K words(14)
  • The transformation: Scott and Logan by Now Voyager  Fur 2Anim  Intruders break into Scott and Logan’s home and force them to eat pasta they’ve doctored with a strange, transforming substance.  Added Mar 2015  •  1.5K words(6)
January 2015
  • Blue banana by BRK  Cock Musc Grow Sugg  Mike unknowingly eats an artifact of the universe.  Added Jan 2015  •  3.5K words(45)
  • American giants by Jonathan Banner(6 parts)Cock  Johnny is introduced into a world of big men who are growing enormous cocks.  Added Jan 2015  •  26.9K words(50)
  • Dogboys by Douglas Benjamin  Fur Dom 2Anim  Richard and Toby’s usual training for subs is augmented with a new pill that turns out to have an unexpected potency.  Added Jan 2015  •  2.9K words(13)
December 2014
  • The four jocks: Study group by BRK  Cock XCock XLeg XLimb 3Legs Series  Timothy’s study group needs a break, so Tomas pulls out a game—little knowing what changes it would mean for all of them.  Added Dec 2014  •  6.5K words(3)
  • The biggest dick by Ziel  HyCock  "For this month’s Patreon story, someone suggested I try a story about someone whose cock begins growing, but unlike in other stories, the dude’s elation slowly gives way to apprehension as his schlong exceeds the idyllic porn-star cock and slowly grows into a massive, mega-dong."  Added Dec 2014  •  5.3K words(36)
  • The escape by hyperboi  Bro Cock HyCock Musc Twins  Sam and his brother find themselves taken in their sleep and trapped in some strange warehouse-like space, along with all the other teens in their community. Not only is there no way out, but something is happening to them all...  Added Dec 2014  •  3.5K words(20)
  • Magnetic magic by Squidy(6 parts)Cock Musc  Josh discovers his new roommate, Jack, has a powerful effect on him—especially his cock.  Added Dec 2014  •  Updated Sep 2016  •  13.2K words(58)
  • Reporting on drinking by STrRedWolf  Fur HyCock XCock XHead XLimb Series  In the aftermath of a night of too many customers, the team at Dragon’s Horde realized they made a few mistakes—even as a reporter with a very hands-on approach looks deeper into the extra-inducing spirits they serve there.  Added Dec 2014  •  3.6K words(5)
  • Tiger troubles by Meddler Incs(2 parts)Fur Cock Musc  Greg hopes for big muscles from a new experimental growth hormone—only he’s not counting the side effects, or his new brothers in fur, muscle, and cock.  Added Dec 2014  •  Updated Sep 2016  •  5.8K words(34)
November 2014
  • Chat transcript: More than plenty by BRK  XCock XLimb Rep Grow  Two guys chatting about extras end up giving each other the works.  Added Nov 2014  •  2.8K words(10)
  • Bond of the necklace by Roland Patten  Musc  Zac moves into an "all gay" roomshare, but the other hot guys in his apartment are more than just roommates.  Added Nov 2014  •  0.9K words(21)
  • Bottom mega-alfa by Jerkoffcentral(7 parts)Dom Cock Musc Nonc Grow Were  Lit prof Jonas has been lusting after the exceptionally muscular students on his prep school survival outing, but even more after the massive gym teacher Noah, who’s so alpha he has trouble controlling just how massive he is—especially when he’s aroused by an admirer’s obsessive lust.  Added Nov 2014  •  Updated Oct 2016  •  17.1K words(49)
  • Charlie by NBCK99  Cock HyCock  Like everyone else in the dorm, Jude has gotten used to Charlie, the guy down the hall, and the way Charlie’s cock grows in his sleep—not to mention the effect it has on the everyone around him. But when he wakes up to find that Charlie’s cock has gotten not only out of hand but out of room, Jude confronts Charlie, with unexpected results.  Added Nov 2014  •  3.9K words(24)
  • A day at the park by frooooooo  Merg XHead Nonc  Chris and Phil are wandering the park eager to join a couple cute guys together, when they see the perfect candidates.  Added Nov 2014  •  1.8K words(26)
  • Friendship by muscl4life  Cock Musc Grow    Added Nov 2014  •  4.1K words(9)
  • The little spoon by Ziel  Shr  "September’s Patreon topic was shrinking. I really need to work with some shrinking stuff more often. I love playing around with different sizes, and if I had spent time at each size this would have turned into a novel instead of a short story."  Added Nov 2014  •  5.6K words(10)
October 2014
  • Big men on campus by Aardvark and Cris Kane  Musc Grow  The Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity recruits a prospective pledge who will need a few adjustments to fit in.  Added Oct 2014  •  20.9K words(12)
  • Cuuuurse! by Ziel  Cock XCock XLimb Musc Naga  Boyfriends Alex and Reuben are subjected to a curse that grows them into long-tongued double-cocked muscular naga. Ask them if they mind.  Added Oct 2014  •  7.6K words(11)
  • A few minor adjustments by Cris Kane(4 parts)Cock Musc Grow  Geeky freshman Ryan is given a camera with special selfie-editing options that Instagram hasn’t thought of yet. As Ryan adjusts to his modified body, he then applies the camera’s effects to his jerk of a roommate, leading to all sorts of complications and an unexpected encounter with his roommate’s bro buddy Shiloh.  Added Oct 2014  •  19.7K words(24)
  • A man of growing proportions by crazywolf82(5 parts)CumInf HyCock  Jacob’s cock starts to grow just as he meets a sweet guy named Kyle who seems very interested in him.  Added Oct 2014  •  9.2K words(29)
  • Muscle memory by LuvsMusl  Musc  After an infection damages his memory Cody starts getting bigger at the gym, pushing himself to get as big as he seems to remember he used to be. Only his memory is playing tricks on him, and Cody’s admiring muscle hunk roommate Mike, too.  Added Oct 2014  •  3.1K words(16)
  • The roommate’s gift by Josh Barrett  Hair Musc  John’s new roommate has decided to help John grow using a special supplement, but John wants to help himself.  Added Oct 2014  •  2.1K words(16)
  • Sleeping giant by LuvsMusl  Dom Musc  Dan becomes obsessed with his gorgeously muscled roommate Shane—and pays the price when he goes to far and his obsession is discovered.  Added Oct 2014  •  5.6K words(12)
  • Wrap your arms around me by NBCK99  Cock XArm XLimb XPec Rep Stack  Bruce loves being touched so much that his lover’s hands just aren’t quite enough—until they meet a cocky stranger named Jackson.  Added Oct 2014  •  4.0K words(17)
August 2014
  • Body game by BRK  Dig Cock Mcock XAbs XCock XLimb Musc Rep Grow Series  In an experimental story based on changes generated randomly by a computer program, the already well built Marcus is invited to a warehouse where he and four others play a strange game that, turn by turn, makes their bodies randomly freakier and freakier.  Added Aug 2014  •  13.1K words(28)
  • The leave-behind by BRK(3 parts)Det Dig XLimb Musc  The young manager of a Vermont B&B finds an extremely unusual, and unexpectedly erotic, item has been left behind by a departed guest.  Added Aug 2014  •  Updated Jul 2016  •  10.0K words(20)
  • Acting out by Cris Kane(3 parts)Cock Musc  A straight actor preparing to audition for a gay role receives help getting into character from his gay friend and a couple of magic rings, but their mind-altering effects lead to unexpected outcomes for Quinn and Damon alike.  Added Aug 2014  •  24.6K words(19)
  • The new job by hyperboi(8 parts)Bro Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Out-of-work engineer Jake takes a job at an isolated mansion, where he’s overpaid for just guarding a gate and letting through mysterious trucks. He and his coworkers are getting slowly bigger and hornier, too, and all this seems really great except for a certain nagging doubt—and a terrifying warning from the hugest of his fellow guards.  Added Aug 2014  •  20.4K words(32)
  • Nu-you by Cris Kane  Swap Musc  A bored tech-conference attendee is given a demo of a life-changing new gizmo to try out.  Added Aug 2014  •  4.2K words(20)
July 2014
  • Insta-hotties by BRK  Cock XHead Musc  An admirer gives webcam muscle hunk Tim a magical sponsoring gift of more of what his fans love most about him—which turns out to be his gorgeous face.  Added Jul 2014  •  2.2K words(15)
  • Werewolf High by BRK(3 parts)Dig Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc Rep Grow Twins Were  The star of a teen werewolf show has a nagging sense that something weird is happening to the show’s extremely muscular, hung, and horny cast and crew, but he can’t quite put his finger on what it is.  Added Jul 2014  •  Updated Dec 2015  •  12.6K words(29)
  • The dream by ManInMi6  Cock Musc  Dave had always dreamt of being able to grow like the Hulk, ripping through his clothes. Then he had a dream where he got his wish. Only—...was it a dream?  Added Jul 2014  •  2.2K words(14)
  • Experiment in fantasy by Unknown(2 parts)HyCock Musc Grow  An bland advertisement about subjects for a muscle development story turns out to be an invitation to see just how big he can grow.  Added Jul 2014  •  2.3K words(14)
  • Family values by FanTCMan  Bro Hair Cock Musc  Visiting his brothers in California leads to surprise after surprise, starting with their being much bigger than they had been before...  Added Jul 2014  •  1.4K words(28)
  • Fantastic island by FanTCMan  Cock HyCock Musc Nonc  Gene’s island vacation takes a sudden twist when he meets a handsome stranger and has a drink with him, only to wake up blearily to encounter the man’s muscle giant fuck toy... and his own body is feeling very strange...  Added Jul 2014  •  5.2K words(36)
  • Gooed friends by Ziel(4 parts)Goo Hallow Cock XCock XLimb Grow Tent  The author, prompted to write about multi-limb and keen to indulge in his love for “slime boys,” offers a story rife with gooey fun, cute sappy young love, multi-limbs, consentacles and some mild muscle and junk growth for good measure.  Added Jul 2014  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  32.4K words(53)
  • I think, therefore I am by LeatherGryphon(6 parts)Cock Musc Series  Lance’s telepathic DNA-rewriting equipment opens up incredible new possibilities, but he and Dale need to test it patiently. Only, who could be that patient?  Added Jul 2014  •  12.2K words(13)
  • The landing by C.W.P.(3 parts)Alien Cock  Mulling the pointlessness of his life on a vacation to Alaska, Chris is thrilled to encounter a pair of extremely well endowed aliens.  Added Jul 2014  •  7.3K words(11)
  • Max and Chris by Drillur  Bro Cock  Two very hung brothers get tired of solo sex.  Added Jul 2014  •  1.5K words(22)
  • The minotaur equation by LeatherGryphon(7 parts)Fur Cock 2Anim Musc Series  After Dale rewrites his DNA to become a hugely muscled, hugely hung minotaur, he discovers he hadn’t thought through his transformation.  Added Jul 2014  •  16.4K words(16)
  • The serum by Unknown  Cock Grow  Once you develop a serum for extreme muscle growth you have to test it, right? Except the only volunteer subject may be a little too eager...  Added Jul 2014  •  1.5K words(23)
  • Shift by NBCK99(5 parts)Cock Musc  At first there were only a few of those abnormally tall, wildly muscular, huge-cocked, boner-inducing half-naked guys, encountered here and there on a train, in a mall, a demigod amidst the chaff. That was at first.  Added Jul 2014  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  13.6K words(58)
  • Tough boy by John Bowling  HyCock Musc  Kerry’s coach pushes the cocky teen to get bigger—then, with the help of a growth serum, joins him in becoming bigger than Kerry had ever thought possible.  Added Jul 2014  •  2.9K words(10)
  • Twin studs by Anonymous(3 parts)Bro Dad Cock XArm XCock XLimb Twins    Added Jul 2014  •  42.5K words(17)
  • Voodoo mama by NCStudBoy  Cock Musc  Spring break in New Orleans—as everyone knows, a sure-fire recipe for strange encounters and voodoo muscle growth.  Added Jul 2014  •  2.6K words(13)
  • What happens on Venus by Malice Slashlover(2 parts)Alien Det XCock  Garrett has a lot of questions about the Venusians he’s living with as an exchange student, but the one he most wants an answer to is — why do Venusian guys have three cocks?  Added Jul 2014  •  4.6K words(7)
  • Worship by Unknown  Cock Musc  Working out late at night, a well-built guy watches a musclegod work out, then gets invited to take a much closer look.  Added Jul 2014  •  4.9K words(13)
June 2014
  • Admiring the changes by Josh Barrett  Musc  After months of hardly any progress at the gym, Alex finds a strange stone that makes him into what he’s always wanted to be.  Added Jun 2014  •  2.0K words(18)
  • Discogrowphy by Ziel  HyCock Grow  In his first Patreon bonus mini-fic, Ziel indulges in this month’s theme: “Hyper Macro Twink.” As the author explains, “Lots of clothes-bursty growy goodness ensues as well as lots of hot ’n’ sloppy macro sizeplay. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to add some exhibitionism in there because, really, if you’re a hot ’n’ hung titan, who wouldn’t want to strut their stuff?”  Added Jun 2014  •  5.7K words(24)
  • A donkey dick at the senior rehab by Flynn  Cock Older  It’s all right there in the title.  Added Jun 2014  •  1.6K words(10)
  • Muscl Hansl by Jerkoffcentral(2 parts)Cock Musc  Hans, wandering in the wrong forest, encounters a herd of mindless muscle slaves, and soon the god that made them that way—and he’s determined to make an example of Hans.  Added Jun 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  9.5K words(16)
  • Not just imagination by DarkDjin(2 parts)Dad Cock Musc  Jampson’s overactive imagination starts to grow his cop dad and his friends...and somehow not only does it become real, but the men are pretty into it.  Added Jun 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  10.9K words(38)
  • Uncontrolled changes by blackjacket(2 parts)Cock Musc Nonc  After a hazy encounter with a strange man at the bar the night before, Andrew finds himself unable to stop the self-stimulation that’s making him grow.  Added Jun 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  1.7K words(38)
May 2014
  • Training Tony by BRK(2 parts)BACock Cock HyCock XCock Musc  A magnetically sexy young Italian man is about to enter a new life as a firefighter, except he and his devoted friends are sidetracked by the disappearance of his friend Frankie.  Added May 2014  •  8.6K words(18)
  • Centurion of light by Ravine Mountain(11 parts)Cum Cock HyCock XAbs Musc NipC NipCum Grow Twins  A great new story in which a centurion, Marcus, and five of his best men are transformed by the god Mars—and charged with a mission.  Added May 2014  •  Updated May 2016  •  34.2K words(48)
  • The curious case of the crystal falcon by Ziel  Fur Cock HyCock Musc  A new furry/hyper/muscle murder mystery from Ziel!  Added May 2014  •  5.8K words(5)
  • The curse by muscl4life  Cock Musc    Added May 2014  •  2.4K words(6)
  • Frank’s gym by Writ Bro(7 parts)Dom Cock Musc  Alec finds out more about what it means to be one of Frank’s bitches—and having his growth under Frank’s control.  Added May 2014  •  Updated Mar 2015  •  22.1K words(35)
  • Henry’s special talent by HardStallion  Cock    Added May 2014  •  3.4K words(9)
  • Late bloomer by Jay Emm(2 parts)Cock Musc  Paul and Chet are trying to sort out the changes brought about by the growth gem, when a stranger appears to tell them about new and unexpected possibilities.  Added May 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  5.9K words(15)
  • Muscle evolution by muscl4life  Cock Musc    Added May 2014  •  2.5K words(9)
  • Muscle mentor by Peterbilt  Cock Musc  Brady nervously approaches the godlike Jake in the locker room, and ends up glad he did.  Added May 2014  •  14.0K words(6)
  • No strings attached by muscl4life(3 parts)Bro Cock Musc Grow Twins    Added May 2014  •  39.3K words(14)
  • The orange jewel by Charley  Cock    Added May 2014  •  2.2K words(4)
  • Stable by Jim Hill  Cock Musc  A mysterious client has plans for the muscular Danny.  Added May 2014  •  2.0K words(6)
  • Tank by Corwin(8 parts)Cock Musc  A star alpha male has to take back his gym from a bully, except the only way is to grow himself bigger than the already monstrous interloper.  Added May 2014  •  26.8K words(7)
  • Tongue by Saviris(2 parts)Cock Mcock    Added May 2014  •  3.2K words(18)
  • Venice Beach muscle doctors by TitMorpher  Musc    Added May 2014  •  2.4K words(8)
  • Worshipping Allan by BeefFan  Cock Musc  Allan found out that worship makes him grow—so he’s sought out his biggest fan.  Added May 2014  •  5.6K words(7)
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014
  • Cool bracelet, bro by BRK(6 parts)Bro Cock HyCock XCock XHead XLimb Musc Self  Shortly after acquiring a mysterious leather bracelet, Pete and his kid brother Quentin have a conversation that leads rapidly toward just how hung Pete is, and how horny that makes his brother.  Added Feb 2014  •  Updated Apr 2015  •  22.9K words(46)
  • Hot night air by Josh Barrett(2 parts)Cock Musc    Added Feb 2014  •  3.5K words(10)
  • Miracle grow boys by Benjamin Puddles(9 parts)Cock Musc  In a long-awaited continuation to a popular story, Aiden needs Brian and Jack’s help after he wakes up so huge it scares him.  Added Feb 2014  •  Updated Sep 2015  •  57.1K words(28)
  • Morphling by Apollo's Meat(2 parts)Cum HyCock Musc Tf    Added Feb 2014  •  Updated Mar 2014  •  3.7K words(14)
  • Subject 91 by Tict(2 parts)Musc Nonc    Added Feb 2014  •  2.6K words(9)
January 2014
December 2013
  • The four jocks: The loft by BRK(2 parts)Cock XCock XLimb Musc Series  A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play.  Added Dec 2013  •  9.3K words(7)
  • Mindfuck by BRK  Cock Self  A budding wizard’s search for hands-free j/o leads him unexpectedly into a life of constant stimulation.  Added Dec 2013  •  3.1K words(6)
  • A.I. by Corwin(11 parts)Andr Cock Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  30.6K words(8)
  • Big changes by Ziel(9 parts)Xmas Cum Eas Balls HyCock Twins  Troy’s been given an ultimatum to stop being such a shut in and actually get out of the house more. Now his been roped into going to the gym with the twins. This wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that he’s currently packing several feet of schlong.  Added Dec 2013  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  56.3K words(21)
  • Bigger issues by muscl4life(6 parts)Cock HyCock XAbs Musc Grow    Added Dec 2013  •  44.7K words(17)
  • The cyclist by Corwin(11 parts)Cock Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  29.8K words(3)
  • Middle Eastern muscle worship by TitMorpher  Musc MusBr    Added Dec 2013  •  2.6K words(5)
  • Mirror mirror by Corwin(2 parts)Cock Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  8.5K words(5)
  • The night shift by Dreamtransformer  Dad Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  1.2K words(6)
  • Ultimate muscle by Ultra-Muscle  Dad Cock Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  1.4K words(6)
November 2013
October 2013
  • Forced growth by hyperboi(5 parts)Cock HyCock Musc Nonc    Added Oct 2013  •  6.4K words(36)
  • Hyper active imagination by Ziel(3 parts)Xmas HyCock Musc  "I needed a breather so I burned out a quick and dirty holiday themed Part. I had been meaning to get back to this series for a while, and recent Parisian headline gave me an idea most lurid. Extreme macro muscle growth and hyper dongs ensue."  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Dec 2014  •  14.0K words(18)
  • Jason’s big problem by Joven(24 parts)Bro Balls Cock  Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that produce way too much cum. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is pulled in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult.  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated May 2017  •  65.5K words(52)
  • Matched pairs by Jerkoffcentral(14 parts)Bro Cock Musc  Peter becomes infected, not just with growth, but with a need for more strength and size.  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Jun 2016  •  42.0K words(23)
September 2013
August 2013
July 2013
  • Jeff the intern by BRK and Jockmorphr  Cock Musc NipCum Grow  Jeff is starting to feel like his body isn’t quite what it was a little while ago, and he’s at the office with coworkers around everywhere. And the changes are starting to pile up.  Added Jul 2013  •  3.0K words(22)
  • Cybersex 2047 by Unknown  Cock    Added Jul 2013  •  2.2K words(3)
  • Frat hunting by hyperboi  Bro HyCock Musc Sugg Twins    Added Jul 2013  •  Updated Aug 2013  •  1.5K words(13)
  • I wanna be big by Daveisdaddy  Cock    Added Jul 2013  •  3.8K words(4)
  • The Zeke chronicles by Sean Reid Scott(7 parts)Dom Dad Cock Musc  Zeke, an 18 year-old gorgeous stud, was already big before some very special visitors seem to have given him a special ability to grow and grow, bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.  Added Jul 2013  •  Updated May 2017  •  27.7K words(15)
June 2013
  • Doubling up by BRK(3 parts)Merg XAbs XCock XHead XLimb XPec Stack Twins  All the dorm rooms in Bryce’s building are being combined with another, and everyone’s doubling up. What isn’t immediately apparent is that it isn’t the rooms that are being merged—it’s the roommates.  Added Jun 2013  •  Updated May 2015  •  7.1K words(21)
  • Claves, the midnight marauder by Ziel(7 parts)CumInf HyCock  "Claves’s investigation of a mysterious mage leads him straight into a swinging party at the mage’s college. With so many powerful spell-casters in one place, Claves simply can’t help but cause some raunchy, cock-growing, cum-inflating mayhem."  Added Jun 2013  •  Updated Jan 2015  •  41.1K words(20)
  • Cock tongue fun by lock444  Bro Mcock    Added Jun 2013  •  2.4K words(8)
  • A foreign Josh by Tpm45  Cock Musc    Added Jun 2013  •  1.1K words(3)
  • Luke is growing by Coolkid  HyCock Grow    Added Jun 2013  •  1.2K words(16)
  • Musc cosmetics by Writ Bro  Cock Musc    Added Jun 2013  •  2.6K words(7)
  • Mutation of bodybuilders by Nemobodybuilder(3 parts)Musc    Added Jun 2013  •  3.0K words(2)
  • Naked morph for ps2 by Male Enhancer(4 parts)Bro Cock Musc Grow    Added Jun 2013  •  3.2K words(21)
  • The rescue by LenZelig(7 parts)Cock Musc  Muscle stud guys getting studlier, set in the same world as LenZelig’s “Bill’s education” and “Spring break”.  Added Jun 2013  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  71.2K words(14)
May 2013
  • Changing Nick by BRK(9 parts)Cock XCock XLimb Musc Rep Grow  Nick’s computer starts offering his choices between one kind of transformation and another. It’s not a fluke, but rather something much bigger than Nick, and some of the changes are less light-hearted than others.  Added May 2013  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  29.7K words(32)
  • Simon says by BRK  XAbs XCock XLimb  My goofy, fun-loving shop owner loves staging these ridiculous competitions with us, but this latest one is definitely the craziest.  Added May 2013  •  3.1K words(7)
  • Book of spells by Steven(2 parts)Cock Mind    Added May 2013  •  4.1K words(7)
  • Enlargement by Boston Guy(5 parts)Cock    Added May 2013  •  Updated Jun 2013  •  14.9K words(14)
  • Mega-tit wrestler freaks by TitMorpher  Musc MusBr Series    Added May 2013  •  2.8K words(9)
  • The size club by The Obsessive-Compulsive  Cock Shr    Added May 2013  •  4.8K words(5)
April 2013
  • Collarbone cock by BRK  Cock HyCock Musc  Nick’s new Tumblr page is nothing but pictures of guys whose cocks reach up to their collarbones. Funny thing is, they’re not morphs at all, despite what Nick’s roommate thinks. Or, rather, used to think.  Added Apr 2013  •  2.2K words(20)
  • Above average by Ziel(25 parts)Cock HyCock Musc  Alan starts out as just your average college boy. Then a strange, magical artifact comes into his life, and he starts becoming almost remembering the ways things were, when his muscles and cock weren’t, with each orgasm, more and more above average. As the effects spread, Alan knows he must understand what’s happing to him and his friends—and also that he must be the biggest, most muscular, most hypercocked stud of all.  Added Apr 2013  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  120.2K words(70)
  • Definition of a grower by Luke B.(2 parts)Cock    Added Apr 2013  •  4.2K words(10)
  • Mad scientists and mind control by Anonymous(5 parts)HyCock XLimb    Added Apr 2013  •  1.9K words(4)
  • Mega pecs maker dosing accident by TitMorpher  Musc MusBr Series    Added Apr 2013  •  1.4K words(4)
  • Raiders basketball by VanderAnder(24 parts)Het Cock Self    Added Apr 2013  •  27.4K words(11)
March 2013
  • The adventures of Corey Harddwick by BRK(2 parts)XArm XLimb  A screen actor’s try at a big stage role was already weird, before the moment where he discovered he was exceptionally well armed for the role.  Added Mar 2013  •  2.7K words(5)
  • Brent and Jax by BRK  Cock HyCock XCock Sugg  Jax comes back from vacation extremely jazzed about something that happened to him, leading to a very strange conversation with his buddy Brent about how all the guys on campus seem to be changing lately.  Added Mar 2013  •  3.3K words(16)
  • Hey by BRK  XCock XLimb  That book of spells sure has a lot of funny words in it.  Added Mar 2013  •  1.3K words(8)
  • The body spray by Coalth(6 parts)Fur Cock Musc    Added Mar 2013  •  5.5K words(12)
  • Bulking by Proteus(6 parts)Musc    Added Mar 2013  •  6.7K words(12)
  • The G by Braun1(6 parts)Cock Musc    Added Mar 2013  •  43.3K words(8)
  • The ski trip by Allan Cedar(2 parts)XCock XLimb Twins    Added Mar 2013  •  4.8K words(7)
February 2013
  • A new coffee by Linkin(2 parts)Musc Grow  Jake comes home to the sight of Mike's amazing transformation. Mike wants the same thing for Jake, but then gets more than he bargained for.  Added Feb 2013  •  Updated Jan 2017  •  6.0K words(9)
  • Your wish is my command by Coolkid  Het Musc Grow    Added Feb 2013  •  1.2K words(9)
January 2013
December 2012
  • Can’t help growing you by BRK  Cock Sugg  Texting with his unseen lover is always hot and heavy, especially the way he takes his descriptions so literally.  Added Dec 2012  •  1.3K words(13)
  • New model by BRK  Cock HyCock Sugg  New roommates Jacob and Barry reveal their secret desires to each other—which, thanks to a certain suggestion ability, creates a few wild changes.  Added Dec 2012  •  2.2K words(5)
  • Role play by BRK  Cock  Texting in traffic can be distracting if you’re chatting about changes.  Added Dec 2012  •  2.2K words(11)
  • The blessing by MuscleMusic  Cock Musc    Added Dec 2012  •  1.2K words(5)
  • Damian and the three muscleteens by hyperboi(5 parts)Bro Dad Cock HyCock Musc Twins    Added Dec 2012  •  8.2K words(26)
  • The djinn by hyperboi(8 parts)Bro Cock HyCock Musc Twins    Added Dec 2012  •  14.2K words(15)
  • Genetics by joushy123  Balls Cock HyCock Musc    Added Dec 2012  •  2.1K words(8)
  • Geno-type by Ziel(34 parts)Cock HyCock  New revised installment to the ongoing saga of hyper growth and the weird social situations it results in.  Added Dec 2012  •  Updated Feb 2016  •  144.3K words(29)
  • Morphed male bulge freaks by TitMorpher(2 parts)Cock Musc  The future world of muscle cock bodybuilders becomes competitive, but top-seed Biff is especially amazed to pose off against someone who’s as hugely cocked as him without having had any augmentation down there at all.  Added Dec 2012  •  Updated Apr 2015  •  4.8K words(5)
  • Muscle creatures by theo drane  Musc    Added Dec 2012  •  1.6K words(6)
  • The party by OllyGolly  Musc    Added Dec 2012  •  0.4K words(7)
  • Unexpected growth spurt by rusalko(6 parts)Cock Musc PSD Grow  Moving in with the cute guy you've been aching to push your big dick into is exciting and boner-making enough... but then I experienced a very unexpected growth spurt that put us both into sex heaven.  Added Dec 2012  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  10.7K words(9)
October 2012
September 2012
August 2012
July 2012
June 2012
  • I need to borrow your cock by BRK  Det Cock XCock Sugg  Joey promised a really hot guy he could suck both his dicks. Only he just has the one, so he really needs to borrow his roommate’s. Don’t worry, he’ll return it.  Added Jun 2012  •  3.2K words(18)
  • Mind and body by BRK(14 parts)Bro Cock Mind Musc Grow Tall  Jack discovers that his knack for hypnosis is actually much more powerful than it should be. Naturally, he uses this to get the upper hand with his sexy jock brother, but that turns out to be a lot more complicated than he’d thought.  Added Jun 2012  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  59.4K words(82)
  • The technician by BRK  Rep Grow  A special prize for a milestone customer on an literal-minded magic elevator yields some interesting results.  Added Jun 2012  •  1.8K words(8)
  • Who wants to be a boytaur? by BRK  Btaur Dig XCock XLeg XLimb  That story that Who Wants to Be a Boytaur? grows the people that watch it as well as the contestants is probably just an urban legend.  Added Jun 2012  •  1.5K words(5)
  • Hold your tongue by Squeeshka and UnknownGentrifier(7 parts)Mcock XCock    Added Jun 2012  •  11.0K words(6)
  • Look what thinking can get you by Louis C. DePasquale  Bro Mind Musc    Added Jun 2012  •  1.6K words(17)
  • The pendant by Bulge101(3 parts)Cock Musc    Added Jun 2012  •  Updated Jul 2012  •  4.7K words(16)
  • Summer breeze by Dave  Cock Tf    Added Jun 2012  •  5.2K words(7)
May 2012
April 2012
March 2012
February 2012
  • Extremes by BRK  Dig XAbs XCock XHead XLimb  Imagining yourself as being hotter, more hung, and possessed of extras sometimes is just a phase, but other times it can spiral to extremes.  Added Feb 2012  •  1.9K words(9)
  • Support line by BRK(3 parts)Cock HyCock XCock XLimb Rep  Customers interacting with the reps at the Metabods Support Line tend not to get the service they’re expecting—though it is always above and beyond.  Added Feb 2012  •  Updated Nov 2013  •  7.5K words(10)
  • Truth to tell by BRK  Cock Musc Sugg  There are way too many temptations involved when the things you say about people around you come true—especially when you fall in lust with the hot guy in the next dorm room.  Added Feb 2012  •  2.3K words(17)
  • Conjoining cream by frooooooo  Merg    Added Feb 2012  •  1.3K words(10)
  • Medicine show by Fafhrd and Longbow9(174 parts)Het Cock HyCock Self Series    Added Feb 2012  •  Updated Feb 2014  •  250.2K words(24)
  • The merger by frooooooo  Merg    Added Feb 2012  •  0.9K words(4)
January 2012
November 2011
  • An app for that by BRK  Cock XArm XCock XHead XLimb Musc Rep  That funny new phone app makes it look like you have two of whatever the camera is pointed at, but there's more to the algorithm than trick photography.  Added Nov 2011  •  2.2K words(10)
  • Alex by Jcry123  Cock Musc    Added Nov 2011  •  1.5K words(7)
  • By design by paul shearon(2 parts)Cock Musc    Added Nov 2011  •  5.3K words(9)
October 2011
September 2011
August 2011
July 2011
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April 2011
March 2011
  • Examination by BRK  Mcock  A hunky new patient at the clinic is a little shy when it comes to what happens to his tongue when he gets turned on.  Added Mar 2011  •  2.2K words(7)
February 2011
January 2011
December 2010
  • Patient zero by BRK  Cock Grow  The changes started with Andy.  Added Dec 2010  •  1.8K words(11)
  • Professor Magnus’s transformation class by BRK  Cock XLimb Series  The hot students in Professor Magnus's transformation class know that working with him will be life-changing—not to mention body-changing.  Added Dec 2010  •  2.0K words(9)
  • Smeern island by BRK  Musc Grow  It’s a strange island, but the other side of the hills is even stranger.  Added Dec 2010  •  1.8K words(5)
  • Coffee coffee by NBCK99(2 parts)Cock Musc Grow    Added Dec 2010  •  5.3K words(19)
  • Thumbs up by drawnietator  Musc    Added Dec 2010  •  2.4K words(5)
November 2010
October 2010
September 2010
  • The challenge by BRK  Cock Musc  A crop of fraternity pledges are given a unique challenge: to create the perfect man out of a set of randomly assigned abilities.  Added Sep 2010  •  3.0K words(11)
  • Randy and Roberto by BRK  Dig Merg XCock XLimb Rep  Randy and Roberto are both eager to get into the one remaining slot in Prof. Warren's History of Transformation class. Fortunately, there's a way to get both of them into that sole remaining chair.  Added Sep 2010  •  1.1K words(12)
  • Rock and roll by BRK(3 parts)HyCock Mcock XAbs XCock XLimb Grow  When you make a wish on a magic rock to be able to change people, make sure you make yourself aware of the effects.  Added Sep 2010  •  3.1K words(12)
  • Freshman dorm by OMGhi2U(4 parts)Cock Musc    Added Sep 2010  •  12.4K words(6)
July 2010
  • Oh man by BRK(4 parts)Cock Musc Rep Self  A simple website called lets you imagine how you’d look with a whole new body. Only it doesn’t stop at imagination.  Added Jul 2010  •  Updated Feb 2016  •  9.0K words(11)
  • Too many by BRK  Dig Rep  Zack can avoid generating a new, super-sexy clone as long as he doesn’t fall asleep in daylight. Unfortunately, that’s not always as easy as it sounds.  Added Jul 2010  •  1.7K words(10)
June 2010
  • The four jocks book 3 by BRK(2 parts)Cock Mcock XLimb Musc Rep Series  Once again the game leads to amazing transformations in Ted and his friends. If only they had any idea of what was happening to them.  Added Jun 2010  •  4.1K words(6)
  • Metaboi by BRK(5 parts)Cock Merg XAbs XArm XCock XHead XLimb XPec Rep Stack Series  There’s a special clothing store that caters especially to the meta boi. If you’re their kind of customer you already know it—or you’ll soon find out.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Sep 2015  •  20.1K words(15)
  • Mutation by BRK(3 parts)Cock HyCock XCock XLimb Rep  Everyone in Portia, Alaska has been grown thicker and stronger and made irresistibly beautiful, but none more than the teens in the high school. Geek genius Mr. Lewis tries to roll back the most extreme changes in Mr. Casey’s class as a test case, but the trial doesn’t go anywhere near as planned.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  7.4K words(19)
  • Changes in Bigby Heights by NBCK99(3 parts)Cock XLimb    Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Sep 2010  •  5.2K words(24)
  • Project Cerulean MX by The Pecman(17 parts)Musc Shr Grow  Joey deals with the ramifications of his growing muscles and hypersexuality, including buying clothes, his family's awkward adjustments to his new situation, and the thrill and anxiety of the first day of school in his new condition.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated May 2017  •  54.1K words(11)
  • The salt by RdyRoger(9 parts)Bro Cock Musc Grow Tall Series    Added Jun 2010  •  35.8K words(19)
  • The salt: the African-American by RdyRoger(3 parts)Cock Musc Grow Series    Added Jun 2010  •  4.0K words(6)
  • The salt: the gym bunny by RdyRoger(6 parts)Cock Musc Grow Series    Added Jun 2010  •  14.4K words(6)
  • The salt: the lab assistant by RdyRoger  Cock Musc Grow Series    Added Jun 2010  •  9.0K words(9)
May 2010
  • Addiction by Hatman  Cock    Added May 2010  •  1.9K words(6)
March 2010
  • The dudes by BRK(7 parts)Cock Musc Self Grow Sugg  They guys at school are really susceptible to suggestion—so much so that if you tell them something’s true, it turns out that it actually is true.  Added Mar 2010  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  15.9K words(33)
  • Navy experiment by BRK(4 parts)Dig Cock XAbs XArm XCock XLimb Musc 3Legs  The new protocol of vaccinations on the U.S.S. Tulsa developed by Dr. Tosk had very deliberate side-effect: your body is affected by whoever you lust for. Tosk plans for the sailors to start lusting after his impressive form—but who does Tosk lust for?  Added Mar 2010  •  5.8K words(14)
February 2010
December 2009
  • Fuel by BRK  Musc  An isolated Wyoming gas station and its lonely proprietor seems to be a nexus for a certain kind of man.  Added Dec 2009  •  2.3K words(5)
  • The secret by Sean Innicioni  XCock XLimb    Added Dec 2009  •  1.3K words(5)
November 2009
October 2009
  • Misdirected by BRK(6 parts)Bro Cock Musc Self Grow  Ben doesn’t realize at first exactly why his annoying older brother’s secret rituals to make himself bigger and stronger are going wrong, only that he feels pretty strange himself lately.  Added Oct 2009  •  5.7K words(14)
  • Pham, or how sex got really bizarre by Locky  Cock Grow    Added Oct 2009  •  1.8K words(4)
  • Spice by Mr. X and Mad Dog(43 parts)Musc Grow    Added Oct 2009  •  Updated Feb 2013  •  181.3K words(34)
September 2009
August 2009
  • Fortitude by BRK(2 parts)Cock Musc Grow  A starship full of hot young recruits gets marooned in a strange part of space that seems to have an augmenting effect on the crew, leaving the AI and the unexpectedly immune commander to try to get them free.  Added Aug 2009  •  4.8K words(20)
  • META jocks by BRK and Jockmorphr(4 parts)Cock XAbs XCock XHead XLimb Musc NipC Rep Grow  Two members of a select fraternity full of superhot, multilimbed guys semi-obliviously compare notes on how their powerful cum promotes changes in their bodies—and, it turns out, each other’s.  Added Aug 2009  •  7.3K words(15)
  • The duplicator by Spike  XLimb    Added Aug 2009  •  1.0K words(5)
  • Gettin’ merged by Spike  Merg XCock XHead XLimb XPec    Added Aug 2009  •  3.2K words(18)
  • Gym class hero by Tigerjay  Cock Musc    Added Aug 2009  •  2.4K words