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With the advent of the Super Tit Man competitions around 2060, there was a weird undercurrent of activity that began to occur. Not a definite trend, just some weird occurrences that inquiring individuals tried to understand.

First, some of the muscle worshipers who attended contests started to seek out competitors who—for one reason or another—appeared to be leaking muscle milk from their pecs. These types of competitors did not crop up too often, but lots of people got interested and curious. Among the cognoscenti, there was ongoing debate as to which specific bodybuilders possessed this unique capability.

Next, some of the bodybuilders themselves got caught up in this weird fetish. Rumors started spreading that the muscle milk itself was a unique type of powerful steroid. This got the immediate attention of all the bodybuilders, and they wondered how they could take advantage of this trend. Soon there were rumors of certain advanced bodybuilders getting procedures and receiving treatments to develop the capability to deliver muscle milk. It was believed that those who acquired this capability would be able to assume a position of power within the community, since they would now possess what everyone else would want.

The final rumor was that certain bodybuilders went overboard, and started to enjoy the various aspects of the fetish itself. Some big men were accused of having a sexual taste for sucking and delivering muscle milk with each other and in groups.

All of this stayed pretty much underground. Only sporadic anecdotes tell the true story. What follows here is a diary of some of the anecdotes that started to spread among tit men and the tit man fan base during the years immediately following 2060.

Barton Jennings: Big Daddy Tit Feeder

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Barton Jennings was noted for being a mentor to younger bodybuilders, those who were just starting out in the field. He enjoyed helping out young men who were looking for a super-hero and who were impressionable.

Barton himself was one of the two or three most accomplished professional tit men in the competitive world, having won all of the top contests. His muscle breasts were humungous and his nipple development went beyond belief. Please refer to the attached illustration Barton at the top of his competitive game (see Attachment A).

Grateful for his own success, Barton was ready to give back to his community. So he surrounded himself with younger bodybuilders who wanted to grow. Having worked for a year with Dr. Laurens on a program to build up his huge muscle breasts and nipples for direct feedings, he was now willing to give the younger bodybuilders direct feedings from his pecs in the privacy of his own home.

Barton invited eight to ten young bodybuilders over to his home every Saturday night. The word quickly spread that this hero was willing to allow his trainees to acquire muscle milk right from the tap. Moreover, the boys who had sucked on Barton, confirmed that the muscle milk really worked in generating muscle mass. If you drank on a Saturday night, you were already substantially bigger on Sunday morning.

When the young men arrived at his house, the first thing Barton did was tell all of them to strip down to their posing trunks and oil each other up. He directly assisted in oiling his “boys” and getting them ready for the feedings.

Barton then pulled his own shirt off and the young bodybuilders all gasped in amazement. He told them that there would be no feedings until his nipples were “primed” for action. Getting himself “primed” by the young men was one of Barton’s favorite aspects of the evening. He asked the boys to hook him up to two machines he kept in his house. One was an enormous PumpMaster unit which massaged and pumped his muscle breasts to inflate them to their fullest proportions. The other machine was specifically a dual hook-up for his huge two nipples. These contained big big rubber clamps which allowed the boys to stand in two lines and pull on ropes which stretched and pumped the nipples for maximum size.

The boys went to town on Barton, pulling and tugging on the ropes and helping Barton squeeze his huge muscle breasts into the PumpMasters. There was extensive grunting and groaning by Barton as he was enjoying the manipulation, and by the boys too as they were working hard to get their idol get bigger and bigger.

After a half an hour or so, Barton yelled out, “I am ready to deliver. Are you boys ready to line up and feed?”

The boys lined up and, one by one, took big loads out of Bartons nipples. Barton liked energetic action on the part on the boys. “Yeah, tug on them when you suck! Give it to me hard! Suck hard and I will fill you up! This is what’s going to make you huge.”

A number of the boys got big hard-ons as they sucked on Barton. Barton enjoyed reaching down and feeling their big dicks. But he tried not to be too obvious about this. Even though he wanted to suck some of the boys, he did not do this at the Saturday night events. This would wait for more private Sunday parties that Barton later started to schedule for some of the best looking and most action-oriented boys.

Tucker Stevens: Marine Corps Muscle Stud

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In high school, Tucker received constant attention from the girls. Now he was in the Marine Corps and it was the guys who were paying lots of attention.

Tucker was a wrestler and bodybuilder in high school. He possessed “pretty-boy” good looks and a striking physique. The most unusual thing about Tucker was his enormously huge chest. Even with his shirt on, Tyler’s chest drew stares when he walked down the street. Plus Tyler had a beautiful ass which drew looks from men, women, boys and girls alike.

Tucker had been a teenage Mr. Super Tit Man winner, something he certainly did not plan to tell his fellow Marines at this point. It was a complicated story on how he had become a Super Tit Man at such a young age. In a nutshell, Tucker’s high school wrestling coach had recommended bodybuilding contests because of Tucker’s physique. And once Tucker had started to compete in bodybuilding shows, judges and other bodybuilders steered him to the Super Tit Man contests because of his superb pectoral genetics.

Tucker was a natural Tit Man. Tucker was very vain about his pecs. He loved to see his “muscle breasts” grow larger after every workout. He loved to admire his muscle tits in the mirrors and to play with them.

But even though Tucker really enjoyed being a “tit man,” it bothered him that tit boys like himself were often considered “girly-men” who were not as masculine as other bodybuilders. And while Tucker fully realized that he was a bottom from a sexual standpoint, he still wanted to be regarded as a “man’s man.” So Tucker joined the Marines.

Tucker’s favorite Marine Sergeant was Sergeant Collins. Collins was huge and handsome, but Sergeant Collins was often rough on Tucker. Collins put Tucker through harsh initiation rituals in front of the other Marines. It seemed like Sergeant Collins wanted to humiliate and embarrass Tucker.

When uniforms were distributed, Collins issued Tucker a uniform that was way too tight for Tucker’s huge muscular physique. And Sergeant Collins refused to issue any underwear to Tucker. Then he made Tucker stand at attention in front of all the other Marines.

“Guys, look at this freak of nature! Is this normal? Look at those big bombers inside his tight shirt? Is that a normal male chest, guys? Tucker, stick those babies out for the boys to see! Tucker, I know I’ve ordered you to display them, but why are you showing your tits off like that to a bunch of Marines? What are you are asking for?” Tucker was between a rock and a hard place and the guys all laughed.

“And look at those pants! Have you ever seen anything so tight? Tucker, you’ve put yourself to a lot of trouble to show off that big ass. It looks like Tucker actually wants to get into some trouble, doesn’t it, guys? What exactly do you want the boys to do to that ass, Tucker?”

To some extent, this was very embarrassing but in another way it really wasn’t. Tucker WAS proud of his physique. As a teen bodybuilder, Tucker became very accustomed to standing on stage and showing his physique to other men, who were extremely interested in looking at him. When Tucker noticed that several of the Marines were actually tenting their uniforms and reaching down to feel themselves, Tucker realized he was actually enjoying what was happening.

“Tucker, bend down and execute a squat movement!” yelled the Sergeant. Tucker obeyed.

As Tucker kneeled down into a squatting movement, suddenly there was a ripping sound. The back of his pants had split, leaving a hole in the crack of his ass.

“Tucker, this is embarrassing!” yelled Sergeant Collins. “Turn around so the Marines can see can see what you’ve done!”

“Sergeant Collins, let me go to the barracks to fix this situation,” said Tucker.

“Hell no!” yelled the Sergeant. “You have made a mess of yourself. Stand at attention! And, as long as your ass is showing, pull that shirt off and show the boys your tits as well! This is better than going to Hooters downtown, isn’t it boys? Stand at attention, Tucker. Guess what, men. I am sure Tucker believes that the exercises I ordered him to do caused that rip in his pants. But here’s what I want to ask you, Tucker. Didn’t you cut that hole in your pants yourself?

Tucker was embarrassed. But at the same time, he was enjoying himself because he was vain and the men’s attention was focused 100 percent on his physique. In the middle of all the attention, Tucker maintained a humble look. But he stood tall. He thrust his huge muscle breasts forward. He flexed his glute muscles inside his tight pants. He actually knew the Marines could see part of his ass because of the rip in his pants. So when he flexed his glutes, he spread himself a little bit wider in order to make sure all eyes were fixed on his rear end.

“Sergeant Collins, let me go to the barracks.”

“OK, but I am not going to let you off that easy! I’m coming with you and you’re going to do what I tell you to do. Guys, I’ll be right back! I’m going to make life difficult for Tucker. You guys agree?”

The guys didn’t know exactly what to say. Several of them wished they were following Tucker, instead of the Sergeant being the one who got to leave with Tucker.

Once Tucker was inside the barracks with Sergeant Collins, he got really horny. He leaned forward and said, “Sergeant, can you fix my pants?”

“Yes, Tucker, you do have a problem back there. Let me feel it. Oh yeah! Dude, that feels nice! Let me just slip my fingers inside. Tucker! You’re greased up! There’s grease in your hole!”

“Um sir. Well”….Tucker did not know what to say, so he decided to just tell the truth in a matter-of-fact manner. “When you refused to give me boxers this morning and asked me to squeeze into these tight pants—well, I thought you might be interested and———sir, that you might want me to be greased and ready, sir.”

“Fuck, man! Yeahhh! That feels so sweet back there. Oh, baby! Yeahhh! You big muscle whore! Private Tucker, you greased yourself up just for me—….just in case. Fuck, I’m getting hard as a rock! Look at that big rip in your pants! Man, that makes me wild, you slut! Let me feel that hot grease back there!”

“Yes, Sir, at your service, Sergeant Collins!

Sergeant Collins was so hot that he did not know where to start first.

“Sergeant, stand behind me, reach around and clutch my pecs!”

The Sergeant went to work on Tucker’s huge muscle breasts, rubbing his hands all over them and squeezing and pumping them. Then Sergeant Collins couldn’t control himself any further. As he fondled Tucker’s tits, he unzipped his own pants and—with no time to remove either his own pants or Tucker’s—he slipped his big cock directly out of his boxers and through the zipper of his uniform, slid it through the rip in Tyler’s pants, and into Tucker’s greased ass.

Sergeant Collins moved slowly but deeply into Tucker. Tucker swayed back and forth, squeezing tight, then opening up, as he encouraged the deepest possible penetration from the Sergeant.

Then Sergeant Collins verbally abused Tucker and Tucker didn’t seem to mind. Tucker was silent while he allowed the Sergeant full use of his hot ass.

“Oh, Tucker! Let me fuck you right through the rip in your pants!” You need it really bad and I need emergency access! This made Tucker horny as hell and Tucker reached back and made an even bigger rip in his pants as the Sergeant increased the intensity of his fuck.

“Yeah, you whore! Rip those pants for me! Show me how bad you need it!

And I’ve got a question for you, Tucker. Wasn’t there a hole already back there, even before I made you do a squat movement?”

“Yes sir, I did rip my pants this morning, thinking you might have some urgent needs today. The pants were so tight that I thought you might want them to be open in back. The hole got bigger when you made me do those squats. But yes sir, there already was a rip in my pants, which I put in there this morning.”

“Oh, Tucker, I do have urgent needs today. I have them all the time. Let’s make a deal here. I need you to keep a hole in your pants for me. All the time! That way we can slip away from the sight of the other Marines and take care of business quickly when we are both on duty. Will you rip a hole in every one of the uniforms that I issue to you?”

“Yes, sir! I am always at my commander’s service!”

This conversation made Tucker really hot, and even though he usually did not say much, he yelled out, “Fuck me!” as he squeezed and released his ass cheeks hungrily. After squeezing tight, Tucker loosened his ass and jolted back on to the Sergeant’s huge cock.

“Sergeant,” Tucker asked. “ I was just thinking. Maybe sometimes the other Marines would like to get in a line and——…..”

Tucker let his mind wander into a fantasy of being fucked by one Marine after another—all day long. This fantasy of being gang fucked by the entire Marine Corps made Tucker go nuts. He suddenly started jerking back and forth on the Sergeant’s cock and screaming out loud.

“Tucker, your pecs are leaking! Wasn’t that a big squirt I felt? Oh, yeah you tit whore! You’r squiriting like a fucking bitch!”

“I can’t explain it, but that happens when I get really hot. Work my pecs, Sergeant!”

And all the pec action, including the muscle squirts, did the trick for both men. Within minutes of the Sergeant wildly squeezing Tucker’s muscle breasts, and milk pouring out of both Tucker’s pecs, both men shot off huge wads at the same time.

Robert D Cups

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Robert was a Super Tit Man who underwent extreme pectoral enhancements because of his compulsive muscle pec fetish. He not only needed to see his muscle breasts grow larger and larger, but he also was obsessed with developing the capability to deliver muscle milk to muscle worshippers and to other bodybuilders.

The word got out that Robert liked to dress up in muscle breast harnesses and jock straps and stare at himself in the mirrors at the gym. One time he was in the gym after hours wearing his gear while he was training his chest. He had pumped his chest up to huge proportions. Believing that he was alone in the gym, he stared at himself in the mirrors. His cock was got hard in his jock and bulged way out, hardening up at the sight of his own huge tit meat in the mirror and the kinky breast harness he was wearing. Looking in the mirrors, he rubbed his hands over his own big pecs, and he adjusted the harness while observing his muscle breasts from every angle.

One of the gym attendants, who had been working the evening shift, returned to pick up his gym bag which he had left behind, and he caught Robert in his gear. The attendant could not believe what he saw and he quickly spread the word around the gym the next day. So the guys started using the name Robert D-Cups for Robert because of the size of Robert’s muscle breasts and the weird gear he liked to wear.

A gay tit sucker at the gym got turned on by what he heard. He asked Robert for permission to suck Robert’s pecs while Robert was wearing his hot gear. Robert told the tit sucker to stay with him after hours at the gym later in the week.

“Yeah buddy, you can pop my pecs out right through the harness and suck ‘em!”

The tit sucker could not believe what was in front of him. In addition to the huge pecs, Robert’s cock was enormous and looked like it could use some sucking. So the tit sucker kneeled down and started mouthing and slobbering all over Robert’s jock strap. The contours of Robert’s dick were fully visible in the jock strap. The tit sucker felt like he didn’t even need to remove the jock in order to perform a blow job on Robert.

As the tit sucker was slobbering all over Robert’s cock, Robert started feeling up his own pecs and pulling on his nipples. Then he let his nipples pop out of his hot gear as he was looking at himself in the mirror. He squeezed and pumped his pecs and massaged his own nipples. Robert could tell that he had big loads of milk ready to release. And it looked like he had the right guy working on him.

“Hey, dude. Come up here and start sucking on my pecs” The tit sucker gladly obliged. He carefully fondled Robert’s harness and the tits inside it. He pulled the harness openings wider so Robert’s nipples would stick out and then he leaned over and sucked on one big nipple, and then on the other.

The tit sucker was not the least bit disappointed. After a few minutes of slowly and methodically nursing on Robert’s huge muscle breasts, the steady stream began to flow. Robert moaned as he began to release his liquids.

“That’s it, you tit sucker! Suck it down! Look at what I’ve got inside these huge pecs! That’s what they’re built for—to feed hungry tit suckers like yourself!”

Big Boy Muscle Camp

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In 2064, Barton Jennings opened his weekend muscle camp in partnership with Dr. Laurens. Barton’s fetish was to be surrounded by competitive bodybuilders in their initial growth stage and to help them grow bigger. So the muscle camp was mainly for younger bodybuilders in their twenties. But some PRO bodybuilders also attended the muscle camp. This was because Dr. Laurens provided muscle enhancement procedures for the PROs. Additionally, Barton possessed unique muscle milk capabilities which the PRO bodybuilders wanted to take advantage of.

Barton had been a Super Tit Man competitor. Because he was a Super Tit Man, Barton’s muscle breasts and nipples were enormous. And now Barton had developed the capability to deliver muscle milk through his huge nipples. Barton’s muscle milk served as a powerful growth agent for the bodybuilders. Delivery of muscle milk to younger bodybuilders was Barton’s personal passion and the central mission of Barton’s muscle camp.

The muscle camp had the same schedule every weekend. Bodybuilders arrived Saturday afternoon and muscle milk feedings for the younger bodybuilders were in a group setting Saturday evening (see Barton Jennings—Big Daddy Tit Feeder). Bodybuilders went to bed early following the feedings to obtain maximum growth through sleep. An inspection shower was held Sunday morning, followed by a synthol clinic where Dr. Laurens administered synthol to the bodybuilders.

Mid-day Sunday was reserved for the bodybuilders to hang around a huge swimming pool that had been built at the muscle camp. Bodybuilders tanned themselves, socialized, and posed for each other. Sponsors and VIPs often stopped by the pool to check out the muscle. Mid-day represented the perfect lag time for the milk feedings and synthol to have taken effect. Therefore, sponsors and VIPs were seeing the bodybuilders at their most enormous size.

Sunday afternoon, Barton held private growth sessions with individual bodybuilders. Private sessions were intended only for those young men who Barton or Dr. Laurens were passionately interested in making larger. Dr. Laurens helped Barton select the particular bodybuilders who would be eligible for private growth sessions.

The only exception to this muscle camp schedule was the schedule set up for PRO bodybuilders. These men needed to be served with greater discretion. Every weekend four to five Mr. Olympia-level professionals came to the camp, but did not participate in any group activities other than the Sunday morning shower and the free time at the swimming pool. These men did not want any of their growth methods divulged to the public.

Late Saturday evening, after Barton had fed the younger bodybuilders, Dr Laurens ushered these giants to a private area at the camp where they could drink muscle milk directly from Barton’s nipples with strict confidentially assured. Because Dr. Laurens was highly turned on by these super-freaks, he insisted that he remain in the room during the PROs’ feeding sessions. He asked the bodybuilders to pose in the mirrors after they sucked on Barton’s nipples and then he took measurements of individual body parts. Dr. Laurens then made individualized recommendations related to synthol administration and other muscle enhancement procedures that could make the individual body parts of the PROs even larger.

Before breakfast on Sunday morning, Dr. Laurens and Barton required all the bodybuilders to strip naked in a communal shower in the large shower room at the muscle camp. The shower room had floor-to-ceiling mirrors on three sides, and the bodybuilders loved the shower scene. Freaked out by the additional muscle mass they had added overnight, they hit poses and checked themselves out in the mirrors. Olympia-level competitors joined the other bodybuilders in the showers. They too wanted to look at themselves, and they enjoyed checking out the up-and-coming talent. The gains that every bodybuilder had made were generally so incredible that everyone was highly stimulated and in a general state of gratitude and excitement.

Although bodybuilders were naked, Dr. Laurens and Barton did not strip. This was because both men became highly aroused in this setting and needed protection. Barton was in a severe sexual state. He used the showers mainly to look at the bodybuilders’ cocks. This was Barton’s opportunity to choose his favorite candidates for private oral growth sessions that would take place later that day.

It was not considered cool for the bodybuilders themselves to get hard-ons while they showered. This was a challenge for some of the most narcissistic bodybuilders who were turned on by all the additional muscle they had packed on overnight. Also, bodybuilders who were primarily gay in their orientation had a hard time in the showers. Naturally, these gay bodybuilders were stimulated sexually by the naked muscle meat around them.

Despite these challenges, most bodybuilders conformed to the norm of avoiding excessive stimulation. The narcissists coped by diverting their eyes from their own images in the mirros from time to time. And the gay bodybuilders tried to socialize rather than leer at their peers. Mr Olympia level competitors suddenly were surrounded by other men introducing themselves and striking up conversations. Despite their customary need for privacy, the Olympians were so thrilled at their additional size that they were happy to participate in the shower scene and to show off their naked physiques to their fellow bodybuilders.

Muscle cocks were fully engorged with blood in the showers even though they were not hard. The cocks hung thick and low as the bodybuilders soaped themselves. Cocks all over the shower room expanded to beautiful proportions and Barton looked at every one of them. Barton could get as hard as he wanted, protected inside the privacy of his athletic cup.

At one point Barton slipped into the bathroom and took a huge hit of poppers. Then he returned to his station in the shower room and began to soap and stretch his own nipples, as he watched the bodybuilders. For Barton to play with his nipples was considered acceptable. Barton’s nipples were the source of the overnight growth that was on display in the room. Everybody realized that debt that they owed to Barton’s nipples.

“Look at the boys soaping their meat,” thought Barton. “Which boys do I want to suck this afternoon? What about Todd, that hot tit boy over there with his huge tits! His cock is catching up to his tits with the treatments! And look at that Mexican kid who is at the clinic for the first time! His cock is so big already it doesn’t need any treatments. What about that short muscle stud who just got here from Russia! He’s the new kid on the block. Everyone is talking about him. And look at him soaping that cute dick over there! That dick could certainly benefit from some growth treatments.”

After breakfast the bodybuilders attended Dr. Laurens’ synthol clinic. When the muscle camp opened, Barton and Dr. Laurens had attempted to restrict the synthol clinic to the most advanced bodybuilders. Both men believed that younger bodybuilders benefited most from muscle milk which represented a more “organic” and healthy way to build extreme muscle mass at a young age. They believed synthol was more appropriate for advanced bodybuilders, who knew their own growth compulsions and the risks they were willing to take.

Unfortunately the younger boys observed what the synthol was doing for their more advanced peers and they rebelled when they found out they were being excluded. So Barton and Dr. Laurens devised a compromise that worked out well. They let the younger bodybuilders have baby-doses of synthol (biodegradable levels) which would fatten them up at the swimming pool later that day, but which would not have any long-term effects.

The scene on a hot summer Sunday at the swimming pool was electric. One enormous physique after another sat around the pool. The younger bodybuilders scattered around the pool in clusters. The PROs sat together in a more private area at the far end of the pool. A group of Muscle Cock competitors sat near the entry way where they would be noticed by as many people as possible. These men competed in the new Muscle Cock division of the IFFB. They loved to show the enormous bulges in their posing trunks, and they constantly massaged and adjusted their baskets to maximize their size.

Super Tit Men also scattered themselves around the pool area. Super Tit Man competitors often were very sexual animals who used the opportunity of being at the pool to make contact with other bodybuilders. These men often were former PRO bodybuilders who developed a compulsion for extreme pectoral growth. The mainstream PRO bodybuilders did not always respect the Tit Men. They were uncomfortable with their compulsion for muscle breast and nipple development and with their image in the bodybuilding world.

Both the PROs and Super Tit Men had just received huge doses of synthol at Dr. Laurens synthol clinic. Their muscle bellies looked like huge, bulging slabs of meat, oiled for action. Even the baby doses of synthol that the younger bodybuilders had received made these boys look like huge muscle machines themselves while they were sitting at the pool.

Certain VIPs and sponsors often stopped by the muscle camp to check out the action at the swimming pool. At around 1:00 p.m. Bull Durham, a highly influential contest promoter, stopped by with his good friend Johnson.

“Hey Coach CD,” he said, using a name he had personally coined for Barton “How are those nipples hanging? Dr. Laurens, good to see you. My God, looks like a bunch of fattened up turkeys you’ve got lying around here!”

“By the way, gentlemen, do you know my good friend, Johnson? Johnson won all the shows three years ago, but he’s been taking a break. I am trying to get him back into it. Johnson, does this atmosphere get you inspired?”

Bull Durham continued, “Gentlemen, I am here on behalf of PRO bodybuilding as well as the Super Tit Man Division of the IFFB. Looks like you’ve got a little bit of everything around this pool.”

“And Johnson, look at those Muscle Cock competitors sitting over there. In fact, seems like all of the boys here have oversized meat. What the hell have you been doing to them, Barton? We should have invited Jacques DeMille from the Muscle Cock Division of the IFFB to come with us today, along with that weird photographer, Len, from Muscle Cock Magazine. Only trouble is I can’t stand being around those guys.”

“You can say that again!” said Johnson, who was very masculine and not the least bit interested in muscle cock from a sexual standpoint or any other standpoint.

“Tell you what, Johnson,” said Bull Durham, laughing out loud. “How about you scout around for some new Muscle Cock talent, since Jacques DeMille isn’t here. Meanwhile, I’ll look for new bodybuilding and Tit Man talent”

“Oh sure,” said Johnson. “Like I am going to walk around this pool looking at the men’s junk. I’ll be happy to scout for regular bodybuilding talent, and tell you what—you know I don’t mind checking out the tit boys. But the Muscle Cock competitors. No way!”

Barton and Dr. Laurens had not got a word into the conversation yet.

“Oh my God,” yelled Johnson. “Speaking of tit boys, isn’t that Todd sitting over there? We got to know each other real well three to four years ago. Barton, is that good looking boy sitting way down at the end of the pool named Todd?”

Barton nodded yes, and Johnson immediately rushed off to get together with Todd.

“Todd, is that really you? Dude, it has been three years.”

“Yeah, man. It’s me. It’s been since the contests in 2060 and 2061.”

“Wow, I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, Johnson. Lots of memories. Those memories stay with me.”

“Todd. Good to see you, buddy! Todd, your tits are huge! Almost twice as big as when I saw you last. How did you get them so big?”

“Well, I have been at this muscle camp every weekend working with Dr. Laurens and with Barton.”

“What the hell do they do to you here?”

“Well, mainly muscle milk and synthol. And some other procedures the doctor does. I know you will probably think it’s weird, but I’ve really been getting into the muscle milk scene lately.”

“Well, I can understand synthol. I myself did a lot of synthol. But the rest of that shit. I just don’t understand. Just the same, you look good like you always did.”

“Thanks, Johnson. Say, what happened to you the last couple of years, Johnson? You dropped off the face of the earth. You were doing every contest. Then, all of a sudden, I never saw you. They said you got married.”

“Yeah—and I’ve got two kids already. And I am helping my Dad in his business. So I stopped competing, but I’ve been keeping myself in shape, I hope you can see. Bull Durham brought me here because he wants me to get inspired to compete again. But, I don’t know. Well, enough about me. What about you? You got a boyfriend?”

“Nahh, the guys in this scene are either straight like you or really strange. Well, maybe that’s not fair to say, but it seems that way to me.”

“Strange is the word. That dude Barton had his shirt off when we got here. I would shoot myself before I would walk around with nipples sticking out like that.”

“Well, to each his own, Johnson. You and I getting together wasn’t exactly what people would have expected. As to Barton, the straight boys love Barton. He makes their legs blow up like tree trunks when he goes down on their cocks.”

“Dude, look at your legs? You’ve got tree trunks yourself,” said Johnson. “And Todd, what’s that you got inside your trunks? Dude, how does that work? Is cock growth part of the muscle camp, too? I liked you just like you were”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to go into all those details now. Dude, I am really glad to see you.”

“Me too.”

Both Todd and Johnson were silent for a while.

“Todd,” Johnson finally asked. “Are you here the next couple of weekends? I’m thinking I might come back here with Bull.”

“I will be here for sure.”

“My Dad’s got a lake house near here. Maybe———”

Neither man said much after that. But they were both happy and they both knew they would be seeing each other soon.

After Bull Durham and Johnson left the swimming pool, Military Mike and his friend Chuck stopped by the pool for a visit.

Military Mike was the world’s largest Tit Man. He possessed enormous muscle breasts, which had been extensively worked on by Dr. Laurens.

Military Mike’s fetish was to get fucked by other huge bodybuilders. He arranged with Barton for use of a private cabana at the remote end of the swimming pool. Mike especially liked to make contact with PRO bodybuilders and Muscle Cock competitors. The PRO bodybuilders generally did not want to associate with Mike because of his reputation in the bodybuilding world. Nevertheless, a couple of them actually liked to fuck Mike from time to time. Mike always stopped by to greet the PROs, approaching them in his brief posing strap and with a can of Crisco in hand. After Mike left their area at the pool, one or another of the the PROs often would say, “I need to go to the bathroom” and he would be away from his buddies for 40 minutes or so, sneaking into Mike’s cabana for action.

Mike also loved to visit the Muscle Cock competitors. These men had extreme proclivities like himself, and he felt more comfortable with them than with the PROs. He loved the fact that their meat, when stimulated, took the shape of giant human dildos. When one of the Muscle Cock competitors was willing to step into Mike’s cabana, Mike took the time to carefully stimulate the huge member to full size and then he squatted on it and bounced up and down—in a state of contentment.

Chuck was a unique specimen himself. Chuck idolized Mike and wanted to be as big as his friend. An extreme exhibitionist and size freak, Chuck waddled into the pool area in nothing more than his posing trunks, barely fitting through the entrance way. Chuck had two enormous calf implants which were so ridiculously obvious that the PROs laughed at him. He also had silicone-based quadricep super-extenders in each of his quad muscles. These super-extenders made his quads stick out a mile on both sides of him. But Chuck’s muscle breasts were his most extreme body parts. They became so enormous that that Dr. Laurens eventually had to bar Chuck from the synthol clinic for excessive usage. Chuck also had syntholed up his biceps and triceps to obscene proportions and he loved to show them off to the younger bodybuilders.

Chuck could not have been more pleased with how he looked. He tagged along behind Military Mike. When they got into conversations with the bodybuilders, Chuck flexed and posed and diverted the conversation toward discussion of his huge body parts. Although the PROs dismissed Chuck as an aberration, some of the younger bodybuilders were enthralled with Chuck. They encouraged his exhibitionism and even felt his biceps and other body parts as he flexed. They reached down and examined his calves, and sometimes even helped him oil his pumped muscle breasts. This admiration and attention put Chuck into a frenzy of narcissism.

As the pool scene was winding down, Dr Laurens got Barton aside and asked him the most important question of the day. “Who should I line up for sessions this afternoon, Coach CD? Do you need a lot of loads in your mouth this afternoon?”

The way that Dr Laurens asked this question irritated Barton.

“Don’t call me Coach CD. I know what that means. Bull Durham has a lot of nerve coming here and calling me a cum dump, when I give him access to all the boys here.”

“Well, face the facts. You are a cum dump. Tell you what. Let’s take a breather. I won’t bring any boys in today. That way we can give that name a chance to fade away”

“OK. OK. No, I do need muscle cock this afternoon. I need it really bad. For sure the Russian kid. He is incredible. And he needs a sock in his pants to compete against some of these more generously endowed boys here. Then how about that straight Mexican dude? That boy is so fucking handsome and he’s walked in here with a 12 inch boner before we’ve even started any treatments. And how about that hot tit boy Todd with those hot tits and that beautiful bubble butt. He’s petty much 100 percent gay himself and he treats me like a faggot, which sometimes I’m in the mood for. Other than those three, you pick, Dr Laurens”

“OK, I will line them up and start bringing them in.”

A few minutes later, Dr.Laurens led the the huge young Russian into the treatment room. Sergii was wearing only in his miniscule posing trunks.

“Oh, I like these mirrors,” said Sergii, who immediately began to hit poses in the mirrors. “Look how big my legs are! But they need to be much bigger. Victor Sizemore posed for me in the showers. He was number 2 Mr. Olympia last year. His legs are 35 inches. Mine are only 30 inches. I want legs big like Victor’s.”

“Yes, Sergii. You will get much bigger,” said Barton. “Dr. Laurens will now leave you alone with me, and I will begin the treatments.”

“I will not leave quite yet. Sergii, please pose those legs some more,” said Dr Laurens, who was quite taken with Sergii thinking he had the potential to become a future Mr. Olympia. Dr. Laurens was turned on by Sergii’s obvious compulsion to pose and to have other men admire his physique. “Yes, Sergii. Pose those legs for us. You are huge, and you will only get bigger here under our supervision. Oh yeah, that’s it, Sergii. Show those legs! Flex’em so we can see how huge they get! Oh, Sergii!”

“Yes, Dr. Laurens. You may now leave,” said Barton, and Dr. Laurens finally left the room, but with great regret.

“Mr. Barton. What is the procedure this afternoon?” asked Sergii. “I drank muscle milk last night and that made me much bigger this morning. Can I have more muscle milk from your nipples? And then we did the synthol this morning. How can you make me bigger than I have already become? Can you really make my legs bigger?”

“Sergii, you are in your posing trunks already and I must tell you something. The way to give you additional size in your legs is through your male organ.” Barton reached out and pointed and made it clear to Sergii where he meant. “I will explain more in a minute, but first I must kneel down in front of your legs. Now you look in the mirror and start posing. You tell me where you would like to be bigger in the legs. Here, I am putting some oil on your legs and we will decide together while you pose where they should be bigger.”

Sergii followed these instructions and began to pose his legs in the mirror as Barton oiled him.

“Sergii, your legs are so big already,” said Barton, as he continued to oil and massage Sergii. “Look how big they look in the mirror.”

“Yes, I am happy with them. But I need more size.”

“Now Sergii, we need to pull your posing trunks down.” Sergii’s posing trunks were very brief and Barton could see that Sergii did not have a very big piece of meat inside them.

“Why do we need to pull the trunks down?” asked Sergii.

“Well, Sergii. Dr. Laurens should have explained. The muscle milk you received last night provides the foundation for growth. And most of your growth has already occurred. But growth in your legs and in this area of your body depends on the combination of muscle milk and the process of drawing blood into this part of the body. The male organ allows us to accomplish this. This is what will build additional size in your legs.”

“Well, I really do need my legs to be bigger,” said Sergii. “Can you make these muscles inside my thighs huge like Victor’s are? Can you make me much wider on the outside of the quads?”

“Yes, Sergii,” said Barton as he slid Sergi’s posing trunks down. Sergii was surprised and seemed a little scared. He was limp and small, but Barton found him beautiful just the same. Uncircumsized, beautifully shaped, tender and round.

“Sergii, didn’t you pose naked for any men in Russia?” asked Barton, surprised at Sergii’s innocence.

“Well no, not really. Coach Ivan asked me to take my pants off in the shower, but Uncle Alexi was always with me and he did not permit it.”

“Please continue to pose your legs in the mirror. And pump those pecs up, Sergii. Oh, let me stand up for a moment and feel your pecs! And your biceps, Sergii! You are like a young muscle god. Pretend that I am your coach Ivan. Pose for your Coach Ivan and for your Uncle Alexi, Sergii!”

“Oh, yes. Look how wide and thick I am!” yelled Sergii. “Coach Ivan and my uncle would not believe me if they saw me today. They would be so happy and proud!”

And Barton observed that Sergii was starting to get hard, so he kneeled down again and slipped his mouth on to Sergii’s small cock and began to suck.

“Look! Look in the mirror!” yelled Sergii. “My legs are getting larger already! This really works”

Barton felt Sergii’s dick getting hard as a rock and he began to suck him more firmly. Sergio kept posing his legs in the mirror, watching himself grow.

“Now, Sergii, listen carefully,” said Barton as he reached around and put each hand on Sergii’s huge glute muscles. “I am going to place my hands like this on your rear end and suck you very energetically. This is what will make your legs grow fastest. You must continue to pose for yourself in the mirrors and you must make sure that your penis stays very hard.”

“Oh yes, I will make sure my penis stays very hard. I want legs as big as Victor Sizemore!”

“Oh Sergii. That is beautiful. You are really catching on!”

Barton was really enjoying himself so he decided to take it slow. He could see that Sergii’s legs were getting bigger and acquiring a pro bodybuilder type-shape and he knew that Sergii was very happy. So he sucked and sucked moved Sergii’s cock around in his mouth in many different ways. Sergii continued to pose and admire himself.

“Sergii, did the doctor explain this will make your penis bigger also?”

“Is that important?” asked Sergii. “In Russia, this is not so important. But here I notice many bodybuilders with very large penises.”

“Well, Sergii. It will make you very proud. And many people will notice. Many people like big penises.”

“Mr. Barton, is this something you like? I think you do. Is that a reason why you put my penis in your mouth? Look, you are right. Look in the mirror. My penis IS getting bigger”

“Yes, Sergii, I do love to have your penis in my mouth and I am happy to do this as long as you want. But I must now tell you what is the most important thing for getting your legs the biggest they can get.”

“What is that?” asked Sergii.

“You must now release the juice from your penis into my mouth.”

“Well, that does not surprise me,” responded Sergii. “My uncle Alexi always told me it is important to release the juice from my penis. He helped me with his hands every night before I went to bed. You are like my uncle, Mr. Barton. You are a very considerate man to help me grow like this.” And thinking about the men who had been important in his life (Coach Ivan, Uncle Alexi, and now Barton), Sergii suddenly got extremely hot and shot a huge load into Barton’s mouth.

“Thank you, Sergii,” responded Barton. “I think your uncle and I would get along well. Some day we must bring him to America.

After Sergii, next in line was Juan, the handsome Mexican. Dr. Laurens brought Juan into the treatment room.

“Yes, Dr. Laurens,” said Juan. “I feel ready for my procedure. But what is Barton doing here?” asked Juan, looking down at Barton, practically naked with his nipples sticking out.

Juan was extremely handsome. He was a rough, gang-banger type with colored boxers above his pants and low hanging jeans belted at the crotch line. Barton salivated at the thought of what was inside Juan’s boxers. Even now, Juan’s cock was making itself very evident at the belt line.

“Barton is the one who will be doing the procedure,” said Dr. Laurens.

“You are kidding, Dr. Laurens? You are dressed in a medical outfit and Barton is naked.”

“No, I am not kidding. Barton is the only one with the oral growth power. Barton, you need to get dressed,” ordered Dr. Laurens.

“Yes, yes. I will be right back,” said Barton. And Barton left and put on his cleanest medical outfit along with sanitary gloves. The only compromise Barton made to the uniform is that he put on a hot jock strap underneath his pants and a mesh tank top shirt underneath his lab coat. He carefully pulled his nipples through the mesh. Barton had discovered in the past that sometimes straight bodybuilders were turned on by his huge feminine –type nipples.

“Dr. Laurens,” asked Juan. “I understand that I will need to place my cock into Barton’s mouth. Can you promise me that I will get the results?”

“Yes, you can be certain,” responded Dr. Laurens, as Barton returned. Dr. Laurens then left the room.

“Juan, I now must unbuckle and examine you,” said Barton, as he returned to the room all cleaned up and stationed himself in front of Juan. Juan unbuckled his own jeans and let them fall to the ground. He stood there in his boxers, his huge member visibly coiled inside.

“Now Juan, tell me your goals?”

“Well, I want to be bigger down there.”

“Did the muscle milk make your cock grow?”

“I think so but I don’t know for sure. I do feel really big.”

“What is your usual measurement? Let me slip these boxers down and take a look.”

“I think about 12 inches hard.”

Barton was dumbstruck by Juan’s cock as he kneeled down in front of it, but he purposely showed no reaction. He knew that a totally clinical approach was the best approach with Juan.

Barton lifted Juan’s cock in his hand and raised it up and stretched it out. Then he asked, “Juan, can you get your penis hard so we can take an accurate measurement?”

Juan turned around for a moment and worked on himself. Then he turned forward again and proudly showed his extended, hard cock.

“Yes,” said Barton as he took Juan’s hard cock in his hands and measured it with his tape measure. “A full 12 inches hard.”

“Would 15 inches be a good goal?” asked Juan.

“Well, we can work toward that goal. But you will need to come to the muscle camp several times.”

“Tell me exactly what I need to do. I want to achieve that goal.”

“OK. I am now going to open my mouth very wide. Keep it hard and slip it in as far as you can go. It will not go in all the way at first. For several minutes, we will be very still. I will only make very slight movements, but I will be trying to get your cock as deep as possible into my mouth for the treatment.”

Juan did what he was told, but with too much force and energy.

“Wait. wait. wait! Because you are so very large, you must ease your dick in very slowly.”

Barton opened his mouth as wide as possible and Juan now used a softer approach to move inside Barton progressively deeper. Barton made small sucking movements at the beginning with the intent of achieving deeper insert, and then as his throat extended and he felt comfortable with the full length of the cock inside him, he began to suck back and forth on the full length of the cock, but very slowly and tenderly.

The head of Juan’s cock was one of the most beautiful Barton had ever observed. He let Juan remove his cock from Barton’s mouth so Barton could pay some special attention to the head. He took the huge head in his hand and guided the head back into his mouth. Barton massaged and slurped on the head, removing it from his mouth and then reinserting it and blowing on it and massaging it with his lips. Barton could practically feel the head getting bigger and bigger as he sucked. He knew that his treatments were going to work quickly. Eventually the head would become so big that it would become uncomfortable in his mouth.

Juan was very patient and stayed hard as a rock. Because Barton worked on his head for such a long time, Juan eventually asked, “Isn’t this going to make the head of my cock wider than the shaft?”

“No, not really,” said Barton. “But you’ve got a point. Let’s work on your shaft for a while.”

As Barton grabbed the full shaft with his hand, he exclaimed, “Wow, this already looks longer and thicker.”

“How much,” asked Juan.

“At least an inch.”

“Well, good. Can we take the time we need for some extra growth?” asked Juan

“Yes, as much time as you want,” responded Barton.

“Good,” said Juan.

And then for nearly half an hour, Barton licked Juan’s beautiful, expanding shaft from every angle. First he licked back and forth on the surface of the cock, and underneath it, taking a detour to lick on Juan’s beautiful balls for a while. Then Barton licked back and forth on the sides, every now and then popping the huge head back into his mouth for some intensive sucking. Juan was patient and stayed hard as a rock.

Barton was getting overheated, but still wanted to maintain his clinical demeanor with Juan.

“Now I am going to go fully down on you again, Juan. But ease it in. You have already grown much bigger.”

Juan tenderly slid his meat into Barton’s gaping mouth, only going in half way at first, but attempting to ease further in.

Barton now initiated full-scale energetic suction on the front half of Juan’s cock, using every bit of the most expert technique that he knew how to use.

Juan, who had shown no reaction so far, now moaned out loud, and said, “Oh yes, now I am going to try to slide it in all the way.”

With Barton now slurping on the full extent of the cock, Juan began to get overheated. He pulled out, saying, “I don’t want to come too soon. I want to get the full growth that you promised.”

Barton suddenly had an idea of how he could have a more sexual experience with Juan. One thing Barton had really wanted to do during this session with Juan was to manipulate his own huge nipples while sucking Juan’s cock. But he had hesitated to do this because of Juan’s possible reaction.

“Yes, we should take a break. You let that cock settle down. I need your help with some tit torture on my nipples. I am going to have you help me get my pecs and nipples ready for next weekend.”

Normally, this would have grossed Juan out, but –as did the other bodybuilders—Juan recognized that Barton’s tits were the source of the growth he had achieved. Also, the word “torture” appealed to the rough side of Juan.

“Yes, I would like to come back next weekend. Maybe our goal could be 16 inches, rather than 15 inches.”

Barton left the room for a minute and returned with some huge tit clamps. Barton had removed his lab coat and his obscene nipples were sticking out between the mesh of his tank top.

“Juan, snap these clamps on my tits and pull. Yeah, oh thank you, Juan. That feels great! I live for the opportunity to feed you boys with these nipples. These nipples need it rough! Pull! Pull! Oh, Juan!”

Juan, who was naturally a rough street fighter, pulled and tugged on Barton’s nipples, and got into the whole tit torture scene, to such an extent, that Barton had to eventually ask for relief.

The two men were suddenly in open heat. “OK Juan, shove it back in my mouth!”

In a rough manner, Juan shoved his full meat straight to the back of Barton’s throat. Barton gagged, but he got his bearings. In a frenzy of passion, he sucked for dear life. Then he felt the juices starting to gather. He knew the rush was about to come. Juan’s slow moan became a high-pitched scream. And then Juan’s flood of juice erupted. All of a sudden, Barton realized, “Yes, I am a cum dump! I love taking cum from bodybuilders. I need to wear the badge of “Coach CD” with pride!

Dr. Laurens next ushered Todd into the room next. Todd walked into the room wearing a cute outfit—tight shirt showing off muscle breasts along with designer jeans which showcased his huge basket.

Barton was still leaning down against the wall exhausted and with his nipples obscenely engorged, when Todd entered the room.

“Well Barton, you look a little spent,” said Todd. “Did that Mexican kid give you a run for your money. After him, you may be getting a little tired of big dicks.”

“I never get tired of big dicks. Speaking of big dicks, we must be doing the right things for you here at the camp. You’re going to need a bigger pair of jeans pretty soon.”

“Well, Barton. I am going to let you take a look at my latest progress.”

“Oh yeah, buddy. Unzip those pants for me. Flop that big beer can out for me! Oh my God, look at that thing!”

Barton was still in his lab pants and his mesh shirt. Looking at Barton’s obscene nipples sticking out of the shirt, Todd was reminded of what a tit whore Barton was.

“Strip down, Barton. Keep that mesh shirt on but let me see you in your hot jock strap. I don’t need a doctor in front of me. That’s for the straight boys. Let me see the jock-strapped nipple whore that I know. Wow! Look at those pumped up nipples sticking out a mile in front of you. Have you been tit clamping those things? Looks like you got the Mexican kid to work on those. How did you manage that?”

Barton stripped down to his jock strap, and the two tit men stood facing each other. Then they started pulling and sucking on each others’ nipples. Todd yelled out, “Yeah, look at these tits we’ve got. Let’s pose these tits in the mirrors. Oh, that’s hot. Stick out those big babies in the mirror! Pose those tits! Yeah, we’re two big tit faggots.”

“Oh, Todd strip all the way down. I love your tits, but my mission today is to suck your cock. Let me go down on my knees. Look at that huge monster you’re developing. It’s so huge and so beautiful!”

“Kneel down, you cum dump. Let me slap this thing all over your hungry mouth.” Todd stood out a distance from Barton who was crouched on the floor in his jock strap. Todd made Barton beg.

“Please feed me some cock, Todd.”

Todd approached Barton and flopped his beer can cock over Barton’s lips but he would not let Barton take the cock in his mouth.

“First pull on your own nipples, Barton, and tell me what a whore you are.”

“Yes Todd. Look at what a tit whore I am! I’m just a nasty cum dump and everybody calls me that. I need more cum. Stick your cock in my mouth and give me some cum.”

And Barton closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide. He sat in the corner like a slut and waited.

Todd was getting hard and was ready for some suction. He approached Barton, slapped his face, and then slowly inserted his member into Barton’s mouth.

Barton moaned like a whore and began to work the cock. Todd moved in and out, as he grabbed Barton’s face and face-fucked him. Todd’s size made Barton choke, but whenever Todd pulled his cock out, Barton begged him to shove it back in.

Finally, Todd announced, “I’ve got to take a piss.” And he headed for the rest rooms in the locker room next door.

Barton was going to wait patiently crouched against the wall for Todd to return, but all of a sudden he began to picture Todd’s big beer can letting out a stream of hot piss at the urinal. He rushed to the rest room to join Todd.

Suddenly, as Todd was pointing his huge cock at the urinal and getting ready to piss, there Barton was underneath him. Barton was kneeling down at the urinal, with his head practically inside the urinal itself. Barton started to moan and pull on his own nipples.

“Well, what a surprise!” said Todd. “Actually not. Huge nipples and piss go hand in hand with a lot of guys, it seems. Looks like you need some piss real bad, Barton. We’ve been feeding on your juices all weekend, and you probably need some juices back.”

So Todd suddenly let loose his stream. Barton moaned and fastened his open mouth on Todd’s delivering cock.

Dr. Laurens just happened to walk by the rest room as this was occurring.

“Well I guess I better keep this one to myself. Otherwise, Bull Durham will come up some new name for Barton. Coach CD is where we should leave it.”

Chuck's Augmented Physique

Chuck suffered from a compulsion to pursue extreme augmentation of individual muscles including pecs, quads, arms and calves. As a Super Tit Man, Chuck possessed some of the biggest muscle breasts ever seen on a contest stage. His biceps and triceps were filled with big loads of synthol and also were blown up from numerous anabolic site injections. Below the waist, Chuck’s calf muscles were augmented with enormous implants. Finally, Dr. Laurens performed a new procedure on Chuck. Chuck’s thighs were expanded through insertion of bulbous super-extender units into the outer sweep of his quadriceps. With these augmentations, Chuck became a walking laboratory of 21st century fetish bodybuilding.

Chuck was a “Mirror Man” who always looked at his muscles in the mirror. Additionally, Chuck craved worship by other members of the muscle community. He especially needed worship by up-and-coming bodybuilders and by men who had a fetish for admiration and worship of obscenely enlarged individual muscle components.

Chuck installed floor-to-ceiling mirrors in Military Mike’s cabana. After the cabana had been equipped with posing mirrors, this private space became the scene of regular Sunday sessions between Chuck and three muscle worshippers who became obsessed with his physique. Two of Chuck’s muscle worshippers were handsome, straight college boys. The third was an older subservient gay bottom.

Chuck’s sessions took place after Military Mike left the cabana on Sundays. Late in the afternoon, Mike was extremely sore from excessive anal manipulation and penetration. He was unable to walk comfortably and needed to leave the muscle camp to allow time for recuperation. When Mike left, Chuck and his friends took over.

Len, a photographer from Muscle Cock Magazine, was Chuck’s most obsessed fan and body worshipper. Sadly for Len, Chuck did not allow Len inside the cabana while the two college studs were muscle worshipping Chuck’s physique. This represented sheer torture for Len, who imagined unbridled sexual activities inside the cabana while he was left outside. Len whimpered outside the cabana and tried to peek through cracks in the walls to see what Chuck and the two boys were doing.

But the good news for Len was that Chuck allowed Len to “finish him off” after the boys departed. Even though Len did not believe it to be true, the actual fact was that Chuck and the boys did not engage in full-scale sex. Because Chuck and the boys did not “go all the way,” Chuck’s cock was hard and hot as a rocket when he finally allowed Len to crawl into the cabana and service him.

The two college boys, Troy and Angelo, were a breath of fresh air when they arrived at the muscle camp each Sunday. Everyone turned to stare at the two handsome college football heroes and fraternity brothers. Each was superbly good looking in his own way. Even though they were not competition bodybuilders, the two studs had beautiful physiques. And everyone knew that they were lucky in the romance department. They had the hottest, most curvaceous girlfriends in the city.

Troy had long blond hair and the look of a surfer. He was a “pretty boy” with a thick basket and a perfectly shaped bubble butt.

Angelo was a sexy Italian stud.

“Hey boys,” said muscle camp owner Barton Jennings when Troy and Angelo arrived. “Now that you boys are turning into regulars around here, when are you going to start participating in the various activities offered at the muscle camp?”

“Thanks Barton,” said Troy. “But we’re not really bodybuilders and we’re pretty busy with the football team and with our classes over at the college.”

“For not being bodybuilders, what’s up with you and Chuck inside the cabana?” Barton asked with a smirk. Barton was jealous of all the attention Chuck was getting from the boys and had tried, without success, to get the boys interested in his huge nipples and in his oral growth sessions.

“Chuck used to play football,” Troy responded. “He’s huge and he’s mean. We love hanging out with him. Speaking of Chuck, there he is! Chuck, we’re over here! We just got here.”

“Hey men, you should see the size I’ve added this week,” exclaimed Chuck. “Dr. Laurens finished up with my super-extenders and he’s stripped the wrappings off my legs. You won’t believe the size of my thighs!”

At this point Len from Muscle Cock Magazine left a cluster of Muscle Cock competitors and rushed over to join Chuck and the boys.

“Hey Chuck,” said Len. “I’ve got the camera here. Let’s go into the cabana and get some shots for the magazines. Hey boys, let me get some photos of you also.”

“Not yet, Len,” responded Chuck, and he turned away from Len and addressed the boys. “Troy! Angelo! I’ve got some beers in the cabana. Len, I’ll see you later.”

Chuck was dressed in sweat pants and a semi-tight T-shirt. Although his muscle breasts looked enormous through the shirt, Chuck wasn’t showing off much muscle yet, savoring the opportunity to spring some surprises on the boys.

Troy wore white jeans which hugged his torso and which showcased a huge basket and spectacular bubble butt. He was not wearing a shirt. His tanned skin was smooth and beautiful. His long blond hair fell to his shoulders.

Angelo was dressed completely in black except for his white jockstrap. He wore a cutoff muscle T-shirt which showed abs between shirt and belt line. The white strap of his jockstrap was visible above black jeans. The huge bulge in his jockstrap strained the jeans and showed a thick contour of meat inside his black pants.

“That’s right, boys. Come on in! I’ve got something to show you!”

Len was sick with envy. He crouched down next to the cabana walls and started looking for cracks that might give him a glimpse of what was going on inside. Barton was also very envious but, in Barton’s case, there was always the prospect of scouting around for additional boys who were ready for oral growth treatments that afternoon.

As soon as the three men were alone inside the cabana, Chuck told the boys, “I am going to pull these pants down in a minute and show you my quads, but first I want you guys to work on my calf muscles. I know you spent a lot of time on my calves last week, but let’s start down there first. Then we can work our way up.” Staying fully clothed, Chuck hiked up his sweat pants to his knees and started to pose his huge calves in the mirror.

“Jesus, I forgot how huge those were,” said Troy.

“Where’s the oil?” asked Angelo. Angelo always liked to get right down to business and oil his hero up.

As Angelo started to oil Chuck’s calves, he was blown away by their size. They felt bigger than before! Angelo slapped oil on them and rubbed energetically. “Aren’t your calves bigger than last week?” asked Angelo. “Have you shot more synthol on top of your implants?”

“Well, a little bit,” admitted Chuck. “I gave myself some shots. I know how you boys like to see them get bigger.”

And Angelo moaned as he slathered oil on Chuck’s enormous calves and massaged them from every angle.

“Hey,” yelled Troy in his usual enthusiastic manner. “It’s time to drop those pants and show us those new super-extenders! This is going to be a trip!” Troy was down on his knees oiling one of Chuck’s calf muscles. He looked up at Chuck with his deep blue eyes and flopped his blond hair to the side, just like a sexy girl in a shampoo commercial (thought Chuck).

Both boys stayed on their knees in front of Chuck. Chuck looked down at his two muscle worshippers and thought about both of them. He realized that Troy was his favorite. Chuck could not keep his eyes off of Troy. He drank in the sight of Troy’s long blond hair, his smooth bare back, and his bubbled rear end. Troy’s rear end was perfectly encased in the butt-hugging, tight white jeans.

“OK, boys! Here it comes!” And with that, Chuck dropped his pants to the stunned silence of the boys.

For two minutes, there was no other sound than the boys uttering “wow” and passing the oil back and forth as each of them began to feel the huge super-extenders, rubbing oil on every part of Chuck’s thighs.

Troy was the first to speak.

“Where is the tape measure? This is blowing my mind! How big have they become?”

“I don’t know,” responded Chuck. “Here’s the tape. Angelo, pull it around the side and in back.”

“35 inches!” yelled Troy. “Oh, my God!”

As Angelo was oiling Chuck’s thighs, suddenly he yelled out, “Where do you keep all your different posing trunks? Let’s find those red ones you were wearing last weekend. Put those red trunks on for us! Then give us some more thigh poses in the mirror!”

For a long time, Angelo had been very aware of Chuck’s manhood. From their first session, Angelo had appreciated the large dimensions of Chuck’s basket. He could tell that Chuck’s cock was unusually fat, with enormous balls. And now—as Angelo had been maneuvering the tape around to the side and back of Chuck’s torso as Chuck had instructed—and as he was oiling Chuck’s upper thigh right at the crotch line—Angelo became acutely aware of Chuck’s cock and balls inside his posing trunks.

Prompted by this awareness, Angelo recalled a particular pair of posing trunks which made Chuck’s manhood stick out a mile in front of his waist. The trunks in question were fire engine red and they had a male enlargement cup that lifted and stretched the meat. Without even thinking about what he was asking, Angelo knew that he needed those crotch bulging trunks in front of him right now. And that’s why he was begging Chuck to put them on.

“OK, Angelo. Fish them out and I’ll put them on. Let me turn around and put them on privately. Oh, that feels good! These trunks are nice and tight and they squeeze my bulge. Look in the mirror! They really make my cock bulge out, don’t they? Dudes, look at the size of my meat when I pose in the mirror with these trunks on!”

Then Chuck faced the boys and positioned each boy right next the side of his basket. Chuck looked down at the top of their heads right next to his huge meat. What a hot scene! In particular, Chuck kept looking at Troy. Troy reminded Chuck of a hot co-ed or cheerleader ready to give her huge stud a lipstick blow job. Chuck waited for Troy to flip “her” blond curls, and he touched Troy on the head and felt the beautiful hair, then touched the boy’s naked back.

Chuck’s cock bulged into a huge mound inside his posing trunks and Angelo was fully aware of the swollen meat, angling his face as near as possible. Angelo moaned as Chuck continued to thrust his bulge forward next to the boys’ faces. Angelo carefully oiled Chuck right at the line of his posing trunks. He was less than an inch from Chuck’s cock and balls. But Angelo maintained control. He (and Troy) were saving their sexual energy for their girlfriends later that evening. This session would provide them with the adrenaline and testosterone to give their girls an earthquake fuck later at the end of the day.

As the boys crouched down at Chuck’s crotch, Len caught a vague glimpse of them through a crack in the cabana wall. He saw both boys on their knees with Chuck’s huge member bulging forward. Len’s heart sunk in a fit of envy and he could not control himself. He knocked on the door of the cabana and Chuck opened it.

“What do you want, Len?” asked Chuck. With nothing to hide, both boys remained on their knees. Chuck’s cock bulged next to their faces.

“Um, can I bring you anything?” asked Len.

“Len, quit pestering these guys!” yelled Chuck. “The three of us are talking about football right now. I told you that I will see you later.”

Len felt totally humiliated. He knew that he deserved to be treated like dirt. He wasn’t fit to lick Chuck’s boots. He was a muscle cock whore and, what’s worse, now they knew he was a peeping Tom.

After slamming the door in Len’s face, Chuck was now ready for the boys to work on his muscle breasts and nipples, as well as his triceps and biceps.

“Stand up, boys. I’ve got a question for you. I’ve still got my shirt on and you haven’t really seen my pecs yet. They are bigger than ever! Here’s my question. I’ve been thinking about tit-clamping my nipples like a lot of the guys are doing. I’ve been working on them at home. They’re starting to get huge, but I don’t want to pull you guys into anything you’re not into. Have you guys seen Military Mike’s nipples? What do you think?”

“Well, you’re right, Chuck. Let’s skip the nipples,” said Troy. “Why don’t we just work on your biceps and triceps today?

“Wait a minute,” said Angelo. “I think we owe it to Chuck to do exactly what he needs us to do. Troy, how about you work on his arms and I’ll help Chuck with his nipples.”

“No, you’re right. I’m game to try,” responded Troy, who was always laid back and rolled with the flow. “If Chuck wants the tit clamps, that’s what we’ll do.”

“Cool,” said Chuck. “But the tit clamps are a little rough, boys. Let’s start with suction cups and then we’ll use the tit clamps after my nipples are primed. But first let’s get this shirt off me so you can really see my pecs! Here goes!”

Both Troy and Angelo gasped in amazement.

“Hand me the oil, boys! I’ve got so much square footage it’s going to take me a while to oil them up. Actually—take the oil back, Troy. You need to help me out. Work on ‘em, you blond bomber!”

“Angelo, do you think my muscle breasts are getting as large as Military Mike’s? That’s my main goal—getting as big as Mike.”

“Now watch my nipples blow up when I put these suction cups on,” continued Chuck. He then squeezed each nipple into an enormous suction cup. He pulled and pumped the cups, staring at himself in the mirror: pulling, squeezing, pumping, tugging. In a few minutes, he snapped the cups off. The boys gasped at the obscene, blown up nipples. They looked like medium sized penises stuck onto Chuck’s enormous pecs.

Angelo started breathing hard and he sprang a boner in his jock strap.

“Angelo, I need to ask you to go over there and grab the tit clamps, buddy.” Angelo retrieved the dual hook-ups for Chuck’s huge nipples.

“Angelo will be the one who will hook me up, since he’s more interested in this than you are, Troy. But I will need both of you to pull on the clamps once I’m hooked up. It’s these tit clamps that will give me the additional pec and nipple size I need.

“Angelo, easy boy. Take it slower. We have plenty of time.” Angelo, whose hands were shaking, was rushing forward with the clamps and even beginning to pull on Chuck’s first nipple before both of the clamps had been attached.

Then both boys went to town on Chuck, pulling and tugging on ropes that were attached to the tit clamps. Chuck rolled his muscle breasts back and forth as his nipples were being tortured.

After ten minutes or so, Chuck observed that Angelo’s boner was out of control. Angelo almost looked in pain, and Chuck figured that the boy needed release.

“Tell you what, boys,” Chuck yelled out. “It’s time to ease up on my tits and start working my arms. Troy, oil those arms up, buddy. First on the bicep muscle and then on the tricep. Ahhh! That’s beautiful, you blond bomber!”

“And Angelo, I am going to give you a special permission today. Come up here and suck on my bicep. Just clean up the sweat like we do in the locker room after a game. That’s it, boy. It’s OK, you can moan if you want. Think about your girlfriend. Yeah, I’m going to flex this big bicep as you suck! Look at the peak on that arm, buddy! Biggest in the world! 28 inches! Your big cock is really bulging, buddy. Now lick that big implant, buddy! Yeah, just wait for next week! How about I shoot myself up with some more synthol? Just for you, Angelo! Just wait till you see how much bigger these arms are going to be next Sunday after all the shots I’m going to do. Yeah, I’m going to blow them up especially for you, boy!”

Angelo screamed out and his body jerked several times. He was squirting a huge load inside his jock strap.

Then the three men were silent. Angelo and Troy seemed embarrassed. They left immediately. But Chuck knew that both of the boys would return to the muscle camp next Sunday to see him again.

“OK, Len. You can come in now,” said Chuck.

“What happened in here,” shrieked Len. “I know something happened in here.”

“Not much,” said Chuck. “Don’t worry. I’ve still got all my juice.”

“But I know something happened in here! I saw the boys on their knees!”

“Shut up, you dirt bag. Those straight boys are none of your business. Quit sneaking around. Get down on your knees where you belong!”

“Yes, Master!”

“ Oh my, look at that meat bulging in those trunks!” said Len. “You didn’t shoot for the boys? You saved it for me! What an honor! I don’t deserve it. How come you didn’t you give it to the boys? They WERE on their knees!”

“Well, Len. The boys aren’t quite ready for that. And it’s true—maybe you don’t deserve it. But I’ll tell you one thing. You know how to suck cock better than anyone else in this town, male or female. I guess it’s because of all the practice you get with those Muscle Cock competitors. But first suck my ass out, you dirt rag!”

And Chuck turned around, pulled down his posing trunks, and face-sat his huge glutes on Len’s hungry face.

“Yes, Master!”

Len went right to work on Chuck’s huge butt, licking Chuck’s delicious glute muscles, then tasting inside Chuck’s crack. Then Len started to eat deep inside, moving his tongue in and out, slurping, and tonguing the succulent hole.

“Oh Master, feed me out of there!”

“Yeah, Len. You ARE a dirty whore!”

“Oh, Master, I want to be your toilet whore! Sit on my face and give it to me, Master!”

Then Chuck backed off Len’s face, turned around, and slipped his posing trunks down all the way. He let everything hang in front of Len’s face, so that the hungry whore could observe his huge cock and balls, fully engorged from all the excitement with the boys.

“OK, Len, I am ready for some suction now!”

Len moaned and was quiet. He started by licking Chuck’s huge balls. Then Chuck suddenly felt Len’s hot lips on the huge head of his cock. Chuck moaned as Len began to go to work, sucking slowly and tenderly.

“Yeah, Len. Go slow. I’m so hot from the boys. But I’ve saved it all for you. Oh, it feels so good to have you down there.”

But Len got so hot he couldn’t control himself. He launched into energetic suction, deperate for Chuck’s huge load which had been saved up for him. He needed Chuck’s full fat cock all the way into his mouth. He needed the juice—quickly, deperately.

Chuck could not control himself either. Chuck had a huge load on its way and it was a moot point for the two men to try to slow down.

Len stepped up the suction. He sucked and slurped, using every bit of his best technique.

Then Len started thinking about Chuck’s obscenely augmented muscles. He needed to feel them while he was sucking cock. Len rubbed the new quadricep super-extenders, which were still oiled up from the boys’ efforts. Then he reached down and felt the enormous calf muscles. He reached around back of Chuck and cupped his hands on the huge glute muscles, and then sucked his cock even harder.

Finally, Len reached up and felt the hot nipples, which were fully engorged from the tit clamps. Chuck nearly screamed with pleasure. This did it for Chuck. Chuck let out a final moan as he released his built-up reserves of juices. He dropped of full bucket of cum into Len’s subservient, cock-sucking mouth. Then both men fell back on the couch in the cabana.

Chuck and Troy

One Sunday, Angelo could not come to the muscle camp. Troy came from the college alone.

“Well, looks like it’s just you and me today,” said Chuck to Troy. “Len needs to help Barton.”

“Cool,” said Troy, who always kept a positive attitude. “ You look bigger than last week, Chuck. Strip those sweats off and let me oil you up. Let’s invite some of the other guys to the cabana since Angelo isn’t here”

“No. Don’t do that. Here’s an idea. I don’t really feel like stripping down. I know you’ve been lifting weights with the football team. Why don’t I take a look at YOUR progress?”

“OK,” said Troy. “But I don’t have any posing trunks. I’ve just got these jockey shorts on.” Troy pulled off his shirt and then dropped his white jeans to the floor.

Chuck had to catch his breath. In front of him stood a classical statue of perfect proportions. A naked statue except for a tight pair of white jockey shorts which left nothing to the imagination. A young man who was golden, smooth, sensuous, and perfectly shaped.

But Troy was not vain. The boy seemed almost embarrassed to be seen standing in the shadow of his Herculean hero.

“I know I don’t have much muscle.”

Then something new and different happened to Chuck. All of a sudden, he became indifferent to his own physique. For a moment, his own muscles meant nothing to him. He was transported to a platonic world where he became immersed in appreciating the perfection of another human being.

The platonic feelings quickly shifted to lust. Chuck could not take his eyes off the huge meat inside Troy’s shorts. The sculptor who had built this perfect body completed his work by creating a finishing endowment—a penis that was full, smooth, voluptuous, extremely large but at the same time graceful, thick, and succulent. This was a cock that women would crave drawing into their inner-most sanctum and that both women and men would maneuver to place inside their mouths.

Yet Troy seemed unaware. There was no hint of vanity or manly superiority about the boy.

“Well, what do you think,” asked Troy.

Chuck did not know what to say.

Troy went on, “Well, I know I should be lifting more. Even my football coach tells me I need to spend more time in the gym. I’m pretty scrawny. Let’s stand side by side and look in the mirror. Well, I guess you’re Goliath and I’m David.

“Well, David is right, kid,” said Chuck. “You could pass for the statue of David I’ve seen.” And Chuck was quiet again.

Troy continued to stand in front of the mirror. The awkward silence continued. Finally, Chuck emerged from his trance.

“Tell you what, kid. No, I don’t want to look in the mirrors right now. Let’s roughhouse on the floor. Here’s a couple of wrestling mats. Let’s wrestle.

You’re kidding,” said Troy. “You’ll squash me.”

“I’ll go easy. Come here!” And Chuck reached out and grabbed Troy, and he pushed him onto the mats.

Then the two men grappled with each other, rolling around on the floor of the cabana. Chuck went easy on Troy. Even so, Troy was breathing hard, and eventually Chuck was breathing hard himself. They were like two young boys playing, clutching at each other and knocking each other around.

At one point, Troy went into a fit of laughter.

“Hey, you giggle-puss,” said Chuck. “What gives? It’s not like I’ve been tickling you, have I?”

“You better not,” said Troy. And then Chuck actually did start tickling Troy . But that got Troy fired up to fight hard. David started to try to take down Goliath, and Chuck had to respond to the boy with more strength.

But it was a mistake for Troy to go so hard. He fell backward and hit his hip and rear end on a bench that was next to the mats in the cabana.

“Damn, that hurt,” yelled Troy.

“Are you OK?”

Yeah, but my butt hurts like hell. We better stop.”

“Tell you what,” said Chuck. “Let’s pull those jockeys down and I’ll work on you and try to relieve the pain. Let me rub it down.”

“OK,” said Troy who was in pain. “I will just lay on my stomach here on the mat.”

Once Troy was on his stomach, Chuck slipped the jockey shorts down around Troy’s ankles. Chuck felt an immense tenderness toward his wounded warrior. He stared at the back, the bubbled white ass outlined with its crisp tan line, and the beautiful legs.

Chuck tried to make Troy feel better by massaging him. And Troy relaxed into the grip of his muscle daddy’s hands on his body. Chuck moved his hands up and down the back of Troy’s legs, over the various muscles of his back, and all over the glute muscle that had suffered the fall. Chuck tingled throughout his own body as he carressed Troy’s beautiful physique.

Eventually Troy moaned a little bit and Chuck noticed that he was shifting around and possibly even moving his hips up and down against the mat. Chuck wondered if the boy’s big cock was getting hard. Maybe Troy was squeezing his cock against the wrestling mat and secretly working himself.

“Would you like to turn over, Troy asked Chuck. It wouldn’t hurt for me to massage your hip flexor muscles. There’s a strong connection between the flexors and the glutes.

“Oh no, responded Troy. This is fine just like this.”

But Chuck all of a sudden needed to see all of Troy.

With a sudden movement when Troy was not suspecting it, Chuck flipped Troy over on his back. Sure enough, Troy’s cock was hard as a rock and huge. It stretched upward all the way to Troy’s belly button—full, thick, beautiful, enormous and smooth.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why. I couldn’t help it,” said Troy who was embarrassed that he had gotten hard.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s normal. It happened to me before. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a guy or a woman massaging you. A massage is relaxing and can be stimulating.”

Then both men were silent.

Finally, Chuck said, “Troy, I never saw your cock before. I guess I knew it was big but I didn’t know it was THAT big. Don’t worry, I don’t go after cock. Just the same, I have to say that yours is really beautiful. If someone told me I had to suck one cock and only one cock in the entire world, I guess it would be yours, kid. Don’t worry, I’m straight. I’ve got no intention of doing that. Now hide that thing. Turn over again and I’ll work on your back.”

Troy felt comfortable once he turned over and his swollen cock was hidden again. And he had a warm feeling inside from his hero’s words.

Chuck kept working on Troy’s back, his ass, and his hamstrings. He worked on the boy patiently for more than twenty or thirty minutes. But during the entire time, Chuck was a riot of conflicting emotions inside. He was on fire from the sight of Troy’s huge cock. And now it seemed like the boy was moving his ass around as Chuck massaged it.

“Tell you what”, said Chuck after a while. “Just relax. I am going to get some lube. Let me try a prostate massage with my hand. Have you ever had one? I will go in just a little bit and I will be very tender. It’s great for releasing tension. Let me hug you first. And then Chuck lay his huge body on top of Troy, reached around him and squashed him in his grip.

Chuck was waiting for an objection but Troy was silent.

“You need to tell me if there is anything I do that makes you uncomfortable,” said Chuck.

Troy stayed quiet. He felt protected. Dominated. Loved.

Then Chuck grabbed some lube and greased Troy’s hole, and he went in with his hand very slowly. Troy moaned almost silently and adjusted his torso through very slight movements, just enough for Chuck to know that the boy was welcoming him in.

“Troy, just close your eyes. I am going to be totally safe. I’m putting on protection. And I will be very soft and slow. But I am going to give you my cock now. You know I am very big. Tell me if it is too much. I will take one tiny step at a time.”

“OK,” said Troy.

“Go slow, Chuck. Go slow. Grease me up a little more first.”

So Chuck eased up. He smeared grease all over Troy and worked him further open with his hand. Then he leaned down over Troy and kissed the back of his neck and put his face into the boy’s beautiful blond hair. Finally, when Troy seemed ready, Chuck slipped in again, ever so slowly but steadily and firmly.

“Squeeze and then open up, Troy. That’s it. That’s helping me slide in. Yeah, buddy. Squeeze and then loosen up. Oh, this feels so good!”

“Yeah, that feels good,” said Troy. I’m opening up. You can move in deeper now.”

Suddenly Troy needed to be fucked by the huge muscleman on top of him. Something clicked inside him and he became a different person. He started moaning and moving his ass up and down. “Oh Chuck, I never thought this would happen. But it feels right! Fuck me!”

“I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, boy. But we won’t tell anyone. Don’t even tell Angelo. This will be our little secret. And we won’t do it again unless we both really feel like we want to. But let’s enjoy it!”

Chuck fucked Troy for almost an hour. At one point, Chuck turned Troy over and fucked him missionary style like a hot chick. He fantasized that this was his hot cheerleader, his beautiful whore. Then he felt Troy’s huge cock against his own stomach and Chuck did not know what to think. In a rush of lust from feeling the boy’s cock, he shoved in and out of Troy more forcefully than before, and Troy screamed in pleasure. Then Chuck turned the boy over on his stomach again and kept fucking him from the rear.

Chuck finally pulled out. But Troy told him he still needed more cock. So Chuck greased him again and plowed him some more. Troy started raising his ass into the air so Chuck could go in as deep as possible with his big dick. Troy was not sure this would ever happen again. He was desperate to have Chuck’s cock inside him for as long as this could last.

Finally Chuck jerked several times and began to shoot his huge load into Troy. The boy lay down flat on the mat and screamed out loud when he knew that his muscleman was dropping his juices of strength inside him. Then he squirted a huge load of his own—from his giant cock which was squeezed against the mat, hard as a rock.

Both men hugged each other. They wondered if they would ever do this again. Then Troy left to go back to the college. Chuck left the muscle camp without even saying anything to anyone. He was on Cloud 9.

Troy And Angelo

Next Sunday when Troy and Angelo got to the muscle camp, Len told them that Chuck had an inflamed bicep. “Chuck went to the hospital,” Len said.

“Is he OK?” asked both men at the same time.

“Nothing major to worry about. Dr. Laurens says he will be OK.”

Then the boys were quiet. After a while Angelo asked, “So what do you want to do, Troy?”

“Chuck keeps beers in the cabana. Let’s just hang out,” said Troy.

“Can I get some pictures of you guys?” asked Len.

“No,” said Troy. “First let us relax and tank up on beer. Stop by in about an hour.”

When they were alone in the cabana, the guys popped open some beers and layed on the couches. But after a while they didn’t know what to do with themselves.

“Too bad Chuck isn’t here,” said Troy.

“I know,” said Angelo. “He told me he was going to make his biceps even bigger for me. Do you think that’s why he’s in trouble?”

“Who knows,” answered Troy. “He does crazy stuff to get himself bigger. And he digs the way we oil him and stuff, and get excited by his big muscle breasts, and those quads and calves, and those biceps and everything. But he’d probably do it anyway even if we weren’t around.”

“Hey, let’s check our own physiques,” continued Troy. “Chuck likes how we look even if we aren’t huge. Last week he really complimented me on my physique. Even down to the size and shape of my cock.” And Troy pulled his jeans down and stood in front of the mirror in his jockey shorts.

“Did he check you out? What do you mean? He didn’t do anything, did he? What happened?”

“No, he was just talking. You know Chuck’s not like that.” Troy skipped any further details on what happened last weekend but he added, “It made me feel good.”

“Well, you are hung like a horse,” admitted Angelo.

Angelo’s statement made Troy swell up.

“Hey,” said Angelo, who was starting to look at his friend’s big basket as a substitute for Chuck’s. “I’ve got an idea and it’s going to drive Len nuts when he gets here. Put on those posing trunks that Chuck wears!”

Angelo opened a couple of beers, hoping he could talk Troy into squeezing into the crotch bulging posing trunks.

“OK, find those trunks for me in Chuck’s dresser,” said Troy.

Angelo looked in Chuck’s dresser and handed the posing trunks to Troy. Troy put them on. Once he adjusted himself, he faced the mirror and posed his package for Angelo.

“Yeah,” said Angelo. “That’s huge!”

Troy thrust his basket forward and displayed it from various angles in the mirror.

“Look at that package!” exclaimed Angelo. “Now sit down and lean back on the chair. Yeah, bulge it out like that! Can you imagine what Len’s going to do when he walks in the door and sees that thing? Let’s just act normal like nothing’s going on, and see what he does.”

Then Angelo asked Troy for more. “Hey Troy,” continued Angelo. “Can you make your cock bigger? How about you jerk it off so it gets huge and then stick it back in the trunks.”

The posing trunks were kinky and they made Angelo crazy. They had two pouches, one inside as well as an external pouch which served as posing strap for cock display. This type of posing strap was designed for Muscle Cock competitors to show off their meat on stage. The inner pouch contained the competitor’s balls and was equipped with a pulsating cock ring that masturbated and expanded the competitor’s meat. There was a hole in the fabric of the inner pouch for the competitor’s stimulated cock to protrude into the posing strap. The external fabric of the posing strap was highly transparent to showcase the outline of the enlarged cock during competition. Also, Angelo loved the appearance of huge balls and these posing trunks built them up in a way that made Angelo go nuts. Form-fitting fabric extenders lined strategic parts of the inside cup which inflated the overall appearance of the balls and thus, the total package. All these features created the impressive “posing trunk dimension and size” required for competition. And they invited cock worshippers to go down on their knees to perform servicing duties.

Access to the inner pouch was difficult, but the outer pouch was easy to adjust so the competitor’s penis could be exposed or covered as desired. This allowed competitors easy access for self-stimulation just prior to stepping on stage. It also provided emergency access for mutual jack-offs and for quick blow jobs among sexed-up competitors or by judges and VIPs before or after competition.

Troy used the trunks exactly as they were intended. His balls were deeply encased in the inner pouch. But he was able to grab his cock out of the external pouch and work it with his hands. Once it was stimulated and enlarged, he slid his cock back into the posing strap in order to display an enormous bulge.

Angelo got real excited sitting next to his hugely endowed friend. He broke open another couple of beers. “Here’s another beer,” he exclaimed. “Len will be getting here any minute.”

Then the boys heard Len approaching. Not to be outdone, Angelo dropped his own jeans and let his beautifully hung jockstrap bulge out. He massaged his meat to make it bigger and then placed it back inside the white jock strap.

Both boys waited in order to inspire Len with “shock and awe.”

But Len kept his cool and expressed a professional reaction. “I need to let Jacques DeMille know about this!” he said. “Do you boys know Mr. DeMille? He’s in charge of the Muscle Cock Division of the IFFB. And I never realized it before, but you two boys are future Muscle Cock competitors.”

“What do you mean?” asked Angelo as he rubbed his jock strap for Len’s benefit.

“Look at you boys. You get a couple of beers in you and you can’t wait to show your meat off. That’s exactly what Muscle Cock competition is all about. It about cock and ball display on stage for judges and fans who happen to worship monster cocks and monster muscles. You guys aren’t muscular enough yet to enter Muscle Cock contests. It’s a branch of bodybuilding, so you’ll need to get more bulked up. But I can see that you boys are focused on displaying that meat. There’s a future for you in the sport!”

“So you really think I have potential?” asked Troy. “I am pretty big down here. Chuck said so last weekend. Chuck has a really big one himself, and well, without going into details, I was blown away by his power. I would like to be just as powerful myself.”

“So Chuck delivered size and power? I’m hearing you say you’re a size queen like some of the rest of us,” laughed Len.

Troy was serious and ignored Len’s attempt at humor. “Well, I never thought about it before but now I DO want more size. It would blow Chuck’s mind if my dick got bigger all of a sudden.”

“Yeah,” said Angelo. “I would love to see you show Chuck a cock even bigger than it is already.”

“Tell you what,” said Len, who had a sudden brainstorm. “I’m getting Barton. Let’s do an experiment. Are you guys willing to give it a try?”

“I’ve heard about Barton and his treatments,” said Angelo. “Can he really give a guy more size just by sucking his cock?”

“Do you guys want to see for yourselves?” responded Len.

Troy didn’t say anything, but he didn’t object either. Before long Len had rushed out to get Barton, and then Barton was inside the cabana standing in front of the two boys.

Looking specifically at Troy, Barton exclaimed, “My God, I knew this boy was hung but I never imagined that his meat was THAT big!”

Then Barton got down on his knees and Troy fully cooperated by pulling his huge dick out of the strap. Barton went to work on the cock.

Little did either Troy or Angelo know how quickly the growth would start and how fast it would progress. Troy kept his eyes closed while Barton was sucking him off, so he didn’t notice anything. But Angelo could tell something dramatic was occurring. He watched and was highly stimulated by what he saw.

Finally, it was Troy who broke the silence. He suddenly put his dick back inside his posing trunks.

“Damn! These beers finally caught up with me and I’ve got to take a piss. I’ll be right back.”

“Hold on,” said Barton. “Don’t go anywhere. You need to help the muscle camp. The camp depends on my liquids. I get depleted. Recycling helps me replenish. Can you let me take advantage of some recycling?”

“I’m not sure exactly what you mean,” said Troy.

“He wants a big load of piss.” said Len. “Straight in his mouth.”

“Oh.” Then nobody said anything.

Finally Troy said, “But I really do have to piss. It’s an emergency. I’ll piss in my trunks if I don’t get to the bathroom quick.”

“I love servicing boys who can’t hold it. Go ahead and piss in your trunks,” said Barton. “I’ll take the piss through your posing strap. Like I said, recycling is important for the muscle camp. Dump it in my mouth.”

Barton went down on his knees and fastened his lips on Troy’s package.

“Len, hold these poppers for me,” said Barton. Troy was overloaded with beer. He couldn’t control himself. A blast of piss shot out. Some of the piss slopped down his legs but most of it dumped through the posers right into Barton’s mouth.

“Poppers,” Barton screamed. When Len put the poppers up to Barton’s nose, Barton snorted and moaned. “Give me more piss, you stud fucker!”

With a convenient urinal in front of him, Troy relaxed his bladder and took a full, slow piss that lasted for two minutes or more. He pissed just like at a regular urinal. Barton swallowed the bulging head of Troy’s cock while the piss was blasting out. He guzzled, then slurped all over the wet fabric of the posing trunks. Then he asked Len for more poppers.

Finally, Troy was done pissing. Barton simply looked up, licked his lips, and then left the cabana.

“What was that all about?” asked Troy. “I thought he was doing something for the muscle camp. But he acted like a big fag about it. And after he finished sucking, he took off and left us without saying anything. The only thing that mattered to him was the piss I gave him.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Len. “Dr. Laurens says Barton’s turning into a piss whore.”

Then Len was silent for a moment. Finally he said, “Well, we all have our issues. I even heard about another guy around here who gives toilet service from the other end.”

“No way! Who the hell is that?” screamed Angelo. Little did Angelo guess that Len was referring to himself, waiting to see what kind of reaction the boys would have.

There was no immediate response. “Well, nothing really would surprise me with this crowd around here,” Angelo finally offered.

“No issues of your own, Angelo?” said Len. “By the way, Angelo, I’m in charge today and you’ll do what I tell you to do later.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Angelo.

“You’ll see,” responded Len. “In fact, here’s an assignment right now. After I get these wet trunks off your friend, towel him down and dry him real good. I want to suck him.”

“Naah,” said Angelo. But then Angelo took a look at Troy’s huge dick as Len was pulling the trunks down. Troy flopped his newly enlarged member in front of the two men.

“Damn, how’d it get so big?” yelled Angelo. “You’re about three inches longer and almost two inches bigger around! It used to be a banana. Now I’d say it’s—what do you call them—those big bananas on the islands?”

“A giant plantain,” said Len. “It’s all because Barton sucked him for ten minutes.”

“Damn! Fuck yeah!” yelled Angelo. “Show that monster!”

So Angelo grabbed a towel, got down on his knees, and slowly rubbed his buddy down. Troy responded to his friend’s attention by starting to swell an enormous boner.

“Good job, Angelo” said Len. “That meat is definitely responding to your rub-down.”

Troy leaned back, moaned, extended his cock in front of him, and seemed to be making it very clear that he was ready to be serviced. So Len went to work. Angelo watched intently.

Len took his time. His blow jobs always were of exceptional quality, so Troy experienced intense pleasure. Plus Troy was enjoying the fact that his best buddy was watching all the action. Len slurped and sucked and continued performing fellatio on Troy for about twenty minutes. Finally, Len needed a break.

“Angelo, your turn now,” said Len.

“Nahh, I don’t do that.”

“Yeah, you will.”

“No way!”

“Well, look at Troy sticking it out for you,” said Len. And it was true. Troy leaned back in his chair and pointed his fat boner in Angelo’s direction.

“That’s right. Flop toward your buddy,” said Len.

Angelo hesitated. Finally Troy said, “I won’t hold it against you, Angelo. I promise I won’t say anything. Think about it. I’ve never been so huge. This is a once in a lifetime situation. This time it’s OK. But before you kneel down, pull those jeans off all the way so it’s just your jock strap.”

So Angelo fully removed his black jeans and kneeled in front of Troy in his white jock strap.

Troy moaned from the thrill at having his jock-strapped buddy, his closest friend in the world, on his knees in front of him.

“Suck it, buddy. Take your time.”

And that is exactly what Angelo did. For about ten minutes, he just slopped over the head, which was so engorged that it almost completely filled his mouth up. He sucked and slurped the head, licking it and popping it in and out of his mouth. Then Len jumped in. Angelo was at the top of the cock, while Len started working the bottom. Len grabbed the shaft and started to jerk it. Troy screamed with pleasure at the dual action he was getting from both men.

Then Len backed off and Angelo continued to concentrate on the giant head of Troy’s cock in his mouth. He licked and then sucked it—just the beautiful, smooth, and perfectly shaped head. Angelo had never sucked cock before. However, he was highly stimulated and he now wanted to make his friend feel good.

Troy’s cock swole up to its full 15 inches. Troy watched his buddy working the head.

“Go deeper,” said Troy.

“OK,” said Angelo, as he licked along the deep, voluptuous, smooth shaft of Troy’s giant penis and then tried to suck 6 inches, then 8 inches.

“Use steady suction,” advised Len. “And then just try to go just a tiny bit deeper each time.” Because Len had sucked a lot of oversized Muscle Cock competitors, he knew the secrets for getting huge pieces of meat into his throat. But Angelo was a novice and needed to go with baby steps.

Angelo tried to go deeper but he gagged. He felt embarrassed so he went back to just sucking the huge head again. But he took it lovingly and tenderly into his mouth, and tried to figure out ways to make Troy feel good.

“Oh yeah, suck it buddy,” said Troy. “That feels good.” Then Troy grabbed his cock, and flopped it back and forth against Angelo’s lips. Then he slid it in and out of Angelo’s mouth, trying to push it in just a little bit deeper.

“Here,” said Troy. “Open that mouth real wide.” And Troy became a little bit aggressive and shoved his cock against Angelo’s throat. This actually made Angelo real hot.

“Yeah, I need that big meat in my mouth,” said Angelo. “Shove it in and I’m going to try to suck it.”

“Here,” said Len. “Here’s what you do, Angelo. When you’re working a really big one like this, you’ve got to get your throat to open up really wide as you suck. So when you come from the shaft back to the head, and you’re getting ready to go deep again, make like you’re going to drink a huge glass of water, and invite him in. Just open up wide and invite him to help you do the work. When you feel it going deep, breathe in and don’t move at all. Then when it’s gone in as deep as you think it will go, that’s when you start your suction. Can you help him, Troy?”

“Sure, but he feels good, and I don’t really care if he goes deep or not.”

Troy’s words made Angelo feel comfortable and even hotter, and he wanted to go deep in order to please his friend even more. He sucked the head and then took eight or nine inches into his mouth.

Angelo stopped worrying about whether he was doing a good job or not. The smoothness, thickness, and voluptuous beauty of his friend’s dick became his sole focus and he concentrated on pleasuring himself. He wanted to stay there forever. He began to suck methodically. His technique became smooth and regular, firm and energetic. Troy got hotter and hotter and pretty soon almost all of Troy’s 15 inches were inside Angelo’s throat.

Troy started creaming a little bit, and Angelo tasted the cream. Without really understanding what was occurring, Angelo felt deep inside that he needed his friend’s juice. Because of this, he went all the way on to the fat, full cock.

“Wow,” said Len. “He’s catching on. That’s a huge muscle cock you’re dealing with there, and it’s starting to disappear inside your mouth, Angelo.”

Then Troy added, “Len, he sucks cock really good. I think I’m going to feed him a big load of cum.”

Angelo moaned and spread his naked ass.

“Look at him, Len. He’s a jock-strapped whore and he needs cock. And it looks like he needs ‘em really big and he needs a lot of cum dumped in his mouth.”

“Yeah,” screamed Angelo. “Feed it to me!” And Angelo went into a frenzy of deep fellatio on Troy’s fully engorged 15 inches of cock.

“Yeah, take all 15 inches. Suck it, buddy!”

Angelo moaned again, and then practically screamed out. He spread his ass so Troy could see what a subservient bitch he had become.

The sight of the jock-strapped ass moving around did the job for Troy. This was his best friend Angelo, who was providing the ultimate measure of devoted service to his best buddy.

Troy exploded into Angelo’s subservient mouth.

Feeling the huge bucket of cum that was dumped into him, Angelo squirted a big load into his own jock strap.

After the dual explosions, Angelo stayed on top of the smooth, beautiful, succulent cock sucking every last drop of cum out of the head and then tenderly cleaning up Troy’s cock and balls with his lips. Then both men fell back on the sofas in the cabana and went to sleep next to each other.

Len slipped away from the cabana in a good frame of mind himself. He felt honored to have been included in all of today’s action and to have been so helpful. Also, he had identified a couple of new Muscle Cock recruits for Jacques DeMille, which would keep him in solid standing in the Muscle Cock community.

Tit Freak Sex Orgy

More than any other novice to date, Troy shocked the bodybuilding world by the speed of his transformation into a huge competitor. Only two years after Troy came to the muscle camp as a scrawny football player, he began to compete as a PRO bodybuilder. Troy possessed the most beautiful physique seen on the contest stage in a long time. And he was enormous. Troy’s strengths were not only his massive size, but also his perfectly balanced physique, and his golden good looks.

Troy had a close relationship with Chuck who was a Super Tit Man competitor. However, Troy did not want to be a Super Tit Man. He didn’t need to. He was so perfectly built that even Super Tit Men believed that Troy had some of the most beautiful pec muscles on the planet. Troy’s main heroes were conventional bodybuilders who had achieved outstanding development without artificial enhancements and surgeries.

Several bodybuilders influenced Troy’s bodybuilding career the most. First of all there was his close friend and training partner Sergii, from Russia. Readers should scroll back to the beginning of Big Boy Muscle Camp (Part 5) to see videos of Sergii. Sergii was youthful, huge, and universally admired. Note the extreme fullness of Sergii’s pec muscles. Sergii had avoided pitfalls encountered by Super Tit Man and Muscle Cock competitors. No implants. Very little synthol. No nipple or cock enhancements or other procedures. Just huge, thick, hyper-developed muscles achieved through intensive weightlifting and standard forms of pharmacological supplementation.

Troy also looked back to bodybuilders from an earlier era for inspiration. Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was an inspiration for Troy. The attached link shows superb muscle mass achieved by Cutler, especially his outstanding pectoral development. Although Troy had been sexually stimulated by the freakier-type muscle breasts which his friend Chuck possessed, it was the standard form of extreme muscular development exemplified by a bodybuilder like Jay Cutler that Troy wanted for his own physique. Check the following link for some photos of Jay Cutler’s outstanding pecs. Scroll down to section on Jay Cutler and read the text provided by Jay’s pec worshipper:


Art Atwood was another early hero for Troy (see links below). Troy disputed Chuck’s contention that Atwood was the father of the Super Tit Man movement. Chuck and fellow muscle breast fanatics like Military Mike maintained that Atwood was a closet tit freak who lived during an era when this form of bodybuilding was not yet accepted. A series of rumors swirled around Atwood. Some tit men said that Art owned an early version of the PumpMaster machine and that he pumped and manipulated himself, both to fatten his muscle breasts for competition and to stimulate himself. Certain sources also stated that Art concealed enormous nipples underneath his shirt which had to be restored to normal size by a surgeon prior to competitions. Another rumor was that Art liked to be hooked up to enormous tit clamps and that he got together with other bodybuilders to engage in tit and nipple sex. But these rumors were never confirmed. Troy thought the rumors were bullshit. He regarded Atwood as an extremely advanced competitor who had simply achieved the largest pecs of his era through conventional bodybuilding. The photos and videos in attached links will allow the viewer to assess for himself whether Atwood can be considered a tit freak:

Link—scroll to the bottom for an impressive photo of Atwood proudly showing obscene pectoral mass

Link—Art Atwood HUGE Bodybuilder video

Link—Art Atwood 2002 Olympia video

The two videos show Atwood’s muscle breasts at peak development and provide the viewer a basis for assessing whether this pec man can be considered a full-blown tit freak. Note short pec bouncing sequences in each video. Pec bouncing sometimes was seen as a sign of self-identification with the tit man/muscle breast community.

Link—this blog shows various photos of Atwood’s physique including extreme inflation of his muscle tits. Be sure to select Art Atwood from right-hand column and, after that selection, scroll to last photo at bottom for photo showing greatest pectoral mass.

As far as his contemporaries were concerned, Troy’s friends Chuck and Angelo had the greatest impact on Troy’s evolution as a bodybuilder.

Not only did Troy look up to Chuck, but he was emotionally (and sexually) attached to him. Just the same, Chuck and Troy had very different outlooks on bodybuilding. Chuck was obsessed with extreme augmentation of individual body parts and had indulged in all forms of muscle growth including excessive synthol, surgical enhancements, and extreme implants. Troy was not interested in these for his own growth and development. The good news is that Chuck loved Troy so much that he did not impose his own approaches on the younger man. He believed Troy was beautiful no matter what his size was and, while he encouraged him to be his best, he let Troy find his own way in the sport of bodybuilding.

Troy’s friend Angelo had a huge impact on Troy’s bodybuilding progress. Angelo craved Troy’s growth sexually. Because Angelo was desperate for Troy to grow more and more enormous, this gave Troy a constant incentive to enlarge himself. This incentive played out every Sunday in the cabana where Troy continued to be joined by both Chuck and Angelo (and also by Len) for their regular Sunday sessions.

As time went along, the Sunday sessions became much less inhibited. The focus shifted to worshipping Troy’s evolution into a giant bodybuilder. Troy decided to let both Chuck and Angelo know about the sex he had engaged in with each of them individually. Before long, a three-way scene emerged where Troy simultaneously got fucked by Chuck while Angelo was sucking Troy off. Len watched and assisted. Len also took advantage of any opportunity to jump in when anyone else was taking a break, especially Chuck. For example, if Chuck stopped fucking Troy for a minute or two, Len begged Chuck to allow him to service him. Len especially loved to perform oral service on Chuck’s glute muscles and he always begged for rear end deliveries from Chuck, which Chuck would never give him (note: Chuck DID talk dirty to Len concerning Len’s secret toilet needs). The four-way sex action became a comfortable ritual for the men and they did it over and over again every Sunday.

All of his friends were enthralled with Troy’s progress. As he packed on more and more muscle mass, the blond bomber became a sight to behold. He cut his hair shorter. He had the face of a man now, a beautiful adult muscleman, with outstanding features and a winning smile. His pecs and arms were enormous and his legs got thicker and thicker with a beautiful bodybuilder sweep.

All three friends reacted in a different way. Chuck was enormously proud. He loved this young man and was thrilled by the powerful adult he was becoming. Angelo was obsessively attached to Troy, both emotionally and sexually. He needed Troy’s cock in his mouth and he needed Troy’s cum. And Len was grateful to be in Troy’s inner circle. Len wanted to protect Troy’s reputation in the bodybuilding community. For example, despite being a shameless gossip, Len kept quiet about the fact that Troy was Chuck’s bottom. While it was not unusual for some of the bigger bodybuilders to be bottom men, Troy had an innocence and kindness Len wanted to protect.

Troy’s other close friend was Sergii from Russia who became his training partner. Troy and Sergii became good friends and confided their deepest secrets to each other.

Sergii wore his heart on his sleeve. He was a big talker and Troy was an excellent listener. Sergii went on at length about his childhood and early bodybuilding experiences in Russia. Sergii was also also a compulsive poser (again please refer to two videos of Sergii at beginning of Big Boy Muscle Camp—Part 5). The minute Sergii saw mirrors, he oiled himself up and began posing. But even though Sergii was desperate to show off to other men, he was not really interested in sex with other men.

One interesting thing about Sergii and Troy’s friendship was how each man was in a very different place in regard to his sexual evolution. While Sergii had had affectionate relationships with older men who were mentors, he was now emerging with a strong heterosexual identity and he badly wanted to find a lasting romance with a young woman. Troy, on the other hand, always had been with beautiful girls but was now discovering that he was homosexual.

Both men felt comfortable discussing everything with each other. For example, Troy asked Sergii, “I know that Barton worked on you for a while. You did not enjoy that, though? Why did you stop?”

“I am not doing that any more. I needed to stop. At first I wanted Barton to help me get my legs bigger, and then my penis larger, but then I decided I know how to get my legs huge on my own, and that I need to be happy with my penis. I thought about what my Uncle Alexi and my coach Ivan would think”

“But, Sergii, I am curious about you. You have told me that men have wanted to have sex with you but that you want to be with women. I’m the other way around. I was always with women, and now I want to be with a man. Tell me how it was in Russia with you.”

Bodybuilders in Russia sometimes asked me to have sex and I refused,” Sergii continued. “Look at me. I have these huge pectoral muscles from weightlifting and they were the biggest in Russia. I was weight lifting under the guidance of my Coach Ivan when I was thirteen years old. Coach Ivan was an expert, and in Russia there are government sponsored weight lifting clinics for athletes. Coach Ivan was in charge of one of the clinics and this is why I got so big at such a young age. At the clinics they have big pharmacies and they give you all the best advice on supplementation. At the clinics, there were sometimes doctors or coaches or even some bodybuilders who tried to touch me but Uncle Alexi did not allow it and I did not want it. And here in the United States I still get all the best supplementation and look how I am even bigger now. And in this country there are men who want to have sex with me. Actually much more than in Russia. I think it is because I am so huge. And Sergii started posing for Troy.

“But Sergii, here is what I don’t understand. You like to pose your muscles so much for other men. Why do you not want to have sex with them?”

“I don’t know, many people think these two things go together, but I don’t think they do. I think most bodybuilders want to pose for other men, but they don’t want to have sex with other men. Most bodybuilders are not the kind of people who come here to this muscle camp. Here we see only certain types of bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders are at home with their girlfriends, or their wives and children. I am like them. I want a girlfriend too, and I have not yet found the right one.”

“But, Sergii, you told me before that there were older men who took care of you. And here you have let Barton enjoy your body. I don’t understand this exactly.”

“Well, I don’t really understand it either, but these older men make me feel very good and I am very grateful to them. It makes me very happy when they are happy. But I have not done very much with them, though.”

“Well, tell me what exactly happened in Russia. I am curious to know,” said Troy.

“Well, I have had some great men who have looked after me, and it makes me feel good when they appreciate me as a son. My mother and my father died when I was very little. Uncle Alexi adopted me and he was good to me. And you will be interested to know that, when I got huge muscles, Uncle Alexi wanted to help me every night in a physical way. He would use his hands to release the juices from my penis and I really enjoyed it. Coach Ivan never touched me there, but he was always oiling me up and watching me pose and that made me really feel good too. I think he wanted to touch me, but Uncle Alexi was always around and watching. You know how I like to pose so much if someone wants to watch me. And Barton was good to me here. Barton welcomed me to the muscle camp and he likes to suck on me so much that it makes me feel good. He told me my penis would get bigger, and this was always something that worried me—that maybe the girls would not be happy with me. But I didn’t really want to have sex with him or anyone else. He pulls on his nipples, for example. Coach Ivan and Alexi would be disgusted if they saw what Barton does. They would think he was a cow on a farm. I always think about what they would want me to do.”

“Have other men here at the muscle camp wanted to be physical with you?”

“Oh yes, especially Todd who is very gay. They call him “tit boy”. He always tries to feel my muscles in the shower, especially my big pectoral muscles. I don’t want him to do this. Sometimes I can see he wants it so bad, I let him touch my pectoral muscles and put soap on them. When I can please someone else, that makes me happy sometimes.”

Then Sergii got nostalgic and began to remember his life in Russia. “I had one girlfriend in Russia and I really loved her, but Uncle Alexi said I was too young and I must do my training only. So I could not be with her. And now I am in America and I have not found a girlfriend yet. Part of it is that I am worried that my penis is not big like all the other bodybuilders here. But I decided I am not going to do anything about it. You are lucky to be so big, Troy.”

“Girlfriends mostly don’t care about that,” said Troy

“Really? Is that true that they don’t care so much?” asked Sergii hopefully.

“No, the men care more than the girls do. My girlfriend never cared about the size of mine, but now my friend Angelo wants me to get bigger and bigger. Not just my cock, but every one of my muscles. He can’t get enough. And Angelo and I used to feel the exact same way when we were just two straight boys worshipping Chuck’s muscular development. We wanted him to get bigger and bigger. I don’t think I cared about his cock getting bigger, but Angelo did. Angelo always wanted to see him walk around in those posing trunks that make his cock and balls look so huge”

“But I have been talking about me all the time. Why have you decided recently that you like men better?”

“I can’t really figure it out,” Sergii. “It started when Chuck put his cock inside of me. It felt so good, and now I want it all the time.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, it feels perfect. And I think I love Chuck and I don’t want any other cock but Chuck’s inside of me. Then Angelo started sucking my cock and he does it so good, and he likes my cock to be bigger and bigger. And he can handle it. And now I have sex with both Chuck and Angelo at the same time. But even though I am happy with Angelo and Chuck (especially Chuck), there are other things I want also. For example, my pec muscles are getting almost as large as yours, Sergii. And I would like to find someone who would work on my pecs while Chuck and Angelo are working on the rest of me. Unlike you, I think I like it when the tit men pull on their nipples. And I think I would like three men working on me at the same time: Chuck in my ass, Angelo on my cock, and a tit man working on my pecs. And Len doesn’t count. Also, now that Chuck is fucking me, I would like to look at tit men when they are posing in the mirror, since I cannot look at Chuck in that way any more.”

“Well, I know exactly who,” said Sergii. “Todd! I will tell you what he does with me in the shower. He always stands next to me. He offers to take the soap and wash my chest muscles. I let him do this because he gets such pleasure and then I pose for him a little bit when I am all wet. He leaks from both ends, which I don’t like. His penis gets very hard and he leaks from his penis and—what is amazing and what I don’t like very much—is that his chest starts leaking too. I know he wants to suck on my pecs really bad but I don’t let him. Sometimes he leaks cum or milk when he gets so hot. But maybe you would like all these things.”

“Do you think he would enjoy sucking my pecs?”

“Oh yes, he told me his favorite thing is to be a pec sucker. Here is a question, Troy. I will do this anyway, but does your girlfriend know any girls that I might like? If I bring Todd here next weekend for your pec action, do you think you could ask her? I sometimes feel lonely in America.”

“Sergii, I will really try to help you,” responded Troy.

But then Troy became anxious about the potential interaction with Todd. What if they didn’t get along? Troy thought about it. Then he said, “How about you bring another tit man with Todd? That will take the pressure off. We can see how it goes.”

So two Sundays later, Sergii brought Todd and he also brought Barton. The three men knocked on the cabana door and Len let them in. The beginning of a heavy scene was already underway between Chuck, Troy and Angelo. Chuck had squeezed into his crotch bulging posing trunks and was now posing in the mirror. Angelo was on his knees with his face right next to Chuck’s huge bulge. Angelo was oiling along the bottom edge of the posing trunks and feeling Chuck’s legs as close to his basket as possible. Troy had dropped his pants and was lubing up his asshole.

Barton cracked, “Well, I can see that you three are discussing football strategy here. I’ve been hearing from Len that it’s only serious football discussions behind these closed doors. I guess Len is not a very reliable source.”

Todd jumped in, “Chuck, that basket looks good! And actually your tits are huge as well. But you don’t hold a candle to me and Barton. Barton, let’s pull our shirts off and show these men what true muscle tits are all about!”

“Plus”, Barton added, “We’re full of nipple cum and we can deliver milk loads too, can’t we, Todd?”

“I never cared about delivering milk loads,” responded Chuck. “And no one around here gives a shit.”

“Well, I like freaky stuff sometimes,” admitted Angelo.

“Yeah, we’re noticing that about you, Angelo,” said Len.

While Chuck, Troy and Angelo continued to fuck and suck, Barton and Todd pulled their shirts off and began to pose their muscle tits and huge nipples in the mirrors. Sergii had told them that Troy was hot for some tit action and that he wanted them to pose for him and then go down on his enormous chest.

“Here’s the suction cups,” said Todd. “These will make us bigger and prime us for action. I had to bring Barton’s in this suitcase. Look at the size of his nipples! He has to send off to an industrial company in Ohio for suction cups big enough to fit him… (the reader should refer to the very beginning of Muscle Milk Tit Freaks (Part 2) for an illustration of Barton’s nipples, probably the largest in the world).

After attaching the suction cups, both men began to pull lightly on their cups to get the suction going. Angelo had jumped up and was standing right next to their pecs. Barton said, “Angelo, you can pull on the cups lightly if you want. But be careful so the suction cups don’t pop off. Oh yeah, that’s going to get us real big! You’re doing it just right, Angelo!”

A few minutes later they snapped the cups off. Having stimulated themselves, they were ready to go to work on Troy. “May we suck your pecs, Troy? Those are beautiful and I’d love to suck them while I pull on my own tits,” said Todd.

Troy was in heaven when the two men began to suck his pecs. Both Todd and Barton reached down to work their own tits as they were sucking. All three men moaned with pleasure. Then Barton and Todd asked Troy to reach over and manhandle their muscle breasts and work them, at the same time as they were sucking Troy. Barton told Troy he liked rough tit action, and Todd told Troy to rub his nipples lightly.

Eventually Barton and Todd got overheated. They decided it was time to masturbate themselves on the PumpMasters.

“Todd, go get the PumpMasters,” commanded Barton.

Angelo jumped in, “You guys look like you are leaking! Is that muscle milk?”

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Todd, hurry up. Go get the PumpMasters!”

Len jumped in, “Don’t just bring the PumpMasters, Todd. Bring those leather harnesses you guys like to wear. And bring my, um you know what, OK? My special contraption.”

“Yeah, Todd. Len is asking for his special contraption,” said Barton. “I think you know what that is. I believe it’s something you sit on.”

It took Todd two trips to bring two PumpMasters, two huge leather breast harnesses, and one black rim seat.

“What’s that other thing?” screamed Angelo.

“Oh, that’s Len’s rim seat,” said Barton. “He might as well admit it, he’s into toilet action.”

“If I were you, Barton, I wouldn’t be drawing attention to who’s into toilet action. I hear that someone well known around here has been crouching down at urinals and hanging in toilet stalls very recently,” snapped Len.

“That’s an exaggeration,” Barton snapped back. “Urinals maybe, but I don’t hang in toilet stalls like you do!”

“Toilet stalls!” screamed Angelo. “Len, you were talking about yourself a while ago! You feed from the rear end! It’s you!”

“Well, not really,” lied Len. “But I do like giving rim jobs.”

“And rim jobs is the limit today!” emphasized Chuck. “I’m responsible for keeping Barton’s cabana in order.”

“Oh, please,” whispered Len to Chuck, “you know how bad I need it. Stop being so hard on me and let me have a feeding. I’ll swallow everything, so no mess.”

“No, you toilet whore!” Chuck whispered back. “Shut up! I need to fuck Troy right now.” But Len did not give up hope.

The men were all having fun and the orgy continued. Troy, who was standing up, was getting fucked in the ass by Chuck. Angelo had fastened his mouth on Troy’s huge cock and was begging for cum. And Todd and Barton resumed sucking Troy’s pec muscles, one on the left and on the right, with Angelo kneeling between them.

This scene went on for a while, but eventually Barton and Todd decided it was time to get hooked up to their PumpMasters and show off for the boys.

“Todd, come here,” said Barton after easing off Troy’s beautiful pecs. “I’m going to plug the PumpMasters in.

Then Barton and Todd leaned forward over a chest-level railing and extended their monster pecs forward. Len fastened the PumpMasters around the enormous tit meat on each man. It looked like they were giant cows being milked. Once the PumpMasters were activated, the sensation they experienced was similar to full-blown pectoral masturbation and the end result was that their muscle breasts would blow up in size. Muscle milk began to accumulate in their giant tits, which looked and felt like they were going to burst. The two men’s cocks got hard as a rock because it was evident that they would be showing humongous tit size in the mirrors in a few minutes when the PumpMasters were removed.

Troy, who was getting fucked and sucked while he watched Barton and Todd in the PumpMasters, needed to control himself to avoid partially shooting.

While the other men were having sex or getting pumped, Sergii kept to himself. He had performed his duty. He did what his friend Troy had asked, and Troy was getting the pec action that he needed. Sergii thought about the nice girls Troy would introduce him to. Then Sergii, who was wearing only his posing trunks, looked around for a place to sit away from the other men. He saw the rim seat in the corner of the room and walked over to the rim seat and sat down.

Like a hawk, Len observed Sergii sitting down on the rim seat. Len abandoned Troy’s pecs, rushed over to Sergii, and slid under the rim seat before anyone noticed. Then Len pulled Sergii’s posing trunks away from the huge, striated ass, so that he could work the hole with his tongue.

All this happened before Sergii knew what was happening. Len’s tongue was inside Sergii’s ass, and Sergii had to admit that it was feeling good. Sergii always enjoyed being cared for and serviced by older men. Given what everyone else was up to, Sergii decided to let Len have his way.

“Oh, that’s hot!’ yelled Barton. “Look at Sergii moving around on the rim seat and opening his ass up for Len. Feels good, doesn’t it, Sergii?”

“Well yes,” said Sergii. “He IS good with his tongue.”

Suddenly Sergii realized that Len had made his ass muscles relax and that he needed to take a dump. A big load was on its way, solid and substantial.

“Len, I must go to the bathroom. I will be right back.”

“Oh, Sergii,” Len moaned. “Are you ready to make a delivery? Do it right here!”

“Oh no, I do not want any help. And Chuck said it cannot happen here.”

“I am coming to the bathroom with you. Does it feel like your pushing out a big one?”

“But how does that work when you help?” asked Sergii.

“Yes, how does that work?” shrieked Angelo, who was listening.

“I place my head under the toilet seat. You sit up a little bit. It will be fine. I’ve done it lots of times.”

Yes,” repeated Barton. “He’s done it lots of times. Did you hear that? That came straight from the horse’s mouth!”

“Well, I need to go quick,” said Sergii.

Sergii rushed to the nearest bathroom that was outside the cabana, and Len and Angelo ran after him.

A few minutes later, Angelo shot a big load of cum all over the restroom floor as he watched his first rear end delivery into a hot toilet bottom’s mouth. As he finished delivering to Len, Sergii squirted a load himself, feeling good about how happy he had made this kind, older man, doing only what came naturally to Sergii.

While Sergii stayed in the restroom to make sure he was clean, Len and Angelo returned to the cabana. When they got there, Dr. Laurens was knocking on the door, accompanied by Military Mike, Juan, and Bradley. Military Mike was the largest tit man in the world and Juan was a gang-banger with a giant dick. Bradley was a feminine tit boy who enjoyed servicing football players in groups.

All six men walked into the cabana to the sight of Chuck fucking Troy and Barton and Todd masturbating themselves on the PumpMasters.

“What the hell are you guys doing here, Dr. Laurens?” asked Barton.

“This is disgusting,” announced Juan.

“Hey Chuck,” said Military Mike to his good friend Chuck. “Now that your twink has turned into a PRO bodybuilder who likes to get fucked, this is turning into a hot scene. Tell your boy I’ve got the biggest dildos in town if he wants to use them.”

“Well, I can’t find the key to the pharmacy cabinet, said Dr. Laurens. Do you have it, Barton? I’m doing some more muscle pec build-ups on Military Mike and Bradley, and Juan has asked for some additional cock fattening. But I need to get in the cabinet first. Where are the keys?”

“Cock fattening, Juan?” screamed Barton. “Juan, you’ve already got 20 inches of length and 14 inches around. You’ve got the biggest meat in the muscle camp, probably in the whole country. Drop those boxers and show the guys what you’ve got!”

And despite believing the scene was disgusting, Juan was extremely proud of his meat and wanted everybody to see it.

“Damn!” said Angelo.

“Say guys,” said Barton, “why don’t you join the action? Mike, are you greased?”

“I’m always greased.”

“Juan, give it to Mike. He throws a good fuck and he definitely is able to handle big ones. Make him drop his pants so you can shove it in there.”

“No, I only fuck girls,” said Juan. Meanwhile, Mike pulled his pants down and backed up against Juan’s cock which got hard from all the attention it was getting. Mike was so loose and ready that he was able to grab the cock and slide it right in. Juan protested. But, even as he was protesting, Juan started pumping back and forth inside Mike’s greased hole.

The atmosphere was getting overheated as both Chuck and Juan were fucking Troy and Mike. Angelo was on his knees again begging for Troy’s cum. Barton was ready to turn off the PumpMasters so that he and Todd could display their inflated muscle breasts.

Barton switched off the PumpMasters, the two men unfastened themselves, and they started posing in the mirrors. Their muscle breasts looked like fat turkeys at Thanksgiving. Their tits looked like they were twice their original size.

“Damn!” screamed Troy. “That’s what I need. Show me those monster muscle breasts!”

“Now, get the leather gear, Todd,” yelled Barton.

Todd and Barton now began their favorite scene, which was to squeeze themselves into their leather muscle harnesses in front of a crowd of men who appreciated them and understood them, and who worshipped monster-size muscle breasts. It was a hyper-sexual experience for Barton and Todd to observe their tits in the mirror and to exhibit tits and nipples inside their tight leather “bra” harnesses for their friends. Five other tit men in the room gave deep honor and respect to these two enormous morphed muscle tit freaks. Dr. Laurens, the father of muscle breast expansion, observed them with intense pride. He was the most obsessed VIP in the tit man community, so obsessed that he devoted a professional career to muscle breast expansion and augmentation for men like Barton and Todd who were desperate for his services, and he thought about nothing else besides this obsession. Military Mike was the biggest and most narcissistic tit man in the world and he wanted other men to follow in his footsteps. Bradley was a promiscuous tit whore, a borderline transvestite who was transforming herself into an androgynous tit phenomenon. And Troy and Angelo were two novices who were coming under the spell of tit man sex. In addition to these five, Chuck himself was one of the most advanced tit men in the world.

“Here, Barton,” let me help you squeeze into your gear,” said Todd.

“Yeah, that feels good,” said Barton. “And look at how I look in the mirror!”

Barton’s muscle breasts were voluptuously encased in the form-fitting giant leather units. But best of all was the way that Barton’s giant nipples exploded out of the tight nipple holes in the leather. The reader should review the size of Barton’s nipples by looking at the picture at the beginning of Muscle Milk Tit Freaks (Part 2). Barton’s nipples were so fat that they practically burst the leather. To all five pec worshippers, the nipples looked like two huge suckable penises sticking out of the leather. And Todd was not far behind Barton in terms of size, beauty, and freakiness. His muscle breasts were round and full and showed evidence of extreme augmentation carried out in stages by Dr. Laurens. Dr. Laurens was constantly fattening up this tit boy. And Todd needed larger and larger leather “bras” every couple of months.

We’re going to pose first then we need to get sucked,” said Barton. “We’ll be ready to drop big loads of liquid soon and you guys need to be there to take it.”

Todd yelled, “Look at us muscle tit pigs in the mirror! Len, come here and take a picture of me. I want to be the cover man on Muscle Breast Magazine. Can you help arrange that with your sister magazine, Len? Tit men all over the country will jerk off to the sight of these monsters! Barton, you’ve got the biggest nipples in the world and I’m not far behind! Let’s get some pictures of Barton and his nipples for Muscle Breast Magazine!”

“Look at the size of my tits these nipples are sitting on!” continued Todd. “Dr. Laurens, I told you I need more build-ups. I never want to stop until I’m 70 inches and there are no shirts anywhere to fit me. I will need enormous support straps in order to avoid being arrested. And if I do get arrested, I will drive the cops crazy. The cops will beg to feel my tits! I’m starting to leak really bad, Barton. Look Barton, you’re beginning to dump your milk too. Yeah, deliver it!”

Both men began violently to jerk their cocks as they looked at their leaking tits in the mirror.

“Line up boys, we’re ready to give it to you!”

Len, and Angelo and Bradley lined up for milk from Barton and Todd. Troy and Military Mike watched intently. Juan actually could not take his eyes off the scene either. Sergii thought about Uncle Alexey and Coach Ivan and cows on the farm in Russia.

Big loads of cum shot out of Barton and Todd’s penises. At the same time, milk shot out of their muscle breasts. The three nipple suckers, Angelo, Len and Bradley, raced from nipple to nipple and cock to cock to guzzle the milk and cum. The men kept sucking and Barton and Todd continued to deliver big loads of liquids.

Troy was happy watching this scene with Chuck’s cock still inside him, and Juan was plowing Mike, going deep with his 20 inches into the sloppy ass. When Troy observed Barton and Todd dropping their loads, he got extremely hot and was on the verge of coming himself.

Before Barton shot his final wad, he looked around at all the men and felt good that every one at his muscle camp was getting off and appeared satisfied. “Looks like Len finally got what he needed out of Sergii’s ass.” Then Barton looked at Sergii’s posing trunks and noticed that there was cream all over them. “Wow, that cum on Sergii’s posers makes me think that Sergii really enjoyed it too. Sergii, did you drop a load as well? And kinky Angelo was in the toilet stall too.”

Finally Chuck shot a big load into Troy’s ass and Juan shot a bucket out of his 20 inches into Military Mike. Chuck’s shooting caused Troy to dump a big load himself, and Angelo kneeled down just in time to swallow it.

Juan left the cabana at once. Military Mike left a minute later, thinking maybe there was more action elsewhere. Maybe he could get fisted now that he’d been opened deep and wide by Juan.

Both Chuck and Troy fell into each other’s arms on one of the couches, while Barton and Todd fell back into two armchairs, both covered with milk and cum.

As the various men came out of the cabana in different stages, Bull Durham, Johnson, Marcus, and Jacques DeMille were having an IFFB planning meeting.

These four men were now the top powers in the IFFB. Johnson was involved in bodybuilding again and served as head of the Classic Bodybuilding Division. Marcus was his trusted assistant. Bull Durham was head of the Super Tit Man Division which he had started (and he was overall IFFB Chairman) and Jacques DeMille was head of the Muscle Cock Division of the IFFB.

“See what I mean,” said Johnson. The point I was making is that bodybuilding has gotten out of hand. We need to go back to a cleaner sport, and that is what Classic Bodybuilding is all about. Too many young men are getting lost in this brave new world of bodybuilding. Look at Todd. I was a solid influence on that boy but look at him walking out of that cabana. Who knows what he’s been doing in there.”

“Yeah, and my friend Chuck,” said Marcus. “He’s a big homo now.”

“And look what Military Mike has turned into,” said Johnson. “I guess “turned into” is the wrong way to put it. He was always weird.”

“Well, men,” said Durham. “I think the genie is out of the bottle and there’s no going back to the past. Even back in 2010 they were complaining about the state of bodybuilding and trying to turn the clock back. And look at how much crazier it is today!”

“Well, thank God most bodybuilders even today want to compete in the Classic Division,” said Johnson. “And I am going to work hard to keep that outlet for everday bodybuilders.”

“That’s great,” said Durham. “We need a place for everyone. But I’m still open to new trends and new IFFB Divisions. I am a forward thinker, just as I was ten years ago when I started the Tit Man Division. Hell, just yesterday three of those rich toilet bottoms approached me about starting a Super Glute Man Division and holding contests for bodybuilders with obscene, striated rear ends. I think I will go for it! That Glute Man scene is a whole new movement that’s underway. I heard there were more than 150 people at that glute man party they had a few nights ago. Some of the biggest PROS were there, allowing oral servicing. And I even heard that a few of our biggest superheavyweights were taking it up the ass from other bodybuilders in that secret back room some of us have heard about. The glute scene seems to be where the hot new action is these days.”

The enormous striated ass muscles on this super-freak Glute Man were idolized by fans, and especially by wealthy sponsors who supported the Glute Man community. Fortunately for the sponsors, this bodybuilder was a dominant TOP MAN who required worshippers to place their faces beneath his ass muscles and demonstrate their skills as subservient brown-nosers. Prominent sponsors lined up to service this bodybuilder's hole and to beg for feedings.

“I won’t mention what kind of movement those fags should call their new Division,” said Johnson. “It’s two words and the first word starts with “b” and the second word is “movement.” They should put those words on a big sign at the contests so all the recruits will know exactly what the judges and sponsors are into.”

Johnson, you’re going up against the crazy beauty of human sexuality,” continued Durham. “I know Jacques agrees with me. Look around this pool. If you’re into huge pecs and muscle breasts like I am, there’s no better place on the whole planet. Take a look at Tucker Stevens over there, and Robert D. Cups who’s lounging next to him. Those muscle breasts on that Marine are sticking up two feet in the air. It’s like the Rocky Mountains over there. What a beautiful sight! And look at Robert D. Cups. He’s totally comfortable wearing that bra-type thing in public now. That tan line on his tits is going to be HOT! Just like a white ass on a tanned bodybuilder when you pull his posing trunks down to look at his glutes.”

“Our bodybuilders feel comfortable doing their own thing,” continued Durham. “No more sneaking around the locker room for Robert D.Cups when he wants to get dressed in his gear. And Tucker can open up a hole as wide as he wants in the back of his pants. He’s a tough Marine, but look how he’s showing more than half his ass over there, and I guarantee you he’ll have one or two big ones inside it before the day’s up. These men have freedom. And you know what I think—50 years ago bodybuilders were pretty fucked up in general trying to suppress the various aspects of their personalities.”

“I know I’m monopolizing the conversation, but look at your boys over there, Jacques. That beautiful cluster of Muscle Cock competitors. They’re all comfortable wearing their big extenders, even they don’t really need them, their meat is so big. Look at them massaging and rubbing their packages when they think nobody is looking, and adjusting themselves to keep their meat looking huge. Showing off to each other and showing off to the world!”

“Well,” said Johnson. “ I’m not thinking about the crazy beauty of human sexuality. I’m thinking about the thousands of bodybuilders in this country, around the world, who don’t give a shit about your crazy beauty of human sexuality. They just care about perfecting the classic beauty that God gave us.”

“Oh, Johnson,” responded Durham (the two men were very close friends). “I know you! You say that in one breath, and then in the next breath you’re yearning for your tit boy Todd.”

“I know,” said Johnson. “Nobody’s perfect, but I still believe in what I am saying.”

And these powerful men, who controlled the sport of bodybuilding, stayed by the pool until the late hours of the evening, debating the current state of bodybuilding as well as the deeper meaning of bodybuilding in the bigger picture of life.



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