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Part 1: Military Mike

Later in the 21st century, the bodybuilding world fragmented into separate interest groups. Traditional contests still took place, but they were less popular in the face of new contests that centered around special fetishes.

For example, there were separate contests for bodybuilders with huge cocks. There had always been fans who worshipped huge cocks on the bodybuilders. But for the first time around the year 2050, an offshoot organization of the IFFB actually sponsored contests where extra prize money was paid for “posing trunk dimension and size.” The presiding judges (and fans) were aficianados of male endowment, who had a fetish for big, bulging meat in the competitors’ glittering posing trunks.

To win shows, athletes needed monster meat that bulged outward from abs and quads, drawing attention to the most important focal point of an ideal manly physique. The points the judges awarded for the biggest endowments became more and more lopsided, as other aspects of the athletes’ physiques took a back seat. In addition to the judges, VIP sponsors also played an important role in this new facet of the sport. These VIPs were muscle-addicted businessmen and politicians who sat in front row seats at every show and showered attention on the most enormous posing straps. In order to receive high scores from judges as well as sponsorship help from the VIPs, competitors needed to walk on stage with giant meat, not just huge cocks but also baseball-sized balls. Huge balls helped create the contest-winning look. The desired look was an obscene male bulge that stretched the fabric of the athlete’s posing trunks in all directions.

The hottest scene was when competitors lined up on stage and showed off their meat from the side. The bulges appeared unbelievably huge when competitors made a “quarter turn to the right” at the request of the judges. In order to optimize their poses, competitors returned to the pump room between rounds to massage their meat and to “pump up.” Backstage organizers and expeditors lingered near the competitors and offered to help massage and pump their meat. But they usually got pushed aside by VIPs who left their seats in the audience and rushed backstage to make contact with their favorite muscle idols. The VIPs used their influence to “fluff” the athletes, shoving aside everyone else in order to get their hands (or mouths) on the biggest bulges. Photographers from fan newsletters and from Muscle Cock Magazine also lingered backstage. They snapped hot pump-up photos, with posing trunks stretched to the limit and bodybuilder meat sometimes partially or even fully visible for the fans.

The judges themselves enjoyed special access to the athletes’ physiques. Several judges had developed exceptional oral techniques in pursuit of their favorite hobby as devotees of the sport of bodybuilding: they loved to capture trophy meat directly in their mouths. Before and after the shows, these expert servicers kneeled down in private areas backstage (and in hotel rooms) and milked loads from some of the “biggest” musclemen in the sport.

With the intensity of competition, it became more and more difficult for competitors to stand out with a successful “contest look.” Under the watchful encouragement of judges and sponsors, bodybuilders subjected themselves to various procedures including surgical builds, vacuum pumping, silicone injections (especially for huge ball size), synthol-based fattening agents, and miscellaneous pharmaceuticals. The end result was an impressive lineup of cocky competitors who muscled themselves forward to display huge bulges for adoring judges, sponsors, and fans.

Another fetish group were glute worshippers. These depraved men were abject slaves to huge freaky ass muscles, with subservient oral compulsions. This fetish stayed underground for a much longer period of time, with no contests until late in the century. In the meanwhile, wealthy sponsors helped athletes gain monstrous glute size and obscene striations. The appreciative bodybuilders made their glutes available at underground events organized by the sponsors. Certain sponsors enjoyed being dominant, but most of the sponsors were kinky oral bottoms. Several prominent sponsors made plans to satisfy an oral compulsion which they did not talk about, but which they revealed to each other through indirect allusion. Driven to satisfy themselves, they enticed a group of uninhibited bodybuilder tops to indulge their unspoken compulsion in backroom areas at underground parties (see footnote at end of text).

But the biggest surprise in the new world of bodybuilding were Super Tit Men competitions that came on the scene around the year 2060. Tit men and tit boys started out as regular bodybuilders who, little by little, morphed into freaky muscle tit pigs. They came from two different backgrounds. The first group started out as hyper-masculine heavyweights and superheavyweights who were chasing their dream of ever bigger pecs, delts, and arms. These men used a combination of heavy weights, pharmaceuticals, and synthol to pack more and more extreme size on to their pecs. Eventually their pecs became an overwhelming obsession. As for the second group, many of them came from the gay community. These gay musclemen were fixated on creating thick, fat protruding nipples on top of big muscled-up pecs. They lived for admiration and manipulation of these body parts and loved to show them off on the contest stage. Their fantasy was to create sensuous, huge muscle breasts that functioned like sexual organs.

Needless to say, this new wave of competitor did not receive a warm welcome within traditional contest venues. Many organizers were dismayed, although others responded more positively. One important contest promoter helped turn the tide of acceptance. Handsome Bull Dunbar was one of the top promoters. A muscleman himself, Bull loved to be surrounded by men with enormous pecs. When Dunbar began to promote the concept of separate contests for tit men, a surprising number of both competitors and judges rushed to sign up. In 2060, the first series of Super Tit Men competitions were held in various cities in the United States. The New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco shows drew huge attendance, with respectable attendance in other cities as well.

New pump room equipment and weigh-in procedures were used at the Super Tit Men contests. Organizers curtained off a private area at the back of the weigh-in hall to serve as pump room. In addition to standard weights, the pump room contained pumping harnesses and breast stimulator machines, as well as nipple pumping cylinders. The most expensive equipment were the PumpMaster Auto-Stimulator machines. The PumpMasters were used by a group of kinky tit men who hogged this equipment for their personal usage. PumpMasters were the machine of choice for these bulked-up tit freaks because of the intense pectoral stimulation these units delivered. This stimulation felt like full-blown muscle tit masturbation. This feeling was addictive, especially in conjunction with penis masturbation and rear-end anal stimulation which the bodybuilders indulged in at the same time (see Part 3 for additional reference to Version 9.0 PumpMaster Auto-Stimulators). Right behind the pump room was a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling mirrors where bodybuilders could check themselves out and pose for each other.

Weigh-in took place early on the day of the contest. Athletes were required to strip down to their posing trunks. The official reason for weigh-in was to place contestants in various competition classes based on their weight and pectoral measurements. But insiders joked that the real purpose of weigh-in was to provide a convenient setting for muscle worship between athletes and judges. Judges obtained an amendment to IFFB regulations permitting physical contact with the athletes in their posing straps. Their justification was that bodybuilders needed to remove their clothing for precise weight readings (same as in traditional bodybuilding) and that judges needed to feel the competitors’ physiques in order to accurately measure their pectoral muscles (a new requirement).

As they approached the weigh-in line, competitors flexed their muscles and hit poses. Each athlete stepped in front of the first judge, then proceeded along the line for examination by the other judges. Responding to the feel of tape measures and hands on their chests, competitors flaunted their pecs for appreciation by these admiring men and for manipulation.

Each judge has his own technique, based on his own tastes and interests. Some lingered over the superheavyweight bodybuilders, feeling mass and hardness in the enormous pecs as they measured the length and width of the pectoral muscles, touching various parts of the muscle as they moved the tape back and forth. Other judges attended to the muscle breasts on competitors like Military Mike, a huge ex-Marine everyone was talking about. They cupped, lifted, and fondled the tit meat on this new breed of competitor, lingering and massaging as they maneuvered their tape measure around these men’s jutting muscle breasts. Then there were judges who had a nipple fetish. They hungered for the huge, swollen nipples seen on a number of the athletes. They brushed against the nipples, pulled on them to see how big they would get, rubbed them lovingly, struggling not to take the luscious nipples into their hungry mouths.

Bodybuilders showed intense appreciation for the loving attention and manipulation. The superheavyweights who had firm masculine pecs loved the back and forth motion of the judges’ hands on their huge pecs. This was the payoff! They had lifted obscene weights, and had roided and syntholed themselves to the max, in order to receive exactly this kind of admiration. They know they were the largest men on the planet earth. Crowding in front of them were men who lived and existed to worship their muscles. They felt like they were on top of the world.

The breast and nipple athletes were happy too. They were having their organs massaged lovingly. Stroked, pulled, plumping them up and rounding them out for the final competition.

With all the stimulation, weigh-in sometimes got out of control and the head judge had to step in. Athletes sometimes started leaking muscle milk from their tits and cocks. One horny judge, a compulsive tit sucker, sucked nipples right in the lineup, especially thick nipples which appeared to contain secretions of muscle milk or—in some cases—full pectoral loads which needed to be released. Convinced that the other judges and most competitors were just as freaky as he was, this judge boldly admitted that he was a “nipple whore” who sucked bodybuilder nipples in public. But these activities risked a clamp-down by the IFFB, and were quickly curtailed by the head judge in charge.

The most enormous Super Tit Man was Military Mike, a tatooed ex-Marine. A tough street fighter and prize-winning heavyweight bodybuilder, Military Mike shocked the bodybuilding world when he stepped on stage with 60-inch muscle breasts and gigantic nipples. Mike had become a tit man following an altercation with some chest studs from his gym. In the shower, these gay bodybuilders had looked the wrong way at Mike’s naked physique and thick piece of meat. He swung at them when one of these queers announced that he and his tit buddies loved giving blow jobs to military skinheads with big meat. It took Mike no time to knock the naked cocksuckers to the shower floor, punching them in the chest and gut.

But Mike stopped short as he was pounding on these men’s muscle breasts and huge nips. He was excited by the contact. All of a sudden, he was drawn to their scene. A few days later he went back to the showers to admire their tits and nipples. This time, when they dropped to their knees, he let them suck his huge cock. Surrounded by hot muscle whores with gigantic tits, Mike had a revelation. He wanted to be just like them, only way larger.

Soon he tried a few of their recommendations. One thing led to another. They introduced him to Dr. Laurens, a pectoral augmentation specialist, who performed muscle enhancement procedures on advanced bodybuilders. Dr. Laurens was highly stimulated by Mike’s gigantic pecs and by Mike’s obvious compulsion for extreme tit growth. The doctor suggested multiple augmentation strategies—for muscle breast development and nipple expansion—and Mike eagerly submitted to all procedures and then begged for more. The doctor and Mike cared about only one thing—molding Mike into the world’s most enormous tit freak with the most obscenely morphed muscle breast appearance on the planet earth (see footnote b at end of Part 3 for more detail on the male morphed breast look).

Within a surprisingly short span of time, an unbelievable transformation had taken place. Mike stood in front of the mirrors in his bedroom proudly admiring the shape of his hyper-augmented muscle breasts. He became addicted to gazing at his pectoral mass in the mirrors——….smearing oil on his giant muscle tits————stretching and pulling his nipples to maximize their thickness———….flexing, posing, and indulging in narcissistic self-admiration, sometimes masturbating and shooting at the size of his monster-size organs. Mike was deeply turned on, knowing that he possessed the biggest muscle breasts and nipples the bodybuilding world had yet to witness.

Once Mike started competing in Super Tit Men contests, he underwent a sexual change common among some tit men. His erotic pecs and nipples electrified his ass. Mike suddenly needed to be pounded hard. He demanded rough power fucks. And size mattered! He needed giant cocks, even fists, to satisfy his desires.

“Hey, Mike,” said Bull. Bull extended a firm handshake to Mike, and Mike noticed Bull’s big, beautiful hands. “Come over here and meet Johnson. Johnson is one of the dudes I sponsor. Check him out! Probably the biggest IFFB competitor on the planet! And definitely the biggest pec muscles on the planet! Speaking of Johnson’s pecs—Johnson, why are your pecs so red, dude?”

“No shit, Bull. Your damn judges are to blame, along with your bullshit weigh-in procedure. Why do you need so many judges at weigh-in? I’ve been manipulated by every set of hands at the weigh-in table.” As he ranted, Johnson flexed his exploding pecs, shoving them forward under the gaze of Bull and Mike. “Every judge was begging to oil me up. But I know already I am going to win this show! I don’t need to suck up to these mealy-mouthed judges!”

“Don’t get too full of yourself, Johnson,” said Dunbar. “Yes, you have the most massive pecs in the IFFB. But sheer size isn’t everything. You are an old fashioned bodybuilder, my friend, and we are in a whole new era. Check out some of the specimens around here. Best of all, check out the big melons on this pumped skinhead right here! Mike, stick those babies out for Johnson!”

“What bullshit,” replied Johnson dismissively. “Huge, hard size is king! Look at my hard, ripped pecs. Biggest in the world! These tit men are queer bitches. Yeah, they may be fun to have around at contests. But they have no business winning shows.”

“Who the fuck are you talking about?” yelled Military Mike. “Shut your fucking mouth or forget about stepping on that stage in one piece!”

“Hey, back off dude! I meant the queer little tit boys, not the huge dudes like you. By the way, speaking of tit boys, where is that tit boy Todd? He and I got to know each other real well at the last show.”

“That tit boy’s gone behind the curtain into the pump room already,” replied Bull. “He insists on being first in line on the tit machines.”

“I’ll catch up with him in a little while,” said Johnson. “See you dudes later. I need to get my food out of my car. Then I will sniff around and find that hot tit boy later. I am sure he will be happy to see me.”

“Don’t worry about Johnson,” said Bull, sensing that Mike was down in the mouth and pissed off after his interchange with Johnson. “I’m not really sure his pecs are any bigger than yours. Plus look how round and succulent yours are! Look how far those muscle breasts stick out! Every judge’s eyes will be glued!” As he said this, Bull brushed his hands tenderly over Mike’s breasts, stroking them, tenderly cupping them. And he began to fondle Mike’s engorging nipples. He nudged Mike behind the pump room curtain for more privacy.

Mike responded to the physical attention. As Bull massaged Mike’s pecs, Mike slipped his posing trunks down to show off his ass and provide access.

“Check out your glutes!” exclaimed Bull.

Then Bull remembered some stories he had heard. One of the tit queens, Bradley, had made some references. Something about Crisco splattered all over one of the toilet stalls after the last contest. Then something about an after hours club where Bradley hung out in San Francisco. Bradley said he thought he saw Military Mike there. Crisco again and a sling at the back of the club.

Bull slid his hands down Mike’s crack to investigate for himself. He slapped Mike’s huge glute muscles, and pulled them apart, and Mike cooperated by spreading wide. As Bull slipped his fingers inside, Mike welcomed Bull into a hot, loose, sloppy hole. Mike was greased up, ready for action.

“It’s true,” thought Bull. “This tatooed skinhead needs big fists up his ass.” As Bull pressed his hands against Mike’s open hole, Mike reached back to pull his ass cheeks even wider. “There’s more Crisco in the bag. Open me up and fill me.”

“Not now, Mike,” said Bull. “Look, Todd is down at the other end of the pump room on one of the machines. He can see us. You’ve got to compete soon and I’ve got to judge. I will look for you later.”

Mike pulled his posing trunks back up, and he wondered if he and Bull would be getting together later.

Part 2: Johnson and Todd

As Bull Dunbar and Mike left the pump room, Johnson came blasting in.

“Hey, Todd,” said Johnson when he entered the pump room. “What are you up to? I know, I don’t need to ask. You’re on one of those fucking machines! What a pussy! You need to lift some weights like I do. As he was insulting Todd, Johnson grabbed a weight bench, pulled it close to Todd, and was getting ready to load up a barbell with heavy weights.

“Hey, Johnson,” said Todd. “Before you stick those weights on there, pull the bench even closer. I want a view right up between your legs. And pull those sweat pants off, dude! Oh yeah, you’ve got my favorite posing trunks on! You remembered from last year and you’re wearing them again! I serviced your basket out of those and you shot a big load in my mouth! Oh Johnson, come closer!”

“Don’t tell me what to do, you bossy bitch. Yeah, I know you just got your college degree, but stop acting like Mr. Hot-Shot Executive in Charge!” But meanwhile, Johnson was doing exactly what his tit boy asked him to do.

In truth, Johnson was a sight to behold spread out on the bench in nothing more than Todd’s favorite posing trunks. From Todd’s vantage point: two huge quad muscles, topped off by a succulent big bulge, and beyond the bulge, two heaving pecs expanding from the pump of the weights. Johnson possessed the freakiest pec muscles Todd had ever seen.

Todd started breathing heavier, while his own tits were being manipulated by the stimulator machine. “What an honor, Johnson! Spread those legs so I can look at that cock of yours swelling up! Pump those pecs up! Pump ’em! They’re the biggest in the world, and here they are right in front of me!”

“I’m the biggest alright,” said Johnson. “So you like what you see?” Between sets, Johnson stood up and flexed his pecs right into Todd’s face. Then he proceeded to adjust his swelling cock inside his posing trunks, fondling his own member as he reached down. Todd stared hungrily at pecs and cock.

“Come closer to my machine, Johnson,” said Todd.

“Oh, so you want to suck? What do you want to suck first?”

“Your pecs. No, your cock. I can’t decide. Feed me!”

And Johnson approached Todd and positioned a huge pec muscle right up against Todd’s gaping lips. First Todd licked all over Johnson’s left pec, then he slobbered all over Johnson’s right pec. His lips sucked Johnson’s pecs wildly, just as if he were giving a hot blow job on a huge cock.

“Suck those big pecs! Suck ’em! That feels SOOO good!” moaned Johnson. “Suck ’em, you tit sucker!”

“Turn the power up higher on my machine,” yelled Todd. “I need the volume cranked up while I suck.”

“Yeah, you tit whore! Let’s crank it up.” Johnson turned the knob up as high as it would go, making Todd scream with pleasure. Todd resumed sucking like a maniac on Johnson’s exploding pecs.

Then Johnson stood back to make Todd beg like a whore. “You tit whore, you’re stuck on that machine and can’t move! Stick your tongue out and beg for my pecs, tit sucker!”

“Please feed me your pecs,” moaned Todd. And he opened his mouth wide like a hungry slut and moved his tongue around wildly, sticking it out obscenely, begging for more pec meat. The machine continued pounding Todd’s tits.

“Suck ’em, you whore,” Johnson said, as he allowed Todd’s hungry mouth another feeding.

Then Johnson tried to reach down and feel Todd’s ass but the machine was in the way. All of a sudden, Johnson wanted to fuck.

But before he fucked him, Johnson wanted to tease Todd and play around with his hot tits. Johnson loved the fantasy of Todd as a bitch whore strapped inside the machine. Ever since last year, Johnson had sexual fantasies with images of Todd’s tits sticking out of the pumping harness and his nipples protruding out from the cups. Suddenly, he turned the machine off. He loosened the straps and cups on Todd and told him to stand up. He started to think about how he loved to move Todd in and out of the harness and stimulator cups.

“Let me readjust this harness on you, Todd. I love to pull your muscle breasts through the harness straps.” Johnson showed a tender, loving side.

“Hey, Todd. Wow, they hardly squeeze through. Oh, that’s beautiful, my boy. I’m getting so hard. Now, let’s snap the cups on, but let me feel you up first. Look at your muscle breasts expanding their size from my touch. And I love the way these cups have an opening for your big nipples to stick through. Let me tug your sweet nipples!”

As he squeezed the nipples, Johnson leaned over and put his tongue into Todd’s mouth. He kissed Todd passionately, over and over again, as he continued to pull on Todd’s nipples, fondling them, stretching them, pulling, squeezing, pulling.

And now he was ready to fuck Todd’s ass.

“Oh, keep manipulating me!” screamed Todd.

“But I am ready to fuck you,” said Johnson.

“Oh, I am ready for that too,” said Todd.

Johnson yanked Todd off the machine and pulled Todd into his arms. Pulling Todd’s breasts against his own huge pecs and kissing him passionately, Johnson reached around and put both hands on Todd’s hot ass. “Let me feel your pussy, you tit whore!”

Todd turned around, spread his ass cheeks wide, and backed himself up against Johnson’s huge member. Johnson clutched Todd’s huge muscle breasts as he inserted himself into Todd. He slid slowly and tenderly into Todd’s ass. Todd swayed up and down and back and forth, squeezing tight, then opening up, as he sought the deepest possible penetration.

Johnson continued with a tender touch. He pushed in slowly, tenderly, firmly, moving in and out, in and out. Todd moaned with contentment. But after a while, Todd needed to be hit harder.

“Pound me”, said Todd, as he squeezed and then released his ass cheeks hungrily. “I need it bad!”

“Oh, yeah, you tit whore. I’m going to fuck you hard now.”

“Oh yeah fuck me hard!” screamed Todd. “Let me feel that huge cock all the way inside.” Todd loosened his ass and jolted back on to Johnson’s huge cock. “I’m your fucking tit whore!” he screamed.

“Now pull on my nipples! Hard!” Todd was starting to issue commands. And his nipples did the trick for both men. Within minutes of Johnson beginning to pull wildly on Todd’s nipples as he fucked him, both men shot off huge wads at the same time.

Part 3: Chuck and Mike

As Johnson was pulling his cock out of Todd’s ass, a group of competitors entered the pump room. No surprise to catch Todd with his ass in the air, but Johnson was straight—well, he considered himself straight as did the other bodybuilders. So Johnson hurriedly put on his sweat pants and left the pump room through a back door.

Among the competitors who came into the pump room were some of the most notorious tit boys.

“Well, Todd,” said Jeremy, “you’re getting some early action today.”

“Lucky you, you got fucked by one of the big boys,” said Bradley who was very feminine and extremely proud of his huge muscle breasts which contained full loads of suction-ready muscle milk (see footnote c for more detail on the hidden muscle milk fetish of some bodybuilders).

The tit boys strapped themselves into their machines and continued to make small talk.

Two straight bodybuilders, Chuck and Marcus, also entered the pump room just as Todd and Johnson were finishing up. “Did you see what I saw?” said Chuck.

“I don’t want to believe it,” said Marcus. “Johnson’s a real pussy chaser. Is he going after this kind of pussy too?”

“This is fucking my mind up,” said Chuck. “And look at those queers lined up on those machines! With all this shit going on, I’m ready to go back to regular bodybuilding!”

“No, you won’t do that. You’re too into your own pecs to give this scene up. Just like me.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Chuck. “We fuck chicks and stay away from these tit boys. But how about the thrill of posing our massive pecs for these judges and fans!”

“Exactly,” said Marcus. “It’s totally hot competing in these shows. Hey, there’s some big mirrors in the bathroom! Let’s check it out.” Five minutes later, Chuck and Marcus were stripped, oiled, and posing for each other in the bathroom mirrors.

“Look how freaky my pecs are after that last cycle,” said Marcus. His pecs were sweaty, veiny, ripped, and shimmering in oil. “Oh yeah, check out my veins! Check out my ripped striations and cuts!”

“Hell yeah, they do look hot!” said Chuck. “But look at mine! All the fucking synthol that fag doctor injected in me! He made me explode all over! Look at how thick and full I look from every angle!” Chuck began posing obscenely in the mirror as he splattered more oil on his pecs and then cupped and rubbed them with both hands. “Look at this fat ridge of muscle I have on top! And look at how they flop out on the side when I do a side chest pose!”

“Ridge of fat and flopping out is right,” said Marcus. “Dude, you and that doctor went overboard with the synthol. Big fat melons is what you have! Compare that to these tight veins and cuts I’ve got! That’s what these judges want to see!” Marcus put more oil on his pecs and continued to display his veins and cuts in the mirror.

“No, not these judges,” said Chuck. “The fatter the better for them. I can’t wait to show off these big babies to those slobbering muscle worshippers!” As he pictured judges salivating underneath his monstrous pecs, Chuck’s cock began to bulge inside his posing trunks.

“Don’t get a hard-on, Chuck. You’ll cream your new posing trunks. God damn, you’re beginning to sound like Military Mike. That dude used to get a lot of respect. Now look at him.”

“Mike’s OK,” said Chuck. “He’s a tough son-of-a-bitch and I advise you not to make any comments to his face. Honestly, I think he’s going to win this show. That asshole Johnson thinks he has the contest in the bag, but Mike’s going to surprise him. Mike’s got prize winning pecs from all his years in bodybuilding and now that chest doctor has been doing procedures on him. I saw Mike in the pump room. Holy shit! He’s packin’ two giant mounds of hot bulged-out pec meat! That’s exactly the kind of juiced-up muscle that’s gonna drive this audience wild! Expecially those pec-sucking queers sitting at the judging table!”

“Dude, you REALLY ARE sounding weird! Tough son-of-bitch? I’m not sure. I think he’s a big fruitcake with tits bigger than any stripper I’ve ever seen! Do me a favor and ask Bradley about Mike! He’s got some stories to tell. I’ll tell you one right now: Mike and Bradley were in the pump room at the last show and Mike got on the PumpMasters. It doesn’t end there. Once Mike’s tits were getting pounded on the machine, Mike spread his ass and asked Bradley to ram a big dildo in his hole! So you want some of those muscle breasts yourself? Should I sign you up for some augmentation with Dr. Laurens?

“Well, yeah. After what I’ve seen Dr. Laurens do for Mike, I actually have benn thinking about going to see him. I’ve got the winter to move on it if I decide to proceed before the next contest season.”

Then Military Mike entered the bathroom. “Is Bull Dunbar back here?”

“No, haven’t seen him,” replied Chuck. “Are you getting tight with Bull? Isn’t he sponsoring that asshole Johnson?”

“Yes, Johnson is his man. But he and I were hanging out in the pump room—and um, I was posing for him.”

“Hanging out in the pump room?” asked Marcus. “Along the same lines as we caught Johnson and Todd hanging out in the pump room?”

“Say Mike,” said Chuck. “Take you shirt off and come over here by the mirrors.”

Military Mike was happy to oblige. As Mike pulled out his massive pecs from beneath his sweats, Chuck gasped and handed him some oil. Mike started oiling himself up.

“Do you really call those pecs?” said Marcus. “That looks like science fiction, not bodybuilding.”

“Well, I AM building my body!” responded Mike.

“That’s true,” said Chuck. “And you’ve got exactly what the judges and fans want to see. Show me what you’ve got, dude!”

And Chuck sat transfixed in front of Mike who posed his 60-inch tits in the mirror. “Watch me oil these motherfuckers up!” said Mike. “Look how fucking HOT they are when they’re pumped and oiled! I could show these babies off 24 hours a day! Dr. Laurens himself digs watching me pose. Plus, he’s lined me up to guest pose at his augmentation seminar he’s scheduling for his bodybuilder clients.”

Mike’s cock got hard inside his posing trunks as he pictured himself on a posing platform at the augmentation seminar posing his 60-inch tits for a room full of tit-obsessed bodybuilders. He envisioned the bodybuilders crowding forward to get close to him. Then he saw himself stepping off the platform and inviting the men to personally touch him, to feel his massive development, to physically examine the full extent of his augmentation.

“Dudes! Here’s the oil!” Mike fantasized. “Oil my pecs up! Oil ‘em!” Stimulated by his fans feeling him up and oiling him, Mike started thinking about some kinky items that were in his gym bag: can of Crisco, his butt plug, some poppers, and his nipple pumping machine. So Mike circled through the crowd for a few minutes, then he stepped away from the crowd to a private area behind the posing platform. Mike found what he was looking for. He greased his ass with Crisco when no one was looking, inserted his butt plug into his hole underneath his posing trunks, took several hits of poppers, and machine pumped his nipples.

With pecs extended and nipples bulging, Mike plunged back into his crowd of fans.

“Dudes,” he yelled out. “Check out the biggest, freakiest pecs on the planet earth!” As Mike’s fans elbowed their way forward to feel his pectoral muscles and gigantic nipples, Mike allowed the men plenty of time to work him over with their hands, all the while squeezing his ass back and forth on the butt plug inside his hole.

In his fantasy, Mike was on the verge of coming inside his posing trunks. And then a huge freaky topman in the crowd started pulling on Mike’s nipples. “Yeah, buddy.” Mike whispered in his ear. “Work ‘em! Pull on ‘em! Harder, dude! Yeah, pull right now. Oh yeah! While you tug on them, I’m going to squeeze and pump this big dildo in my ass! Oh dude, I am coming! Ahhhhhhh!”

Even after imagining himself shooting, Mike’s fantasy continued in his mind. Every bodybuilder in the room wanted to touch his chest. A hundred pair of hungry hands reaching out for his pecs! An orgy of pec oiling, pec squeezing, and even some kinky nipple action as he made his way through the room! A hundred bodybuilders with embarrassing hard-ons packed inside of tight baskets! Dr. Laurens standing next to Mike and beaming with pride! The doctor yelling out, “Just wait for next year!” And then—on a screen above the posing platform—huge morphed illustrations of Mike with massive 70-inch tits! Then obscene illustrations of Mike morphed out to 80 inches! To 90 INCHES!

As bodybuilders gasped at the morphed imagery, Dr Laurens flipped the screen to show images of Mike’s pecs being pumped and squeezed inside weird tit machines. “Additional support and stimulation is necessary at these huge dimensions!” the doctor yelled out. The new illustrations were kinky and extreme, showing Mike being power-milked inside enormous PumpMaster units. The PumpMaster had originally been designed for the dairy industry—as a practical method to milk the largest cow udders. Subsequently, the PumpMasters had been adapted by Dr. Laurens and a team of veterinarians and physicians for autoerotic stimulation of human breasts, including male muscle breasts that had been grossly expanded for sexual usage. The PumpMasters shown in these images were specifically Version 9.0 Super-Slut PumpMasters, which were used by female strippers as well as by male bodybuilder tit freaks. 90-inches of freaky chest meat being masturbated inside Super-Slut PumpMasters was the limit of what Mike’s fans could handle! Bodybuilders lost control and creamed in their pants throughout the audience!

But back to the reality in front of him. Mike realized Chuck was watching his dick swelling up inside his posing trunks. So Mike adjusted his basket, smoothing his boner into a big, even, round bulge. Chuck’s tongue was hanging out and his eyes were moving back and forth between Mike’s cock and his huge tits.

“I’m exploding all over!” yelled Mike. “Check it out, dude. Watch my nipples blow up when I put these suction cups on!” Mike stopped posing so he could squeeze each nipple into an enormous suction cup. He pulled and pumped the cups, staring at himself in the mirror: pulling, squeezing, tugging, pumping. In a few minutes, he snapped the cups off. Chuck gasped at the obscene, blown-up nipples. They looked like medium sized penises stuck onto Military Mike’s pecs.

Having stimulated his nipples into huge sex organs, Mike couldn’t keep his cock from swelling into a giant mega-boner which almost burst out his posing trunks. Mike stroked his basket as he observed Chuck kneeling closer and staring directly at his cock. “Hell yeah, man, I’m huge! Check it out, dude!” Chuck responded by reaching forward and yelling out, “Huge is right! Those trunks are too small for your meat! Here, let’s pull them off! Oh, my God! Look at the size——!” Then Chuck stopped talking. He stretched his lips wide open, allowing Mike to slip his hard dick all the way to the back of Chuck’s throat.

Marcus was disgusted. He left the bathroom to return to the pump room. Just as he left, Bull Dunbar entered the bathroom.

“Hey guys,” said Bull. “I need to take a piss. Chuck! No way! Damn! It never ceases to amaze me how many unexpected meat eaters there are around here. Sorry to interrupt your delicious protein snack, but you better follow Marcus up front. Your class is up soon. You need to get up front fast!”

“Shit,” said Chuck, as Mike’s cock slipped out of his mouth. As soon as Chuck departed, Military Mike pulled his Crisco out of his gym bag and slipped into the most remote toilet stall. “Here Bull, I am down here on the end,” said Mike in a low voice.

“OK,” said Bull. “Good timing. Let me finish this piss while I stroke this cock with these huge hands! God, that feels good. I am pissing like a horse! Grease your ass up real good. And pull that big hole wide open. I’ll be right down.”

Notes and Addenda

footnote (a): The action at underground parties for glute men was extreme in nature. Some of the sponsors were addicted to providing unusual types of services for their topmen. The sponsors' most desperate need was to submit themselves as subservient oral toilet bottoms. Late at night, the most depraved men (known as the “toilet club”) stripped down to jock straps and drugged themselves up on poppers. They waited in toilet stalls, begging to be used as full-service toilets by bodybuilders with massive loads of piss and shit to dump.

Some of the bodybuilders were horny bottoms themselves. Addicted to extreme glute development in themselves and in their fellow competitors, these athletes not only liked to get fucked and fisted, but they sucked other competitors' asses, and sometimes joined the toilet club for full-load piss and shit deliveries. It was common knowledge that two or three of the biggest and best-known bodybuilders stayed in a secret back room—bent over and waiting to get fucked by other big musclemen.

The enormous striated ass muscles on this super-freak Glute Man were idolized by fans, and especially by wealthy sponsors who supported the Glute Man community. Fortunately for the sponsors, this bodybuilder was a dominant TOP MAN who required worshippers to place their faces beneath his ass muscles and demonstrate their skills as subservient brown-nosers. Prominent sponsors lined up to service this bodybuilder's hole and to beg for feedings.

footnote (b): Military Mike showed Dr. Laurens videos (see below) of a chest man from his gym who was a bantamweight bodybuilder of smaller size and weight, but who could be considered a “tit freak” as the videos demonstrate. This tit man, who often exhibited his pecs in public and who was rumored to allow muscle worshippers to oil and suck his pecs in private, served as an initial model for Mike's chest expansion. In actuality, Mike surpassed the achievements of this tit man many times over. When Mike reached his largest muscle breast size (at 82 inches), he was at least five times larger than what is observable in the videos of this tit man. Mike also achieved extreme nipple growth, which is not evident in the videos of this chest man. It is useful to look at this live model in order to understand the psychology of dedicated tit men and how they pursued their addiction to extreme tit growth. To see this actual tit man, go to YouTube and type in one of the following (if they are still available):

Synthol Abuse shows Rodrigo squeezing his muscle breasts through a tight white tank top and then removing the tank top to demonstrate roundness and fullness of augmentation. Tank Top Tit Bomb shows Rodrigo's muscle tits inside tight muscle tank tops. In particular, the blue shirt at start of video shows impressive augmentation on this beginner tit man. The second half of Brazilian Tit Monster offers closeup shots of Rodrigo pumping and squeezing himself under the heading of “Abnormal Tits.” Rodrigo shows intense pride as he feels his tits and explains how he uses a PumpMaster machine to inflate them to their fullest proportions. Big Oilers shows Rodrigo's tits fully oiled and available for admiration. Rodrigo Ferraz Chat Roulette features everyday admirers of muscle tits, showing the widespread interest in this form of bodybuilding in mid twenty-first century.

For a realistic understanding of the tit man community during the era of the Super Tit Man contests, it is helpful—while watching these videos—to create your own obscene fantasy images of substantially larger morphed muscle breasts and huge protruding nipples. Your own images should be according to your own tastes and interests (for example, huge traditional bodybuilder pecs versus hyper-augmented muscle breasts and/or nipples). The beginner tit man in these videos gives only a partial taste of the huge size and shape tit men ultimately were able to create around the year 2060 and later. Eventually we will attempt to provide actual illustrations of Super Tit Man competitors along with back-stage photos and videos of athletes oiling up and engaging in other back-stage activities, including private actions. Illustrators who are willing to contribute to this effort should email the moderator of the Metabods site indicating their skills and interest, along with an example of their work.

Footnote (c): Bradley was an example of a tit man who developed the ability to deliver muscle milk that could be fed to other bodybuilders. Bradley was very feminine and possessed huge muscle breasts which he had subjected to lactaid treatments and to extreme forms of release pumping. Constantly looking to get fucked by straight bodybuilders, Bradley convinced one of the muscle doctors to spread the word that muscle milk consumption was another form of steroid. Bradley told each of the bodybuilders that he would feed them muscle milk right after they fucked him. Not only did some of the best-known competitors line up to fuck Bradley, but they also voraciously sucked muscle milk out of his tits. Two or three of the biggest dudes also decided to get lactaid treatments themselves and to get together to pump each other. Pretty soon it was rumored that there was a “secret” club of some of the biggest bodybuilders who got together to feed each other muscle milk out of their huge pecs—both for growth purposes and, according to some reports, for sexual enjoyment.

In addition, Bradley had sexual fantasies about NFL football players. As a muscle bottom, Bradley's special fantasy was to orally service those players who had the very biggest bulges in their uniforms. Then he would bend over for anal penetration. Bradley watched the games on TV and then scanned the Internet for photos and YouTube videos of players with enormous baskets (see NFL Super-Bulge illustrations below).

Bradley heard about two female porn stars who held an after-game sex party for the most endowed players. Bradley was depressed to be left out of the parties, so he worked on a strategy to get himself into the action. One night, Bradley showed up at the location of the party, introduced himself to the porn stars, and asked how he could assist.

The girls explained that they only invited players with 12 inches or more. “Most of the guys want oral servicing,” they explained. “Actually we get kind of tired being on our knees. Instead, we like to lay back on the sofas and invite the guys to line up and fuck our shaved pussies with their huge dicks. Maybe you could do some of the blow-jobs for us. Do you enjoy giving hot lipstick blow jobs? You would need to disguise yourself as a stripper, of course. But with that cute face and those big tits, maybe you could pull it off.”

“Sure,” said Bradley. “I can do the blow jobs. But I like to get fucked too.”

“Not so fast, honey,” said one of the girls. “You need to pay your dues before you get to just lay back and get fucked. Plus you would need to strap yourself in real good. These guys could get really pissed off if they found out.”

“Yeah, but wait a minute,” said her friend. “What about those two stuck-up quarterbacks with the biggest dicks? I need those boys in my pussy real bad, but those closet cases won't come near me. I bet this little muscle boy might be just the ticket to get a rise out of those assholes.”

“Yeah,” said Bradley. “That definitely sounds hot. I can work on seeing if those boys want some entertainment!”

And it turned out to be a good prediction that Bradley would spark some interest with the quarterbacks.

“Did you check out her big muscle breasts?” asked Troy. “They're like huge pec muscles in a bra. Thick nipples too!”

“Hot!” said Tim. “And I felt up her skirt. Her ass is all greased up and she's wearing a jock strap!”

“Jock strap! That's hot! Do you think she's a tranny? Let's feel her up and see. Yeah, let me rub on that strap! I think there's a bulge in there. Is that a big boner you got there, muscle boy?”

“Oh yeah! It's a big one!” said Troy. “Oh, that feels nice! This dude must need it bad the way he's hanging out with these pussy whores! And with his ass all greased up!”

“Stick those big dicks in my ass!” yelled Bradley. And so the guys opened their pants up and fucked the shit out of Bradley with their big dongs. And then, with Bradley leading them over to the sofas, they fucked the porn stars' hungry pussies too.

So everybody finished up real happy and vowed to do it all over again next time.



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