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My magic cock

I lit the candle, completing the pentagram. Surrounded by images and fetishes of my desire I knelt and began to chant. Massive dildos, photos of gigantic human erections and testicles and handmade clay dolls with outrageously massive genitalia all stared at me as I dipped my hand into the cauldron and took out a scoop of white cream. I spread it all over my 6” cock and average balls. It tingled as it was quickly absorbed. Continued my chant, I began to stroke myself. Getting up, I knelt over the caldron and lowered myself until my balls were resting in the bowl.

I continued to stroke myself, rubbing in more and more of the cream, chanting and slowly I felt an electric tingling in my manhood. I continued to pull and stroke as I felt my cock grow and thicken in my hands. My balls felt heavier and heavier and they too grew and dropped lower and lower. Within a few moments, my cock was too long and thick for my hands to do an adequate job, so I grabbed a plastic jackoff tube I had created specifically for the ritual.

I pulled it over my now massive pecker, taking a moment to gaze upon the 18 inch long, 4 inch thick rod I was now sporting. I pulled the three foot tube on and continued to jack myself. Soon, I could hold back no longer and my chant stopped as I screamed in escasty and insane torrents of splooge flew out of my cock. All of the candles went out, sprayed by parts of the incredible load. For five minutes I moaned and screamed my release, until, finally I was recovered enough to get up and collapse on the cot in the corner.

I woke up 24 hours later. Strong magic is always draining. I looked down my body and gazed in wonder at what I had created. My cock was limp, laying up from my crotch, stretching past my belly button, past my sternum to where the massive head lay between my nipples. I could see the huge twin orbs of my balls, each one the size of a soccer ball . I grabbed the tape measure I had by the bed just for this reason and wrapped it around my shaft…13”….then up from my balls along the length to where the grotesquely fat head lay…24”.

I sat up to get at my balls to see how huge they had become and groaned at the incredible feeling of my 4 inch thick, two foot long cock falling off my chest, over my thigh and down, hanging barely off the floor. My legs couldn't come together with the horrendous mass of my ballsac between them. Both testicles measured a full foot across each, held in a pillow-case sized bag. I turned my body, to hang my feet off to get up and almost screamed as I moved my body over my left nut. I realized I was going to need to learn a new way to move with this mass between my legs…but hey, I'll live with it!

I sat on the edge of the cot and marveled at what my magic had wrought. My balls easily hung the foot from my crotch to the floor, sitting in heavy, twin orbs filled with (if the tome I used was correct) dozens of loads of cum in volume best measured in quarts. My cock was even more amazing, falling in front of my thick, wrinkled scrotum, sliding out over my balls, and the bulbous head resting on the ground between my feet. The head was a mutant! I mean, granted my limp cock was two feet long, and over a foot around limp, but my cockhead was horrendously oversized even for that. It was easily twice as thick as the shaft. The head was perfectly shaped, only about 8 inches across and about the same long…and yes, that meant that the head was a full third of my limp pecker.

I leaned forward and wrapped both hands around the shaft just behind the head and pulled it up my dick to look at the huge head face-on; when I pulled it up, I found out that it reached almost the full length from the crotch to my nose (while sitting) and with little pulling could stretch past my face. I gazed at the honeydew melon size head I held at eye level. The hole was huge, the slit even larger; it looked almost like an ass, with my piss-hole being the hole. I slowly lowered my cock back down, amazed at what my magic had created.

I stood up and my balls swung down and banged against my knees. My cock swung, all 24 inch long, 4 inch thick, inhuman man-mass past my knees. The weight was incredible! It was a good thing the spell also gave me the proper internal support or this would be bad…as it was, it was highly erotic. My balls must have weighed over 20 pounds between the two of them, it felt like somebody tugging on my balls, only across my whole crotch area, and my cock was pulling with its own mass. I waddled over to the full length mirror and gazed at myself. I was a mutant! The rest of me was normal, 6’4, 200#, very long dark hair, blue eyes, goatee, nice body and tan (the result of working out, not magic), pretty smooth, but between my legs I looked like a badly “Photoshoped” picture, you know where somebody cuts out a cock and pastes on another pic to make a “huge” dick….like the Ponyboy series…only I was larger!

The mere sight of my monstrosity, coupled with the incredible feel of it tugging between my legs caused blood to start to pump and my cock got hard.

It was like watching a huge, hot air balloon inflate. Thick blue veins, the width of a finger puffed up as blood poured into my shaft. I thickened and my cock began to lengthen and pick up. I felt the muscles holding my balls up contract and my mighty orbs shifted, making my dick swell even faster. As the head raced towards the floor, growing ever fatter and bigger, the shaft began to lift, getting harder and harder, now 28 inches long, and 5 inches thick, sticking down at 45 degrees, now 32 inches, 5.5 inches thick, and sticking almost straight out, and it continues to grow!

I moan as I watch my immense dong get even larger and thicker, beyond anything I've imagined! Now a yard long, and it continues to get harder and longer. I'm sticking straight out now, and precum beings to flow as my pisshole open to the size of my pinkie and the clear, slippery fluid bubbles and drips in long, thick streams to puddle three feet away from my body. Even bigger I grow, I can't believe it…this is bigger than I had planned! How big!? The upward curve I had when I was average sized now appeared, and the ultra- rigid hard-on I'd always had came as I continue to grow and swell. 36 inches, 40 inches, the head had swelled along with everything else, now a insane foot across and a foot long, with precum running out like a leaky faucet…the puddle between my legs now a foot across and growing.

Eventually I felt myself reach full hardness, and between my legs was a cock beyond anything….well, beyond anything. 44 inches long (just under 4 feet), 7 inches across (exactly 2 feet around), and a head that took up the last 14 inches of my cock, and was twice the width of my already massive pecker…14 inches across, almost a yard around, bloated and fat, red and purple, a fat coronal ridge, that oh-so sensitive triangle beneath the head the size of the palm of my hand. Precum flowed from he thumb sized hole, down the horrendous gash to pool and soak the carpet below. My balls had swelled with my erection to the size of basketballs, perfectly sized beneath the insane mass of my cock.

I turned to the size and gazed at the log-sized creation that jutted from my groin. The shaft was a pink perfect pole, curving from my dense pubic hair, straight out, curving slightly up until it reached the angry, bulbous mass of the head. I smiled at the reactions I would get when I walked out the door. I had planed this very carefully. I was staying at the gayest, hottest, most fucking resort in Palm Springs in the middle of their busy season…over 125 gay men, no women, and 50 gay staff on top of that. I chucked and my cock bounced, spraying the local area with precum. There were extras I had cast into my spell that remained to be tested.

My two-foot cock

I woke up, barely able to move. I was sore all over. I remembered yesterday like it was a dream. There was no way I had spent over eight hours engaged in a massive orgy with dozens of guys, centered around some stud with a real four foot cock-and balls that look huge in comparason!. During that orgy, as I was actually getting fucked by that thing (I don't know how, I should be ruptured and dead), my own dong swelled to a size like I had always fantasized…two feet long, four inches thick with fist sized balls. I didn't remember leaving the bathouse and going home, but here I was in my bed.

I laid there, and shrugged, it had to be a dream. I threw off the covers and rolled out of bed. I staggered as I got up, as my balance was thrown off my a new wieght in my middle. I stared down in disbelief as my 15 inch limp dick and huge balls finished swaying and slaping against my lower thigh. It WAS real! I was hung bigger than a horse! Just the sight of my monstrous dong and the new feeling of the incredible weight pulling on my groin made my dick begin to swell, each beat of my heart causing my cock to grown until it stuck straight out in front of me, the two inch long gash in the head drolling a drippy stream of precum, a full two feet from where the five inch thick root disapeared into my dense black bush.

I reached down and wraped my right hand around the shaft-or should I say tried to wrap my hand around. It ended up taking both hands to encircle my insane pecker. I pulled my dong straight up, and the gaping, oozing pisshole was just below my chin. I could smell the strong male odor coming off my secretions, and I bent my head down and drank at the faucet of my new, dream dick. Both my hands roamed and stroked the gargantuan shaft as I tried to wedge the entire head into my mouth. I failed, but got enough where it felt too good, and I was sticing my tongue half-way up the gaping piss-slit when my I felt the massive weight of my balls pull up, and my cock got even harder and larger and my brain fogged as I began to cum.

The first blast rocketed into my mouth with enough force to almost hurt. I pulled off my head just in time for the second blast to shoot straight up and splash on the cealilng. I contintued to stroke with both hands, and my head fell back down to lick and suck at my spurting head. It seed like forever, but was actually about five minutes before my orgasm subsided. By this time, cum was dripping off the cealing and every surface in my room had at least one puddle of splooge on it. My cock began to subside, but I knew that I at a moment it could get it's full two foot rigid length again.

As my brain cleared, I began to wonder just how I was going to deal with this…after all, when I was a normal six inches long, I fit into pants and underwear like you're supposed to. I sat back on my bed, and leaned back against the wall. This may sound weird(er), but it was only now that I noticed just how big my balls were. I mean, my penis, now limp, was gigantic. Limp I was as big as anything I'd see in porno's, longer than Kevin Dean, thicker than Chirs Lord, but my balls looked huge even compared to the amazing length and girth of my cock.

My scrotum was the size of those plastic bags you get your grocieries in when you ask for “plastic.” It looked just like my old ballsac, nicely wrinkled, and flecked with black hair, only on a scale undreamed of. Imagine the above mentioned bag with two cantelopes in it, and you begin to get the idea. I gulped, I had no idea how I was gonig to hide this thing when I had to leave the house, let alone the next day when I had to go work. I knew one thing, I was way to sober to handle this.

I pulled out my bong, and opened my stash/dildo drawer, and reached inside. When I felt caused me to lean over and take a look. What was in there was not what was in there yesterday. In place of my slighty-larger-than-average dildo was a monster one-a full 15 inches long and 3 inches thick. There was a full, #10 sized can container of something called “Ultralube, Guaranteed to make him take it,” and instead of the half-bag of decent ganja I left, was a gallon sized ziplock filled with some ofthe greenist weed I'd ever seen. Afer just one hit my head was flying, so of course I took another one, to make sure I was high enough. Then I looked down to make sure it was still real. Yep, it was.

I had no idea what to do next. As if in answer to that question, blood began pumping to my dick and I started to get hard again. I gazed in wonder as my ultra-thick tube pulsed and began to thicken. The head plumped to the size of my fist as the thick vein on top of my new horse-dick filled. The head of my cock stretched toward my knees, but, just like my old, average sized cock, began to pick up as it got hard, As I passed 18 inches long, it lifted up and flopped over my right leg, and I do mean over. My monstrous piece of flesh arched over my thigh as it continued to get harder and longer, the head of my half-hard dong leaking precum into my sheets; 19, 20 21 inches, and still more.

As my huge meat continued to grow in rigidness, it sood did what my old dick did, stick straight up from my groin pointing at my chin, only this time, the obsenely huge head was just below my chin. I could feel a puddle of pre-cum pooling betwee my pecs. I reached down and traced the thumb-thick path of my cum-tube, unil I reached that oh-so sensitive spot underneet the head. It was the size of the pad on my thumb. As my finger traced over the thin skin, my cock jumped and the pre-cum flowed at easliy double the rate is was. Within moments, the poot on my chest overflowed, and ran down my side to soak into the sheets.

I held my hands under my drooling dong and within a few moments they were covered with my natural lube. I wrapped both hands just below the head and bega to talke full, long strokes, 20 inches down, then all the way to just below the massive, flared head. The rest of the day is a blur. I don't know how many times I came, all I do know is that I remember taking the 15”x3” dildo all the way while sucking and stroking my meat, and when I woke up the next morning, the bed and carpet were sticky with cum.

I quickly called into work, and got up to stagger over the my computer to see how much money I had. I have to admit, after everything that had happened to me in the past 36 hours, I wasn't very suprised to see ten accounts worth $100,000 each under my name when I logged on. O.k., I was rich, hung bigger than most horses, and already getting horny again. I decided to go for a walk.

I look around. Was there anything that would cover, or even maybe hide, what I was packing. After all, I'd be passing women and children on the walk to the park. Luckily it was early Spring, so sweats and a trenchcoat were acceptable wear. you could still see that I had a bulge at my crotch, but the trench hid just how stretched out the fabric of the sweats were. Imagine shoving one of those huge salami's that you can get at a good deli and two cantelopes down your pants and you get the idea.

I had now idea where I was going, or what I was going to do, but out of habit I headed towards my neighborhood park. It's quite large and lots of paths and side nooks…and, coincedentaly (I didn't know this when I moved into my flat), is a MAJOR cruise spot. I've never failed to all the cock, ass, and cum I wanted. Even during the middle of the day, on a weekday, there were always people cruising. I swear I didn't consciously think about that as I headed there. I jsut always went for long walks in the park to think…even to the point of turning down being cruised at (though not often unless I've just satisfied my urges).

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day in The City, the sky was that wonderful shade of blue that you get after rains, and the cityscape stood out in stark relief from the green of the bay (one of the big differences between the East and West coasts; the East has blue oceans, the West, green). It was warm, warm enought hat when I got to the park and felt safe that I wasn't going to traumatize any children or women (men are welcome to get as traumatized as they want), I opened up the trench, revealing my nice chest; not an incredible chest, but I nice one, smooth athletic belly, firm pecs, but not a body-builder type. Of course, this also revealed the 3 1/2” tube runing down the left leg of my sweats to my knee, and the shifting package that created a 6” high bulge, tenting my sweats more than my old hardon did, taking up most of the area of my crotch. I was worried that people would think that I had rolled up a windbreaker and shoved it down my pants.

I have to admit, it felt glorious feeling my dong slide and bounce along my leg, the head rubbing the fabric and my knee, the fat shaft pressing along the length of my thigh. My ballsac was actually being split by the crotch of my sweats. I had to tie the string on them rather tight to keep the weight of my two 6” diamater nuts from pulling them down. So, on either side of the crotch of my sweats, I had two VERY visible bulges, that felt oh so incredible swaying and boucning along. I was also getting off on something I had neve realized would be so important when I fantasized about a dick like mine; you know how good it feels to get your nuts tugged on? Well the sheer massive weight of of my balls was giving me the exact same feeling.

But I was walking along, trying to absorb it all, I decided to stop by the main group site, a place where guys went who wanted to jack off, show off, and maybe head into the bushes for some private action…During weekend evening, there were half-a-dozen guys at any given time, today there was only two, a blond younger dude, who was currently on his knees, getting face fucked by an older leather stud.

I walked into the clearing, and the dude on his knees pulled off the studs cock and waved me over. I walked over to them, and the blond eagerly pulled down my sweats, and then fell back, his eyes wide and his mouth open. The leather stud (identified as such by the leather band arround his arm and the tight, studded, leather cockring that held his nice 10” cock rock hard), just muttered and bolted.

All 18 limp inches swung free, the head right by my kness. The blond was still staring at it, a look in his eyes that looked almost close to a type of insanity. I walked over to him and he reached out, with both hands. As he touched it, he muttered something about it actually being real. I didn't care. The feelings of another person's hands on my tremendously oversized dork made it swell, and made my head swim with lust. I could feel my balls swelling and moving, and the air grew thick with the smell of my sex.

The blond pressed his face into my crotch and breathed deep of myfumes. His own cock, which was lying there limp, lept ot full erection, a nice, rock hard 6 incher. He pulled his face away and began to lick the fist-sized cockhead, digging his tongue into my slit, gulping down the torrent of pre-cum that met him. He continued to lick and stroke me, using my precum for lube. Just when I was getting good and close, in walked another dude. I honestly couldn't tell you what he looked like. All thought resided in the little head the was pulsing and spurting two feet from my groin. As he walked into the clearing, his head began to swirl with the heavy scent of my sex that filled the area around me. He immediatley fell to his kness, his mouth joining the blond's on my dickhead (pleanty of room for both) and his hands roaming the shaft with the blonds. I just groaned and let them work. Moments later I noticed that a face was burried in my crotch, sucking and licking the underside of my swollen ballsac, his hands massaging and rubbing my cantelope-sized nuts. Before long, a fourth joined us, fingering and sucking my asshole. I held back for as long as I could, but with a howl, the already iron-hard, ultra-long and thick pole of my cock got even harder and thicker; the monstrous head swelled, the two inch long piss-slit gaped open in preperation for the torrents to follow. The blond stuck his tongue into the hole, and the first shot of cumsprayed off of his, splashing us all. The force of it knocked him off my cock, and the next shot splattered on the bushes on the other side of the 8 foot clearing, as did the next dozen shots as the five guys who surrounded me gaped as the mighty canon of my dick shot thumb-thick, yard long streamers of cum into the air. The shots began to get smaller, but it still took five minuites before my orgasm subsided, and my still hard cock just bubbled and oozed cum. It took about ten minutes for my humongous nuts of fully empty, by the end of which all five of the guys had jerked themselves to two cums each, their normal sized loads adding to the large puddles of my cream that were all over.

As if cumming made them realize what was going on, two of the guys jumped up and ran out of the clearing, clearly freaked out. I looked down at my dick, which actually seemed even bigger, and at the three who were left. They had dazed looks in their eyes as they gazed at the barely limp meat that swung wetly between my thighs, the garantuan head between my knees and my balls hung in their sac almost as far. Moments later we were on our way back to my place, where they were already planing on inviting friends.

I have no idea who the Man-With-the-Four-Foot-Cock is, but I would like the thank him for the gift of my two-foot dick-which, when we went back, I found out that I didn't kill people when I shoved my it insise of them…and one other thing, I was right. I thought I was bigger and when I was measured when we got back to my pad, I was now 30 inches long! I had grown a half-a-foot and was 2 and one-half feet long! and my balls had grown even more grotesquely huge.

In the few years since then, I've had sex with thousands of people, and haven't grown anymore, but recently I've been wondering…

Life with a two-foot cock

To catch those up who missed the start of my story, after an impossible night fucking and getting fucked by a man with an inhuman four-foot cock, I woke up with an equally impossible, but very real, two-foot dick, nuts like cantaloupes, an ass that could take anything, an immunity to all disease, a million dollars in my bank account, and, almost most impossibly, that I could fuck with my arm-long, fire-hose thick penis. The last story left off with me finding out about my new meat, and getting the first few to play with it. As you might imagine, those few on the first day quickly climbed to the many.

Believe it or not, there is actually a learning curve with a 15 inch limp dick, and a nutsack that hangs half- way to your knees. What do I mean by learning curve? Well, the first time I sat down on my nuts was the last! From then on, I learned to move them out of the way before sitting down. Same with my pecker. Usually I'd just make sure they were hanging freely and that I sat down with them hanging off the edge of the chair, bed or whatever I was sitting on. Fuck yeah my package was big enough to hang off the edge! Hang off and dangle half- way to the floor, usually! Also the first time I sat down to take a crap, my nuts and dick dangled to the water. Luckily, I noticed that this would happen pretty quickly. While I'm into a lot of kink, scat makes my stomach churn. Now I just flop my equipment over my left thigh. Both my nuts and dick are more than long enough to hang freely and stay in place.

The first time I put my super-sized cock away after pissing, I ended up needed to change pants. I didn't think that there was 15 inches of piss-tube to empty after I was done. I've learned. Now after I'm done I grab myself at the base and pull my hands up and empty out my shaft. How do I hold myself while pissing? It depends on what I'm pissing in. When I was normal sized, it didn't matter. One hand could guide me to a toilet, urinal, write my name, etc. Now, usually I use one hand near the head to guide the stream if it's a toilet, and 2 hands to hold it out in front of me if it's a urinal. Now, to hold my dick straight out and not get splattered by the horse-stream of piss I jet out, I need to stand over 2 feet back. Of course this shows off just how massive I am to anybody in the bathroom, but I quickly learned (see, there's that word again…“learned” I told you there was a learning curve) that, one, I'm way to big to even try to hide what I have, the best I can do is try to make it more subtle, and two, basically, nobody minds looking at it. Even straight men can't help but stare, and a lot can be convinced to touch it, especially when it's hard. There's something about having every man's dream dick between your legs that gets their attention.

Now, what do I do with all that attention? Cum as many times as I can, in as many places as I can, as often as I can.

The one thing I didn't get for free after the night with the Man-with-the-Four- Foot-Cock was the body I always wanted. I was 32, and going slightly downhill. Nothing major, slight belly, and kinda out of shape, so I figured, with a cock like this, enough money to never have to work again (thank you tech stocks!), I might as well give some time and energy to getting a body to match the dick. That requires a gym. I actually could have gotten the stuff to work from home and a personal trainer, but I wanted to be in public with my cock. It had ALWAYS been a fantasy of mine to be hung like this, and now that I was, I wasn't going to waste a moment of it.

I tried out several gyms, all in a similar way. I had a pair of spandex workout shorts made for me, and put on a pair of sweats and tee-shirt over than. The spandex held my monstrous package well. They were custom made, of course, I couldn't fit into normal pants or underwear. It's not the 15 inches of limp dick (though, at a foot around, it was hard enough to manage), it's the nuts. When each testicle is 6 inches across, your nutsack is never less than massive. Imagine 2 cantaloupes in one of those brown plastic grocery bags, and you get the idea. So, in spandex, between my dick and nuts, we're talking a bulge at my crotch that looks like I stuffed my jacket into it. The tube of my dick has to go around my nuts, so instead of the head being right above my knee, it's only half-way there.

I would go in and tell them that I'm looking for a gym, that it's time to get my body in shape before it's too late (true), and I'll need a personal trainer, male preferred. Of course, 15 minutes later I'd be sitting across from a personal trainer, talking to him, and going through the various “see how you're doing” tests. I'd be watching him watch the bulge in my shorts move and sway and see what was happening in his shorts.

As one gym, we were sitting across from each other in a pair of chairs, in a small, private gym. The trainer, Wayne, couldn't keep his eyes off the bulge that sat up from my crotch, and sagged between my legs. He was a damn fine looking man. 6’4, built like all hell, smooth ebony skin. We went through the normal routine, and then he said he'd like to measure my arms, legs, and chest so we'd have an idea what our starting point was. He measured my arms and chest, but when we got to the legs, I mentioned that I should take off the sweats so he could take a more accurate measurement. Quickly, he agreed and I shucked them.

Without the baggy shorts as interference, my bulge in painfully obvious. Each nut is clearly defined, and the arm-thick tube of my dick runs over them and down my leg. He moaned when he saw it, then blushed, and started to apologize. I told him not to worry about it, that with a bulge like mine, I get a lot of attention. He giggled and agreed. He then, quite brazenly asked just how big it was. I told him, he's the one with the tape measurer! I shucked my shorts and let my package swing free in the air.

Moaning, almost babbling, he grabbed my limp dick and ran the tape across it. He gasped out it's length, and was too struck by the girth and circumference to speak. I laughed (not meanly, I just get off on guys getting off on my cock)and told him to work on getting it hard if he really wanted to see how big it was. He was visibly stunned that I wasn't hard yet, and already bigger than anything he had imagined. He buried his face in my crotch and flipped my dick over his shoulder while he licked and sucked my pubes. I started rubbing his back with my dickhead, making him groan louder. I pulled back slightly, and started slapping his face with my rapidly hardening cock. I love doing that—cock-whipping a guy that is. My dick starts out nice and flexible (but incredibly long and heavy), but soon gets rock hard, the head flares bigger than my fist, and precum pissed out…literally. When I'm hard, the precum flows out my dick in a steady stream, enough to lube any ass for fucking, enough to lube an orgy for fucking. Soon, my 2 foot dick was bludgeoning his face, leaving it wet with my precum. I asked if he wanted to get fucked and immediately he stripped off his sweats and jock (revealing a very nice, 10 inch boner, I might add), and turned around, grabbed his chair and spread his legs.

I put the huge head against his tight brown hairy hole and plunged forward. He howled as I ripped him open, but like I found out when I first got my dick, ripping him open literally, I just spread his ass wider than it had ever been and jammed the first foot of my pecker into him. He began to pant, moan and sob with lust all at once. He couldn't believe he had taken it. It told him it was only halfway in and he didn't believe me so I told him to put his hands back and check. He did, and immediately began pushing back to take more of me. Obviously this guy was into it!

I grabbed his hips and really began fucking. Before long, I was nuts deep, each stroke banging up into his chest, making him gasp as I rode him with long, fast 18 inch strokes, keeping the fist-plus sized head in, but sliding the fire-hose thick shaft in and out.

I felt my first load building in my nuts and asked Wayne if he wanted to see it. He sobbed yes and I pulled out my cock and held it over him (he was on his back at the time, knees by his ears, me short-fucking him as deep and as hard as I could). A few strokes later the first rope of cum began to fly. Like all my loads, more was shot in the first spray than most men shoot in their entire orgasm. For 3 minutes my dick jetting cum all over. This was a huge load even for me! Wayne was damn fucking hot and it's not often I find somebody totally into getting reamed by my horse-meat as much as he was. I'd guess almost a gallon of cum coated the room and Wayne before I was done.

Needless to say, Wayne became my Personal Trainer. He'd work my body hard for a couple of hours a day, then I'd work his ass hard for a couple of hours. We didn't just fuck, of course! He'd fuck me while I was sucking myself off, or he also just liked to stroke, lick and worship my meat.



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