Description Just because that email looks like spam, that doesn’t mean it’s not for real.



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It looked a lot like spam, and I nearly deleted it. Maybe I should have.

The subject line read like one for a typical penis enlargement ad: “STEVE! HOW I GOT MY FOOTLONG COCK.” But I realized that even the most grandiose cock enlargement scams don’t usually promise more than 8 or 9 inches. I’d never had any interest in these, not just because they’re all hoaxes, but because I was eight thick inches already—plenty for most of the guys I dates, including my current boyfriend of three weeks, who was also named Steve. He was a blue-eyed blond and my hunkiest guy yet (the most muscular high school teacher *I’d* ever met), only 23 to my 28, and he loved loved loved my cock, even if his own was a tad longer.

So I had no real reason to open this email other than my own morbid curiosity. I had to see how they could get away with promising a footlong cock.

Like the subject line, the text of the message was addressed to me. A lot of spam does that, thanks to online databases, but it still works. I felt like the email was speaking directly to me, and I started to get a boner, much to my chagrin, as I read through the hype about this amazing new product that would allow me to grow a cock that was “ten inches…twelve inches…fourteen inchesâ…or even more!*”

I should have stopped reading right there. But I was boned and not thinking clearly. I told myself as I clicked on the link taking me to the order form that I just wanted a sample to take to the cops so they could bust these frauds. I would order the free sample and give them no credit card data. I’d even order under an assumed name. Just an exercise is doing my civic duty. But my heart was pounding as I pressed “send” and I soon succumbed to the necessity of jacking off.

I couldn’t get the ad out of head all day, even while I was curled up with Steve on the couch, arms around each other, watching a romantic movie on cable. He realized I was turned on, and that turned him on, too, and he led me to the bedroom with a raunchy grin.

Seconds later we were naked and making love on the bedspread. I caressed his legs against my chest as I entered him, and he moaned with joy. I tried to keep it slow—he had never been fucked before we meet—but I felt impossibly hard and incredibly horny. I gently pushed in inch after inch of my cock while stroking his banana-shaped nine-inch boner with one hand and caressing his melon-sized pecs in the other. His beautiful face beamed up at me.

“Man, you have me so turned on, you’re making my cock grow bigger than ever,” I breathed, amazed at what I was saying.

Steve’s eyes widened. “That’d be amazing,” he said softly. “Make it grow, man! Do it!”

I grinned at him. “I can feel it, Steve,” I said. In that moment I tried to imagine what it would be like to be able to make my cock grow. I slowly pushed in another inch of my super-hard cock.

“Me too,” Steve said. “It’s growing!”

I was so turned on by his willingness to play along. I knew my cock was still eight inches, but it was so hot to pretend it was more. “I can feel it growing in you,” I said, “getting longer inside you… longer…thicker…”

Steve was flushed. He started stroking his own cock along with me. “Oh shit, you got me close already!”

“Me too,” I said, starting to ride him. “It’s getting really big inside you,” I said. “Feel it getting bigger and bigger! Opening you up! Growing and growing!”

“I gotta come!” we wailed almost together. He shot a huge load all over his beautiful chest and even onto his cheek even as I squeezed out five big bursts of white-hot cum into his ass.

I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to him, and we lay there panting for a few minutes, my head on his chest. “That was awesome,” he whispered after a while.

“You were awesome,” I said.

He glanced down at my still-hard cock. “Look! It’s back to normal!” he said, grinning.

“Of course!” I said, leaning up to kiss him. “It’s your ass that makes it grow.” We started making out, and didn’t stop even when we got up to take a long hot shower together.

From that point on the fiction of my cock growing in his ass became a part of our lovemaking, and we both got a huge kick out of it. Sometimes my cock just grew a few inches in the course of long slow romantic lovemaking, and sometimes during a really hot fuck it grew so much he claimed he could feel it all the way up in his throat and then in his mouth, so I kissed him as I fucked him and he laughed that I was fellating myself. It even started to happen when he sucked me off, and we had a good laugh about that. But generally we would have awesome sex that was made even hotter by all this talk of growing my cock.

I’d forgotten about the original impetus for all this, but one day, about three weeks after I’d responded to that email, I got a flat package in the mail. I didn’t recognize the return address and considered throwing it out in case it was anthrax or something, but then I recognized the fake name I’d used to respond to the ad. With great curiosity I opened the package.

Inside there were four sheets of thin paper. The first two were printed with a picture (the same one) on one side, the other two were blank. On the reverse were brief usage and reordering instructions.

It was the picture that got my attention. It was me—almost.

The face (moderately cute) and the hair (Marine-short black) were the same, though I looked a little cuter than I usually thought of myself as being. What was weird about the picture was that even though I was in public, walking nonchalantly down some street in town amongst the normal foot-traffic of the city streets, I was completely naked from head to toe. It was as if I’d gotten up that day and forgotten to dress before going out.

I looked closer at my surroundings and recognized the stores on Maple Street. I’d gone down there two weeks ago, to a specialty hardware store. So this picture had to be a real picture they’d taken of me (they who?), from which they’d managed to remove all my clothing.

I looked at my body. It was basically mine, but there were a couple changes. I was a little buffer—my love handles were gone, my abs had become a little more defined, and my pecs, while nowhere near as big as Steve’s, bulged a little bigger and looked more defined. The other change was my cock. While the changes to my body in the picture were minor refinements, the cock in the picture was amp-on-11 huge, even soft. My mouth fell open and my own cock started to bone.

Quickly I turned the flimsy sheet over and read the instructions. “To use,” it said, “Ingest ChangeMe photo along with two glasses of water. Effect will begin within one hour and take about an hour to complete. Effects will last approximately eight weeks. Do not ingest another ChangeMe photo while already under the effects of one: results may me dangerous and unpredictable. To reorder this photo, visit”

I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Steve always got home at six, an hour after I did. It was already 5:15. I wadded up the photo and swallowed it with two glasses of water, and began waiting anxiously. Finally to take my mind off it I started balancing my checkbook. After I’d been immersed in this for a while I started to feel a slight tingle pass through my body. I looked up at the clock: 6:03. Shit! It was for real, it was starting, and he wasn’t home yet.

Just then I heard keys rattle in the door. I went to the door and flung it open, dragging him in after his keys, and I planted a huge kiss on him. He dropped his suitcase and cupped my face in his strong hands.

“Um, hi!” he said when I let him catch a breath.

“No time for that,” I said, grinning, for I could feel the tingle getting stronger, especially in my half-hard cock. I dragged him up to the bedroom and started peeling off his clothes.

“What’s all this about?” he said, amazed and amused by my antics, though he was also getting turned on and was almost completely hard.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “I have to have you!” And I pushed him on the bed.

He looked up at me, naked, aroused, and beaming. “You got me!” he said, and I knelt between his muscular, hairless legs and lifted them onto my shoulders.

As I applied lube to my rock-hard cock I thought it already felt bigger. I was ecstatic and more aroused than I’d ever been. “It’s already growing,” I said in awe, for the first time truthfully.

“Oh, I can’t wait,” he said. “Make it grow in me!”

“You asked for it,” I said, and started pushing my growing cock slowly into his ass.

“Oh, dude, that feels *awesome*,” he said. “I can tell it’s getting bigger.” Then he gasped a little. “It really does feel like it’s getting bigger,” he said softly, amazed.

“I know. It’s getting huge inside your ass,” I said, and I could feel the growth as I slowly pushed more and more cock in. “I’m going to be too big for you,” I said suddenly, concerned, and started to pull out.

“No!” he gasped. “Please, give it all to me. All of it. Don’t ever take it out.”

There were still a few inches outside his ass. I wasn’t moving my cock, but it thrust into him just by means of the phenomenal growth it was undergoing, and I let it do that, totally awestruck and deeply, deeply aroused.

“That’s it,” he breathed. “That’s it! Oh my god, that feels amazing!”

It felt amazing to me too. My cock felt gigantic, impossibly huge, and as it pushed slowly into virgin territories in his furnace-hot ass just from sheer growth it felt like my first fuck ever. Even better. I felt like I was fucking the best fuck ever, the perfect fuck, and I was saturated with euphoria and on fire with pleasure. And to do it with Steve—with Steve—

“Steve, I love you,” I panted as I started push the rest of my cock into his wonderful hot ass. We’d never said it before, but I knew it was true as the words left my mouth. I loved him and I wanted to share this with no one else.

“I…love…you…too,” he gasped. “Fuck me, Steve! I don’t know…how you’re…doing it…but I need it…more…more…”

“More’s coming,” I whispered. We were both damp with sweat, and I loved the gleam on his pecs. “It’s still growing.”

“Oh god,” he said. “Fuck me … with your … enormous … cock. Make love … to … me…”

My cock felt so huge I almost felt like I had a third leg inside him. And despite its size it was still incredibly hard. I was in love with this sensation, Steve’s hot insides pressed hard against my impossible erection. I didn’t want that feeling to end, ever, but I realized I was getting close, and Steve was too. I could feel his closeness almost as clearly as I felt my own. I pushed the last inch in and suddenly we were at fever pitch and we built up and we built up and then we came together, at the same instant, spraying pints of hot come all over, and we kept coming for five minutes, until at last it was all over.

“Don’t pull out,” he pleaded. His own come was all over his face and in his hair. He looked hot that way.

So we twisted around until we were lying on our sides, me behind him with my arms wrapped around his luscious torso, my cock still mostly hard and buried deep inside him.

“Did I hurt you?” I said softly into his ear.

He shook his head slightly. “Only a little at first. But then it went away and it felt … amazing. Words can’t describe it.” He swallowed. “How—“

“Later,” I said. “Rest now.” Before long we were both asleep, and we slept the night that way, covered with come, my new cock snuggling mostly hard inside my lover’s tight ass.

The next morning we made a game of keeping it in him as long as possible, so we padded to the bathroom together, a four-legged monster with four arms and two heads, and we showered together and even tried to get dressed together, though we were only able to do socks, Steve in my lap pulling them onto our four feet, before the inevitable separation.

As I pulled my cock out even I had to whistle. Half hard it was much bigger than the picture, my cockhead kissing my knees.

“Dayum,” he said. “So…” He looked at me inquiringly.

I took him downstairs and showed him the package, explaining as we went about the email. He picked up the other copy of the enhanced picture of me and looked at me thoughtfully.

“Eight weeks, huh?” he said.

I grinned and nodded.

“Hmm. I’ll have to wait until I’m off for summer break, then,” he mused.

“For what?”

He stepped close to me and said, “Wouldn’t it be hot if we were twins?”

My new cock jumped at this, but I had already formed a different plan with a similar goal. “We don’t have to wait for that to be twins,” I said saucily. “My assignment is almost up and I’ve got enough savings I don’t need to work for a while. And,” I added, touching the blank sheets that had come in the package, “I think I can print on this paper.”

“You mean—“ he said, eyes shining.

“I’m going to try to print a picture of you.”

“Augmented?” he said, one eyebrow raised.

“I love you just the way you are,” I said truthfully.

He grinned. “But maybe a few modifications to turn us both on…”

I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around his beautiful, naked body. “Tell you what,” I said. “You can pull up Photoshop and make any mods you want to your body.”

I kissed him. “After all, you’ll be the one making love to yourself for eight weeks.”

We made out for so long that we were both embarrassingly late for work, and I couldn’t have cared less.

Description Just because that email looks like spam, that doesn’t mean it’s not for real.



Views 19,214

Words 2,667

AddedJune 2004

UpdatedJune 2004



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