The Four Jocks: Game Cards

Just for fun, I collected all the cards that have appeared to date in all the nine Four Jocks stories, from four different authors, published so far. Get your guys together, get a good buzz going, and see what happens!

“The Game”

Instructions: In each round, the player whose turn it is, or host, reads a card and each of the other players answers in clockwise order. The host then determines which answer is most desirable and touches or kisses the person who gave that answer, after which it will become official.

No round can be undone, but answers in a subsequent round can be used to reverse answers in a previous round. The host rotates with each turn to the right.

For best results, play while lightly intoxicated.

This game may bring about physical changes. Consider whether your fellow players are mature enough to handle transformations of themselves and others. Should the game players be aware of the changes, or unaware? Say “aware” or “unaware” now.

End of instructions. Enjoy your game!