Weekly Update: 13 March 2021

I have no idea where this week’s story, “The Other Side”, came from. It wasn’t on my list of prospective stories, it arrived in my head and clattered into my writing app at pretty much the last minute (it’s Avery’s fault this update is a little late, so blame him), and as for the content… well, let’s just say I had no plans to write about centaurs and mermen in an alternate dimension until my fingers were actually typing out those very words. It’s a strange life I live, writing fantasy smut, and sometimes you don’t feel like you’re in complete control of how it turns out. It’s a big update this week with lots of great stuff from a wide range of writers, so check it out even if space-centaurs aren’t your thing.

One small addition to the site: as previously tweeted, I’ve set up a page that shows all of the sexy cover images I’ve created for the updates and flashbacks. My reasons for doing so were entirely selfish—I wanted a page where I could quickly check what color washes I’ve used recently on the flashbacks. Anyway, it’s there, if you want to enjoy it, or not. It’s linked at the bottom of the cover page and on the About page as well.

In other news: yesterday’s Friday Flashback was a celebration of guys with three big cocks. That’s something that’s definitely worth a party. I am as always humbly and deeply grateful to my amazing Patreonites—join us if you like, and we will be glad to have you. The next update is still scheduled for a week hence, on 20 March. My IRL project is a giant that’s cleaving a path of destruction through all my schedules, but I’m doing what I can to keep the update schedule intact. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

Posted: 13 March 2021

This week’s new stuff:

  • The other side by BRK  Cent CGrow Cock HyCock Merm Musc PSD Space Wings   Avery, a randy cargohauler, is piloting his navship through the dimensions between the point A and point B when an unexpected breach sends him into a surreal expanse… where a well-built, winged figure takes a less-than-angelic interest in him.
  • Adonis Brothers: The fireman by Void  Cock Super Tf   Nathan met the brothers only a few weeks prior. Now, a work incident that very nearly cost Nathan his life gives the brothers a chance to return the favor, and gives Nathan another chance to take a much closer look at both the brothers and their sexy super briefs.
  • Alpha fitness by Genetonic  CGrow Taller Cock Hum HyCock MGrow Musc Grow   High school nerd Jeff keeps getting bullied by muscle jock Travis… until he has a lucky encounter with the new ‘Alpha’ brand clothing line.
  • Anthony by Chronologious  Taller Grow   The first chapter about Jack’s friend, Anthony, and the discovery of his hidden power.
  • The antique lamp by DimethylCoconut  Rep   There are two facts about me that one should know before I tell this story: I had always had fantasies about cloning—I would date myself, and I am also a collector. The story I am going to tell is about how these two things combined and made me who I am today.
  • The cabin, Parts 1–2 by HugeEndowments  Balls Cock HyCock Cum Worship Self   A story about two friends and some excessive sizes.
  • Click bate, Parts 21–24 by Dream Big  AI CGrow Cock HyCock Self   It’s the next morning, and Jason and Andy both develop plans for the day involving massive dongs and, with any luck, each other.
  • Costumed by Tym Greene  2Anim Merg Tf   Two buddies get one of those two-man costumes for a party, and find themselves growing…closer.
  • 5D network by Ziel  CGrow Cock HyCock XBalls XCock   Forrest settles in for a nice relaxing getaway in a cozy cabin far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This cozy cabin is far from rustic though. He’s got all the electricity, fast internet, and even cell signal thanks to an experimental new tower.
  • Hulkster and Hoppy, Parts 5–6 by Also Known As  VGL Taller Cock Scent MGrow   Hulkster and Hoppy continue to enjoy their reactivated relationship, and to explore Hoppy’s newly augmented talents and strengths with the Hulkster as his very motivated tutor.
  • Spice up your life, Part 5 by Musclesaber  Ass Belly CGrow 4th of Jul Taller Cock MGrow   With the realization that the spice from the food is changing them, the pair starts to test what each spice does. And Sam is the guinea pig.
  • Vlogger, Parts 1–4 by Sithspawn  Dialog Fly Grad Super Tf   An anonymous guy begins to notice strange changes in his body and starts a video blog to document what’s happening.
  • What a dear deer boy, Part 5 by Thatbadwriter  Fur Ass CGrow Hair Giant Cock 2Anim HyCock MGrow PSD Grow   As Jayden becomes bigger and bigger, both Eric and Jayden are overcome with lust… and a need for even more growth.