Site Update: 9 December 2017

Hey folks, sorry about the delay—I just wasn’t able to finish in time before I had to start worrying about by IRL Friday commitments, and I didn’t want to rush completion of the two new chapters of “The Revisualizer” I was working on for this update.

In fact both of my stories are by request from Patreon supporters—one a suggestion, and one a story commission from a high-tier patron. I have to admit I approach story commissions cautiously, but I’m very intrigued by these characters and this scenario, and I’m looking forward to developing the werebears of “Love/Shift” further in the weeks to come.

It’s snowing today here in New York, which has me thinking about cozy, wintery stories, Christmassy or otherwise. I’m hoping to be inspired along those lines toward a good Yuletide submission for the next update, which will be 22 December, and if any of you are itching to write and submit stories along those lines I’ll be happy to have them.

Cheers, and thanks for visiting.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Love/shift by BRKDad Hair Grad Musc MGrow Supn Wbear  Maxfield has very mixed feelings about leaving the city and all his tech behind to spend the summer after graduation halfway up a mountain in the family’s backwoods cabin—just him, his dad, and a whole lot of secrets.
  • The revisualizer, Parts 2-3 by BRKCGrow Hair Cock HyCock Musc MGrow NipCum Grow  Chad is loving his newly suckable monster cock, but his muscle twink boss rides him to keep the broadcast going. So Chad gets the announcer from the next shift in and starts him delivering content, acutely aware as he watches from the booth that there are still seven settings on the Revisualizer that he has yet to test out…
  • Angelo and Adrian, Parts 5-6 by WordShopCGrow Grad Musc MGrow  Angelo and Adrian enjoy a blissful honeymoon, which includes a lot of sex. Returning home to Laguna, they fuck even more, to the point that an exhausted and constantly riled Angelo starts to wonder—is there such a thing as too much sex? Just what, exactly, was happening to them both?
  • Bali encounter, Part 2 by LenZeligBi Het Cock Musc  Back home, the new additions to the family, Wayan and Kadek, continue to upend Pete and Lori’s world.
  • But I will do anything, Parts 2-3 by WordShopCGrow Hair Balls HyCock Immob Musc MGrow  The Benefactor has some surprises for Carlos. Allan and Red get into the act to get a very frenzied Carlos over the top, as Carlos and the rest of the guys get the first hint of how everything is going to change now that he’s joined them.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 13-14 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow Viol  Chuck visits a nuclear power plant in his hunger for growth, and he drains it for every bit of size he can get, shooting up to over 300 feet tall. The military tries to stop Chuck with a nuclear strike, but their plan backfires badly.
  • Huge changes: Book two, Part 2 by RdyRogerCGrow Hair Balls Cock Infect Musc MGrow Nonc PSD Grow Series  Affected by the “virus” Mason made up, David turns up huger than Mason would have dreamed. But Mason isn’t the only guy in the place drawn to David’s incredible physique and oversized equipment.
  • Hunger by PVnRTObj Dom Cock Hum Mind Nonc  A straight man realizes he’s gay in the bathroom and that he’s been hungry for cock all this time.
  • John the wizard, Parts 1-3 by RdyRogerCGrow Hair Cock Musc MGrow Grow Tall  John is a wizard and likes helping out his friends—usually in ways that involve none-too-subtle increases in height, equipment size, and muscle.
  • The Muscles Tech Hotel, Parts 5-6 by TonnyGiantGiant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Alex asserts his claim to Luke, triggering his own sudden growth. Luke and Alex go to live on the island of the giants, but Stan and the others are worried about how the world will react to 70-foot-tall alpha men roaming the world.
  • Onion Hill Manor, Part 5 by William AllenCGrow Giant Cock HyCock Immob XArm XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow Shr Grow 2Gay Tf  Alex is loving his newly muscled body, even if his boosted stamina and libido makes him hornier than ever. But catching Brian and Mitchell transformed for each other douses his self-delusions that everything before was just dreams and “allergic reactions”. Something is happening to them, and, like Aiden, he wants to know what it is.
  • Summer research, Parts 8-9 by spacevladDumb Hair Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Grunt, now 9 feet tall and built like an NFL lineman, fucks Dave, who may have bit off more than he can handle. Fortunately, all the musclebull wants is to make Dave as happy as possible—that, and to grow bigger and stronger.

Posted: 9 December 2017