Site Update: 29 September 2017

Hi folks! Not much to report this week other than two new stories I had a lot of fun writing. I’ve been meaning to write a story like “Joined” for a while—usually my multihead/conjoined stories are side-by-side or front-to-back, and I really wanted to explore doing it the way the guys end up in this story instead. I’ve also had a few conversations on Patreon and Discord that put these images in the front of my mind lately, and made it a top priority to get this particular fantasy out of my head and onto the site.

The “Magical Misuse” is a little more goofy. I wrote most of it a couple years ago, and just decided to finish it up this morning. You can take your pick of the social-media-star twins I modeled the Judson twins on (it’s sort of a mix of the two most famous pairs of twins you might be thinking of if you pay attention to such things).

Next update is 13 October. Huge thanks to all of you and to my patrons—I am so deeply grateful for all of your support and your help. Don’t forget to comment on the stories you like—give the authors feedback on their hard work. And thanks again for visiting, you’re awesome and I mean it.