Site Update: 26 January 2018

Only the second update of the new year, but 2018 already feels like it’s speeding by.

That bout of jury duty I mentioned came and went without my being put on a case, but that combined with everything else did mean a week’s delay. Coming out of that I had a few ideas for “Changing Nick”, one of my long-runners, so that’s this week’s contribution.

The rest of this week’s offerings range far and wide across the meta landscape. Check out in particular the illustrated collaboration by Ziel and Solumsol. For those of you who’ve read Ziel’s hyper-cock stories and thought “I would love these even more if they had pictures,” here’s your chance (and check out “Big Changes” too for illustrations on a couple of the later chapters there, if you haven’t already).

Next update: 9 February. Enjoy the site, and thank you for visiting!

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 26 January 2018