Site Update: 23 February 2018

Hey folks, hope you’re having a good February. After a couple of updates with only one story from me I managed three this week, which I’m feeling very happy about—especially as they’re all very different. There’s a new chapter of the commissioned story “Love/Shift”, advancing the plot there while exploring both characters’ feelings and expectations; a new chapter (two, in fact) of “Joined” by request, in which I had a lot of fun exploring just what would be involved for Theo and Dylan as they integrate their lives while dealing with a very randy roommate; and a bit of fun, “The Rednex Incident”, written more or less in dialog form. I hope you like. The contributions this week include a new chapter of AKA’s “Hard Body”, which was a nice surprise for me and hopefully for you guys as well, plus more “Mysterious Kidnapping”, more of “Ben’s Escapades” and “Tim’s Adventure”, and plenty of other new stuff as well.

If you have stories you think might work well on this site, please send them in—Metabods is a place to share stories about sexy, augmented men that you might not see anywhere else. And that’s why it’s so great if you can take a minute to comment and rate the stories you like, too, so that authors who’re exploring their appreciation of something-extra men can get encouragement from the appreciation they don’t always know they’re getting.

A reminder, though—don’t slag off or downrate a story just because you’re not into the kind of transformation or whatever that’s in the story. That’s called being a dick. Use the tags, and if it’s got something you don’t like, don’t read it. (Systematic misuse of the rating system—e.g., pinging every story on the site with a 1—will get your IP address banned, so don’t be a dick that way, either.)

If the tags fall short for a story you’re reading and don’t include something major that happens in the story, please use the Suggest Tags feature. Over the last year or so we’ve filled in a lot of missing tags from old stories (and newer ones, too) that way, so keep ‘em coming.

Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters, without whom I wouldn’t be writing nearly as much as I am now, as much as I’m having a blast doing it. Next update is 9 March. Enjoy the site, and thanks for visiting!

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 23 February 2018