Site Update: 22 December 2017

Remember last year, when I sat down right before the Christmas update and somehow cranked out a sweet and sexy 15,000-word novella without really meaning to? It happened again.

The caveat is that “The Christmas Ghost of FitzHardinge Manor” is not as, well, happy-go-lucky as “Secret Santa”. It’s darker—there’s rage and death in it, but also discovery and goofiness and snark and intense, transformative sex, too. So, there’s that. “Secret Santa” remains a favorite of mine, but “Christmas Ghost” was pretty cathartic to write, and may involve more chapters in the future where Thomas explores the new world that’s been laid out before him.

There’s other Christmas goodness today too, but check out the tag page itself—there’s a ton of holiday muscle, cock, and more strewn throughout the site.

Search page news: I revamped the code on the search page to add two new features. First, you can search for multiple tags without a keyword search. Second, you can now sort your search results by relevance, date, or views. Both of these were by request, but they should have been implemented a long time ago. Try it out, and let me know if you find any glitches!

Beyond that, thanks for visiting, and special thanks to my Patreon supporters. Without them I simply would not be sitting down and writing 14,500-word Christmas muscle transformation ghost stories when there’s so much else going on in my life.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and a fond and friendly happy new year to each and every one of you. Next update is in 2018!

This week’s new stuff:

  • The Christmas ghost of FitzHardinge Manor, Parts 1-2 by BRKXmas CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Supn Tf  A sometimes dark tale of a young man consigned to the guardianship of witches, only to be turned by a sex-starved, secrecy-obsessed sorcerer-suitor into a being unheard and unseen, capable of sharing the pleasure of touch, but bound to a single day of the year; and how from these ashes he rises to find what he can become in this new life that has been forced upon him.
  • The Alpha by ZielFur Cock Musc Tf  Harrison’s chance encounter with the creature that has been stalking the campus changes him in ways he’d never thought possible.
  • Angelo and Adrian, Part 4 by WordShopCGrow Grad Musc MGrow  In the lab, Angelo discovers to his dismay that he may have infected Adrian with his own mutagenic capabilities, though why this was possible and how exactly it might affect Adrian were still unclear. How could he tell his husband what had happened—and how would Adrian react?
  • Away game, Parts 1-2 by spacevladMusc MGrow Gut PSD Grow  College freshman Adam is the smallest guy on the football team. On an away game road trip, he gets paired up to room with Wyatt, the biggest offensive lineman on the team. Adam tries to control himself as they are forced to share a bed, but Wyatt’s massive body is hard to resist.
  • Bottom mega-alfa, Part 8 by JerkoffcentralCGrow Dom Hair Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Were  The only thing Jonas wants more than to be fucked hard by the now-massive Noah is for Noah to grow even bigger while he does it.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 15-16 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow Viol  A helpless survivor of the apocalypse has an unfortunate encounter with Chuck, who has grown into a two-mile-tall, thick, powerful musclebear giant. In the conclusion, Chuck continues to grow as he finds one last power source to consume.
  • His cock gets huge, Parts 1-2 by Jack HardwoodCGrow Cum Balls Cock HyCock MGrow  Male model Pietro washes up on a remote island inhabited by a society of men where everyone wants their cock to be as big and fat as humanly possible. Pietro just wants to go home, but his almost constant boner is getting bigger and bigger, and he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be able to walk.
  • A miracle on 69th Street 2: Jingle bed rock by ZielXmas CGrow Cock HyCock Shr Series  After the events of “A Miracle on 69th Street”, Nick visits Kris’s home at the North Pole only to find out that there is a strange caveat for having visitors in the magical land.
  • The professor of reality by RdyRogerCGrow Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand.
  • Summer research, Parts 10-12 by spacevladDumb Hair Giant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  Dave gets a visit from the IRB board and shows them Grunt, who is more than happy to show off his enormous size and strength. Unfortunately this causes problems. Grunt chases the IRB folks away after they threaten Dave and shows off his tremendous power. In the end, Grunt and Dave escape to the countryside where Grunt continues to grow and obey his master.

Posted: 22 December 2017