Site Update: 19 September 2020

As promised, this week’s update is a “Vignette Party” where suggestion-tier Patreon supporters get one-scene stories based around what they’d like to see, if they’re so inclined. This time I got three requests, all of which were tremendous fun: a continuation of “Remodel”, with our newly extra-limbed Reece doing some yoga and meeting that tailor Jared mentioned; a small-town track star getting a reality check at the big State U. and pledging a jocktaur frat; and a side-story from the “Arsenal of Secrets” ‘verse, involving a horny young warrior and certain carnally-tasked magical beastie.

You’ll note that “Jocktaur Pledge” in particular is considerably longer than the word “vignette” would suggest, and I admit I’ve given up trying to force myself to write short when the story’s being too fun to write for its own good. Well, it’s still one scene, so it counts! 🙂 Anyway, I hope you find something you like. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff down there, too. I thought I might be short on contributions this week, but I ended up with a nice buffet after all.

The next update is 3 October; in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

  • Jocktaur pledge by BRKBtaur CGrow 4Legs Cock XLeg XLimb Twins  High school track superstar Tommy finds he isn’t king of the world anymore now that he’s left his small town for the huge, sprawling State U. His hopes of getting into a big frat end up crushed, and his last hope is a house where the brothers keep to themselves and hardly let anyone in at all.
  • Remodel, Part 2 by BRKXArm XCock XLeg XLimb XPec 3Legs  Reece decides to test out his recently reconfigured body with a little intense yoga, but he’s interrupted when his manager brings by the local tailor who’ll be making Reece’s new clothes.
  • Return of the cocksucking fleshsock by BRKCGrow Fant Cock XAbs XArm XLimb Series  Kurn, a mountain warrior with an unruly, mouth-craving cock, has been sent to offer a boon to the great Huuman, Lord Griffin, Defender of Kossh, for his help in expunging the scimitar-raiders. To his shock, however, Lord Griffin instead offers the valiant Kurn a gift that answers his most compelling need.
  • Boytaurs, Part 2 by Josh DuganBtaur 4Legs XLeg XLimb  Joe and Terry, recently turned into boytaurs, start wrestling naked.
  • Canis drainem, Part 2 by ZielGrad Nonc Shr  Wash is starting to really feel the effects of the blaster that hit him. Suddenly he’s no longer the big man on campus and getting smaller every minute.
  • Cloning Noah, Parts 1-3 by KevLobsRep  A man endeavors to fulfill his ultimate sexual fantasy: cloning himself.
  • Curiouser and curiouser, Parts 1-6 by Dream BigCGrow Fant Giant Shr  Alex, exploring Oxford with his eccentric math professor, finds himself lost, confused, and changed by his brush with the mysterious world he stumbles into.
  • Curt’s Olympic bid by PortowulfBelly Fat Hum Nonc 2Gay  Curt thought his dreams of competing in the Olympics were over before a mysterious coach promises to make him huge.
  • Don’t cum by LordTronimator  A world doomed by those who find themselves unable to stop cumming once they start, recounted by an innocent victim.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat by Cris KaneHairless Mental MTheft Musc Shr 2Gay  Jack accidentally grabs his missing roommate’s Twink-brand shampoo in the shower and feels like a new man.
  • Neighbor kids by Richard JasperGrad MGrow Musc  The continuing adventures of Jamie and Stevie, now living on their own. Jamie’s spectacular growth never slows down!
  • Next level love: Location enabled by EclipseCGrow Cock Mental MGrow Series  Mateo’s been feeling small lately, but his new app is all he needs for a boost.
  • Resolution, Parts 1-8 by Richard JasperCGrow Taller Grad Cock HyCock Strong MGrow Musc New Years Grow  Skimpy young Ben, stuck for Christmas in a bumfuck town on the high plains, is astounded that Max, the bartender keeping him company, is a total musclebear stud! He resolves to come back in a year a bigger and better man and with Max’s encouragement does just that.
  • Retrospective, Parts 1-3 by Richard JasperCGrow Taller Cock HyCock HMusc MGrow Musc Grow  Roger Harris has an unusual condition—every year, year in and year out, he is a little bit taller, a little bit more muscular, and quite a bit stronger. What’s not to love? But try it for 20+ years! It makes for a lonely existence until he meets a young man, David, with the same condition!
  • The rider by Richard JasperSwap Strong MGrow Musc  In the near future, Immersive Reality allows you to directly connect to another person’s sensorium, experiencing all of their senses. At the end of his life, Roger Jessup decides it’s time to go out with a bang. It’s one helluva ride!
  • Sharing cocks, Part 3 by CockTFBoiCGrow CShr Cockless Det Merg  Cameron, Dakota, and Zack start their journey back to their car to find some help to untangle their situation.
  • Tit hype by Writ BroCGrow Cock MusBr MGrow  Between jobs? How about £5000 in three weeks to take part in medical trials? Who knows, you might even like the side effects.
  • An unexpected inflation, Part 23 by UberPumpBi Bro CGrow Balls Cock Cum Infl 2Gay  Keith discovers the size of Ivan’s newly inflated schlong and beach balls looking out his bedroom window. This gets him aroused and jealous at the prospect of soon outgrowing him. The doorbell rings signalling the arrival of the new cock ring he was forced to order after Michael and Sheila destroyed the previous one a few days prior. Trying it out, he discovers just how powerful this new and improved ring is. Will he stay conscious enough to stay in control?

Posted: 19 September 2020