Site Update: 12 December 2020

Two stories from me this week: an update to the increasingly hefty commissioned werebear story “Finding Owen”, and a new story called “Glitch”. Hope you like. Plus lots of great stuff this week, including continuations of several popular stories past and present, and sexy new stuff too. Dig in!

Next update is 26 December, and yes, I’ll probably write something holiday-related. Any writers who want to do the same, whether in relation to Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Yule, whatever, I’ll be glad to make a theme of it. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

Posted: 12 December 2020

This week’s new stuff:

  • Finding Owen, Part 6 by BRK  Bro Hair Taller Cock MGrow Musc PSD Grow Supn Wbear Were   Owen, Gerardo, and Victor seek refuge with Gerardo’s ex, Mike, with their enemies—both human and wolf—not far behind.
  • Glitch, Parts 1–3 by BRK  CGrow Dig Cock XCock XLeg XLimb Retcon 3Legs   Undercover as a university student inside a thriving, all-gay digital community, Torin starts experiencing unexplained, universe-wide glitches that progressively and seamlessly change Torin and everyone around him.
  • Altered, Part 6 by Dream Big  CGrow Hair Taller Cock 2Anim Pher MGrow Musc Nonc Bond Grow   Waking up, Chris takes stock of his situation. He’s a huge, hairy man-beast, and he’s still not sure why…
  • The Body Builder by Greggrth  CGrow CumInf Balls Cock MGrow Grow Super   Steve’s life is about to take a very strange turn when a supervillain called the Body Builder breaks into his lab and causes an accident. Will this be the origin story of a new hero’s rise to glory, or will it spell disaster for the heroes of the city when Super Dick causes all sorts of changes when he can’t control his not so little buddy…
  • Click bate, Part 16 by Dream Big  AI CGrow Cock HyCock Self   Jason tries to help Andy figure out how he got so transformed—and who helped make it happen. Then Andy starts to get hard, and Jacob has to help him out in a different way.
  • Damien, Part 5 by bulkscribe  Belly Fat Taller Giant MGrow PSD Grow   Damien’s growth rampage continues as he finds new, creative ways to pleasure his giant body… with somewhat destructive results!
  • Happy little accidents by MainAttraction  CGrow Cock Tf   Nils gets a special gift from a new friend in French class, but it take him a while to discover just what it can do.
  • Hot cocko by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock   What was supposed to be a romantic vacation takes a turn for the worst when a freak blizzard leaves Dave alone in a remote cabin. Bored and lonely, what’s a guy to do but curl up in front of a nice, toasty fire with a nice, warm cup of hot… cocko?
  • The kid, Parts 1–3 by Richard Jasper  AgeDiff Cock MGrow Musc   Derek Harcourt is 50-something hardcore walking wet dream of a musclebear. Frank is his 20-something straight boy lifting buddy. And Blake is a totally adorable 5’6 pup who is pleased as punch to be benching 205 lbs.—about what Derek can curl. The growth never ends!
  • Make the fur fly, Part 8 by LordTronimator  Fur CGrow Grad Balls Cock 2Anim HyCock Cum Nonc Nude Retcon Tf   Todd can’t wait to try on his new costume once he arrives home and wastes no time doing so.
  • The new associate, Part 3 by Tym Greene  Fur CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Grow   Camel shifter and architectural associate Zephyr Cluny returns from vacation to find his dad has a new ape boyfriend. After the initial surprise he’s happy to help introduce Jaro to the family.
  • The Paragon Porn quarantine by Absman420  AI CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Self   After being offered an exclusive contract to film in the Paragon Porn post-pandemic “bubble,” Domenic uses the 2-week quarantine to work through the online training manual.
  • Reality Pack, Parts 6–10 by Thorn  AgeDiff Belly Bro CGrow Dad Virgin Hair Taller Grad Cock MusBr MGrow Musc PSD   Trevor’s family gets closer than ever, while Trevor explores ways to make his school more interesting.
  • Red pills, Parts 14–16 by Alakazam1988  Addict CGrow Hair Taller Cock HyCock MGrow Gut Musc PSD Grow   A video showing Sherwood—the guy who won’t stop growing his cock—making himself even bigger catches everyone’s attention, while Ruben meets his match in Bolt’s son Sam.
  • Reece’s morph, Part 3 by Seth Peterson  Absorb Belly Fat Hair MGrow Musc PSD Grow Vore   Reece is ravenous for more changes, no matter what those changes may be! He needs more mass, more size, more beef…and perhaps a little dirty bulk might be the way to grow to his perfect proportions! So…who’s hungry?
  • The summit by Thatbadwriter  Giant Grow   Stuck at a dull corporate-wide summit, Will passes the time be imagining that the constant references to growing the company, sales, online presence and everything else were actually growing him instead.
  • To wish for cock by CockTFBoi  CGrow Cock 2Gay   A chance encounter while hiking starts a series of events that will change Calvin and the world around him forever.
  • An unexpected inflation, Part 27 by UberPump  Bi Bro CGrow Balls Cock Cum Infl 2Gay   Keith wakes up to the feeling of being full of cum. His balls, having swollen once more are aching for a second release. After relieving himself, he finds that maybe hiding his over inflated package from the world will be a problem, especially from his parents. But does he really want to hide it… or show it off instead?